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Patents published 6/25/2013

8,468,612 to 8,474,061

199/5854(Number selected /Total number)


199. 8,471,069
Mixed bed polymeric catalyst 

198. 8,471,064 
Copolymers of indenofluorene and thiophene 

197. 8,471,056 
Fluorinated compound, fluorinated polymer and fluorinated copolymer 

196. 8,471,055 
Photo-crosslinkable liquid crystal monomers with optical activity 

195. 8,471,054 
Resorbable phenolic polymers 

194. 8,471,050 
Organometallic transition metal compound, catalyst system and preparation of polyolefins 

193. 8,470,962 
Method of thermoforming copolyesters 

192. 8,470,961 
Naphtalene-imide semiconductor polymers 

191. 8,470,960 
Electroactive materials 

190. 8,470,959 
Polyimide compound, preparation method therefor, and optical film and optical waveguide produced by employing the compound 

189. 8,470,958 
Antibiotic-bound poly(caprolactone) polymer 

188. 8,470,957 
Method for producing bischloroformate compound, polycarbonate oligomer having small number of monomers and solution containing bischloroformate compound 

187. 8,470,956 
Polycarbonate polyol compositions and methods 

186. 8,470,955 
Poly(arylene ether) copolymer having cation-exchange group, process of manufacturing the same, and use thereof 

185. 8,470,954 
Diisocyanate terminated macromer and formulation thereof for use as an internal adhesive or sealant 

184. 8,470,953 
Sealing material for optical element and sealed optical element 

183. 8,470,952 
Composition for thermosetting silicone resin 

182. 8,470,951 
Silicone composition suitable for cross-linking by dehydrocondensation in the presence of a metal catalyst 

181. 8,470,950 
Method for sealing and assembling components of a drive train 

180. 8,470,949 
Non-yellowing low VOC mineral surface enhancer 

179. 8,470,948 
High refractive index polymers 

178. 8,470,947 
Ethylenic polymer 

177. 8,470,946 
Enhanced strength carbon nanotube yarns and sheets using infused and bonded nano-resins 

176. 8,470,945 
Polymerisable mass with cross-linking nanoparticles 

175. 8,470,944 
Polynorbornene pervaporation membrane films, preparation and use thereof 

174. 8,470,943 
Solid polymer electrolyte material, liquid composition, solid polymer fuel cell and fluoropolymer 

173. 8,470,942 
Method for producing melt-moldable tetrafluoroethylene copolymer 

172. 8,470,941 
Catalyst for homopolymerizing and copolymerizing propylene and its preparation and use 

171. 8,470,940 
Complexes and method for synthesis of group 4 organometallics grafted on anions olefin oligomerization and polymerization method 

170. 8,470,939 
Preparation of polyethylene 

169. 8,470,938 
Resin composition for printed wiring board, prepreg, and laminate obtained with the same 

168. 8,470,937 
Curable composition for semiconductor encapsulation 

167. 8,470,936 
Liquid epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation 

166. 8,470,935 
Shape-memory resin, molded product composed of the resin, and method of using the molded product 

165. 8,470,934 
Polycarbonate compositions having improved surface hardness 

164. 8,470,933 
Coating for leak detection and method 

163. 8,470,932 
Scalable process for synthesis of a curable wax 

162. 8,470,931 
Adhesive film, production methods of shaped body 

161. 8,470,930 
Novolak resins and rubber compositions comprising the same 

160. 8,470,929 
Composition for stretchable film 

159. 8,470,928 
Adhesives with acoustic damping effect  

158. 8,470,927 
Process for production of polymer polyols 

157. 8,470,926 
Unsaturated polyester resin 

156. 8,470,925 
Aqueous emulsions of silicone resins 

155. 8,470,924 
Color-pigmented paint composition having high covering powder, increased scratch resistance, and easy-to clean properties 

154. 8,470,923 
Composite material for structural applications 

153. 8,470,922 
Ethylene-vinyl alcohol based thermoplastic elastomers and vulcanizates 

152. 8,470,921 
Ultra-low permeability polymeric encapsulated acoustic device and method 

151. 8,470,920 
Polyolefin composition for an interior sheet/film 

150. 8,470,919 
Flame retardant polyethylene composition comprising polypropylene 

149. 8,470,918 
Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device 

148. 8,470,917 
Production method of polyimide solution and fluorinated polyimide solution 

147. 8,470,916 
Halogen-free flame retardants 

146. 8,470,915 
Additive composition and thermoplastic compositions comprising the same 

145. 8,470,914 
Photosensitive polyimide and photosensitive resin composition comprising the same 

144. Thermosetting resin composition and cured product of the same 

143. 8,470,912 
Granulated colorant and related art 

142. 8,470,911 
Process for coagulation of aqueous polymer dispersions 

141. 8,470,910 
High gloss extended alkyd emulsion paints 

140. 8,470,906 
Ionic silicone hydrogels having improved hydrolytic stability 

139. 8,470,903 
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene articles and methods of forming ultra high molecular weight polyethylene articles 

138. 8,470,902 
Continuous pore elastomer and process for producing the same, and water-absorbing roller and swab 

137. 8,470,901 
Organic aerogel and composition and method for manufacturing the organic aerogel 

136. 8,470,900 
Porous polymer and synthetic method thereof 

135. 8,470,899 
Silicone composition which is cross-linkable by dehydrogenative condensation in the presence of a non-metal catalyst 

134. 8,470,897 
Devulcanization of rubber and other elastomers 

133. 8,470,896 
Acid block anion membrane 

132. 8,470,895 
Polymer electrolyte membrane comprising alkylether graft chain and method of producing the same 

131. 8,470,891 
Biodegradable block polymers for drug delivery, and methods related thereto 

130. 8,470,732 
Thermosensitive recording material comprising a back coating 

129. 8,470,731 
Oil adsorbent, and method for recovering the same 

128. 8,470,770 
Antimicrobial agents 

127. 8,470,743 
Composite superconductor 

126. 8,470,739 
Isothiazolyloxyphenylamidines and their use as fungicides 

125. 8,470,738 
Pyridazinone compound and herbicide containing the same 

124. 8,470,722 
Breathable waterproof fabrics with a dyed and welded microporous layer

123. 8,470,720 
Film forming apparatus and film forming method 

122. 8,470,718 
Vapor deposition reactor for forming thin film 

121. 8,470,709 
Formation of metal-containing nano-particles for use as catalysts for carbon nanotube synthesis 

120. 8,470,460 
Multilayer thermal barrier coatings 

119. 8,470,459 
Nanocomposite dielectric coatings 

118. Erosion barrier for thermal barrier coatings 

117. 8,470,457 
Composite article having a solid solution protective layer 

116. 8,470,456 
Layer system for the formation of a surface layer on a surface of a substrate and also vaporization source for the manufacture of a layer system 

115. 8,470,453 
Biocompatible substrates and uses thereof 

114. 8,470,452 
Wear resistant ceramic coated aluminum alloy article 

113. 8,470,449 
Propylene-based polymer composition 

112. 8,470,448 
Acryl resin containing film, polarizing plate by use thereof and liquid crystal display 

111. 8,470,446 
Silane acrylate containing intermediate transfer members 

110. 8,470,445 
Resin laminate, method for production thereof, and transfer film for use in the production of resin laminate 

109. 8,470,444 
Water dispersible polyisocyanate compositions 

108. 8,470,442 
Metal nanoparticles functionalized with rationally designed coatings and uses thereof 

107. 8,470,441 
Cable wire prepared using distannoxane catalysts 

106. 8,470,440 
Regenerative non-tacky adhesive fastening system for use in consumer products 

105. 8,470,439 
Durable antireflective film 

104. 8,470,437 
Porous cement road surface made from polymer modified cement and a construction method thereof 

103. 8,470,435 
Epoxy resin for prepreg, prepreg, fiber-reinforced composite material, and methods for production thereof 

102. 8,470,434 
Glass substrate coated with layers having an improved mechanical strength 

101. 8,470,433 
Transparent decoratable multilayer film 

100. 8,470,430 
Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing the same 

99. 8,470,425 
Composite cores and panels 

98. 8,470,424 
Beverage packaging labels made of resin blends that provide enhanced gas barrier properties and related methods 

97. 8,470,423 
Plastics pipe 

96. 8,470,422 
Nitrile rubber article having natural rubber characteristics 

95. 8,470,421 
Biodegradable resin bottle and method of producing the same 

94. 8,470,420 
Heat-shrinkable film, moldings and heat-shrinkable labels made using the heat-shrinkable film, and containers made by using the moldings or fitted with the labels 

93. 8,470,408 
Carbon nanotube synthesis for nanopore devices 

92. 8,470,407 
Method for producing a thiol functionalised coating 

91. 8,470,406 
Method of spray application, and spray apparatus, for bentonite material 

90. 8,470,405 
Method of forming multi-layer paint films 

89. 8,470,404 
Process of manufacturing fiber reinforced composite via selective infusion of resin and resin blocking substance 

88. 8,470,403 
Organic thin film deposition device, organic EL element manufacturing device, and organic thin film deposition method 

87. 8,470,402 
Method of depositing a metal-containing dielectric film 

86. 8,470,401 
Use of group V metal containing precursors for a process of depositing a metal containing film 

85. 8,470,400 
Graphene synthesis by chemical vapor deposition 

84. 8,470,399 
Bead processing system 

83. 8,470,398 
Method for producing single-hole hollow polymer microparticles 

82. 8,470,397 
Peelable composite thermoplastic sealants in packaging films 

81. 8,470,394 
Colorized retroreflective material and method 

80. 8,470,390 
Oxidation-free copper metallization process using in-situ baking 

79. 8,470,375 
Method of formulating and designing liquid drug suspensions containing ion exchange resin particles 

78. 8,470,374 
Granular antimicrobial agent for water processing 

77. 8,470,306 
Crosslinked polysiloxanes, a process for their preparation and use of the crosslinked polysiloxanes in emulsifier systems for water-in-oil emulsions

76. 8,470,301 
Particulate materials 

75. 8,470,300 
Coated sensors and methods related thereto 

74. 8,470,293 
Method of preparing a molecular sieve and its use in the conversion of oxygenates to olefins 

73. 8,470,286 
Proton conductive material 

72. 8,470,284 
Methods and catalysts for the manufacture of carbon fibrils 

71. 8,470,283 
Method for growing carbon nanotubes having a predetermined chirality 

70. 8,470,256 
Device for sorting carbon nanotubes 

69. 8,470,255 
Honeycomb filter and method for producing honeycomb filter 

68. 8,470,254 
Honeycomb filter and method for producing honeycomb filter 

67. 8,470,250 
Polyester production system employing horizontally elongated esterification vessel 

66. 8,470,245 
Plastic reprocessing with controlled decontamination 

65. 8,470,236 
Process of making a non-woven web 

64. 8,470,233 
Metal mold for use in molding lens cover and method for producing lens cover 

63. 8,470,232 
Annular belt made of polyimide and a production method thereof 

62. 8,470,224 
Method of manufacturing sheet for food containers 

61. 8,470,223 
Thermoplastic resin film and method for manufacturing the same 

60. 8,470,161 
Biomass production and harvesting system 

59. 8,470,158 
Porous metal article and about method for manufacturing same 

58. 8,470,140 
Method for the production of an ultra barrier layer system 

57. 8,470,135 
Method and apparatus for minimizing accumulation of polymer on process equipment, especially safety devices 

56. 8,470,124 
Cold pressing process for polyamide epichlorohydrin (PAE) based wood adhesive 

55. 8,470,123 
Pressure sensitive adhesive for sticking an electromagnetic wave-shielding film and an optically functional film, and a display panel filter element containing same 

54. 8,470,222 
Fibers formed from a blend of a modified aliphatic-aromatic copolyester and thermoplastic starch 

53. 8,470,221 
Method for making carbon nanotube composite wire structure 

52. 8,470,220 
Method and device for producing polyester granules and/or shaped parts with a low acetaldehyde content 

51. 8,470,219 
Method for the production of a fibrous web from cellulose fibers in an air-laid process 

50. 8,470,218 
Process and device for manufacturing a composite strand 

49. 8,470,217 
Foamed molding and its manufacturing method 

48. 8,470,216 
Method for producing a composite material with improved adhesion between thermoplastics and polyurethane 

47. 8,470,213 
Method for extrusion-molding loose tube and apparatus therefor, and loose tube 

46. 8,470,212 
Infrared shielding nanoparticle, its manufacturing method, infrared shielding nanoparticle dispersion using the same, and infrared shielding base material 

45. 8,470,211 
Ferroelectric ceramic material with a low sintering temperature 

44. 8,470,210 
Carbon blacks-free sulfur-vulcanised electrically conductive rubber blends 

43. 8,470,209 
Paste composition 

42. 8,470,205 
Electrically conductive films formed from dispersions comprising conductive polymers and hyperbranched polymers 

41. 8,470,204 
Phthalocyanine nanowires, ink composition and electronic element each containing same, and method for producing phthalocyanine nanowires 

40. 8,470,203 
Fabrication of polyaniline nanofiber dispersions and films 

39. 8,470,197 
Crosslinked polysulfide-containing cycloaliphatic compound, process for its preparation, filled sulfur-vulcanizable elastomer composition containing same and articles fabricated therefrom 

38. 8,470,187 
Method of depositing film with tailored comformality 

37. 8,470,176 
Encapsulation of nano-materials for fluid purification/separation 

36. 69,773 
Golf ball deburring apparatus 

35. 8,469,837 
Color golf ball 

34. 8,469,836 
Multi-layer core golf ball 

33. 8,469,835 
Golf ball 

32. 8,469,924 
Method and apparatus for generating vascular treatment foam 

31. 8,470,061 
Non-abrasive back coat for coated abrasives 

30. 8,470,122 
Method for the production of an abrasion-resistant film and finish film produced according to said method 

29. 8,470,121 
Method for mutually adhering moulded articles of vulcanized rubber and of polymer 

28. 8,470,120 
Silane-modified dispersion powders 

27. 8,470,119 
Use of a leguminous starch in an adhesive labeling composition 

26. 8,470,114 
Method of preparing thermoplastics-continuous fiber hybrid composite 

25. 8,470,113 
Method of manufacturing a contoured fluid-filled chamber with a tensile member 

24. 8,470,112 
Workflow for novel composite materials 

23. 8,470,109 
Analytic substrate coating method 

22. 8,470,108 
Self-sealing electrical cable using rubber resins 

21. 8,468,967 
Wide-slot nozzle   

20. 8,468,968 
Method and apparatus for lining pipes with isocyanate and hydroxyl-amine resin based on castrol or soy oil 

19. 8,469,076 
Polarizer film peeling machine and polarizer film peeling method thereof 

18. 8,469,075 
Coating film peeling apparatus for resin material  

17. 8,469,074 
Pressure control mechanism for adhesive thermal compression bonding machines 

16. 8,469,118 
Drilling fluid containing carbon nanotubes 

15. 8,469,698 
Injection molded shaped plastic part 

14. 8,469,697 
Rotary mold system for molding food products 

13. 8,469,696 
Slide mechanism for the molding and ejection of parts molded with negatives for an injection mold 

12. 8,469,695 
Molding machine 

11. 8,469,694 
Mould clamping system 

10. 8,469,693 
Low profile stack mold carrier 

9. 8,469,692 
Rapid prototyping apparatus 

8. 8,469,691 
Apparatus for producing three-dimensional shaped product 

7. 8,469,689 
Industrial product production facility and production method 

6. 8,469,687 
Coinjection hot runner injection molding system 

5. 8,468,709 
Quick composite repair template tool and method 

4. 8,468,666 
Apparatus for extracting a mandrel from a shell wound thereon 

3. 8,468,763  
Reverse molded panel 

2. 8,468,762 
Strut accessory for lining a wall and including membrane clamping claws, and wall lining device including such accessory 

1. 8,468,759 
Fire retardant cover for fluted roof deck 


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