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Patents published 7/23/2013

8,490,212 through 8,495,761

239/5963 (Number selected /Total number)


239. 8,492,600 
Hydropyrolysis of biomass for producing high quality fuels 

238. 8,492,594 
Multireaction bifunctional polymeric catalyst 

237. 8,492,576 
Hydroxyl-terminated thiocarbonate containing compounds, polymers, and copolymers, and polyurethanes and urethane acrylics made therefrom 

236. 8,492,575 
Method for improving the color index of organopolysiloxanes 

235. 8,492,573 
Borohydride metallocene complex of a lanthanide, catalytic system including said complex, polymerization method using same and ethylene/butadiene copolymer obtained using said method 

234. 8,492,565 
Biphenyltetracarboxylic acid dianhydride and process for producing the same, and polyimide formed from the same and process for producing the same 

233. 8,492,513 
Method for enhancing water content of silicone hydrogel contact lens 

232. 8,492,512 
Process for reducing moisture in a biodegradable implant device 

231. 8,492,511 
Process for the preparation of crosslinked nitroxide polymers 

230. 8,492,510 
Multifunctional degradable nanoparticles with control over size and functionalities 

229. 8,492,509 
Sulfur functionalized polymers for separation of metals from gas and liquid and methods for preparation thereof 

228. 8,492,508  
Nitro compound, amine compound, polyimide and polyimide copolymer derived therefrom 

227. 8,492,507 
Acetylenic polyamide 

226. 8,492,506 
Polyimide resin composition, polyimide precursor resin composition for the same, production method thereof, and polyimide film and production method thereof 

225. 8,492,505 
Branched biodegradable polymers, a macromonomer, processes for the preparation of same, and their use 

224. 8,492,504 
Catalytic depolymerization of polymers containing electrophilic linkages using nucleophilic reagents 

223. 8,492,503 
Polymeric alpha-hydroxy aldehyde and ketone reagents and conjugation method 

222. 8,492,502 
Method for production of polyarylene sulfide resin with excellent luminosity and the polyarylene sulfide resin 

221. 8,492,501 
Polycarbonate recovery from polymer blends by liquid chromatography 

220. 8,492,500 
Method for producing liquid-crystalline polyester 

219. 8,492,499 
Addition compounds as dispersants and dispersion stabilizers 

218. 8,492,498 
Polymer compositions for rotational molding applications 

217. 8,492,497 
Copolymers, their use as thickeners, and methods for their preparation 

216. 8,492,496 
Copolymers of nanoparticles, vinyl monomers and silicone 

215. 8,492,495 
Polymeric additives obtained by salification of copolymers 

214. 8,492,494 
Ethylene copolymer with improved impact resistance 

213. 8,492,493 
Sterically emcumbered bidentate and tridentate naphthoxy-imine metallic complexes 

212. 8,492,492 
System and method for processing reactor polymerization effluent 

211. 8,492,491 
Methods for producing telechelic polyolefins from terpene initiators 

210. 8,492,490 
Apparatus for manufacturing polymer resin, polymerization vessel, and method for manufacturing polymer resin 

209. 8,492,489 
Double loop technology 

208. 8,492,488 
Stabilized polymeric thiol reagents 

207. 8,492,487 
Thermosetting fluoropolyether adhesive composition and adhesion method 

206. 8,492,486 
Adhesive compositions 

205. 8,492,485 
Polycarbonate resin composition for sliding use and molded article using the resin composition 

204. 8,492,484 
Medical devices comprising a co-polymer of a polyamide and a polycarbonate diamine 

203. 8,492,483 
ABA triblock copolymer and process for producing the same 

202, 8,492,482 
Acrylic-based rubber modified thermoset composition 

201. 8,492,481 
Block polymers, compositions and methods for use for foams, laundry detergents, and shower rinses and coagulants 

200. 8,492,480 
Block copolymer composition, method for producing the same, and film of the same 

199. 8,492,479 
Process for preparing a diene copolymer comprising a polyether block, diene copolymer comprising a polyether block, reinforced rubber composition and tire 

198. 8,492,478 
Curable perfluoropolyether gel composition and gel product produced by using cured perfluoropolyether gel composition 

197. 8,492,477 
Silicone polymer dispersion and method of forming same 

196. 8,492,476 
Polycarbonate resin composition and formed product thereof 

195. 8,492,475 
Rubber composition for tire comprising an organosiloxane coupling agent 

194. 8,492,474 
Methods of making polymer blend compositions 

193. 8,492,473 
Compound for purging residual polyamides from an extruder 

192. 8,492,472 
Polymer dispersions for corrosion control 

191. 8,492,471 
Heat resistant and fire retardant materials and methods for preparing same 

190. 8,492,470 
Golf balls with cores or intermediate layers prepared from highly-neutralized ethylene copolymers and organic acids 

189. 8,492,469 
Positive-type photosensitive resin composition, cured film, protective film, insulating film, and semiconductor device and display device including the cured film 

188. 8,492,468 
Polypropylene resin composition 

187. 8,492,467 
Automotive lamp peripheral parts 

186. 8,492,466 
Friction material and production method of friction material 

185. 8,492,465 
Substituted alkoxylated phenols and branched sulfates for use in emulsion polymer latexes 

184. 8,492,464 
Flame retardant laser direct structuring materials 

183. 8,492,463 
Flameproof thermoplastic resin composition 

182. 8,492,462 
Colour stable thermoplastic composition 

181. 8,492,461 
Liquid hardening 

180. 8,492,460 
Fluorinated polymer blocks for PEM applications 

179. 8,492,458 
Solvent borne polyurethane composition 

178. 8,492,457 
Method of preparing pigment compositions 

177. 8,492,455 
Activated carbon as a means to reduce taste and odor from plastic materials 

176. 8,492,454 
Removable color layer for artificial nail coatings and methods therefore 

175. 8,492,453 
Photosensitive resin composition, flexible circuit board employing the same, and circuit board production method 

174. 8,492,452 
Polymerizable photoinitiators and radiation curable compositions 

173. 8,492,451 
Ultraviolet ink for surface printing 

172. 8,492,450 
Siloxane resin composition and protective film for touch panel using the same 

171. 8,492,449 
Photosensitive resin composition, printing plate precursor and flexographic printing plate 

170. 8,492,448 
Systems and methods for performing photoreactions using light-diffusing optical fiber 

169. 8,492,447 
Closed cell propylene-ethylene foam 

168. 8,492,446 
Enhanced process for the production of expanded PVC and plastic materials based on expanded PVC obtained therewith 

167. 8,492,444 
Biogenic silica from silica-containing plant material such as rice hulls 

166. 8,492,414 
Antibacterial agents 

165. 8,492,334 
Sustained intraocular delivery of drugs from biodegradable polymeric microparticles 

164. 8,492,322 
Viscosity index improver for lubricant compositions 

163. 8,492,321 
Use of an oligomer-based additive for stabilizing a lubricating composition for a conveyor chain 

162. 8,492,320 
Lubricant composition 

161. 8,492,319 
Nanoparticle compositions and methods for making and using the same 

160. 8,492,318 
Spray material, a thermal spray layer, as well as a cylinder with a thermal spray layer 

159. 8,492,307 
Microporous carbon and method for making the same 

158. 8,492,296 
Method for producing light-transmitting electromagnetic wave-shielding film, light-transmitting electromagnetic wave-shielding film and plasma display panel using the shielding film 

157. 8,492,150 
Engineered cell growth on polymeric films and biotechnological applications thereof 

156. 8,492,128 
Processing biomass 

155. 8,492,125 
Method for dissolving cellulose and a cellulosic product obtained from a solution comprising dissolved cellulose 

154. 8,492,078 
Patterning process 

153. 8,492,077 
Method for providing a conductive material structure on a carrier 

152. 8,492,076 
Method of manufacturing carbon nanotube device array 

151. 8,492,075 
Methods of forming electronic devices 

150. 8,492,071 
Curable composition, color filter and process for production thereof, and solid-state imaging device 

149. 8,492,070 
Photocurable and thermosetting resin composition and printed circuit boards made by using the same 

148. 8,492,054 
Mechanisms for patterning fine features 

147. 8,492,053 
Surface treated carbon coatings for flow field plates

146. 8,492,050 
Polymer electrolyte fuel cells membrane and a method of creating thereof 

145. 8,492,049 
Anion exchange polymer electrolytes 

144. 8,492,033 
Fast cure gel polymer electrolytes 

143. 8,492,021 
Flexible, porous ceramic composite film 

142. 8,492,001 
Self-stratifying coating 

141. 8,492,000 
Vulcanized rubber laminate 

140. 8,491,999 
Metal-coated vertically aligned carbon nanofibers 

139. 8,491,998 
Composite nanometal paste of two-metallic-component type, bonding method, and electronic part 

138. 8,491,997 
Conductive wire comprising a polysiloxane/polyimide copolymer blend 

137. 8,491,996 
Coated tool 

136. 8,491,995 
Fibrous structures 

135. 8,491,994 
Conductive rubber elastic material, charging member and electrophotographic apparatus 

134. 8,491,993 
Polymeric dyes, overcoat compositions and thermal lithographic printing plates 

133. 8,491,992 
Laminar component made from composite material 

132. 8,491,991 
Microporous polypropylene film and process for producing the same 

131. 8,491,990 
Fiber modified layer and methods of making and using same 

130. 8,491,989 
Coating system, coated workpiece and method for manufacturing the same 

129. 8,491,988 
Molding precursor, process for producing molded fiber-reinforced resin, and molded fiber-reinforced resin 

128. 8,491,987 
Selectively coated self-aligned mask 

127. 8,491,986 
Panel module and manufacturing method thereof 

126. 8,491,985 
Coating compositions for roofing granules, dark colored roofing granules with increased solar heat reflectance, solar heat-reflective shingles, and process for producing the same 

125. 8,491,984 
Structure resulting from chemical shrink process over BARC (bottom anti-reflective coating) 

124. 8,491,982 
Apparatus for manufacturing bonding structure, bonding structure and method of fabricating the same 

123. 8,491,981 
Composite laminated product 

122. 8,491,978 
Multilayer article 

121. 8,491,977 
Oxygen barrier film and container comprising ethylene-acrylate copoly

120. 8,491,976 
Laminate, package, packaging sheet, packaging material, label and container 

119. 8,491,974 
Artificial turf and method and device for forming thereof 

118. 8,491,973 
Photo-alignment material and liquid crystal display device and its manufacturing method using the same 

117. 8,491,972 
Method of producing encapsulated nanopowders and installation for its realization 

116. 8,491,971 
Method of producing gas barrier layer 

115. 8,491,970 
Vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays from liquid dispersions 

114. 8,491,969 
Redispersible polymer powder 

113. 8,491,968 
Process for production of functional film 

112. 8,491,967 
In-situ chamber treatment and deposition process 

111. 8,491,966 
Method for introducing a catalytic coating into the pores of a ceramic honeycomb flow body 

110. 8,491,965 
Method of controlling orientation of domains in block copolymer films 

109. 8,491,964 
Diamond nucleation using polyethene 

108. 8,491,963 
Method of densifying thin porous substrates by chemical vapor infiltration, and a loading device for such substrates 

107. 8,491,956 
Apparatus of encapsulating display panel and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device using the same 

106. 8,491,955 
Method of manufacturing electronic apparatus including plastic substrate, electronic apparatus manufactured using the method, and apparatus for use in the method 

105. 8,491,936 
Functionally graded biocompatible coating and coated implant 

104. 8,491,935 
Modified release formulations containing drug-ion exchange resin complexes 

103. 8,491,924 
Biomaterial implants 

102. 8,491,879 
Ammonium-polyurethane- and/or polycarbonate compounds 

101. 8,491,865 
Nanostructured sorbent materials for capturing environmental mercury vapor 

100. 8,491,863 
Method for making carbon nanotube array 

99. 8,491,846 
Honeycomb body formed of metallic foils, method for the production thereof and motor vehicle 

98. 8,491,829 
Method of producing a structural part made from a thermosetting resin by drawing 

97. 8,491,828 
Device and method for producing a fiber composite product 

96. 8,491,827 
Operating element and method for the production thereof 

95. 8,491,825 
Process of making natural tourmaline fiber and filter 

94. 8,491,824 
Contact lens molds and systems and methods for producing same 

93. 8,491,823 
Process for producing water-resistant polarizing film 

92. 8,491,821 
Compositions comprising propylene-olefin-copolymer waxes and carbon nanotubes 

91. 8,491,819 
High work-function and high conductivity compositions of electrically conducting polymers 

90. 8,491,818 
Synthesis of water soluble non-toxic nanocrystalline quantum dots and uses thereof 

89. 8,491,817 
Luminescent material and light-emitting device 

88. 8,491,815 
Omnino nanocomposite crosslinked networks 

87. 8,491,814 
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device 

86. 8,491,813 
Thermoplastic polymeric ovenware 

85. 8,491,811 
Lubricant for compression refrigerating machine and refrigerating apparatus using the same 

84. 8,491,810 
Lubricant for compression refrigerating machine and refrigerating apparatus using the same 

83. 8,491,797 
Pivoting panel, pylon and inflow gap for stormwater screen system 

82. 8,491,794 
Process for enhanced total organic carbon removal while maintaining optimum membrane filter performance 

81. 8,491,790 
Method for the direct elution of reactive 18F fluoride from an anion exchange resin in an organic medium suitable for radiolabelling without any evaporation step by the use of strong organic bases 

80. 8,491,778 
High shear hydrogenation of wax and oil mixtures 

79. 8,491,777 
High shear hydrogenation of wax and oil mixtures 

78. 8,491,774 
Whisker free tin plated layer 

77. 8,491,773 
Method of replenishing indium ions in indium electroplating compositions 

76. 8,491,770 
Cathodic electrocoating compositions 

75. 8,491,769 
Embedding a nanotube inside a nanopore for DNA translocation 

74. 8,491,768 
Method of purifying nanoparticles in a colloid 

73. 8,491,765 
Diamond microelectrodes

72. 8,491,760 
Coated article with high visible transmission and low emissivity 

71. 8,491,754 
Web, stampable sheet and stampable sheet expanded product as well as method of producing the same 

70. 8,491,746 
Method to apply multiple coatings to a fiber web 

69. 8,491,745 
Method and material efficient tooling for continuous compression molding 

68. 8,491,744 
Method for the production of a cylindrical, strand-shaped part 

67. 8,491,743 
Composite ply stabilizing method 

66. 8,491,742 
Method for embossing an absorbent article using a segmented anvil 

65. 8,491,741 
Method of forming elastomeric laminates having targeted elastic properties for use in personal care articles 

64. 8,491,740 
Method of connecting a composite material structural element to a tube 

63. 8,491,739 
Implementing interleaved-dielectric joining of multi-layer laminates 

62. 8,491,737 
Continuous web of optical film laminate with predefined slit lines, and method and system for manufacturing the same 

61. 8,491,735 
Steel sheet for vitreous enameling and method for producing the same 

60. 8,491,729 
Cross linking thin organic coating resins to substrates through polyfunctional bridging molecules 

59. 8,491,698 
Metal-based nanoparticles and methods for making same 

58. 8,491,691 
Filter cartridge with seal member and methods 

57. 8,491,690 
Panel filter 

56. 8,491,689 
Joined filter media pleat packs 

55. 8,491,688 
Wire cage for a filter bag 

54. 8,491,676 
Universal synthetic lubricant, method and product-by-process to replace the lost sulfur lubrication when using low-sulfur diesel fuels 

53. 8,491,671 
Mixture of dispersing agents 

52. 8,491,670 
Anthocyanin pigment/dye compositions and method of providing composition through extraction from corn 

51. 8,491,623 
Atraumatic occlusion balloons and skirts, and methods of use thereof 

50. 8,491,562 
Multilayer film for functional medical solution container and a container comprising the same 

49. 8,491,556 
Absorbent garments with multipart liner having varied stretch properties 

48. 8,491,425 
Transparent play ball containing shapes which temporarily stick to interior wall of ball 

47. 8,491,420 
Low lift golf ball 

46. 8,491,419 
Low lift golf ball 

45. 8,491,418 
Multi-color golf ball 

44. 8,491,417 
Golf ball 

43. 8,491,409 
Silicone grips for golf clubs 

42. 8,491,353 
Mold for optical components 

41. 8,491,351 
Toy vehicle having smoking tire function 

40. 8,491,309 
Wearable wound simulant

39. 8,491,297 
Device for the manufacturing of a piece of composite materiel with complex shape 

38. 8,491,296 
Lip drive part for T-die 

37. 8,491,295 
Die assembly and method of extruding cellular ceramic substrates with a skin 

36. 8,491,294 
Extruder system and cutting assembly 

35. 8,491,293 
Magazine apparatus for the storage of blow moulds and methods of storing blow moulds 

34. 8,491,292 
Aligning nanomaterial in a nanomaterial composite 

33. 8,491,291 
Pattern transfer method and imprint device 

32. 8,491,290 
Apparatus for producing non-symmetric multiple layer injection molded products 

31. 8,491,289 
Friction drive pump for transfer cases, etc   

30. 8,491,227 
Pump for powder coating materials with data structure for storing powder flow recipes

29. 8,491,226 
Process and equipment for the conveyance of powdered material 

28. 8,491,224 
Plastic detention chamber for stormwater runoff and related system and methods 

27. 8,491,220 
Mechanized asphalt comb 

26. 8,491,180 
Static mixing element 

25. 8,490,950 
Low friction coatings for dynamically engaging load bearing surfaces 

24. 8,490,858 
Reinforced cross-laminated bulk container 

23. 8,490,903 
Thickness detecting safety shredder 

22. 8,490,900 
Unbonded loosefill insulation system 

21. 8,490,824 
Bomb resistant garbage receptacle 

20. 8,490,813 
Waste container and sequential liner deployment method 

19. 8,490,666 
Fire resistant tire 

18. 8,490,657 
Cotton towel with structural polyester reinforcement 

17. 8,490,574 
Film coating holder 

16. 8,490,573 
Method and apparatus for material deposition 

15. 8,490,572 
Rotary atomizer and coating pattern control method 

14. 8,490,571 
Coater, method for manufacturing coated article, and fluid blowing unit 

13. ,490,560 
Plasticized and assembleable cover such as for use with waterway constructed transport barges including structurally reinforcing inner trusses, in-molded end wall ladder and four point lift locking/unlocking door for selectively accessing a barge interior 

12. 8,490,530 
Plastic composite spring for vehicle suspension and apparatus and method for manufacturing the same 

11. 8,490,471 
Bench test screening method for fluid antifoam additives 

10. 8,490,362 
Methods and systems for composite structural truss 

9. 8,490,361 
Multipurpose protective ground cover 

8. 8,490,360 
Laminate floor panels 

7. 8,490,358 
Interlocking flange and fastening system and method for securing together two panels 

6. ,490,357 
Modified base ply roof membrane set in a formulated concrete slurry over lightweight concrete 

5. 8,490,348 
Varied glass density reinforcement of composites 

4. 8,490,269 
Fibre placement tool 

3. 8,490,253 
Apparatus and methods for spreading fiber bundles for the continuous production of prepreg 

2. 8,490,214 
Face armor 

1. 8,490,213 
Impact and sharp implement resistant protective armor 


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