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Patents published 11/26/2013                   

8,590,062 through 8,595,861

6294 (Total number published)


299. 8,592,994 
Semiconductor package, core layer material, buildup layer material, and sealing resin composition 

298. 8,592,980 
Carbon nanotube-modified low-K materials 

297. 8,592,799 
Graphene electronic device and method of fabricating the same 

296. 8,592,712 
Mounting table structure and plasma film forming apparatus 

295. 8,592,674 
Propylene based resin composition and use thereof 

294. 8,592,623 
Method for producing polyester polyols having low amounts of dioxane waste 

293. 8,592,622 
Polymerizable fluorine-containing compound 

292. 8,592,615 
Catalysts, processes for making catalysts, processes for making polyolefin compositions, and polyolefin compositions 

291. 8,592,613 
Production of biodiesel, cellulosic sugars, and peptides from the simultaneous esterification and alcoholysis/hydrolysis of materials with oil-containing substituents including phospholipids and cellulosic and peptidic content 

290. 8,592,612 
Water soluble carbon nanotubes 

289. 8,592,550 
Process for the preparation of polycarbonates 

288. 8,592,549 
Polyamide composition, method, and article 

287. 8,592,547 
Organopolysiloxane, a method of preparing the same and a cosmetic comprising the same 

286. 8,592,546 
Silicon-containing alicyclic polyimide resin, polyamic acid resin, and manufacturing method for same 

285. 8,592,545 
Polymer and polymer compositions 

284. 8,592,544 
Polymeric compound containing metal complex residue and element comprising same 

283. 8,592,513 
Elastomer composition and storage cover of airbag devices 

282. 8,592,512 
Carbon nanotubes and organic media containing microgels 

281. 8,592,510 
Rubber composition for studless tire and studless tire using thereof 

280. 8,592,509 
Rubber composition having improved crack resistance 

279. 8,592,508 
Top coat composition 

278. 8,592,506 
Tire compositions and components containing blocked mercaptosilane coupling agent 

277. 8,592,505 
Hydrophosphorylation of phosphonous acid derivatives for flame retardants 

276. 8,592,501 
Floor covering composition containing renewable polymer 

275. 8,592,500 
Optical composition for impressions or replicas of small objects 

274. 8,592,499 
Method for preparing an organopolysiloxane compound and curing composition using the compound 

273. 8,592,497 
Process for preparing polyurethanes 

272. 8,592,496 
Telechelic hybrid aerogels 

271. 8,592,495 
Thermoplastic resin composite bead production method, expandable thermoplastic resin composite bead, expanded thermoplastic resin composite bead, and foamed molded article formed from expanded thermoplastic resin composite beads 

270. 8,592,494 
Styrene-modified linear low-density polyethylene-based resin beads, styrene-modified linear low-density polyethylene-based expandable resin beads, production method therefor, pre-expanded beads and expanded molded article 

269. 8,592,493 
Solid support with a grafted chain 

268. 8,592,405 
Synergistic antimicrobial composition 

267. 8,592,385 
Polymer micelle complex including nucleic acid 

266. 8,592,359 
Stabilized liquid enzyme-containing surfactant preparation comprising a monosaccharide glycerate 

265. 8,592,358 
Storage-stable, synergistic microbicidal concentrates containing an isothiazolone, an amine and an oxidizing agent 

264. 8,592,352 
Cement compositions comprising particulate foamed elastomers and associated methods 

263. 8,592,342 
Development of a thermal paper produced on a very smooth paper 

262. 8,592,341 
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium and reversible thermosensitive recording member 

261. 8,592,338 
Catalyst structure and method of manufacturing carbon nanotube using the same 

260. 8,592,324 
Method for forming laminated structure including amorphous carbon film 

259. 8,592,299 
Solder and electrically conductive adhesive based interconnection for CZT crystal attach 

258. 8,592,256 
Circuit board manufacturing method, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, circuit board and semiconductor device 

257. 8,592,202 
Biosensors for detecting macromolecules and other analytes 

256. 8,592,134 
Composition for forming base film for lithography and method for forming multilayer resist pattern 

255. 8,592,133 
Resist composition and patterning process 

254. 8,592,132 
Resist composition and method for producing resist pattern 

253. 8,592,130 
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element, method of forming resist pattern and method of producing printed wiring board 

252. 8,592,129 
Resin, resist composition and method for producing resist pattern 

251. 8,592,128 
Actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition and pattern forming method using the same 

250. 8,592,120 
Resin for toner and toner composition 

249. 8,592,119 
Super low melt toner with core-shell toner particles 

248. 8,592,095 
High molecular nanocomposite membrane for direct methanol fuel cell, and membrane-electrode assembly and methanol fuel cell including the same 

247. 8,592,094 
Membrane electrochemical generator 

246. 8,592,091 
Method for producing a proton-conducting, structured electrolyte membrane 

245. 8,592,090 
Solid polymer electrolyte battery and method for manufacturing positive electrode sheet used therein 

244. 8,592,089 
In-situ pore generation in lead-acid battery separator using electrolyte-soluble pore former 

243. 8,592,071 
Laminated porous film and separator for battery 

242. 8,592,048 
Resin composition, multilayer structure using same and method for producing same 

241. 8,592,047 
Binder based on carboxylic acid vinyl ethylene ester copolymer and polyolefin containing a functional monomer 

240. 8,592,046 
Surface protective film 

239. 8,592,045 
Antimicrobial currency, material and method 

238. 8,592,010 
Optical compensation films 

237. 8,592,009 
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof 

236. 8,592,008 
Compound, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device 

235. 8,592,007 
Liquid-crystal display 

234. 8,592,006 
Polymerizable monomer and liquid crystal material applied to display panel 

233. 8,592,005 
Atomic layer deposition for controlling vertical film growth 

232. 8,592,004 
Film deposition method 

231. 8,592,003 
Highly transparent electrochromic coating material, method for producing the same and use of the material 

230. 8,592,002 
Method for the production of single-and/or multiple-coated substrates 

229. 8,592,001 
Method of making heat-sterilised product package 

228. 8,592,000 
Multilayer coating film-forming method 

227. 8,591,999 
Coating compositions 

226. 8,591,998 
Manufacturing process for polyester film exhibiting low thermal shrinkage 

225. 8,591,995 
Method for transferring freshly coated golf ball 

224. 8,591,994 
Substrates with biocidal coating 

223. 8,591,992 
Method for forming a protective coating against high-temperature oxidation on a refractory composite material based on silicon and niobium 

222. 8,591,986 
Cold spray deposition method 

221. 8,591,976 
Packaging including pouch for container 

220. 8,591,952 
Absorbant superhydrophobic materials, and methods of preparation and use thereof 

219. 8,591,951 
Tri-block copolymers for nanosphere-based drug delivery 

218. 8,591,950 
Hydrogel implants with varying degrees of crosslinking 

217. 8,591,949 
Aqueous compositions comprising a chemical microgel associated with an aqueous polymer 

216. 8,591,948 
Antifungal compositions with improved bioavailability 

215. 8,591,939 
Adhesive preparation containing fentanyl 

214. 8,591,936 
Coating designs with a differentially permeable topcoat for the tailored release of dual drugs 

213. 8,591,934 
Coatings of acrylamide-based copolymers 

212. 8,591,929 
Hydrogel implants with varying degrees of crosslinking 

211. 8,591,923 
Cosmetic compositon comprising a (thio)urethane/(thio)urea copolymer capable of forming at least 3 hydrogen bonds, and a method of cosmetic treatment 

210. 8,591,877 
Cellulose-based nanoparticles for drug delivery 

209. 8,591,875 
Biodegradable phosphoester polyamines 

208. 8,591,873 
Regiospecific silicone / glycerin polyesters 

207. 8,591,859 
Carbon fibers having improved strength and modulus and an associated method and apparatus for preparing same 

206. 8,591,858 
Effect of hydrocarbon and transport gas feedstock on efficiency and quality of grown single-walled nanotubes 

205. 8,591,857 
Aerogels based on carbon nanotubes 

204. 8,591,856 
Single crystal diamond electrochemical electrode 

203. 8,591,855 
Porous carbons 

202. 8,591,854 
Methods for solubilizing and separating large fullerenes

201. 8,591,842 
Molecularly imprinted polymer ion exchange resins 

200. 8,591,807 
Membrane sterilization 

199. 8,591,800 
Method for producing cordierite-based honeycomb structure 

198. 8,591,799 
Methods for blow molding solid-state cellular thermoplastic articles 

197. 8,591,798 
Method for fastening an accesory in a plastic fuel tank 

196. 8,591,797 
Copolyamide powder and its preparation, use of copolyamide powder in a shaping process and mouldings produced from this copolyamide powder 

195. 8,591,796 
Methods and apparatus for molding and curing of composites 

194. 8,591,792 
Method of molding a first resin member on a second resin member 

193. 8,591,789 
Belling machine for forming sockets on the ends of pipes made of thermoplastic material and method of forming a socket at the end of a pipe made of thermoplastic material 

192. 8,591,788 
Method of forming a composite structural member 

191. 8,591,787 
Foam patterns 

190. 8,591,786 
Method for manufacturing floor panels, as well as floor panel obtained by means of such method 

189. 8,591,782 
Process for producing stent 

188. 8,591,781 
Moulded product and method of producing it 

187. 8,591,780 
Thermal insulation and method of producing the same 

186. 8,591,779 
Method of manufacturing plastic containers 

185. 8,591,778 
Method and apparatus for constructing railway for rubber-wheeled automated guideway transit system 

184. 8,591,777 
Method of controlling longitudinal properties of optical fiber 

183. 8,591,771 
Dispersed solution of carbon nanotubes and method of preparing the same 

182. 8,591,759 
Magnetic nanocomposite material and processes for the production thereof 

181. 8,591,754 
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method 

180. 8,591,753 
Laser processing method 

179. 8,591,752 
Plasma processing method 

178. 8,591,750 
Multilayer wiring board and manufacturing method thereof 

177. 8,591,741 
Thin film composite membranes incorporating carbon nanotubes 

176. 8,591,739 
Molecular separator  

175. 8,591,738 
Membrane unit and membrane separation device 

174. 8,591,728 
Filter unit, fluid refill apparatus, and electronic device test apparatus 

173. 8,591,715 
Electrodeposition composition and method for coating a semiconductor substrate using the said composition 

172. 8,591,709 
Sputter deposition shield assembly to reduce cathode shorting 

171. 8,591,706 
Sputtering system and method for depositing thin film 

170. 8,591,695 
Method and composition for lining a pipe 

169. 8,591,694 
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device 

168. 8,591,693  
Method for joining components 

167. 8,591,692 
Method for manufacturing rigid-flexible printed circuit board 

166. 8,591,691 
Methods and arrangements relating to surface forming of building panels 

165. 8,591,690 
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display element 

164. 8,591,689 
Method for selectively producing film laminates for packaging and for insulating unpackaged electronic components and functional patterns and corresponding device 

163. 8,591,688 
Functional film and method for producing the same 

162. 8,591,687 
Lamination station for laminating a paperboard or cardboard web 

161. 8,591,686 
Method for making absorbent articles having side seams 

160. 8,591,685 
Method and apparatus for producing composite fillers 

159. 8,591,684 
Spiral reverse osmosis membrane element, method of manufacturing the same, and its use method 

158. 8,591,683 
Method of manufacturing a fibrous web comprising microfibers dispersed among bonded meltspun fibers 

157. 8,591,682 
Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus for a composite sheet associated with an absorbent article 

156. 8,591,681 
Method for producing composite material mold for composite material long member 

155. 8,591,680 
Debonding and transfer techniques for hetero-epitaxially grown graphene, and products including the same 

154. 8,591,679 
Retrofit of a form-fill-seal machine heat station with an advanced ultrasonic welding kit 

153. 8,591,678 
Vacuum forming machine and method of making vacuum formed product 

152. 8,591,677 
Utility materials incorporating a microparticle matrix formed with a setting agent 

151. 8,591,660 
Method for the plasma cleaning of the surface of a material coated with an organic substance 

150. 8,591,659 
Plasma clean method for deposition chamber 

149. 8,591,655 
Apparatus for the preparation of film 

148. 8,591,644 
Liquid-crystalline coating fluid and polarizing film 

147. 8,591,643 
Sizing composition for mineral wool comprising a non-reducing sugar and an inorganic acid metal salt, and insulating products obtained 

146. 8,591,642 
Aqueous binder composition for mineral fibers 

145. 8,591,641 
Weather-resistant dye and use thereof 

144. 8,591,637 
Plating catalyst and method 

143. 8,591,636 
Plating catalyst and method 

142. 8,591,624 
Methods for preparing hydrophobic metal nanoparticles and precursors used therein 

145. 8,591,623 
Honeycomb manufacturing method using ground nut shells and honeycomb body produced thereby 

144. 8,591,622 
Filter apparatus with porous ceramic plates 

143. 8,591,621 
Filter system 

142. 8,591,620 
Arrangement with a cover and self-supporting filter element 

141. 8,591,619 
Filter mounts for a portable fan and methods for mounting a filter to a portable fan 

140. 8,591,617 
Powder coating apparatus and method 

139. 8,591,613 
Abrasive grains having unique features 

138. 8,591,602 
Lithium microbattery comprising an encapsulating layer and fabrication method 

137. 8,591,601 
Electrode for energy storage device with microporous and mesoporous activated carbon particles 

136. 8,591,600 
Co-extrusion method of fabricating an electrode structure in a honeycomb substrate 

135. 8,591,590 
Spinal implant having a transverse aperture 

134. 8,591,584 
Textile-based plate implant and related methods 

133. 8,591,582 
Support structure implant for a bone cavity 

132. 8,591,581 
Methods of use of cartilage implants 

131. 8,591,580 
Folded ligament graft 

130. 8,591,579 
Intervertebral ligament having a helical bone fastener 

129. 8,591,578 
Adjustable suture-button constructs for ligament reconstruction 

128. 8,591,572 
Surgical implant, method for the production and use thereof 

127. 8,591,571 
Drug-eluting stent 

126. 8,591,570 
Prosthetic heart valve for replacing previously implanted heart valve 

125. 8,591,569 
Stent for prostatic urethra expansion 

124. 8,591,566 
Methods and apparatus for luminal stenting 

123. 8,591,565 
Process for loading a stent onto a stent delivery system 

122. 8,591,564 
Hypotube endoluminal device and method 

121. 8,591,563 
Catheter with splittable wall shaft and peel tool 

120. 8,591,559 
Fixation assembly having an expandable insert 

119. 8,591,553 
Spinal disc prosthesis and associated methods 

118. 8,591,552 
Anti-splay medical implant closure with multi-surface removal aperture

117. 8,591,529 
Wound closure device including direct-driven needle 

116. 8,591,528 
Suture system and assembly including a suture cap formed around a tubular sleeve 

115. 8,591,527 
Suture passer with suture capturing articulating jaw at distal end for suturing in arthroscopic surgery 

114. 8,591,526 
Endosurgery suturing device 

113. 8,591,506 
Vessel sealing system 

112. 8,591,501 
Coherent fiber bundle system and method for ophthalmic intervention 

111. 8,591,497 
Stretch valve balloon catheter and methods for producing and using same 

110. 8,591,493 
Wound compression dressing 

109. 8,591,490 
Absorbent article including an absorbent article main body and an absorbent body overlapping the absorbent article main body 

108. 8,591,489 
Reusable diaper 

107. 8,591,487 
Absorbent article including a surface member with concaved sections 

106. 8,591,468 
Catheter assembly and components thereof 

105. 8,591,461 
Weeping balloon catheter 

104. 8,591,460 
Steerable catheter and dilator and system and method for implanting a heart implant 

103. 8,591,459 
Use of biomarkers and therapeutic agents with surgical devices 

Dialysis catheter 

102. 8,591,447 
Wound and bandage protection system and method 

101. 8,591,355 
Golf ball with dimples having constant depth 

100. 8,591,227 
Mouthpiece that adjusts to user arch sizes and seals from oxygen exposure 

99. 8,591,220 
Valve pin and actuator assembly for injection molding 

98. 8,591,219 
Injection mold having a simplified evaporative cooling system 

97. 8,591,218 
Injection device in a molding machine 

96. 8,591,217 
Belling machine for forming sockets on the ends of pipes made of thermoplastic material and method of forming a socket at the end of a pipe made of thermoplastic material 

95. 8,591,215 
Machine for manufacturing containers, including a system for providing assistance when changing moulds 

94. 8,591,213 
Apparatus and process for the production of a non-woven fabric 

93. 8,591,212 
Tire vulcanizer 

92. 8,591,196 
Vibration damping novel surface structures and methods of making the same 

91. 8,591,140 
Patching material using powder coating paint and method of using 

90. 8,591,139 
Plural-component, composite-material highway dowel bar structure and fabrication methodology 

89. 8,591,110 
Bags having adhesive drying structures and related methods 

88. 8,591,109 
Stand-up pouch with a collapsible body 

87. 8,591,100 
Mixer assembly for digestion tank, having a lead through comprising at least three positioning members arranged to determine the mutual position of a first and a second element of the lead through 

86. 8,591,099 
Mixing nozzle fitments 

85. 8,591,098 
Apparatus and method for material blending 

84. 8,591,094 
Diverse container material removal machine 

83. 8,591,051 
Panel and method for producing the same 

82. 8,591,046 
Hard-coated antiglare film, polarizing plate and image display including the same, and method for producing the same 

81. 8,591,045 
Pavement markings, reflective elements, and methods of making microspheres 

80. 8,591,044 
Pavement markings, reflective elements, and methods of making microspheres 

79. 8,591,033 
Tear film measurement 

78. 8,591,032 
Opthalmic apparatuses, systems and methods 

77. 8,590,903 
Lip seal with inversion prevention feature 

76. 8,590,902 
Seal member, depressurized chamber, depressurizing processing apparatus, seal mechanism of depressurized chamber, and method of manufacturing a depressurized chamber 

75. 8,590,870 
Retraction ball for a hydrostatic piston machine 

74. 8,590,869 
Polymer spring 

73. 8,590,860 
Male joint member for pipe joint 

72. 8,590,817 
Sealed electrical source for air-powered electrostatic atomizing and dispensing device 

71. 8,590,816 
Spray nozzle for liquid and device for spraying liquid comprising such a nozzle 

70. 8,590,813 
Rotary atomizer for particulate paints 

69. 8,590,812 
Two-substance nozzle, cluster nozzle and method for the atomization of fluids 

68. 8,590,811 
Adaptation device for production of foam 

67. 8,590,810 
Spray gun 

66. 8,590,809 
Liquid spray gun, spray gun platform, and spray head assembly 

65. 8,590,807 
Coating material atomizer 

64. 8,590,801 
Cascading set point burner control system for paint spray  booths

63. 8,590,774 
Reusable shipping containers and mailing envelopes 

62. 8,590,773 
Set of cardboard blanks, box and method for making a box with such blanks 

61. 8,590,772 
Packing case with centering tab, set of cutouts and method for creating such a case 

60. 8,590,771 
Liquid sample bulk mailing package device 

59. 8,590,788 
Generating customized packaging

58. 8,590,766 
Method and apparatus for inspecting joined object formed by friction stir joining 

57. 8,590,756 
Container with tube drawing desired fluid concentrations for micro-fluid applications 

56. 8,590,754 
Filling material extruding container 

55. 8,590,735 
Flip top container 

54. 8,590,734 
Unitary container and flip-top cap assembly having child resistant safety features 

53. 8,590,733 
Filter housing with liftable lid 

52. 8,590,732 
Package for food product taken out with a measuring device 

51. 8,590,731 
Travel container having drinking orifice and vent aperture 

50. 8,590,730 
Top mounting can container 

49. 8,590,729 
Container base having volume absorption panel 

48. 8,590,725 
Flexible container for packaging solid particulate materials in bulk, and use thereof 

47. 8,590,724 
Lock for sterilization container 

46. 8,590,723 
Container seal, container lid and container 

45. 8,590,720 
Forkpocketed tank container 

44. 8,590,719 
Two piece child resistant closure that is easy to open and/or manufacture 

43. 8,590,708 
Systems and methods for sorting recyclables at a material recovery facility 

42. 8,590,707 
Foldable tray for making a package in which to bake and ship baked goods 

41. 8,590,706 
Packs of plastic bags and racks for supporting packs of plastic bags 

40. 8,590,705 
Cylinder surface treated container for monochlorosilane 

39. 8,590,704 
Stackable container assembly with reciprocal locking of the stacked containers  

38. 8,590,670 
Sound proof membrane 

37. 8,590,646 
Impregnated cutting elements with large abrasive cutting media and methods of making and using the same 

36. 8,590,645 
Impregnated drill bits and methods of manufacturing the same 

35. 8,590,644 
Downhole drill bit 

34. 8,590,643 
Polycrystalline diamond structure 

33. 8,590,627 
Coated sleeved oil and gas well production devices 

32. 8,590,569 
Metering ball valve 

31. 8,590,565 
Fuel tank 

30. 8,590,464 
Pulverized coal concentration adjustment apparatus and pulverized coal combustion boiler 

29. 8,590,463 
Method and apparatus for drying solid fuels 

28. 8,590,462 
Table with integrated and ground-covering blanket 

27. 8,590,442 
Gasket for high-pressure pump and high-pressure pump comprising said gasket 

26. 8,590,438 
Method and a device for pre-stressed armor 

25. 8,590,437 
Blast effect mitigating assembly using aerogels 

24. 8,590,282 
Package with unique opening device and method for opening package 

23. 8,590,281 
Method for hermetically closing an air-tight bag for pellicle 

22. 8,590,272 
Acoustical sound proofing materials and methods of making the same 

21. 8,590,254 
Deck block 

20. 8,590,253 
Locking system for floorboards  

19. 8,590,250 
Flooring material and a rotational body used therewith 

18. 8,590,245 
Banded liner system for metal buildings 

17. 8,590,236 
Alignable foam board 

16. 8,590,235 
Anchoring system for a roof panel system 

15. 8,590,234 
Insulated roof assembly 

14. 8,590,233 
Stacking wall panel system and methods of installation and use 

13. 8,590,231 
Fire-rated joint system 

12. 8,590,213 
Apparatus and method for waterproofing a basement

11. 8,590,195 
Labeling band assembly and method of forming thereof 

10. 8,590,193 
Label, use of a raised structural feature, injection device, and method for producing a label 

9. 8,590,147 
Method for fabricating circuit board structure with concave conductive cylinders 

8. 8,590,145 
Method of fabricating a circuit structure 

7. 8,590,144 
Method of manufacturing printed circuit board 

6. 8,590,134 
Manufacturing method for absorbent products and manufacturing device for absorbent products 

5. 8,590,132 
Method for producing a fuel container for motor vehicles and fuel container for motor vehicles 

4. 8,590,131 
Method of attaching and detaching preform and method of manufacturing optical fiber 

3. 8,590,130 
Cutting elements with re-processed thermally stable polycrystalline diamond cutting layers, bits incorporating the same, and methods of making the same 

2. 8,590,121 
Elastomeric fastener 

1. 8,590,111 
Non-woven laying machine and a method for laying a non-woven fabric 


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