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Patents published 8/20/2013                   

8,510,862 through 8,516,611

345/6149 (Number selected /Total number)


345. 8,513,559  
Apparatus for applying wear coating in conduit elbows 

344. 8,513,483 
Hydrophobic surface coated material for use in absorbent articles 

343. 8,513,482 
Wound dressing 

342. 8,513,481 
Wound dressing with high liquid handling capacity 

341. 8,513,471 
Process for the manufacture of polyol perfluoropolyether derivative 

340. 8,513,448 
Cyclic siloxane compound, a material for forming Si-containing film, and its use 

339. 8,513,405 
Reagent, chaotropic agent, and reagent kit for and applications of isolating nucleic acid by use of magnetic cellulose material 

338. ,513,382 
Biocomposites and methods of making the same 

337. 8,513,379 
Depolymerization method for polymer containing ester bond in main chain and method for producing polymer containing ester bond in main chain from depolymerization product 

336. 8,513,378 
Production method for water-absorbing resin powder 

335. 8,513,377 
Selenium-based monomers and conjugated polymers, methods of making, and use thereof 

334. 8,513,376 
Polyamides and amidoamines from selectively modified amine amines 

333. 8,513,375  
Imide-linked maleimide and polymaleimide compounds 

332. 8,513,374 
Biocompatible and biodegradable polymers from renewable natural polyphenols 

331. 8,513,373 
Process for production of polyimide film having high adhesiveness 

330. 8,513,371 
Amino alkoxy-modified silsesquioxanes and method of preparation 

329. 8,513,369 
Long chain-branched ethylene-alpha olefin copolymer 

328. 8,513,368 
Copolymer of olefin and conjugated diene, and process for producing the same 

327. 8,513,367 
Mitigation of elastomer reactor fouling using mechanical vibration 

326. 8,513,366 
Methods for modulated degenerative transfer living polymerization and isotactic-atactic stereoblock and stereogradient poly(olefins) thereby 

325.  8,513,365 
Polymerization process with improved polymer homogeneity 

324. 8,513,364 
Production method of water-absorbent resin 

323. 8,513,363 
Adhesive composition 

322. 8,513,362 
Polyolefin polymer having polar group, method for production thereof, and water dispersion material and mold release agent composition 

321. 8,513,361 
Interpolymers containing isobutylene and diene mer units 

320. 8,513,360 
Use of recycled plastics for structural building forms 

319. 8,513,359 
Crosslinkable graft polymer non preferentially wetted by polystyrene and polyethylene oxide 

318. 8,513,358 
Composition of (Meth)acrylate resin and hydroxy group-containing aromatic resin 

317. 8,513,357 
Ethylene copolymer composition, sheet for sealing a solar cell element, and solar cell module 

316.  8,513,356 
Diblock copolymer blend composition 

315.  8,513,355 
Graft copolymer improving adhesion resistance and impact strength, method of preparing the same, and PVC composition comprising the same 

314.  8,513,354 
Polymer material and method for the production thereof 

313.  8,513,353 
Forming copolymer from bicontinuous microemulsion comprising monomers of different hydrophilicity 

312.  8,513,352 
Curable compositions having improved fire properties 

311. 8,513,351 
Fluoroelastomer gels 

310.  8,513,350 
Positive type photosensitive resin composition 

309.  8,513,349 
Binder composition for positive electrodes 

308.  8,513,348 
Carbon nanofibers, method of producing carbon nanofibers, carbon fiber composite material using carbon nanofibers, and method of producing the carbon fiber composite material 

307.  8,513,347 
Elastomeric compositions 

306.  8,513,346 
Flame retardant composition for use in styrenics 

305.  8,513,345 
Exoergic filler composition, resin composition, exoergic grease and exoergic coating composition 

304.  8,513,344 
Masterbatch for coloring synthetic resin 

303.  8,513,343 
Unsaturated polyester resin compositions 

302. 8,513,342 
Durable superhydrophobic coatings 

301. 8,513,341  
Polylactic acid resin composition and molded article thereof 

300. 8,513,340 
Method of reducing chatter 

299. 8,513,339 
Copolymerizable sulfur-containing adhesion promoters and compositions thereof 

298. 8,513,338 
Binder composition and asphalt mixture 

297. 8,513,337 
Asphalt-based reactive hot melt polyurethane adhesive 

296. 8,513,336  Flame-retardant chlorine-containing resin composition 

295. 8,513,334 
Functionalized polyurethane polyurea dispersions 

294. 8,513,333 
Reactive surface-modified particles 

293. 8,513,331 
Puncture repair material recovery system 

292. 8,513,330 
Weighted elastomers, cement compositions comprising weighted elastomers, and methods of use 

291. 8,513,329 
Chemical additives to make polymeric materials biodegradable 

290. 8,513,328 
Fluid applied silicone air and water barrier system and process thereof 

289. 8,513,327 
Adhesive composition for dental use 

288. 8,513,326 
Carbamate-methacrylate monomers and their use in dental applications 

287. 8,513,325 
Silicone hydrogel contact lenses and related compositions and methods 

286. 8,513,324 
Polymeric articles comprising oxygen permeability enhancing particles 

285. 8,513,323 
Multifunctional silicone blends 

284. 8,513,322 
Polymeric beads and methods of making polymeric beads 

283. 8,513,321 
Dual cure coating compositions, methods of coating a substrate, and related coated substrates 

282. 8,513,320 
Hydrophilic coating 

281. 8,513,319 
Mesoporous carbon materials 

280. 8,513,318 
Method for producing a rigid polyurethane foam 

279. 8,513,317 
Process for producing expanded polyolefin resin particles and expanded polyolefin resin particles 

278. 8,513,217 
Biopolymer system for tissue sealing 

277. 8,513,216 
Polysaccharide gel formulation having increased longevity 

276. 8,513,206 
Crosslinked PEI nanoparticle transfection agents for delivery of biomolecules with increased efficiency 

275. 8,513,172 
Process for preparing polymers and compositions thereof 

274. 8,513,171 
Lubricant composition, speed reduction gear, and electric power steering apparatus 

273. 8,513,170
Solid lubricant and production method thereof 

272. 8,513,169 
Lubricating oil compositions 

271. 8,513,167 
Methods of using polysaccharide based cement additives 

270. 8,513,166 
Low temperature hydrocarbon gel 

269. 8,513,159 
Process of manufacturing powdered coffee carbons from spent coffee grounds 

268. 8,513,158 
Method for forming thermally stable nanoparticles on supports 

267. 8,513,101 
Method of synthesizing nanowires 

266. 8,513,152  
Titania-containing extrudate 

265. 8,513,150 
Extra mesoporous Y zeolite 

264. 8,513,149 
Method for drying regenerated catalyst in route to a propane dehydrogenation reactor 

263. 8,513,148 
Thermally adhesive laminated nonwoven fabric 

262. 8,513,147 
Nonwovens produced from multicomponent fibers 

261. 8,513,146 
Scalloped oval bicomponent fibers with good wicking, and high uniformity spun yarns comprising such fibers 

260. 8,513,145 
Flame resistant filler cloth and mattresses incorporating same 

259. 8,513,144 
Property films from renewable polymers 

258. 8,513,142 
Method of manufacturing non-photosensitive polyimide passivation layer 

257. 8,513,137 

256. 8,513,060 
Manufacturing method using multi-step adhesive curing for sealed semiconductor device 

255. ,513,059 
Pre-molded clip structure 

254. 8,512,946 
Composite particles 

253. 8,512,936 
Optical lithography using graphene contrast enhancement layer 

252. 8,512,935 
Functionalized perfluoropolyether material as a hydrophobic coating 

251. 8,512,918 
Multilayer reflective film coated substrate for a reflective mask, reflective mask blank, and methods of manufacturing the same 

250. 8,512,915 
Catalyst composite material fuel cell, method for preparing the same, membrane-electrode assembly comprising the same, and fuel cell system comprising the same 

249. 8,512,914 
Phosphorus containing benzoxazine-based monomer, polymer thereof, electrode for fuel cell including the polymer, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell including the polymer, and fuel cell using the electrode 

248. 8,512,913 
Electrode for fuel cell and fuel cell employing the same 

247. 8,512,912 
Membrane-electrode unit for direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) 

246. 8,512,909 
Laminated electrolyte membrane, method of preparing the same, and membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell including the laminated electrolyte membrane 

245. 8,512,908 
Fabrication of catalyst coated diffusion media layers containing nanostructured thin catalytic layers 

244. 8,512,907 
Membrane catalyst layer assembly with reinforcing films, membrane electrode assembly with reinforcing films, and polymer electrolyte fuel cells 

243. 8,512,903  Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and method for measuring voltages of cells in polymer electrolyte fuel cell 

242. 8,512,899  Polymers obtained from monomers allowing a sequential polymerization, and their use for preparing ionic conductors 

241. 8,512,898  Separator for nonaqueous electrolyte battery and nonaqueous electrolyte battery 

240. 8,512,874  Coating systems containing beta phase and gamma-prime phase nickel aluminide 

239. 8,512,873 
Surface treated copper foil and copper clad laminate 

238. 8,512,872 
Sealed anodic coatings  

237. 8,512,871  Erosion barrier for thermal barrier coatings 

236. 8,512,870 
Transparent resin for encapsulation material and electronic device including the same 

235. 8,512,867 
Coated glass article and method for manufacturing same 

234. 8,512,866 
Flexible solar panel with a multilayer film 

233. 8,512,865 
Compacts for producing polycrystalline diamond compacts, and related polycrystalline diamond compacts 

232. 8,512,864 
Component for rotary machine 

231. 8,512,863 
Aqueous dispersions of hybrid coacervates delivering specific properties onto solid surfaces and comprising inorganic solid particles and a copolymer 

230. 8,512,862 
Polyvinyl formamide (PNVF) and polyvinyl amine (PVAm)nanoparticles, nanocapsules and nanogels 

229. 8,512,861 
Multi-layer three-dimensional structures having features smaller than a minimum feature size associated with the formation of individual layers 

227. 8,512,854 
Composite material, method of making and articles formed thereby 

226. 8,512,853 
Composite structure having reinforced core 

825.  8,512,852 
Polylactic acid resin composition and film 

224. 8,512,851 
Wrapping material with opposing adhesive means 

223. 8,512,850 
Corrugating linerboard, corrugated board, and methods of making the same 

222. 8,512,849 
Corrugated interfaces for multilayered interconnects 

221. 8,512,848 
Adhesiveless decorative floor tile 

220. 8,512,847 
Transparent conductive laminate and touch panel 

219. 8,512,845 
Molded male surface fastener 

218. 8,512,844 
Bonded and tufted nonwovens II, methods for their manufacture and uses 

217. 8,512,843 
Composite matrix and gel padding and method of manufacturing 

216. 8,512,842 
Composite material human body support and process for making same 

215. 8,512,841 
Corrugated roof filler 

214. 8,512,840 
Thermoplastic polyimide/polybenzimidazole fuser member 

213. 8,512,839 
Blow molded articles and process for making same 

212. 8,512,838 
Laminar articles with good hydrocarbon barrier 

211. 8,512,837 
Thin foamed polyethylene sheets 

210. 8,512,836 
Packaging material comprising magnetisable portions 

209. 8,512,835 
Protective beam covering 

208. 8,512,834 

207. 8,512,833 
Heat-shrinkable polyester film 

206. 8,512,832 
Heat-curable coating for strengthening glass 

205. 8,512,831 
Laminate and, paper container and package using the same 

204. 8,512,830 
Filament-strung stand-off elements for maintaining pane separation in vacuum insulating glazing units 

203. 8,512,829 
Metal-inclusive edge seal for vacuum insulating glass unit, and/or method of making the same 

202. 8,512,828 
Biaxially oriented white polypropylene film, reflection plate and receiving sheet for thermal transfer recording 

201. 8,512,822 
Retardation film, method for manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display device including the same

200. 8,512,821 
Liquid crystal display device 

199. 8,512,820 
Organic ionic phenylpyrimidine compounds and displays formed thereof 

198. 8,512,819 
Liquid crystal display device 

197. 8,512,818 
Cascaded cure approach to fabricate highly tensile silicon nitride films 

196. 8,512,817 
Lithographic apparatus and a method of forming a lyophobic coating on a surface 

195. 8,512,816 
Method of fabricating thin film by microplasma processing and apparatus for same 

194. Coating material for achieving sound dampening and method for the same 

193. 8,512,813 
Coating composition, coating film made of same, and optical article 

192. 8,512,812 
Aqueous dispersion containing a complex of poly(3,4-dialkoxythiophene) and a polyanion and method for producing the same 

191. 8,512,811 
Process for producing electrophotographic belt 

190. 8,512,810 
Shear-induced alignment of nanoparticles in coatings 

189. 8,512,809 
Method of processing multilayer film 

187. 8,512,808 
Built-up composite structures with a graded coefficient of thermal expansion for extreme environment applications 

186. 88,512,805 
Method for dispensing foam onto substrates of large width 

185. 8,512,803 
Gluing method and device of corrugated board sheet 

184. 8,512,802 
Method of producing a polished metal effect finish on a vehicle 

183. 8,512,801 
Antireflection film and method for manufacturing the same 

182. 8,512,798 
Plasma assisted metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) system 

181. 8,512,795 
Hydrophilic coating comprising a polyelectrolyte 

180. 8,512,779 
Process for coating food products 

179. 8,512,760 
Nano-particle dispersions 

178. 8,512,759 
Methods of formulating and designing liquid drug suspensions containing ion exchange resin particles 

177. 8,512,758 
Powder composition 

176. 8,512,757 
Micelles for drug delivery 

175. 8,512,756 
Collagen preparation and method of isolation 

174. 8,512,750 
Stents with drug-containing amphiphilic polymer coating 

173. 8,512,736 
Coatings including natural biodegradable polysaccharides and uses thereof 

172. 8,512,735 
Method of making polymer-bioceramic composite implantable medical devices 

171. 8,512,734 
Biocompatible coating of medical devices 

170. 8,512,733 
Stents with drug-containing amphiphilic polymer coating 

169. 8,512,732 
Method for producing bioactive composites 

168. 8,512,731 
Antimicrobial coatings for medical devices and methods for making and using them 

167. 8,512,730 
Methods of tissue repair and compositions therefor 

166. 8,512,729 
Fragmented polymeric compositions and methods for their use 

165. 8,512,727 
Nanoparticulate meloxicam formulations

164. 8,512,688 
Formulations containing an ionic mineral-ion exchange resin complex and uses thereof 

163. 8,512,684 
Process for the preparation of inverse latex of acrylamide-based polymers and composition comprising said latex 

162. 8,512,681 
Chewing gum possessing tooth cleaning effect and a teeth cleaning method 

161. 8,512,680 
Injectables in foam, new pharmaceutical applications 

160. 8,512,679 
Glassy compositions 

159. 8,512,672 
Fabrication method of ZnO nano-particle and fabrication method of ZnO nano-fluid using thereof 

158. 8,512,670 
Process for producing graphite film 

157. 8,512,669 
Graphene production using laser heated crystal growth 

156. 8,512,668 
Method of more simple separation and collection of carbon nanotubes 

155. 8,512,665 
Process for the production of nanoparticles using miniemulsions 

154. 8,512,663 
Pyrolysis reactor materials and methods 

153. 8,512,654 
Strontium cerate nanoparticle synthesis method 

152. 8,512,644 
System for transforming organic waste materials into thermal energy and electric power 

151. 8,512,643 
Method of devolatilizing recycled carbon black and associated apparatus 

150. 8,512,642 
Apparatus for producing hard polyurethane foam by froth process 

149. 8,512,641 
Modulation of step function phenomena by varying nanoparticle size 

148. 8,512,640 
Optical lens system and method for microfluidic devices 

147. 8,512,626 
Process for producing nonwovens and articles containing submicron fibers 

146. 8,512,625 
Injection blow molding system with enhanced heat transfer channel configuration 

145. 8,512,624 
Manufacturing process for a bicycle hub and product thereof 

144. 8,512,623 
Labeler and a labeling method for labeling plastic containers in the blow mold in a rotary blow molder 

143. 8,512,622 
Manufacturing method for 3D structure of biomaterials using stereolithography technology and products by the same 

142. 8,512,619 
Methods for manufacturing a golf ball 

141. 8,512,618 
Process for the production of moldings 

140. 8,512,616 
Method for producing a multilayered molding 

139. ,512,614 
Modular molding system 

138. 8,512,613 
Extrusion kit and extruder 

137. 8,512,612 
Nano-fibered membrane for western blot and manufacturing method of the same 

136. 8,512,611 
Manufacturing method of toothbrush filaments using power toothbrush and toothbrush using thereof 

135. 8,512,610 
Nonwoven fabric sheet and method for producing same 

134. 8,512,609 
Web-processing machine and method for the control thereof 

133. 8,512,608 
Injection molding method and injection molding device 

132. 8,512,607 
Process for producing nonwoven fabrics particularly soft, resistant and with a valuable appearance 

131. 8,512,606 
Procedure for dimensionally accurate sintering of a shaped piece 

130. 8,512,605 
Method for verifying tolerance of connector molding die 

129. 8,512,604 
Photochromic coating exhibiting improved performance and reduced yellowness 

128. 8,512,603 
Polymeric precursors for CIS and CIGS photovoltaics 

127. 8,512,602 
ITO powder and method of producing the same, coating material for transparent conductive material, and transparent conductive film 

126. 8,512,601 
Paste composition for solar cell electrode 

125. 8,512,600 
Polycarbonate resin composition having excellent wear resistance and electric conductivity and method of preparing the same 

124. 8,512,598 
Liquid crystal compounds and method for preparing the same 

123. 8,512,597 
Polymerizable optically active imide compound and polymerizable composition containing the compound 

122. 8,512,596 
Composition for producing a board and printed circuit board using the same 

121. 8,512,594 
Curing agent of N,N'-dimethyl-meta-xylylenediamine and multifunctional amin(s) 

120. 8,512,588 
Method of fabricating a scalable nanoporous membrane filter 

119. 8,512,583 
Method using block copolymers and a hard electroplated mask for making a master disk for nanoimprinting patterned magnetic recording disks 

118. 8,512,582 
Methods of patterning a substrate 

117. 8,512,581 
Methods for liquid transfer coating of three-dimensional substrates 

116. 8,512,580 
Method of fabricating thin liquid crystal display device 

115. 8,512,569 
Fluid filtration articles and methods of making and using the same 

114. 8,512,568 
Method of cleaning membrane modules 

113. 8,512,567 
Vapor compression membrane distillation system and method 

112. 8,512,560 
Filter press 

111. 8,512,555 
Filter assembly, system and method 

110. 8,512,554 
Dialysis system and machine having therapy prescription recall 

109. 8,512,553 
Extracorporeal dialysis ready peritoneal dialysis machine 

108. 8,512,552 
Absorbent spill clean-up mat 

107. 8,512,542 
Method for the electrochemical coating of a substrate by brush plating and device for carrying out said method 

106. 8,512,540 
Plating process and manufacturing process for semiconductor device thereby 

105. 8,512,539 
Mould for galvanoplasty and method of fabricating the same 

104. 8,512,534 
Redox polymers 

103. 8,512,533 
Biosensor, biosensor package structure having same, and method for fabricating same

102. 8,512,530 
Sputtering apparatus 

101. 8,512,526 
Method of performing physical vapor deposition with RF plasma source power applied to the target using a magnetron 

99. 8,512,521 
Product for the sizing of paper 

98. 8,512,520 
Paper sizing agent 

97. 8,512,519 
Sulfopolyesters for paper strength and process 

96. 8,512,516 
High solids fabric crepe process for producing absorbent sheet with in-fabric drying 

95. 8,512,511 
Mounting table and plasma processing apparatus 

94. 8,512,510 
Plasma processing method and apparatus 

93. 8,512,509 
Plasma reactor gas distribution plate with radially distributed path splitting manifold 

92. 8,512,508 
Low volatile adhesive for roofing systems 

91. 8,512,507 
Toughened resin fiber laminates with titanium particles 

90. 8,512,506 
Polyurethane adhesive for windshield applications 

89. 8,512,505 
Methods of forming architectural resin panels with translucent veneer layers 

88. 8,512,504 
Process for improving adhesion of polymeric materials to metal surfaces 

87. 8,512,503 
Method of manufacturing sealing device and display device using the same 

86. 8,512,501 
Apparatus and method for processing sealant of an insulating glass unit 

85. 8,512,500 
Manufacturing method of optical waveguide 

84. 8,512,499 
Fluted filter medium and process for its manufacture 

83. 8,512,497 
Automated composite annular structure forming 

82. 8,512,496 
Elastic member guide device and manufacturing method of disposable wearing articles 

81. 8,512,491 
Dual wafer spin coating 

80. 8,512,490 
Homogeneous mesoporous nanoenergetic metal oxide composite fabrication methods 

79. 8,512,469 
Polymeric construction material on the basis of flotation waste from copper ore flotation and waste sulfur 

78. 8,512,468 
Geopolymer mortar and method 

77. 8,512,466 
Phosphorus-containing oligomer and method for producing the same, curable resin composition and cured product of the same, and printed wiring board 

76. 8,512,465 
Use of copolymers as adhesion promoters in lacquers 

75. 8,512,464 
Functionalized zirconia nanoparticles and high index films made therefrom 

74. 8,512,442 
Selective polysulfide composite membrane 

73. 8,512,438 
Methods for controlling metal nanostructures morphology 

72. 8,512,437 
Method of producing inorganic nanoparticles in atmosphere and device therefor 

71. 8,512,435 
Filter medium and breather filter structure 

70. 8,512,434 
Molded monocomponent monolayer respirator 

69. 8,512,433 
Low back pressure porous honeycomb and method 

68. 8,512,432 
Composite filter media 

67. 8,512,431 
Fine fiber media layer 

66. 8,512,429 
Coalescing filter element with drainage mechanism 

65. 8,512,428 
Vent filter and method for manufacturing the same 

64. 8,512,427 
Acrylate polyurethane chemical mechanical polishing layer 

63. 8,512,421 
Polyurethane derivatives, composition thereof and dye additives comprising the polyurethane derivatives 

62. 8,512,420 
Method and dye solution for polyester fabric dyeing 

61. 8,512,417 
Functionalized nanoparticles and methods of forming and using same 

60. 8,512,395 
Stent with horseshoe shaped bridges 

59. 8,512,394 
Balloon expandable crush-recoverable stent device 

58. 8,512,305 
Sealed core for an absorbent article 

57. 8,512,304 
Absorbent article and method for making the same 

56. 8,512,281 
Angioplasty medical devices made of elastomeric material 

55. 8,512,272 
Ureteral stent 

54. 8,512,269 
Molded ankle-foot orthoses and methods of construction 

53. 8,512,267 
Over-molded flexible knee brace 

52. 8,512,167 
Low lift golf ball 

51. 8,512,166 
Golf ball having specific spin, moment of inertia, lift, and drag relationship 

50. 8,512,165 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

49. 8,512,105 
Abrasive sharpener

48. 8,512,100 
Abrasive tape, method for producing abrasive tape, and varnishing process 

Multi-axis injection molding apparatus 

47. 8,512,031 
Device for blow-molding containers 

46. 8,512,030 
Blow-molding machine for thermoplastic pieces and containers 

45. 8,512,029 
Blow mold 

44. 8,512,028 
Injection blow molding system with enhanced supply of heat transfer fluid to parison molds 

43. 8,512,027 
Belling machine for pipes made of thermoplastic material, forming end sockets equipped with an integrated seal 

42. 8,512,026 
Dough sheeter with integral dough docker 

41. 8,512,025 
Corrugating roller pair support frame 

40. 8,512,024    

39. 8,512,023 
Injection mold assembly including an injection mold cavity at least partially defined by a polycrystalline diamond material 

37. 8,512,022 
Apparatus and method for supplying powder quantitatively and material supplying apparatus including the apparatus for supplying powder 

36. 8,512,021 
Solid face die plate 

35. 8,512,020 
Lining element comprising a shell and a core 

34. 8,512,019 
Screw compression apparatus 

33. 8,511,533 
Annular adhesive structure 

32. 8,511,483 
Porous membrane and method of making the same 

31. 8,511,482 
Method of stably producing microporous membrane and use thereof in method of separating and purifying nucleic acid 

30. 8,511,481 
Liquid filter, in particular an oil filter 

29. 8,511,472 
Containers having perforated shrink wrap sleeves 

28. 8,511,464 
Bags partially filled with stimuli-responsive highly absorbent superabsorbent polymers for water management and replacement of dams and canals 

27. 8,511,458 
Method and apparatus for supplying bags to a packaging machine 

26. 8,511,429 
Ceiling panels made from corrugated cardboard 

25. 8,511,369 
Thermally reversible crosslinked polymer modified particles and methods for making the same 

24. 8,511,365 
Inflatable film production panels 

23. Consolidating and curing of thermoset composite parts by pressing between a heated rigid mold and customized rubber-faced mold 

22. 8,511,361 
Permeable material compacting apparatus 

21. 8,511,360 
Composite intersection reinforcement 

20. 8,511,252 
Apparatus for gluing the tail of a convolutely wound web material thereto 

19. Film deposition device and method thereof 

18. Apparatus for the transfer of a fluid to a moving web material 

17. 8,511,239 
Reinforced plastic pallet 

16. 8,511,229 
Multilayered microcavities and actuators incorporating same 

15. 8,511,214 
Tubular structure and method for making the same 

14. 8,511,210 
Laminated material cutting method, laminated material, head suspension manufacturing method, and head suspension 

13. 8,511,185
Sensor device protected by a film layer and a resin layer

12. 8,511,113 
Process for the separation of CO.sub.2 from a gaseous feed stream 

11. 8,511,098 
Slideable liner link assembly 

10. 8,511,053 
Synthetic rope formed of blend fibers 

9. 8,511,031 
Set F floorboards with overlapping edges 

8. 8,511,030 
Insulated fiber cement siding 

7. 8,511,022 
Access floor panel having intermingled directional and non-directional air passageways 

6. 8,511,021 
Structural cap with composite sleeves 

5. 8,511,020 
Composite cap 

4. 8,511,004 
Seismically stable flooring 

3. 8,510,953 
Method for wrapping a flexible cover sheet on a panel 

2. 8,510,922 
Hydroengorged spunmelt nonwovens 

1. 8,510,863 
Impact shock absorbing material 


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