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Patents published 9/10/2013                   

8,528,112 through 8,533,858

345/6173 (Number selected /Total number)


345. 8,530,692 
Compound, fluorine-containing polymer, radiation-sensitive resin composition and method for producing compound 

344. 8,530,649 
Polymer complex 

343. 8,530,644 
Method for removing impurities from biopolymer material 

342. 8,530,618 
Process for recovering a polymer from a solution 

341. 8,530,617 
Silicon-containing particle, process for producing the same, organic-polymer composition, ceramic, and process for producing the same 

340. 8,530,616 
Precise control of molecular weight and chain shape control in carbon dioxide/epoxide alternating copolymerization and preparation of low molecular weight poly(alkylene carbonate) thereby 

339. 8,530,615 
Process for producing polycarbonates and a coordination complex used therefor 

338. 8,530,614 
Porphyrin coordination polymer nanospheres and nanorods 

337. 8,530,613 
Preparation of meso-porous polymer based nano-polymerized composite material 

336. 8,530,612 
Synthesis of polyesters with precisely sequenced two or more structural units 

335. 8,530,611 
Biodegradable photoluminescent polymers 

334. 8,530,610 
Process for preparing a polymer polyol 

333. 8,530,609 
Process for removing metal species in the presence of hydrogen and a porous material and polyester polymer containing reduced amounts of metal species 

332. 8,530,608 
Water-based adhesive for lamination of polymers to metal substrates 

331. 8,530,607 
Aromatic ether and alkynyl containing phthalonitriles 

330. 8,530,606 
Process for preparing diaryl carbonates 

329. 8,530,605 
Poly(arylene sulfide) and production process thereof 

328. 8,530,604 
Deformable shape-memory polymer 

327. 8,530,603 
Golf ball 

326. 8,530,602 
Polyether polyol composition and use thereof 

325. 8,530,601 
Copolymers of epoxy compounds and amino silanes 

324. 8,530,600 
Thermoplastic polyurethanes and their use 

323. 8,530,599 
Hydrophobic silica particles and methods of making same 

322. 8,530,597 
High molecular weight compact structured polymers, methods of making and using 

321. 8,530,596 
Polymer for forming insulating film, composition for forming insulating film, insulating film, and electronic device having same 

320. 8,530,595 
Microstructured optical films comprising polymerizable ultraviolet absorber 

319. 8,530,594 
Copolymers of alkoxythiophene 

318. 8,530,593 
Catalyst compounds and use thereof 

317. 8,530,592 
Catalyst components based on fulvene complexes 

316. 8,530,591 
Emulsion polymers having increased chalky substrate adhesion 

315. 8,530,590 
Soft silicone materials for ophthalmic applications 

314. 8,530,589 
Print processing for patterned conductor, semiconductor and dielectric materials 

313. 8,530,588 
Liquid crystal (LC) alignment agent, LC alignment film and LC display device having thereof 

312. 8,530,587 
Vulcanizable rubber composition for use in an air spring and rubber formed product for use in an air spring 

311. 8,530,586 
Method for preparing polyolefins containing a high percentage of exo-olefin chain ends 

310. 8,530,585 
Crosslinker, crosslinked polymer material, and production method of the crosslinked polymer material 

309. 8,530,584 
Process for reacting chemical compounds in the presence of catalyst systems 

308. 8,530,583 
Thermo- and/or photo-sensitive material and insulator film made thereof 

307. 8,530,582 
Modified polyolefins with an exceptional profile of properties, process for preparation thereof and use thereof 

306. 8,530,581 
Powder, compositions thereof, processes for making the same, and articles made therefrom 

305. 8,530,580 
Polymer compositions having improved homogeneity and odour, a method for making them and pipes made thereof 

304. 8,530,579 
Production of metathesis products by high melting polymer segment interchange 

303. 8,530,578 
Pressure sensitive adhesive comprising blend of synthetic rubber and functionalized synthetic rubber bonded to an acrylic polymer 

302. 8,530,577 
Compatibilized polypropylene heterophasic copolymer and polylactic acid blends for injection molding applications 

301. 8,530,576 
Thermoplastic resin composition and molded article thereof 

300. 8,530,574 
Aqueous polymer dispersion and use thereof as binder for coating substrates 

299. 8,530,573 
Modified calcium carbonate-filled adhesive compositions and methods for use thereof 

298. 8,530,572 
Brightness enhancing film comprising nanocomposite structure having improved crack resistance 

297. 8,530,571 
Polyamide compositions having high acid ends 

296. 8,530,570 
Use of 2-isopropyl-2-alkyl-1,3-propanediols for preparing polymers  3724

295. 8,530,569 
Polymeric dispersants and dispersions containing same 

294. 8,530,568 
Flowable polyamides with hyperbranched polyesters/polycarbonates 

293. 8,530,567 
Polymer dispersion which comprises a highly branched polycarbonate having unsaturated fatty acid groups 

292. 8,530,566 
Electrically insulating and thermally conductive composition and electronic device 

291. 8,530,565 
Fiber reinforced propylene resin composition 

290. 8,530,563 
Process for the preparation of aqueous polymer dispersions from a aromatic compound, a conjugated aliphatic diene and an ethylenically unsaturated carbonitrile 

289. 8,530,562 
Rubber compositions comprising coupling agents and coating agents and also inorganic fillers 

288. 8,530,561 
Nonmetal material modified thermoplastic resin composite and a method for preparing products using said composite 

287. 8,530,560 
Porous biocompatible polymer material and methods 

286. 8,530,559 
Composite of organic compound and copper nanoparticles, composite of organic compound and copper(I) oxide nanoparticles, and methods for producing the composites 

285. 8,530,558 
Plasticizers comprising poly(trimethylene ether) glycol esters 

284. 8,530,557 
Water stable compositions and articles comprising starch and methods of making the same 

283. 8,530,555 
Polybutylene terephthalate resin composition 

282. 8,530,554 
Precursors for the polymer-assisted deposition of films 

281. 8,530,553 
Binder composition for spray 

280. 8,530,552 
Poly(phenylene ether) composition, article, and method 

279. 8,530,551 
Flame-retardant impact-modified battery boxes based on polycarbonate I 

278. 8,530,550 
Crosslinkable rubber composition 

277. 8,530,549 
Rubber crawler 

276. 8,530,548 
Fibre-reinforced thermoplastic material 

275. 8,530,547 
Chloroprene rubber composition and its application 

274. 8,530,546 
Curable composition comprising inorganic oxide microparticles that are surface-modified with maleimide groups 

273. 8,530,545
Copolymers of nanoparticles, vinyl monomers and silicone 

272. 8,530,544 
Modification of the surface chemistry of macromolecular species in the presence of a conjugated guanidine 

271. 8,530,541 
Cement compositions including polymer particles 

270. ,530,540 
Curable composition for imprints, patterning method and pattern 

269. 8,530,539 
Curable resin composition for nanoimprint 

268. 8,530,538 
Ink composition 

267. 8,530,537 
Black photosensitive resin composition and light blocking layer using the same 

266. 8,530,533 
Water-blown rigid foams for the insulation of liquefied natural gas tanks 

265. 8,530,532 
Hydrogel contact lenses having improved wettability 

264. 8,530,531 
Method for the recycling of polyvinyl butyral 

263. 8,530,530 
Non-agglomerating mixed bed ion exchangers 

262. 8,530,526  Biobeneficial coating compositions and methods of making and using thereof 

261. 8,530,510 
Polymerizable photoinitiators and radiation curable compositions 

260. 8,530,391 
Method and device for cold gas spraying 

259. 8,530,377 
Thermoreversible recording medium, and thermoreversible recording member 

258. 8,530,376 
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium 

257. 8,530,375 
Regenerable solid imine sorbents 

256. 8,530,374 
Catalyst body for production of brush-shaped carbon nanostructure 

255. 8,530,367 
Agglomerated zeolitic adsorbents, their method of preparation and their uses 

254. 8,530,365 
Composition for improving the stability and operational performance and reducing the environmental impact of asphalt mixes 

253. 8,530,364 
Material mixture for producing a fireproof material, fireproof molded body and method for the manufacturing thereof 

252. 8,530,362 
Leather coating compositions having improved embossability 

251. 8,530,271 
Fullerene-doped nanostructures and methods therefor 

250. 8,530,250 
Light emitting device, resin package, resin-molded body, and methods for manufacturing light emitting device, resin package and resin-molded body 

249. 8,530,227 
Degradation of nanomaterials 

248. 8,530,140 
Optical information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same 

247. 8,530,128 
Polymerized toner and method for manufacturing same 

246. 8,530,127 
Process for preparing polymerized toner 

245. 8,530,126 
Large particle toner 

244. 8,530,118 
Multiphoton curing to provide encapsulated optical elements 

243. 8,530,108 
Composite membrane, fuel cell and method of making composite membrane 

242. 8,530,088 
Method of producing nanoparticles, nanoparticles, and lithium battery comprising electrode comprising the nanoparticles 

241. 8,530,077 
Insulating case for secondary battery and secondary battery having the same 

240. 8,530,075 
Water-resistant pouch type secondary cell 

239. 8,530,065 
Composite magnetic recording medium 

238. 8,530,054 
Solar control multilayer film 

237. 8,530,053 
Heat-resistant composite material 

236. 8,530,052 
Carbon nanotube composite preform and method for making the same 

235. 8,530,050 
Wear resistant coating 

234. 8,530,049 
Resin-coated metallic pigment comprising a surface modifier at a surface portion, water-based paint containing the same, and method of manufacturing resin-coated metallic pigment 

233. 8,530,048 
Surface-modified particles and production method 

232. 8,530,047 
Method for polymerizing a small oligonucleotide, and use of a high-molecular oligonucleotide prepared by the polymerization method 

231. 8,530,046 
Adhesive sheet for protecting coating film 

230. 8,530,045 
Brittle polymeric film and tamper evident labels made therefrom 

219. 8,530,044 
Hyperbranched oligomeric phosphonates and compositions including the same 

218. 8,530,043 
Composite laminate composition 

217. 8,530,042 
Component surface with three-dimensional surface texture and method for the creation of a component surface with three-dimensional surface texture 

216. 8,530,041 
Transparent conductive film and touch panel 

215. 8,530,040 
Nestable molded articles, and related assemblies and methods 

214. 8,530,038 
Panel made of a wooden material with a surface coating 

213. 8,530,036 
Hard shell bodyboard kickboard 

212. 8,530,035 
Carbon nanotube precursor 

211. 8,530,034 
Roofing products including granules with reflective coating 

210. 8,530,033 
External wall panel and method of coating for the same 

209. 8,530,030 
Honeycomb structure 

208. 8,530,028 
Localized deep soft area of a trim panel 

207. 8,530,027 
Fibers with interlocking shapes 

206. 8,530,026 
Artificial fiber for use in an artificial grass sports field 

205. 8,530,025 
Optical information recording medium 

204. 8,530,024 
Recording layer for optical information recording medium, optical information recording medium, and sputtering target 

203. 8,530,023 
Optical information recording medium and sputtering target for forming reflective film for optical information recording medium 

202. 8,530,022 
Article or component of a medical and technical nature for affixing a medical article or part thereof to skin, provided with a releasable protection layer 

201. 8,530,021 
Microstructured tape 

200. 8,530,019 
Painted polyolefin articles 

199. 8,530,018 
Ion exchanger and method of producing the same 

198. 8,530,017 
Method for preparing styrene-butadiene copolymer using reactive emulsifier and styrene-butadiene copolymer prepared by the same 

197. 8,530,016 
Repellent elastomeric article 

196. 8,530,015 
Reinforcement of hollow profiles 

195. 8,530,014 

194. 8,530,013 
Fuel hose 

193. 8,530,009 
Liquid crystal display device including side supporting means and method of fabricating the same 

192. 8,530,008 
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same 

191. 8,530,007 
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same 

190. 8,530,006 
Localized plasma processing 

189. 8,530,005 
Control of nanocrystalline cellulose film iridescence wavelength 

188. 8,530,004 
Polymeric electret film and method of manufacturing the same 

187. 8,530,003 
Polybenzoxazole precursor, photosensitive resin composition using the same, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device 

186. 8,530,002 
Methods for attaching polymerizable ceragenins to water treatment membranes using silane linkages 

185. 8,530,001 
Electrostatic composition based on a polyamide matrix 

184. 8,530,000 
Methods of forming charge-trapping regions 

183. 8,529,999 
Thermal barrier coating application processes 

182. 8,529,995 
Method for producing parts made of a thermostructural composite material 

181. 8,529,994 
Growth and applications of ultralong carbon nanotubes 

180. 8,529,993 
Low volatility polymers for two-stage deposition processes 

179. 8,529,992 
Method and apparatus for coating ducts 

178. 8,529,991 
Method and apparatus for cutting a part without damaging a coating thereon 

177. 8,529,990 
Process for forming thin film encapsulation layers 

176. 8,529,984 
Method of producing an ombre finish for materials 

175. 8,529,975 
Multi-functional base for a plastic, wide-mouth, blow-molded container 

174. 8,529,974 
Collapsible container 

173. 8,529,968 
Decontaminating composition having simultaneously bactericidal, fungicidal and virocidal properties, methods for obtaining and using said composition 

172. 8,529,961 
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing plasma based plastics and bioplastics produced therefrom 

171. 8,529,960 
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing plasma based plastics and bioplastics produced therefrom 

170. 8,529,959 
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing plasma based plastics and bioplastics produced therefrom 

169. 8,529,958 
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing plasma based plastics and bioplastics produced therefrom 

168. 8,529,942 
Wound care dressing 

167. 8,529,941 
Free-standing biodegradable patch 

166. 8,529,939 
Mucoadhesive drug delivery devices and methods of making and using thereof 

165. 8,529,938 
Combinations of viscoelastics for use during surgery 

164. 8,529,937 
UHMWPE medical implant producing wear particles with benign body response 

163. 8,529,936 
Long term drug delivery devices with polyurethane based polymers and their manufacture 

162. 8,529,935 
Antibacterial hydrogel and use thereof in orthopedics 

161. 8,529,934 
Crosslinkable polyisobutylene-based polymers and medical devices containing the same 

160. 8,529,932 
Polymers of fluorinated monomers and hydrocarbon monomers 

159. 8,529,931 
Polymers of fluorinated monomers and hydrocarbon monomers 

158. 8,529,930 
Polymers of fluorinated monomers and hydrocarbon monomers 

157. 8,529,929 
Drug delivery system 

156. 8,529,928 
Biomimetic polymers and uses thereof 

155. 8,529,927 
Alpha-2 agonist polymeric drug delivery systems 

154. 8,529,922 
Polymer formulations for delivery of bioactive materials 

153. 8,529,921 
Polyamide-5 compounds in cosmetic preparations 

152. 8,529,890 
Composition for the administration of polymeric drugs  

151. 8,529,880 
Biodegradable polyurethane/urea compositions 

150. 8,529,868  I
TQ-40, new crystalline microporous material 

149. 8,529,862 
Method for preparing single walled carbon nanotubes from a metal layer 

148. 8,529,843 
Fibrous structure and particulate filter type exhaust gas purifying catalyst 

147. 8,529,835 
Biopolymer sensor and method of manufacturing the same 

146. 8,529,831 
System and method for air purification using an enhanced multi-functional coating based on in-situ photocatalytic oxidation and ozonation 

144. 8,529,830 
Plasma sterilizing-purifying device and method for air sterilizing and purify

143. 8,529,826 
Manufacturing method of honeycomb structure 

142. 8,529,824 
Method for manufacturing pressure-resistant container liner and liquid crystal resin liner

141. 8,529,821 
Polymeric compositions and filled TPO articles having improved aesthetics 

140. 8,529,820 
Adjustable melt rotation positioning device and method 

139. 8,529,819 
Wound closure material 

138. 8,529,818 
Automated fiber placement in female mold 

137. 8,529,817 
Stretched thermoplastic resin foam sheet and process for production of the same 

136. 8,529,816 
Mold frames and cavities for making dimpled golf balls 

135. 8,529,815 
Polyolefin composition comprising crosslinkable polyolefin with silane groups, silanol condensation catalyst and silicon containing compound 

134. 8,529,814 
Supported hollow fiber membrane 

133. 8,529,813 
Multiple layer polymer interlayers having a melt-fractured surface 

132. 8,529,812 
Production of pearls based on expanded polymers 

131. 8,529,811 
Component protective overmolding using protective external coatings 

130. 8,529,810 
Method of making a pattern on a building on site 

129. 8,529,809 
Compression molding of composite material quasi-isotropic flakes 

128. 8,529,808 
Nanoporous polymer foams 

127. ,529,807 
Method for neutralizing or recycling carrier materials for film-like coatings 

126. 8,529,806 
Process for producing regenerated elastic roller 

125. 8,529,805 
Method for the production of water absorbent polymer particles by polymerizing drops of a monomer solution 

124. 8,529,804 
Method for manufacturing a modified optical fiber 

123. 8,529,803 
Curable coloring composition, color filter and method for producing same, and quinophthalone dye 

122. 8,529,794 
Polymers comprising fused selenophene 

121. 8,529,793 
Granular stabilizer for polymer and production process thereof 

120. 8,529,789 
Curable composition 

119. 8,529,788 
Pearlescent composition 

118. Colloidal silica containing silica secondary particles having bent structure and/or branched structure, and method for producing same 

117. 8,529,786 
Phosphorus-containing stabilizers for fluoroolefins 

116. 8,529,784 
Electrically-conductive and semi-conductive films 

115. 8,529,783 
Method for backside polymer reduction in dry-etch process 

114. 8,529,782 
Microstructure manufacturing method 

113. Large area patterning of nano-sized shapes 

112. 8,529,774 
Super-phobic surface structures 

111. 8,529,765 
Ensiling biomass for biofuels production and multiple phase apparatus for hydrolyzation of ensiled biomass 

110. 8,529,762 
Spiral wound membrane element product water tube with external flow grooves 

109. 8,529,761 
Central pumping and energy recovery in a reverse osmosis system 

108. 8,529,752 
Molecular sieve composition (EMM-10), its method of making, and use for hydrocarbon conversions 

107. 8,529,730 
Plasma processing apparatus 

106. 8,529,729 
Plasma processing chamber component having adaptive thermal conductor 

105. 8,529,726 
Method for producing hollow product 

104. 8,529,723 
Process of expediting activation of heat-expandable adhesives/coatings used in making packaging substrates 

103. 8,529,722 
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device 

102. 8,529,721 
Automated elongate insert wrapping system 

101. 8,529,720 
Aerofoil sub-assembly, an aerofoil and a method of making an aerofoil 

100. 8,529,719 
Method of making medical tubing having variable characteristics using thermal winding 

99. 8,529,718 
Method for making laminated glazing and laminated glazing including at least one hole 

98. 8,529,717 
Structural mat for reinforcing a wind turbine blade structure, a wind turbine blade and a method for manufacturing a wind turbine blade 

97. 8,529,716 
Methods for forming frame corners 

96. 8,529,715 
Apparatus for attaching substrates and gap control unit thereof 

95. 8,529,714 
Roll mold, method for fabricating the same and method for fabricating thin film pattern using the same 

94. 8,529,704 
Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method for vacuum processing apparatus 

93. 8,529,693 
Adhesive strength enhancers for cementitious compositions 

92. 8,529,692 
Hydrophobic binder mixture, and construction materials made therefrom 

91. 8,529,691 
Joint filler composition 

90. 8,529,688 
Phenolic compound and recording material 

89. 8,529,687 
Oxidation of asphaltenes 

88. 8,529,686 
Dis-azo compound and oil ink and electrowetting displays comprising the same 

87. 8,529,677 
Carbon canister for vapor recovery systems 

86. 8,529,676 
Fuel vapor adsorption canister 

85. 8,529,675 
Air filter system 

84. 8,529,652 
Soot particle filter   

83. 8,529,640  Dyeing composite and method of dyeing fiber 

82. 8,529,637 
Foam oxidative hair colorant composition with the free-base of 1,4-diamino-2-methoxymethyl benzene 

81. 8,529,625 
Tissue repair and replacement 

80. 8,529,623 
Multifocal ophthalmic lens 

79. 8,529,622 
Intraocular implants and related kits and methods

78. 8,529,617 
Stents including poly(L-lactide) formulations that minimize molecular weight drop during processing  

77. 8,529,616 
Implantable expandable medical devices having regions of differential mechanical properties and methods of making same 

76. 8,529,610 
Tissue repair assembly 

75. 8,529,595 
Intravascular filter 

74. 8,529,539 
Medical devices employing electroactive polymers for delivery of particulate therapeutic agents 

73. 8,529,538 
Drug-delivery pumps and methods of manufacture 

72. 8,529,537 
Absorbent article with enclosures 

71. 8,529,536 
composite having cross-directional elasticity and a system and method for making the elastic composite 

70. 8,529,481 
Appendage covering system 

69. 8,529,386 

68. 8,529,379 
Golf ball and tee setting and retrieving device 

67. 8,529,378 
Golf ball with a translucent layer comprising composite material 

66. 8,529,377 
Golf ball incorporating thermoplastic polyurethane 

65. 8,529,376 
Multi-layer golf ball with translucent cover 

64. 8,529,375 
Golf ball having increased moment of inertia 

63. 8,529,374 
Golf ball with negative hardness gardient core 

62. 8,529,373 
Golf ball with improved flight performance 

61. 8,529,372 
Multi-layer golf ball 

60. 8,529,371 
Golf ball 

59. 8,529,313 
Powder blasting device, method and system for dental applications 

58. 8,529,261 
Dental implant system and method for implantation and construction of the implant system 

57. 8,529,260 
Denture stabilization system and method 

56. 8,529,259 
Systems and methods for reconditioning implants in situ 

55. 8,529,255 
Dental prosthesis system 

54. 8,529,245 
Undercut mold insert 

53. 8,529,244 
Injection mold 

52. 8,529,243 
Mold having adjustable cavity depth 

51. 8,529,242 
Forming machine for fabric slats 

50. 8,529,241 
Method for manufacturing thermoplastic resin film, and optical compensation film and polarization plate for liquid crystal display panel 

49. 8,529,240 
Three-dimensional surface texturing 

48. 8,529,239 
Soap remnant molding assembly 

47. 8,529,238 
Container having a rim or other feature encapsulated by or formed from injection-molded material 

46. 8,529,237 
Wet spinning apparatus 

45. 8,529,236 
Vulcanizing system 

44. 8,529,177 
Integrated pin/sleeve blind fastener 

43. 8,529,176 
Removable tie-down assembly 

42. 8,529,148 
Painting device 

41. 8,529,147 
Applicator and a packaging and applicator device including such an applicator 

40. 8,529,129 
Closure element for a pouch 

39. 8,529,075 
Antireflection structure, optical unit, and optical device 

38. 8,528,883 
Hollow fiber membrane for humidifier and method for manufacturing the same

37. 8,528,882 
Water carbonator with plastic end plates 

36. 8,528,863 
Multi-layer metal/shape memory polymer roll-up wing structures for fitment-constrained air vehicles 

35. 8,528,862 
Systems and methods for reducing noise in aircraft fuselages and other structures 

34.  8,528,835 
Plasma spray nozzle with internal injection   

33. 8,528,776 
Paint rim magnetic brush holder 

32. 8,528,765 
Flexible, stackable container used for storing a quantity of product and method for manufacturing same 

31. 8,528,678  I
Integrally molded plastic part comprising a door snapping into a closed position without play 

30. 8,528,667 
Wear resistant material at the leading edge of the leg for a rotary cone drill bit

29. 8,528,618 
Backing film removal for fiber placement machine 

28. 8,528,617 
Method and apparatus for making article having side seams 

27. 8,528,616 
Adhesive tape application device 

26. 8,528,615 
Nonwoven fabric and method and apparatus for manufacturing same 

25. 8,528,605 
Method of producing a coating composition 

24. 8,528,585 
Quick-change wear sleeve for a high-pressure fluid conduit 

23. 8,528,580 
Pipes for transporting water containing chloramine 

22. 8,528,570 
One-touch artificial nail 

21. 8,528,490 
Biomass gasification system 

20. 8,528,463 
Modular system for organosolv fractionation of lignocellulosic feedstock 

19. 8,528,416 
Apparatus for testing tensile strength under high temperature condition and unit for measuring elongation provided in the same 

18. 8,528,415 
Medical testing device having multiple testing parameters 

17. 8,528,414 
Apparatus for measuring a mechanical quantity 

16. 8,528,398 
Sheet sag evaluation method and device   

15. 8,528,384 
Method of determining surface pore mouth diameter distribution of porous material 

14. 8,528,376 
Mold set for manufacturing case and the method thereof   

13. 8,528,368 
Methods and systems for producing a coated optical fibers 

12. 8,528,297 
Method for constructing a building using corner panels 

11. 8,528,295 
Serviceable trim panel with integral fastener 

10. 8,528,294 
Panelized structural system for building construction 

9. 8,528,290 
Flooring article 

8. 8,528,289 
Mechanical locking system for floor panels 

7. 8,528,288 
Insulated panel arrangement 

6. 8,528,280 
Composite hutch door 

5. 8,528,265 
Laminate system 

4. 8,528,208 
Methods of fabricating a coated component using multiple types of fillers 

3. 8,528,194 
Apparatus and process for removing flexible film seals from tubular specimen containers 

2. 8,528,118 
Sports helmet 

1. 8,528,112 
Ballistic vest carrier cover system 


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