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Patents published 7/9/2013

8,479,312 to 8,484,761

266/5878 (Number selected /Total number)


266. 8,481,886 
Polygonal laser scanner for coating removal 

265. 8,481,885 
Laser narrow groove welding apparatus and welding method 

264. 8,481,884 
Device and method for pretreating exterior surfaces of an aircraft to be painted 

263. 8,481,883 
Welding method and apparatus 

262. 8,481,867 
Conductive grounding pad 

261. 8,481,860 
Conductive paste containing silver-decorated carbon nanotubes 

260. 8,481,850 
Dye doped graphite graphene solar cell on aluminum 

259. 8,481,806 
Absorbent article having traverse reinforcing element 

258. 8,481,805 
Method to stop bleeding at a puncture site of an artery of a patient's wrist 

257. 8,481,804 
Wounddressing and headgear 

256. 8,481,803 
Hemostatic device 

255. 8,481,802 
Stratiform perforated biomatrices 

254. 8,481,801 
Fluid wound dressing comprising partially cured polyurethane 

253. 8,481,799 
Process for packaging radioactive wastes in the form of synthetic rock 

252. 8,481,796 
Olefin oligomerization and compositions therefrom 

251. 8,481,784 
Superabsorbent polymers and methods of making the same 

250. 8,481,719 
Method of manufacturing gel using polysaccharides as raw materials 

249. 8,481,718 
Method of manufacturing gel using polysaccharides as raw materials 

248. 8,481,717 
Crosslinking reactions 

247. 8,481,675 
Chemical recycling of PLA by alcoholysis 

246. 8,481,674 
Polymer, semiconductor film, electrode, electrode active material, electrochemical element and electricity storage device 

245. 8,481,673 
Bio-degradable/absorbable polymer having reduced metal catalyst content, and process for production thereof 

244. 8,481,672 
Mercaptofunctional high .mu..beta. EO chromophores and high Tg, low optical loss, covalently bonded, high .mu..beta. EO chromophore containing polymers and methods of synthesizing EO materials 

243. 8,481,671 
Oxymethylene polymers and process for the preparation thereof 

242. 8,481,670 
Stabilized polyolefin compositions 

241. 8,481,669 
Molding material comprising polysilsesquioxane compound, sealing material, and sealed optical element 

240. 8,481,668 
Silane-containing adhesion promoter composition and sealants, adhesives and coatings containing same 

239. 8,481,667 
Silicone containing polymeric materials 

238. 8,481,666 
Polyethylene compositions, method of producing the same, articles made therefrom, and method of making the same 

237. 8,481,665 
Polyolefin production 

236. 8,481,664 
Particulate water absorbing agent including polyacrylic acid (polyacrylate) based water absorbing resin as a principal component, method for production thereof, water-absorbent core and absorbing article in which the particulate water absorbing agent is used 

235. 8,481,663 
Resist copolymers containing photoacid generators for lithographic applications and its method of preparation 

234. 8,481,662 
Silicone hydrogel contact lenses having acceptable levels of energy loss 

233. 8,481,661 
Fluoroelastomer, curable composition and cured rubber article 

232. 8,481,660 
Mixture of fluoroalkyl alcohol-unsaturated carboxylic acid derivatives, polymer of the mixture, and water-and oil-repellent containing the polymer as active ingredient 

231. 8,481,659 
Cure accelerators for anaerobic curable compositions 

230. 8,481,658 
Method for transitioning between incompatible olefin polymerization catalyst systems 

229. 8,481,657 
Increased monomer conversion in emulsion polymerization 

228. 8,481,656 
Silicone resin composition and optical semiconductor device using the composition 

227. 8,481,655 
Copper complexes of amino-functional organosilicon compounds and their use 

226. 8,481,654 
Aqueous silane nanocomposites 

225. 8,481,653 
Biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic copolyester 

224. 8,481,652 
Thermoplastic polyamides having polyether amines 

223. 8,481,651 
Biodegradable multi-block co-polymers 

222. 8,481,650 
Process for production of polymers having functional groups, and star polymers obtained thereby 

221. 8,481,649 
Coupled polymers and manufacturing method thereof 

220. 8,481,648 
Process for producing cationically stabilized and water-redispersible polymer powder compositions 

219. 8,481,647 
Thermoplastic elastomer polyolefin in-reactor blends and molded articles therefrom 

218. 8,481,646 
Solution blending process for preparing thermoplastic vulcanizates 

217. 8,481,645 
Stabilizer polymer and coating compositions thereof 

216. 8,481,644 
Low chloride polybutadiene 

215. 8,481,643 
Nanoparticle precursor structures, nanoparticle structures, and composite materials 

214. 8,481,642 
Process for the preparation of hydrothermal hybrid material from biomass, and hydrothermal hybrid material obtainable by the process 

213. 8,481,641 
Flame and smoke spread retardant molding compounds and components molded from these compounds 

212. 8,481,640 
Polymer compositions 

211. 8,481,639 
Polymers with saccharide side groups and their use 

210. 8,481,638 
High temperature PP adhesive 

209. 8,481,637 
Co-extrudable thermoplastic elastomer compound for blow molded plastic articles 

208. 8,481,636 
Polyolefin resin composition for anti-scratch improvement and automotive product prepared from the composition 

207. 8,481,635 
Disposable article hot melt adhesive 

206. 8,481,634 
Hot melt desiccant matrix composition based on plasticized polyolefin binder 

205. 8,481,633 
Rubber mixture comprising precipitated silicic acid 

204. 8,481,632 
Method for improving the flowability of a mixture that contains wax and other hydrocarbons 

203. 8,481,631 
Method for preparing a polymer particle dispersion in an aqueous medium 

202. 8,481,630 
Process for the production of moldings with reduced formation of deposit  

201. 8,481,629 
Surface mount adhesive, mounting structure including the same, and method for producing mounting structure 

200. 8,481,628 
Polymer composition 

199. 8,481,627 
Thioethers, methods for their preparation, and compositions including such thioethers 

198. 8,481,626 
Wax-based encapsulant/moisture barrier for use with electronics received in water meter pits 

197. 8,481,625 
Polycarbonate resin composition, and molded object, film, plate, and injection-molded article obtained by molding the same 

196. 8,481,624 
Methods for producing flameproofed thermoplastic moulding compounds 

195. 8,481,623 
Radiation-curable coating masses with high adhesion 

194. 8,481,622 
Soybean based epoxy resin and methods of making and use 

193. 8,481,621 
Compositions comprising an amino triazine and ionomer or ionomer precursor 

192. 8,481,620 
Process for producing resin composition 

191. 8,481,619 
Aqueous resorcinol-formaldehyde-latex dispersions, adhesion-improved fibres, processes for production thereof and use thereof 

Fire retardant resin composition 

189. 8,481,617 
Adjuvant system for prefabricated concrete 

188. 8,481,616 
Intercalation agent free compositions useful to make nanocomposite polymers 

187. 8,481,615 
Process for preparing self-healing composite materials of high efficiency for structural applications 

186. 8,481,614 
Masterbatch preparation process 

185. 8,481,613 
Solvent transfer process for organic polymers 

184. 8,481,612 
Latent hardener with improved barrier properties and compatibility 

183. 8,481,611 
Artificial marble and preparation method thereof 

182. ,481,610 
Method of manufacturing puncture-sealing agent 

181. 8,481,609 
Phase change inks containing oxazoline compounds and polyterpene resins 

180. 8,481,608 
Silicone monomer 

179. 8,481,607 
Surface-treatment method for a fluororesin molded body, and fluororesin molded body 

178. 8,481,606 
Process for the production of polyester polyols with low volumes of dioxane waste 

177. 8,481,605 
Rigid polyurethane foam and system and method for making the same 

176. 8,481,604 
Expandable polysiloxanes 

175. 8,481,603 
Methods for making polymer beads 

174. 8,481,591 
Polymeric topical compositions 

173. 8,481,544 
Antibacterial compositions 

172. 8,481,523 
Biocide composition comprising pyrithione and pyrrole derivatives 

171. 8,481,468 
Lubricant with non-terminal functional groups 

170. 8,481,467 
Lubricating oil additive and lubricating oil composition 

169. 8,481,466 
Biodegradable grease composition using distillation residue generated in production of biodiesel 

168. 8,481,465 
Synthesis of biolubricant esters from unsaturated fatty acid derivatives 

167. 8,481,464 
Spacer member reducing fretting wear and fastened structures using spacer member 

166. 8,481,463 
Oil-based grouting composition with an insulating material 

165. 8,481,459 
Chemical inhibitors of ethylene biosynthesis 

164. 8,481,455 
SO.sub.3 resistant sorbents for removing mercury from flue gas 

163. 8,481,454 
Honeycomb structure 

162. 8,481,447 
Manufacture of coated materials for use as activators in sulphur vulcanization 

161. 8,481,446 
Chemically-resistant coating composition 

160. 8,481,444 
Catalyst composition for oligomerization of ethylene oligomerization process and method for its preparation 

159. 8,481,437 
Thermally bound non-woven material 

158. 8,481,244 
Epoxy-containing polymer, photo-curable resin composition, patterning process, and electric/electronic part protective film 

157. 8,481,243 
Resin and photoresist composition comprising the same 

156. 8,481,241 
Compositions and methods for use in three dimensional model printing 

155. ,481,170 
Composite manufacture 

154. 8,481,169 

153. 8,481,168 
Alginate-based building materials 

152. 8,481,166 
Hydrogenated norbornene-based ring-opening polymerization polymer, resin composition, and molded object 

151. 8,481,165 
Agent for providing substrates based on cellulose and/or starch with water repellent and simultaneously antifungal, antibacterial insect-repellent and antialgal properties 

150. 8,481,164 
Materials having predefined morphologies and methods of formation thereof 

149. 8,481,163 
Carbon nanotube growth method 

148. 8,481,161 
Functionalized metal nanoparticle and method for formation of conductive pattern using the same 

147. 8,481,160 
Bimodal and multimodal plant biomass particle mixtures 

146. 8,481,159 
Water-absorbent porous polymer particles having specific sphericity and high bulk density 

145. 8,481,158 
Carbon-based fine structure array, aggregate of carbon-based fine structures, use thereof and method for preparation thereof 

144. 8,481,157 
Melt extruded fibers and methods of making the same 

143. 8,481,156 
Decorative sheet and decorated formed product 

142. 8,481,155 
EPDM foam, producing method thereof, and sealing material 

141. 8,481,150 
Transparent conductive multilayer body and touch panel 

140. 8,481,149 
Polyurethane resin composition for mounting pad and polyurethane mounting pad using the same 

139. 8,481,148 
Optical device and antireflection film 

138. 8,481,147 
Abrasion resistant decorative sheet, especially overlay, having a particular optical effect 

137. 8,481,146 
Inkjettable polymerizable liquid crystalline mixture 

136. 8,481,144 
Complex sheet structure and cover lens assembly 

135. 8,481,143 
Thick curved honeycomb core with minimal forming 

134. 8,481,141 
Flexible VCD having domed center and flat central bottom ring and method of making thereof 

133. 8,481,140 
Fluorine-containing elastomer composition and molded article made of same 

132. 8,481,139 
High performance balloon catheter/component 

131. 8,481,138 
Implantable or insertable medical device resistant to microbial growth and biofilm formation 

130. 8,481,137 
Multilayered stretched film with barrier property 

129. 8,481,136 
Multilayer composite pressure vessel and method for making the same 

128. 8,481,134 
Biodegradable moisture-impermeable packages for consumer goods 

127. 8,481,133 
High bulk rolled tissue products 

126. 8,481,132 
Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods 

125. 8,481,131 
Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods 

124. 8,481,130 
Alignment layer with reactive mesogens for aligning liquid crystal molecules 

123. 8,481,129 
Liquid crystal compounds, and liquid crystal displays and photochromic materials comprising the liquid crystal compounds 

122. 8,481,128 
Laser-based method for growing array of carbon nanotubes 

121. 8,481,127 
Cyclodextrin compositions, articles, and methods 

120. 8,481,126 
Method for fabricating device housing having ceramic coating 

119. 8,481,125 
Mitigation of biomolecular adsorption with hydrophilic polymer additives 

118. 8,481,124 
Deflecting air ring and corresponding coating process 

117. 8,481,122 
Methods of forming material over substrates 

116. 8,481,121 
Methods of forming thin metal-containing films by chemical phase deposition 

115. 8,481,120 
Method for coating a substrate and metal alloy vacuum deposition facility 

114. 8,481,119 
Bisamineazaallylic ligands and their use in atomic layer deposition methods 

113. 8,481,118 
Multi-gas straight channel showerhead 

112. 8,481,117 
Method for applying a thermal barrier coating 

111. 8,481,116 
Method for producing a coated basic material for a hydraulic composition, coated basic material for a hydraulic composition, additive for a hydraulic composition and method for producing a hydraulic composition 

110. 8,481,115 
Coated, fine metal particles comprising titanium oxide and silicon oxide coating, and their production method 

109. 8,481,114 
Water dispersible polymer compositions 

108. 8,481,111 
Bright coloured surface layer 

107. 8,481,110 
Methods of making inorganic membranes 

106. 8,481,107 
Leather-surface repair-composition and the method for surface repair of leather surfaces 

105. 8,481,096 
Microwave foam product with blue or purple inclusions 

104. 8,481,080 
Method of cross-linking hyaluronic acid with divinulsulfone 

103. 8,481,079 
Drug delivery system based on polyethylene vinylacetate copolymers 

102. 8,481,078 
Solid dosage form comprising a fibrate 

101. 8,481,075 
Preparation and application of biodegradable-material-made microsphere vascular embolus containing liposome-encapsulated cytokines 

100. 8,481,074 
Hemostatic microfibrous constructs 

99. 8,481,073 
Compositions and systems for forming crosslinked biomaterials and associated methods of preparation and use 

98. 8,481,072 
Composition and method to alleviate joint pain 

97. 8,481,071 
Hydrogel compositions with an erodible backing member 

96. 8,481,060 
Melt-coated pharmaceutical composition with fast release 

95. 8,481,059 
Hydrogel compositions 

94. 8,481,019 
Modified-release particles of polyelectrolytes and pharmaceutical formulations thereof 

93. 8,481,014 
Polyorganosiloxane with a piperidine function, devoid of toxicity upon contact with the skin, and use thereof in cosmetic compositions 

92. 8,481,011 
Use of polyunsaturated compounds as whitening agents 

91. 8,480,994 
Method of modifying carbon nanotube using radical initiator, and dispersion liquid and electrode comprising the carbon nanotube modified by using the method 

90. 8,480,993 
Multi-element diamond reference standard 

89. 8,480,992 
Filter and process of use to produce carbon nanotubes from automotive exhausts 

88. 8,480,989 
Hollow fine particles, production process thereof, coating composition and article having coating film formed 

87. 8,480,984 
Biomass boiler SCR NO.sub.x and CO reduction system 

86. 8,480,981 
Controlled pressure release vessel for microwave assisted chemistry 

85. 8,480,945 
Electrospinning manufacture for drug carriers 

84. 8,480,943 
Apparatus and method for producing structures with multiple undercut stems 

83. 8,480,942 
Method of forming a patterned layer of a material on a substrate 

82. 8,480,941 
Method for producing a 3-dimensional molded body comprising polymer-containing material and a method for producing an adhesive bond between a polymer-containing material and a three-dimensional molded body 

81. 8,480,940 
Device for injection a strand of a paste-like mass into the intermediate space between glass panes of an insulated glass pane 

80. 8,480,939 
Methods for applying images to resin materials 

79. 8,480,938 
Method for producing a storage element in textile and plastic material 

78. 8,480,936 
Method of fabricating a mold 

77. 8,480,935 
Fibre-reinforced composite material and manufacture thereof 

76. 8,480,931 
Composite structure and method of manufacturing the same 

75. 8,480,930 
Carbon aerogels for supercapacitors and method of manufacturing the same 

74. 8,480,929 
Corrosion protection coatings and methods of making the same 

73. 8,480,928  
Inorganic-organic composite luminophore 

72. 8,480,925 
Depolarizing film, method for production thereof, optical film, and liquid crystal display 

71. 8,480,917 
Solid electrolyte polymer, polymer actuator using cross-linked polyvinylidene fluoride-based polymer, and method of manufacturing the polymer actuator 

70. 8,480,916 
Ultra low weight insulation board 

69. 8,480,914 
Multiple gas plasma forming method and ICP source 

68. 8,480,913 
Plasma processing method and apparatus with control of plasma excitation power 

67. 8,480,912 
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method 

66. 8,480,872 
Electrocoating internal surfaces of a metallic substrate using a wireless electrode 

65. 8,480,858 
Board or paper produced in an arrangement in connection with the press section of a web-forming machine 

64. 8,480,855 
Method and apparatus for pre-treatment of fibre material to be used in the manufacture of paper, board or the like 

63. 8,480,854 
Method for crystallizing a filler in connection with a fiber web process, and an approach system for a fiber web machine 

62. 8,480,853 
Papermaking and products made thereby with ionic crosslinked polymeric microparticle 

61. 8,480,851 
Bamboo fiber material 

60. 8,480,850 
Plasma treatment system 

59. 8,480,849 
Substrate processing apparatus and electrode structure 

58. 8,480,848 
Plasma processing apparatus 

57. 8,480,847 
Processing system 

56. 8,480,846 
Silica and also epoxy resins 

55. 8,480,845 
Thermosetting solvent-free single-component compositions and their use 

54. 8,480,844 
Composition for structural adhesive 

53. 8,480,843 
Protective film 

52. 8,480,842 
Manufacture of disposable tourniquet cuffs for various non-cylindrical limb shapes 

51. 8,480,841 
Powder overlay 

50. 8,480,840 
Stretch composites and methods of making the composite 

49. 8,480,839 
Method for manufacturing composite systems made of metal and polymer shaped parts 

48. 8,480,838 
Lamination apparatus and methods 

47. 8,480,837 
Seamless edge-sealing method of fluorine resin coating 

46. 8,480,836 
Double-sided slip-resistant material and method of making same 

45. 8,480,835 
Apparatus and method to manufacture shaped counter top edges for custom counter tops 

44. 8,480,832 
Method of producing optical film laminate 

43. 8,480,831 
System and method for manufacturing composite wood products 

42. 8,480,830 
Elastic composite, and a system and method for making the elastic composite 

41. 8,480,828 
Method for repairing and/or strengthening pipes 

40. 8,480,827 
Process of resurfacing a substrate with an engineered quartz material 

39. 8,480,826 
Specular coatings for composite structures 

38. 8,480,805 
System and method for sealing a vapor deposition source 

37. 8,480,804 
Thin film, method and apparatus for forming the same, and electronic component incorporating the same 

36. 8,480,797 
Activated carbon systems for facilitating use of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) by removal of same, related compounds, or associated odors 

35. 8,480,795 
Absorbent composition containing molecules with a hindered amine and a metal sulfonate,

34. 8,480,794 
Adsorption of volatile organic compounds derived from organic matter 

33. 8,480,792 
Preparation of functionalized zeolitic frameworks 

32. 8,480,791 
Methods of manufacturing mercury sorbents and removing mercury from a gas stream 

31. 8,480,784 
Method of producing high purity silver nanoparticles 

30. 8,480,783 
Sintered porous metal body and a method of manufacturing the same 

29. 8,480,780 
Honeycomb filter for purifying exhaust gases, adhesive, coating material, and manufacturing method of honeycomb filter for purifying exhaust gases 

28. 8,480,779 
Air filter arrangement; assembly; and, methods 

27. 8,480,604 
Carbon fiber orthosis and associated method 

26. 8,480,551 
Tool for forming a three dimensional container or construct 

25. 8,480,393 
Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding process with reusable resin distribution line 

24. 8,480,392 
Level adjustment device for injection molding machine 

23. 8,480,391 
Quick-change molding system for injection molding 

22. 8,480,390 
Device for producing and filling containers 

21. 8,480,389 
Spacer mold and methods therefor 

20. 8,480,388 
Injection moulding tool for the manufacture of a hybrid component 

19. 8,480,387 
Apparatus for making a fibrous article having a three dimensional profile 

18. 8,480,386 
Vane for a single-vane vacuum pump 

17. 8,480,290 
Self-cleaning high-pressure mixing apparatus for composite material 

16. 8,480,289 
Bone cement mixing cartridge and method of use 

15. 8,480,275 
Molded lamp socket 

14. 8,480,319 
Coating and developing apparatus, coating and developing method and non-transitory tangible medium 

13. 8,480,305 
Resin cage for angular contact ball bearing 

12. 8,479,783 
Balloon tying apparatus and method 

11. 8,479,777 
Low temperature, high pressure rubber hose 

10. 8,479,776 
Expandable garden hose 

9. 8,479,880
Multifunctional nano-skin articles and methods

8. 8,479,938 
Composite bin for powder or particle material    

7. 8,479,924 
Filter for filtering fluids and method for producing the same 

6. 8,479,371 
Process for treatment of porous substrates 

5. 8,479,487 
Hybrid multichannel porous structure for hydrogen separation 

4. 8,479,443 
Green roof system with biodegradable vegetation tray 

3. 8,479,683 
Apparatus including a plasma chamber and controller including instructions for forming a boron nitride layer 

2. 8,479,682 
Apparatus for applying adhesive to the surface of expanded resin panels superimposable to form layered mattresses 

1. 8,479,656 
Water based paintball and method for fabricating water based paintballs 


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