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Patents published 6/18/2013

8,464,362 to 8,468,611

182/4665 (Number selected /Total number)


182. 8,466,408 
Surface film for polarizing sheet and polarizing sheet using same 

181. 8,466,483 
Epoxy resin composition for optical semiconductor device, lead frame obtained using the same for optical semiconductor device, and optical semiconductor device 

180. 8,466,460 
Fused bithiophene-vinylene polymers 

179. 8,466,442 
Nail gel curing apparatus 

178. 8,466,337 
Biodegradable and breathable film 

177. 8,466,336 
Thin absorbent core substantially free of cellulose fibers 

176. 8,466,335 
Personal care product 

175. 8,466,334 
Body fluid absorbent article   

174. 8,466,332 
Method and apparatus for microwave depolymerization of hydrocarbon feedstocks 

173. 8,466,327 
Aldehyde-functionalized polyethers and method of making same 

172. 8,466,298 
High selectively polymeric adsorbent based on the hydrogen bonding interaction and the use thereof in isolation and purification of active components from gingko biloba extract 

171. 8,466,256 
Polymer, organic photoelectronic device, and display including the same 

170. 8,466,255 
Polyethylene glycol derivative 

169. 8,466,254 
Polyester process 

168. 8,466,253 
Poly(phenylene ether) process 

167. 8,466,252 
Optical film, optical film manufacturing method, transparent substrate, image display device, and solar cell 

166. 8,466,251 
Polyamide-imide resin insulating paint and insulation wire using same 

165. 8,466,250 
High-functionality polyetherols and preparation and use thereof 

164. 8,466,249 
Clear silicone polycarbonate elastomeric copolymers 

163. 8,466,248 
Use of emulsifier systems containing organomodified siloxane block copolymers for the preparation of cosmetic or pharmaceutical compositions 

162. 8,466,247 
Formaldehyde-free binders for producing wood products 

161. 8,466,246 
Continuous process for the production of vinyl chloride (co)polymers 

160. 8,466,245 
Polymerisable mass with cross-linking nanoparticles 

159. 8,466,244 
Dispersants for hydraulically setting systems 

158. 8,466,243 
Vinyl alcohol copolymers for use in aqueous dispersions and melt extruded articles 

157. 8,466,242 
Polymeric acid catalysts and uses thereof 

156. 8,466,241 
Method for producing highly branched polymer 

155. 8,466,240 
Methods of improving crosslinkability of polyethylene polymer comprising polar comonomer and polymer compositions 

154. 8,466,239 
Polymer containing thiophene unit and thienylenevinylene unit, and organic field effect transistor and organic solar cell containing the polymer 

153. 8,466,238 
Latent curing agents, epoxy resin compositions containing the same, sealing materials, and organic EL displays 

152. 8,466,237 
Biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic polyester 

151. 8,466,236 
Fluororesin composition, fluororesin molded article and method for producing the same 

150. 8,466,235 
Polypropylene blends for non-woven production 

149. 8,466,234 
Amphiphilic networks, process for producing same, and products made therefrom 

148. 8,466,233 
Polylactic acid-based resin composition, molded article and polylactic acid-based master batch pellets 

147. 8,466,232 
Biodegradable grafted copolymers 

146. 8,466,231 
Process for removing fluorinated emulsifier from fluoropolymer dispersions using an anion-exchange resin and a pH-dependent surfactant and fluoropolymer dispersions containing a pH-dependent surfactant 

145. 8,466,230 
Water-dispersible polyurethane polymer 

144. 8,466,229 
Composition for forming silica-based film, method of forming silica-based film, and electronic component provided with silica-based film 

143. 8,466,228 
Superabsorbent polymer with high permeability 

142. 8,466,227 
Crosslinked fluorine-containing elastomer fine particles, preparation process of same, and composition 

141. 8,466,226 
Adhesives for elastomers 

140. 8,466,225 
Aromatic polycarbonate resin composition and molded body thereof 

139. 8,466,224 
Composition with a base of hydraulic and/or pozzolanic material 

138. 8,466,223 
Composite material 

137. 8,466,222 
Rubber composition for sidewalls and pneumatic tire produced using the same 

136. 8,466,221 
Polyamides that resist heat-aging 

135. 8,466,220 
Thioethers, methods for their preparation, and compositions including such thioethers 

134. 8,466,219 
Pigment disperser and easily dispersed solid pigment preparations 

133. 8,466,218 
Adhesion promoter and coating composition for adhesion to olefinic substrates 

132. 8,466,217 
Flexible resin composition and sealing part for waterproof connector 

131. 8,466,216 
Low odor binders curable at room temperature 

130. 8,466,215 
Thermoplastic linoleum 

129. 8,466,214 
Core-shell impact modifiers for transparent polymer matrices 

128. 8,466,212 
Process for preparing dental materials having low polymerization shrinkage 

127. 8,466,211 
One-component self-etching adhesive 

126. 8,466,210 
Dental composition containing a surfactant and an F-containing compound, process of production and use thereof 

125. 8,466,209 
Hydrophobic acrylic intraocular lens materials 

124. 8,466,208 
Curable sheet composition 

123. 8,466,207 
Method for providing a low density high strength polyurethane foam 

122. 8,466,206 
Process for preparing porous polymer particles 

121. 8,466,205 
Methods and systems for recycling carpet and carpets manufactured from recycled material 

120. 8,466,204 
Deinking a cellulosic substrate using magnesium hydroxide 

119. 8,466,184 

118. 8,466,133 
Polylactides compositions and uses thereof 

117. 8,466,097 
Abrasive agent based on natural raw ingredients, having properties improving rheology 

116. 8,466,093 
Thermoset nanocomposite particles, processing for their production, and their use in oil and natural gas drilling applications

115. 8,466,011 
Encapsulation methods for organic electrical devices 

114. 8,466,076 
Polysilane-polycarbosilanes with reduced chlorine content based on methylchloropolysilanes, and spinning dopes and ceramic moldings produced therefrom 

113. 8,466,072 
Process of localized electrografting onto photosensitive semiconductor substrates 

112. 8,465,903 
Radiation patternable CVD film 

111. 8,465,902 
Underlayer coating composition and processes thereof 

110. 8,465,893 
Slippery and conductivity enhanced anticurl back coating 

109. 8,465,892 
Chemically resistive and lubricated overcoat 

108. 8,465,890 
Electrophotographic photoconductor and image forming apparatus including the same, and coating solution for undercoat layer formation in electrophotographic photoconductor 

107. 8,465,888 
Photoconductor undercoat layer 

106. 8,465,887 
Lower cost reusable polymer binder 

105. 8,465,883 
Nanostructured polymer membranes for proton conduction   

104. 8,465,875 
Three-dimensional network aluminum porous body for current collector, electrode using the aluminum porous body, and battery, capacitor and lithium-ion capacitor each using the electrode

103. 8,465,857 
Proton exchange membranes (PEM) based on hybrid inorganic-organic copolymers with grafted phosphoric acid groups and implanted metal cations 

102. 8,465,856 
Solid polymer electrolyte membrane and production method of the same 

101. 8,465,855 
Protective coating of magnetic nanoparticles 

100. 8,465,847 
Manufacture of shape-memory alloy cellular materials and structures by transient-liquid reactive joining 

99. 8,465,846 
Aqueous dispersions and coatings 

98. 8,465,845 
Method and apparatus for preserving wood, and wood product 

97. 8,465,844 
Elastic attachment adhesive containing radial block copolymer 

96. 8,465,843 
Crack resistant coating and method of applying crack resistant coating 

95. 8,465,842 
Biaxial oriented polyester film and a process for preparing the same 

94. 8,465,841 
Coated glass article 

93. 8,465,840 
Polyurethane systems for producing polyurethane sandwich parts at low molding temperatures 

92. 8,465,839 
Polyimide polybenzimidazole intermediate transfer members 

91. 8,465,838 
Polyimide-alkylphosphate fuser member 

90. 8,465,837 
Epoxy resin composition, prepreg, laminate board, multilayer printed wiring board, semiconductor device, insulating resin sheet, and process for manufacturing multilayer printed wiring board 

89. 8,465,836 
Method for producing single-hole hollow polymer particles 

88. 8,465,835 

87. 8,465,834 
Conductive pressure sensitive adhesive tape 

86. 8,465,832 
Composite laminated article and manufacture thereof 

85. 8,465,831  
Polyamide based laminated resin film roll and production process thereof 

84. 8,465,829 
Embedded nanoparticle films and method for their formation in selective areas on a surface 

83. 8,465,828 
Surface-coated cutting tool 

82. 8,465,826 
Multi-functioning insert 

81. 8,465,825 
Micro-truss based composite friction-and-wear apparatus and methods of manufacturing the same 

80. 8,465,823 
Optical media having transparent back side coating 

79. 8,465,822 
Optical recording medium 

78. 8,465,821 
Floor panel with a fire-resistant coating 

77. 8,465,818 
Polyamides and polyesters blended with a lithium salt interfacial tension reducing agent 

76. 8,465,817 
Polyester container 

75. 8,465,816 
Polyethylene pipe resins 

74. 8,465,815 
Resin-coated metal sheet and seamless can made therefrom 

73. 8,465,814 
High strength foam glass 

72. 8,465,813 
Artificial lawn for artificial grass sports field 

71. 8,465,812 
Durable transparent intelligent coatings for polymeric transparencies 

70. 8,465,811 
Method of depositing film by atomic layer deposition with pulse-time-modulated plasma 

69. 8,465,809 
Multiarc discharge moving bed reactor system 

68. 8,465,808 
Process for depositing an organic acid on the surface of a metal composition 

67. 8,465,807 
Method for coating a tin-free silicon composition on a flexible medium 

66. 8,465,806 
Method for hot dip galvanizing of AHSS or UHSS strip material, and such material 

65. 8,465,804 
Method for manufacturing coated panels 

64. 8,465,803  
Templated monolayer polymerization and replication 

63. 8,465,802 
Chemical vapor deposition reactor and method 

62. 8,465,800 
Leather-like sheet and process for the production thereof 

61. 8,465,793 
Process for the preparation of a shaped substrate for a coated conductor 

60. 8,465,779 
Hydrogels that undergo volumetric expansion in response to changes in their environment and their methods of manufacture and use 

59. 8,465,771 
Anisotropic hydrogels 

58. 8,465,730 
Polyglycerol polyesters

57. 8,465,721 
Biosynthesis of nanoparticles 

56. 8,465,690 
Fluid inversion liner apparatus 

55. 8,465,688 
Method of taking a nozzle of a valve gated hot runner apparatus out of service 

54. 8,465,684 
Self-reinforced composite made of recycled materials and process of making the same 

53. 8,465,678 
Emissive polymers and devices incorporating these polymers 

52. 8,465,677 
Electrically conductive composition and fabrication method thereof 

51. 8,465,675 
Encapsulation material 

50. 8,465,673 
Humidity dependence improver for polymer film, polymer film, protective film for polarizer, retardation film, polarizer, and liquid crystal display device 

49. 8,465,670 
Liquid crystal polyester composition and electronic circuit board using the same 

48. 8,465,668 
Surfactants with a polyethersulfonate structure method for production thereof and use thereof for tertiary crude oil production 

47. 8,465,666 
Thermoconductive composition, heat dissipating plate, heat dissipating substrate and circuit module using thermoconductive composition, and process for production of thermoconductive composition 

46. 8,465,661 
Method of processing graphene sheet material and method of manufacturing electronic device 

45. 8,465,659 
Polymer layer removal on pzt arrays using a plasma etch 

44. 8,465,655 
Method of manufacturing polymer nanopillars by anodic aluminum oxide membrane and imprint process 

43. 8,465,647 
Isolation of single-walled carbon nanotubes from double and multi-walled carbon nanotubes 

42. 8,465,633 
Process for activating a diamond-based electrode, electrode thus obtained and uses thereof 

41. 8,465,632 
Thin film catalyst on porous media and electrochemical cell employing the same 

40. 8,465,629 
Membrane for electrochemical apparatus 

39. 8,465,624 
Composition containing a multivalent cationic metal and amine-containing anti-static agent and methods of making and using 

38. 8,465,618 
Recovery of high value rubber from tires 

37. 8,465,615 
Adhesive sheet and method for manufacturing the same, semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device 

36. 8,465,614 
Process for recycling waste film and product made therefrom 

35. 8,465,613 
Method and apparatus for fabricating variable gauge, contoured composite stiffeners 

34. 8,465,612 
Tubular body 

33. 8,465,611 
Area bonded nonwoven fabric from single polymer system 

32. 8,465,609 
Process for welding of two polyamide parts 

31. 8,465,592 
Film deposition apparatus 

30. 8,465,591 
Film deposition apparatus 

29. 8,465,581 
Stable acid denatured soy/urea adhesives and methods of making same 

28. 8,465,580 
Aqueous ink composition and urethane resin composition for aqueous ink composition 

27. 8,465,566 
Honeycomb body, method for producing a brazed honeycomb body and exhaust gas treatment component 

26. 8,465,565 
Polyethylene membrane and method of its production 

25. 8,465,559 
Lignin-solvent fuel and method and apparatus for making same

24. 8,465,537 
Encapsulated or coated stent systems 

23. 8,465,381 
Three-layer-core golf ball having highly-neutralized polymer outer core layer 

22. 8,465,337 
Radiation curable arts and crafts toy 

21. 8,465,274 
Moulding unit for a plant for blow-moulding plastic containers, particularly bottles 

20. Molding device for forming compact lens barrel 

19. 8,465,271 
Injection mold 

18. 8,465,270 
Injection mold 

17. 8,465,241 
Composite fasteners containing multiple reinforcing fiber types 

16. 8,465,229 
Outer pipe sleeve for sea floor mooring pile 

15. 8,465,225 
Asphalt recycler and heat management apparatus 

14. 8,465,197 
Cartridge for sterile mixing of a two-phase compound, particularly for two-component acrylic resins 

13. 8,464,801 
Apparatus for collecting artificial turf for recycling 

12. 8,465,010 
Vibration damping rubber bushing 

11. 8,465,009 
Elastomeric pad for a compressible elastomeric spring 

10. 8,464,719 
Dip-formed synthetic polyisoprene latex articles with improved intraparticle and interparticle crosslinks 

9. 8,464,767 
Shredder thickness with anti-jitter feature 

8. 8,464,719 
Dip-formed synthetic polyisoprene latex articles with improved intraparticle and interparticle crosslinks 

7. 8,464,652 
Film forming apparatus and method of forming film 

6. 8,464,647 
Plastic pallet 

5. 8,464,595 
Method for manufacturing a plastic, especially a polyurethane, as well as method for manufacturing, with such plastic, a liner for a measuring tube of an in-line measuring device 

4. 8,464,592 
Method and apparatus for determining void volume for a particulate material 

3. 8,464,441 
Composite element with a polymer connecting layer 

2. 8,464,508 
Biomass baler 

1. 8,464,410 
Rack type pipe feeder for a pipe fusion machine 


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