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Polymer related Patents published 2/5/2013 listed by Topic



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Acrylic Materials

2. 8,367,770 
Acrylate-vinyl aromatic-unsaturated nitrile graft copolymer with excellent impact strength, colorability, and weatherability, and thermoplastic resin composition containing the same 

1. 8,367,764 
Acrylic copolymer for use in highly filled composites 

Acrylics /


4. 8,367,777 
Adhesive block ethylenic copolymers, cosmetic compositions containing them and cosmetic use of these copolymers 

3. 8,367,165 
Method of applying a water-base adhesive mix for producing tyres 

2. 8,366,848 
Thick doped adhesive tape to enhance backscatter X-ray detectability 

1. 8,365,390 
Method for affixing adhesive films and main board with adhesive films applied using the method 


2. 8,366,521 
Diamond tool fabricated by combining mesh net with synthetic resin material 

1. 8,366,520 
Apparatus and method for manufacturing abrasive tools 


1. 8,365,862 
Sound absorption material and method of manufacturing sound absorption material 


1. 8,367,739 
Asphalt release agent 


2. 8,365,932 
Device for the leak-tight sealing of packaging containers for sensitive products 

1. 8,365,506 
Process and apparatus for closing mesh bags 



5. 8,366,324 
Sealing device and rolling bearing apparatus 

4. 8,366,322 
Shaft member for fluid dynamic bearing device 

3. 8,366,321 
Bearing unit, and motor and electronic apparatus having bearing unit 

2. 8,365,414 
Roller bearing assembly 

1. 8,365,413 
Fluid dynamic bearing filled with lubricant in work area having reduced pressure, method of manufacturing the fluid dynamic bearing, apparatus for manufacturing the fluid dynamic bearing, and rotating device 

Biocidal Materials

Antiseptic material and a method for the production and use thereof 

3. 8,367,707 
Pest control agents 

2. 8,367,094 
Antimicrobial material and method for making the same 

1. 8,367,088 
Liquid pest control formulation 


3. 8,367,844 
Microbiocidal heterocycles 

2. 8,367,680 
Antibacterial small molecules and methods for their synthesis 

1. 8,367,089 
Nanosilver coated bacterial cellulose 

Biodegradable Materials


1. 8,367,741 
Biomass high efficiency hydrothermal reformer 

Blister Packaging

Blow Molding 

2. 8,367,172 
Blow-molded composite compositions and methods 

1. 8,366,435 
Extrusion blow mold system 

Blow Molding Containers 

Building Materials

4. 8,365,496 
Composite buildings and method of constructing composite buildings 

3. 8,365,495 
Fire and water resistant expansion joint system 

2. 8,365,474 
Building panel module and spherical shell 

1. 8,365,473 
Prefabricated self-supporting construction element 

Carbon Materials 

4. 8,367,583 
Composition and method for controlling pests 

3. 8,367,569 
Carbon reinforced concrete 

2. 8,367,178 
Carbon phenolic ablative gap filler 

1. 8,367,032 
Burners and combustion apparatus for carbon nanomaterial production 

Carbon Carbon Composites 

Carbon Nanotubes (CNT)

4. 8,367,035 
Methods of making spatially aligned nanotubes and nanotube arrays 

3. 8,367,034 
Methods for preparing single-walled carbon nanotubes 

2. 8,365,923 
Methods for selectively separating carbon nanotubes 

1. 8,365,793 
Apparatus and method for applying carbon nanotube film using the same 


1. 8,367,203 
Cellulosic molded body, method for manufacturing it and use thereof 


Chemical Recycling 

Circuit Boards 

2. 8,365,401 
Circuit board and manufacturing method thereof 

1. 8,365,400 
Manufacturing process for a circuit board 


25. 8,367,791 
Composition and method for corrosion protection of a structure 

24. 8,367,756 
Stabilized coating dispersions for porous inkjet recording media 

23. 8,367,752 
Gel coat formulation 

22. 8,367,749 
Coated microspheres and their uses 

21. 8,367,743 
Adhesion promoting photoinitiators for UV cured coatings over metal surfaces 

20. 8,367,742 
Removable color layer for artificial nail coatings and methods therefore 

19. 8,367,579 
Self-cleaning surface coating (photocatalysis) 

18. 8,367,285 
Light shock resistant overcoat layer 

17. 8,367,225 
Coating, article coated with coating, and method for manufacturing article 

16. 8,367,209 
Nanoengineered composite defog coating 

15. 8,367,207 
Method of producing a hydrogenated amorphous carbon coating 

14. 8,367,201 
Chromium-free rust-inhibitive surface treatment agent for metal parts with zinc surfaces and metal parts with zinc surfaces coated with rust-inhibitive surface coated film 

13. 8,367,200 
Reflecting film excellent in cohesion resistance and sulfur resistance 

12. 8,367,193 
Aqueous nanocomposite dispersions containing invisible marker dye for transparent barrier coatings and preparations and use thereof 

11. 8,367,175 
Coating compositions for fusers and methods of use thereof 

10. 8,367,171 
Polymer having polycyclic groups and coating compositions thereof 

9. 8,367,163 
Enamel flow coating process and apparatus 

8. 8,367,160 
Coating method for reactive metal 

7. 8,367,151 
Stent coating for eluting medication 

6. 8,367,150 
Methods and apparatus for coating stents 

5. 8,367,149 
Method of coating a stent having variable drug release rate 

4. 8,367,147 
Use of gelatin particles in powdered coating processes 

3. 8,367,093 
Functionalized chemically inert polymers for coatings 

2. 8,367,091 
Coatings for implantable medical devices 

1. 8,367,090 
Coating on a balloon comprising a polymer and a drug 



4. 8,367,769 
Silicon-based nanosilicon composites and fabrication methods 

3. 8,367,210 
Composite article of aluminum alloy with resin and method for production thereof 

2. 8,367,194 
Round fiber-reinforced plastic strand, manufacturing method thereof, and fiber-reinforced sheet 

1. ,365,412 
Core structure and method for producing a core structure 

Composites Applications

Composites /Fabrication 


Compression Molding 

Conductive Materials


5. 8,366,436 
Apparatuses and methods for manufacturing containers 

4. 8,365,954 
Collapsible bottle and cover 

3. 8,365,934 
Synthetic resin cap 

2. 8,365,933 
Closure system for a container and dispensing closure 

1. 8,365,915 
Waistless rectangular plastic container 

Controlled Release

5. 8,367,626 
Elastin-like polymer delivery vehicles 

4. 8,367,110 
Polymeric drug delivery compositions and methods for treating ophthalmic diseases 

3. 8,367,108 
Functionalized non-phenolic amino acids and absorbable polymers therefrom 

2. 8,367,096 
Polymers having covalently bound therapeutic agents 

1. 8,367,095 
Two-piece, internal-channel osmotic delivery system flow modulator 

Crosslinking (Curing)

1. 8,366,818 
Photocurable composition 

Crosslinking (Curing) Agent





Dental composite resin for core build-up 


Synthesis of higher diamondoids 



2. 8,366,941 
Process for exothermal treatment and recovery of solid, semi-solid, pasty and/or damp waste 

1. 8,365,433 
Apparatus and method for treating organic waste and organic material obtained by the treatment method 

Elastomers (Rubber)

1. 8,367,778 
Process for the elimination of residual mercaptans from nitrile rubbers 



4. 8,367,286 
Phenolic urea hole blocking layer photoconductors 

3. 8,367,170 
Vehicular electrical and electronic housings 

2. 8,367,153 
Method of using white resin in an electronic device 

1. 8,367,152 
Manufacturing method of light-emitting device 



2. 8,367,768 
Encapsulant compositions and method for fabricating encapsulant materials 

1. 8,367,109 
Microbes encapsulated within crosslinkable polymers 

Epoxy Materials


2. 8,367,746 
Silicone hydrogel contact lens 

1. 8,367,211 
Photochromic lens 


1. 8,365,432 
Freeze-drying method and freeze-drying apparatus 


Fiber Optics


2. 8,367,759 
High post consumer content mineral filler based on micronized recycled asphalt paving and thermoplastic compositions and polymeric emulsions derived from same 

1. 8,367,748 
Surface-modified fillers 


7. 8,367,755 
Thermoplastic resin composition, and molded product and sheet comprising the composition 

6. 8,367,199 
Biaxially oriented film 

5. 8,367,191 
Optical thin-films and optical elements comprising same 

4. 8,367,190 
At low temperature, fast hardening composition for preparing protecting film, protecting film prepared therefrom, and substrate comprising the same 

3. 8,367,189 
Pattern printed transparent sheet 

2. 8,367,184 
Structured films having acoustical absorbance properties 

1. 8,367,169 
Multilayered stretched film with barrier property 


Flame Retardants 


2. 8,365,499 
Resilient floor 

1. 8,365,494 
Floor panels with edge connectors 

Fluoro Materials

1. 8,367,776 
Perfluoroelastomer compositions and methods of preparing same 


4. 8,367,809 
Composite materials comprising supported porous gels containing reactive functional groups 

3. 8,367,198 
Precisely-shaped porous particles 

2. 8,367,197 
Composition for rigid polyurethane foam and rigid polyurethane foam produced using 

1. 8,366,219 
Foam inserts for refrigerator cabinet 

Food Packaging

3. 8,365,980 
Food container 

2. 8,365,960 
Multi-compartment beverage container 

1. 8,365,947 
Beverage sleeve for a container 

Friction Materials

1. 8,367,767 
Friction lining for wet clutch 

Fuel Cells

Fuel Tanks 

1. 8,365,942 
Wave absorbing structure for fuel tank 


Fullerene-based material and process for producing fullerene-based material 

Gaskets (Seals)



2. 8,367,781 
Golf ball 

1. 8,367,779 
Rubber composition for golf ball 


2. 8,367,196 
Graphite material 

1. 8,366,892 
Graphite electrode 

Heat Shrinkable Materials 

Highway Materials


2. 8,367,639 
Hydrogels with covalent and noncovalent crosslinks 

1. 8,367,117 
Nanocomposite hyaluronic acid-clay based hydrogels 


2. 8,367,275 
Lengthy volume hologram layer transfer foil, method of producing volume hologram laminate using the same and volume hologram laminate 

1. 8,367,274 
Hologram recording material, and hologram recording medium 

Honeycomb Materials



1. 8,365,804 
Portable inflatable protective partitioning system 

Injection Molding 


2. 8,367,751 
Tri-component resins for pigmented ink 

1. 8,367,750 
Aqueous ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit and ink jet recording apparatus 


3. 8,365,979 
Tamper evident label 

2. 8,365,792 
Apparatus for conforming a label 

1. 8,365,788 
Label printer applicator system 


2. 8,367,216 
Laminate for laminated glass and interlayer film for laminated glass 

1. 8,365,789 
Method for hot laminating a sheet 


3. 8,367,177 
Release liner and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet 

2. 8,367,168 
Polymeric shell adherently supported by a liner and a method of manufacture 

1. 8,366,849 
Method for lining a container and lining of a container 

Liquid Crystal Displays 

2. 8,367,744 
Sealant composition for liquid crystal display device 

1. 8,367,167 
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device 



2. 8,367,771 
Composition for producing organic insulator comprising an organic-inorganic metal hybrid material 

1. 8,367,157 
Radiation curable compositions 


1. 8,367,148 
Methods of making biocomposite medical constructs and related constructs including artificial tissues, vessels and patches 

Medical Devices

1. 8,365,976 
Surgical staples having dissolvable, bioabsorbable or biofragmentable portions and stapling instruments for deploying the same 


2. 8,367,760 
Non-black rubber membranes 

1. 8,367,231 
Polymer electrolyte membrane with functionalized nanoparticles 



4.  8,366,438 
Mold clamping device 

3. 8,366,430 
Mold lock key safety device 

2. 8,366,429 
Vented mold and method for producing molded article 

1. 8,366,427 
Tire mold with positive mold opening system 



Immobilization of nano- and micro-sized particles for use in chemical catalysis 

Natural Materials

Nonflammable Materials 

1. 8,367,754 
Flameproof thermoplastic resin composition and method for preparing the same 

Oil Technology

1. 8,365,833 
Variable Tg shape memory polyurethane for wellbore devices 


2. 8,367,757 
Polymer composite material, optical material including the same, and thermoplastic aromatic polymer 

1. 8,366,287 
Optical sheet and backlight unit using the same 


2. 8,367,173 
Degradable sachets for developing markets 

1. 8,365,914 
Methods and systems for packaging a product 




5. 8,367,183 
Sandwich panel including honeycomb structure body and method of producing the sandwich panel 

4. 8,365,781 
Method of manufacturing edge glued laminated panels and edge glued laminated panels manufactured according to said method 

3. 8,365,610 
Testing device for structural panels 

2. 8,365,498 
Thermal barrier construction material 

1. 8,365,497 
Insulated panel 



7. 8,367,763 
Polyethylene composition for pressure pipes with enhanced flexibility 

6. 8,365,603 
Non-destructive testing, in particular for pipes during manufacture or in the finished state 

5. 8,365,568 
Seamless multilayer composite pipe 

4. 8,365,502 
Composite tube having co-bonded end fittings 

3. 8,365,382 
Method of forming a clamping ring and a clamping ring 

2. 8,365,377 
Pipe joining tool 

1. 8,365,374 
Elastomeric element installation tool and method 

Plasma Treatment

Method and apparatus for cleaning and surface conditioning objects using plasma 

Method and apparatus for plasma processing 


Polyamide Materials 


2. 8,367,797 
Nitro compound, amine compound and polyamide derived therefrom 

1. 8,367,772 
Crosslinked aramid polymer 

Polycarbonate (PC) Materials 

Polyester Materials 

Aliphatic polyester copolymer, method for preparing the same and polylactic acid resin composition using the same 


1. 8,367,762 
Compositions comprising glycidyl ether copolymers 

Polyethylene (PE) Materials

2. 8,367,777 
Adhesive block ethylenic copolymers, cosmetic compositions containing them and cosmetic use of these copolymers 

1. 8,367,763 
Polyethylene composition for pressure pipes with enhanced flexibility 


1. 8,367,765 
Conjugated diene-based polymer, conjugated diene-based polymer composition, and process for producing conjugated diene-based polymer 


1. 8,367,794 
Polyisocyanate mixtures 

Polylactic Acid (PLA) Materials 

1. 8,367,780 
Aliphatic polyester copolymer, method for preparing the same and polylactic acid resin composition using the same 


1. 8,367,204 
Liquid curable resin composition and cured products 


9. 8,367,796 
Catalytic polymerization of polymers containing electrophilic linkages using nucleophilic reagents 

8. 8,367,790 
RTV-organopolysiloxane compositions and novel organopolysiloxane polycondensation catalysts therefor 

7. 8,367,788 
Catalytic process for preparing (meth)acrylic esters of N-hydroxyalkylated lactams 

6. 8,367,787 
Polyolefin production 

5. 8,367,786 
Two stage activation of oligomerisation catalyst and oligomerisation of olefinic compounds in the presence of an oligomerisation catalyst so activated 

4. 8,367,785 
Method for controlling a process for polymerisation of an olefin 

3. 8,367,784 
Continuous dosing of extremely fast initiators during polymerization reactions 

2. 8,367,783 
Process for improving the polymerization of ethylene and one or more optional comonomer(s) in a polymerization loop reactor 

1. 8,367,782 
Polymer stream transfer 

Polyolefin Materials 

1. 8,367,773 
Chemical blends of polyolefins and poly(hydroxy carboxylic acid)s 

Polypropylene Copolymers

1. 8,367,174 
Propylene-hexene random copolymer produced in the presence of a metallocene catalyst 

Polypropylene (PP) Materials

1. 8,367,753 
Polypropylene resin composition for creating fabric texture 


Modified conjugated diene-vinyl aromatic copolymer and method for manufacturing the same 


2. 8,367,594 
Damage free, high-efficiency, particle removal cleaner comprising polyvinyl alcohol particles 

1. 8,367,198 
Precisely-shaped porous particles 


Rapid Prototyping

Device for a layerwise manufacturing of a three-dimensional object 





1. 8,367,195 
Products made from recycled cardboard 

Roof Shingles 

1. 8,365,493 
Weather resistant shingle system 

Rubber Compounding


2. 8,367,744 
Sealant composition for liquid crystal display device 

1. 8,366,859 
Method and device for sealing 


4. 8,367,002 
Fluorescent organic nanocrystals for producing biosensors 

3. 8,367,001 
Emissive sensors and devices incorporating these sensors 

2. 8,366,630 
Carbon nanotube structures in sensor apparatuses for analyzing biomarkers in breath samples 

1. 8,366,625 
Ultrasound molecular sensors and uses thereof 



Silane compositions, methods of making the same, method for forming a semiconducting and/or silicon-containing film, and thin film structures formed therefrom 


3. 8,367,792 
Polysiloxane compound and method of producing the same 

2. 8,367,214 
Superhydrophobic poly(dimethylsiloxane) and methods for making the same 

1. 8,367,212 
Ultraviolet-curable silicone composition 


1. 8,367,161 
Method of preparation of a MWCNT/polymer composite having electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness 


2. 8,367,793 
Swellable materials and methods of use 

1. 8,367,774 
Process for agglomeration of superabsorbent polymer fine particles 





Stent coating for eluting medication 

Methods and apparatus for coating stents 

Method of coating a stent having variable drug release rate 



1. 8,367,740 
Hydrolysis resistant organomodified disiloxane ionic surfactants 

Telechelic Polymers (Macromonomers)


1. 8,367,182 
Wrappable textile sleeve with integral attachment and closure device 



7. 8,367,766 
Tire with a component made of a rubber composition comprised of a rubber having pendant hydroxyl groups and a nonsulfur containing silane 

6. 8,367,758 
Water-based cement for producing tyres 

5. 8,367,165 
Method of applying a water-base adhesive mix for producing tyres 

4. 8,365,791 
Method and apparatus of adhering belt edge tape 

3. 8,365,790 
Tire building method and rotational transfer device for drum transfer support base in tire building process 

2. 8,365,787 
Pneumatic tire with cord layer part close to tire outer surface 

1. 8,365,383 
Mold twist lock apparatus 


7. 8,366,073 
Resin member for valve 

6. 8,365,967 
Pressure-activated valve 

5. 8,365,769 
Ball valve 

4. 8,365,764 
Minimum pressure valve 

3. 8,365,763 
Pilot-controlled pressure limiting valve 

2. 8,365,755 
Ball valve isolator 

1. 8,365,754 
Valve cover assembly and method of using the same 



Ultrasonic Welding

1. 8,360,300 
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic welding 




2. 8,366,860 
Laser welding method 

1. 8,365,388 
Method of joining plates of material to form a structure 


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