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2014 Week 06


From 10/02/2014 to 2/08/2014


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Patents published 2/11/2014                   

8,646,112 through 8,650,661

4950 patents published.

341 polymer related patents.


341. 8,648,479 
Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulant and semiconductor device using the same 

340. 8,648,452 
Resin molded semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof 

339. 8,648,257 
Insulation material composition for DC power cable and the DC power cable using the same 

338. 8,648,256 
Intumescent swell devices 

337. 8,648,255 
Laser beam button weld of dissimilar materials 

336. 8,648,212 
Process for preparing solutions of radiation-sensitive, free-radically polymerizable organic compounds 

335. 8,648,211 
Surface-modifying silicone elastomers 

334. 8,648,168 
Biodegradable polyesteretheramide 

333. 8,648,167 
Polymer scaffold degradation control via chemical control 

332. 8,648,166 
Process for producing antimony-free PET polyester fiber excellent in no yellowish look 

331. 8,648,165 
Polycarbonate resin composition 

330. 8,648,164 
Low-k, flame-retardant, bi-functional benzoxazine and method for making the same 

329. 8,648,163 
High molecular weight, random, bisphenol based copoly(phosphonate carbonate)s 

328. 8,648,162 
Adherence substance, pressure sensitive adhesive sheet and its use 

327. 8,648,161 
Polyacrylic acid (salt) -based water-absorbent resin and a method for producing it 

326. 8,648,160 
Optical semiconductor sealing material 

325. 8,648,159 
Crosslinkable vinyl ester copolymers and their use as low-profile additives 

324. 8,648,158 
Continuously operated method for producing copolymers 

323. 8,648,157 
Metal-containing compositions 

322. 8,648,156 

321. 8,648,155 
Polyether ether ketone/polyphenylene sulfide blend 

320. 8,648,154 
Phosphorus-containing phenol novolac resin, hardener comprising the same and epoxy resin composition 

319. 8,648,153 

318. 8,648,152 
Polyfunctional dimethylnaphthalene formaldehyde resin, and process for production thereof 

317. 8,648,151 
Piezoelectric polymer material, process for producing same, and piezoelectric element 

316. 8,648,150 
Method for producing water absorbent resin 

315. 8,648,149 
Radically coupled PTFE polymer compounds and method for the production thereof 

314. 8,648,148 
Low gloss mass polymerized rubber-modified monovinylidene aromatic copolymer composition 

313. 8,648,147 
Melt-fabricable perfluoropolymers having improved heat aging property 

312. 8,648,146 
Activated solid support and method 

311. 8,648,145 
Thermoplastic elastomer vulcanizate and process for preparing same 

310. 8,648,144 
Crosslinked fibers and method of making same by extrusion 

309. 8,648,143 
Process for producing thermoplastic molding compositions based on styrene copolymers and polyamide with improved toughness 

308. 8,648,142 
Poly (arylene sulfide) resin composition and production process thereof 

307. 8,648,141 
Styrene butadiene rubber with novel styrene incorporation 

306. 8,648,140 
Toluene and styrene derived telomer distributions and brominated flame retardants produced therefrom 

305. 8,648,139 
Method of making an elastic film, in particular for a hygienic article 

304. 8,648,138 
Polymeric material of photosynthetic origin comprising particulate inorganic material 

303. 8,648,137 
Nitrile copolymer latex composition and nitrile copolymer rubber composition 

302. 8,648,136 
Structures incorporating polymer-inorganic particle blends 

301. 8,648,135 
Surface-treatment agent, method for producing coated steel sheet using the surface-treatment agent, and coated steel sheet 

300. 8,648,134 
Polymer processing aids 

299. 8,648,133 
Rubber composition for golf ball 

297. 8,648,132 
Nanocomposite method of manufacture 

296. 8,648,131 
Process for the preparation of an artificial latex 

295. 8,648,130 
Resin composition, transparent member obtained from the resin composition, and use of the same 

294. 8,648,129 
Synthetic composition of marble and method of production 

293. 8,648,128 
Writing substance for writing, drawing and/or painting tools 

292. 8,648,127 
Self decontaminating chemical and biological agent resistant coating 

291. 8,648,126 
Radiation-curable coating compositions 

290. 8,648,125 
Stabilization of silsesquioxane resins 

289. 8,648,124 
Weather-resistant polyurethane casting compounds, a process for preparation thereof and use thereof 

288. 8,648,123 
Hydrofluoropropene blowing agents for thermoplastics 

287. 8,648,122 
Method of foaming polyolefin using acrylated epoxidized fatty acid and foam produced therefrom 

286. 8,648,121 
Hydromethanation of a carbonaceous feedstock with nickel recovery 

285. 8,648,120 
Liquid rheology modifier 

284. 8,648,018 
Crosslinked swellable polymer 

283. 8,648,009 
Method for the synthesis of porous carbon materials 

282. 8,648,008 
Arsenic adsorbing composition and methods of use 

281. 8,648,006 
Electroless plating in microchannels 

280. 8,648,004 
Methods of preparing carbinized nanotube composite and metal-nanotube composite catalyst 

279. 8,648,001 
Aminosilane compounds, catalyst components and catalysts for olefin polymerization, and process for production of olefin polymers with the same 

278. 8,648,000 
Diene polymerisation 

277. 8,647,993 
Methods for UV-assisted conformal film deposition 

276. 8,647,926 
Method of fabricating semiconductor plastic package including a core board, build-up insulation layer, printed circuit, and semiconductor chip 

275. 8,647,918 
Formation of graphene on a surface 

274. 8,647,853 
Foam microreactor for multi-phase shear-sensitive reactions 

273. 8,647,846 
Container and method for production of biomembrane 

272. 8,647,824 
Microbial reductive dehalogenation of vinyl chloride 

271. 8,647,794 
Method of forming holograms in polymer composites with confined crystallization 

270. 8,647,776 
Carbon material for lithium ion secondary battery 

269. 8,647,757 
Assembly formed of nanotube arrays containing magnetic nanoparticles 

268. 8,647,751 
Coated valve retainer 

267. 8,647,750 
Process of using sodium silicate to create fire retardant products 

266. 8,647,749 
Multi-ply platforms and panels using such a platform 

265. 8,647,748 
Thermoplastic product and method for the production of a composite product 

264. 8,647,745 
Powder coating compositions having a substantially non-zinc containing primer 

263. 8,647,744 
Graphite clay composite material, process for producing the same, gasket or packing comprising the composite material, and clay dispersion used for the composite material 

262. 8,647,743
Ferromagnetic powder composition and method for its production 

261. 8,647,742 
Diagnostic gel composition, method for making a diagnostic gel composition 

260. 8,647,741 
Polypropylene fiber, method of producing the same and utilization of the same 

259. 8,647,740 
Heat-transfer label well-suited for labeling fabrics and methods of making and using the same 

258. 8,647,739 
Transparent flat article made of nanostructured acrylic materials 

257. 8,647,738 

256. 8,647,736 
Optical article and method for producing the same 

255. 8,647,734 
Drainage mat 

254. 8,647,733 
Adhesive-backed polymeric film storage method and assembly 

253. 8,647,732 
Anti-mold film assembly 

252. 8,647,730 
Hydrogenated norbornene-based ring-opening polymerization polymer, resin composition, and molded object 

251. 8,647,728 
Oxygen scavenging resin with short induction period 

250. 8,647,727 
Optical assembly with adhesive layers configured for diffusion 

249. 8,647,726 
Optical element 

248. 8,647,725 
Cellulose acylate film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device 

247. 8,647,724 
Liquid crystal display device, process for producing liquid crystal display device, composition for forming polymer layer, and composition for forming liquid crystal layer

246. 8,647,723 
Nucleation of ultrathin, continuous, conformal metal films using atomic layer deposition and application as fuel cell catalysts 

245. 8,647,722 
Method of forming insulation film using plasma treatment cycles 

244. 8,647,721 
Part marking of coated plastic substrates 

243. 8,647,720 
Method of mixing and applying multi-component paint 

242. 8,647,719 
Curtain coating method and curtain coating apparatus 

241. 8,647,718 
Wet lubricant surface coating having excellent durability, method for surface coating, and a medical device having the surface coating 

240. 8,647,717 
Packaging materials with enhanced thermal-insulating performance 

239. 8,647,713  
Method for forming a protective coating containing aluminum on the surface of a metal part 

238. 8,647,711 
High adhesion acrylate coatings for a photochromic ophthalmic lens 

237. 8,647,710 
Coated substrate with a curved surface, and a method for production of a coated substrate such as this 

236. 8,647,709 
Anti-icing coatings and methods 

235. 8,647,703 
Apparatus and method for coating photoresist 

234. 8,647,702 
Maintaining a fixed distance by providing an air cushion during coating of a medical device 

233. 8,647,701 
Diffusion-hardened medical implant 

232. 8,647,700 
Methods of making medical devices 

231. 8,647,699 
Method for coating silicone hydrogels 

230. 8,647,676 
Antimicrobial composition from copepods 

229. 8,647,675 
Silver nanoparticle antimicrobial coating for long-term and short-term infection resistance 

228. 8,647,673 
Nanoparticles for imaging and treating chlamydial infection 

227. 8,647,672 
Method for producing a cross-linked polyacrylate polymer implant material 

226. 8,647,670 
Biocompatible rapid-gelating hydrogel and associated preparation method of spray 

225. 8,647,669 
Dosage forms for tamper prone therapeutic agents 

224. 8,647,666 
Administration of an adsorbent polymer for treatment of systemic inflammation 

223. 8,647,664 
Adhesive preparation 

222. 8,647,663 
Wound healing device comprising sutures or knitted mesh embedded with a wound healing composition 

221. 8,647,662 
Wound healing device comprising a cloth embedded with a wound healing composition 

220. 8,647,658 
Contact lens products 

219. 8,647,657 
Polymeric devices for controlled release of active agents 

218. 8,647,655 
Biocompatible polyacrylate compositions for medical applications 

217. 8,647,654 
Method and systems for forming and using nanoengineered sculptured thin films 

216. 8,647,645 
Enhanced moisture barrier immediate release film coating systems and substrates coated therewith 

215. 8,647,644 
Methods of using capped mesoporous silicates 

214. 8,647,611 
Composition containing a polyol and a reaction product 

213. 8,647,609 
Composite powder for simultaneously blocking infrared and ultraviolet rays and cosmetics composition using the same 

212. 8,647,608 
Therapeutic dental composition and related methods 

211. 8,647,595 
Method for separating radioactive copper using chelating-ion exchange resin

210. 8,647,586 
Device for conversion of biomass to biofuel 

209. Chemical coating of microwell for electrochemical detection device 

208. 8,647,565 
Multifunctional photocatalytic paint coat and method of preparation thereof 

207. 8,647,562 
Process for the production of an element comprising at least one block of dense material constituted by hard particles dispersed in a binder phase: application to cutting or drilling tools 

206. 8,647,561 
Composite cutting inserts and methods of making the same 

205. 8,647,560 
Method for forming pattern and a wired board 

204. 8,647,559 
Method for producing a liner of a container 

203. 8,647,558 
Method for manufacturing structure 

202. 8,647,557 
Method for producing sheets including fibrous aerogel 

201. 8,647,556 
System and method for controlling curl in multi-layer webs 

200. 8,647,555 
Processing method for in-mold coating integrative system 

199. 8,647,554 
Residual layer thickness measurement and correction 

198. 8,647,553 
Stretch sheet and process of producing the same 

197. 8,647,552 
Method for enhancing hardness of nanoimprint mold 

196. 8,647,551 
Process for producing moldings with an increase in the melt stiffness 

195. 8,647,550 
Process for introducing an additive into a polymer melt 

194. 8,647,549 
Method and mould for thermoforming and folding a plastic sheet 

193. 8,647,548 
Method and system to reduce porosity in composite structures 

192. 8,647,547 
Processing of lignocellulosic and related materials 

191. 8,647,546 
Method for manufacturing friction material, friction material and braking device 

190. 8,647,545 
Method to manufacture at least a component of a blade of a wind-turbine 

189. 8,647,544 
Method for manufacturing school bus seat with energy absorber and using same 

188. 8,647,543 
Fiber reinforced cellular foam product 

187. 8,647,541 
Apparatuses and methods for the simultaneous production of microfibers and nanofibers 

186. 8,647,540 
Apparatuses having outlet elements and methods for the production of microfibers and nanofibers 

185. 8,647,534 
Copper-carbon composition 

184. 8,647,532 
Anticorrosive composition 

183. 8,647,530 
Liquid crystal composition containing polymerizable compound and liquid crystal display element manufactured using the same 

182. 8,647,529 
Liquid crystal drop apparatus for dropping liquid crytal using an electric field wherein a nozzle is arranged between a liquid crystal container and an electrode and an extending direction of the nozzle is perpendicular to a surface of the electrode 

181. 8,647,528 
Water absorbing agent and production method thereof 

180. 8,647,518 
Resin coated copper foil, method for manufacturing same and multi-layer circuit board 

179. 8,647,517 
Producing method of suspension board with circuit 

178. 8,647,516 
Filtration method with self-cleaning filter assembly 

177. 8,647,515 
Blood processing filter and method for priming the filter 

176. 8,647,512 
Use of magnetic carbon composites from renewable resource materials for oil spill clean up and recovery 

175. 8,647,507 
Membrane cartridge 

174. 8,647,504 
Filter and filter handle for use in water filtration systems 

173. 8,647,503 
Filter assembly for fuel supply to actuators and fuel control system of aircraft engine and method 

172. 8,647,492 
Method of producing coupled radical products from biomass 

171. 8,647,490 
Method for manufacturing carbon nanotube containing conductive micro wire and sensor including the micro wire 

170. 8,647,475 
Roll coating roll and method for its manufacture 

169. 8,647,472 
Method of increasing filler content in papermaking 

168. 8,647,471 
Process for the production of sized and/or wet-strength papers, paperboards and cardboards 

167. 8,647,470 
Method for producing paper, paperboard and cardboard having high dry strength 

166. 8,647,469 
Method, system and withdrawal screen section for impregnating chips 

165. 8,647,468 
Process for producing microfibrillated cellulose 

164. 8,647,467 
System and method for removing the outer layer of a layered article 

163. 8,647,465 
Method of bonding microstructured substrates 

162. 8,647,464 
Method for manufacturing resin molding 

161. 8,647,463 
Method for forming transparent conductive layer pattern 

160. 8,647,462 
Flexible implement handle grip and method of making same 

159. 8,647,461 
Method for manufacturing multilayer foam 

158. 8,647,460
Shoe having a bottom with bonded and then molded-in particles 

157. 8,647,458 
Methods for making a supported graft 

156. 8,647,457 
Method of manufacturing rubber lined composite pressure vessels 

155. 8,647,456 
Process for production of a reinforcement for composite material with a variable resistance profile, reinforcement obtained 

154. 8,647,455 
Process for manufacturing pneumatic tire 

153. 8,647,452 
Method for making artificial turf 

152. 8,647,447 
Filter flosser 

151. 8,647,436 
Carbon ion beam growth of isotopically-enriched graphene and isotope-junctions 

150. 8,647,429 
Effect pigments 

149. 8,647,428 
Color powder for coating 

148. 8,647,427 
Polyvinyl ester-based latex coating compositions 

147. 8,647,426 
Dental filler and methods 

146. 8,647,420 
System and method for recovering carbon dioxide from flue gas 

145. 8,647,419 
Sorption filter material and use thereof 

144. 8,647,418 
Adsorption tower of dry exhaust gas treatment device 

143. 8,647,412 
Sorbent articles for CO.sub.2 capture 

142. 8,647,411 
Method and a device for removing mercury from a process gas 

141. 8,647,393 
Implantable medical devices having microporous surface layers and method for reducing foreign body response to the same 

140. 8,647,389 
High performance knee prostheses 

139. 8,647,388 
Elbow prosthesis and method for use 

138. 8,647,387 
Method and apparatus for trialing a modular humeral head 

137. 8,647,386 
Expandable intervertebral implant system and method 

136. 8,647,384 
Accommodating intraocular lens 

135. 8,647,383 
Intraocular lens 

134. 8,647,382 
Ocular implant insertion apparatus and methods 

133. 8,647,381 
Stents, valved-stents, and methods and systems for delivery thereof 

132. 8,647,379 
Stent with a bio-resorbable connector 

131. 8,647,378 
Medical implant, in particular a stent, for implantation in an animal body and/or human body 

130. 8,647,377 
Devices and methods for treatment of vascular aneurysms 

129. 8,647,376 
Balloon fold design for deployment of bifurcated stent petal architecture 

128. 8,647,366 
Closure medical device and delivery mechanism 

127. 8,647,365 
Carrier tube for vascular closure device and methods 

126. 8,647,361 
Expandable implant devices for filtering blood flow from atrial appendages 

125. 8,647,360 
Vascular filter 

124. 8,647,359 
Distal protection filter 

123. 8,647,351 
Tissue fastening devices and related insertion tools and methods 

122. 8,647,350 
Delivery device and method for compliant tissue fasteners 

121. 8,647,339 
Balloon catheter system 

120. 8,647,335 
Laser applicator 

119. 8,647,319 
Absorbent article comprising one or several patterns 

118. 8,647,318 
Underpants-type disposable diaper 

117. 8,647,317 
Superabsorbent polymer having a capacity increase 

116. 8,647,316 
Foldable ostomy bag for reducing collecting volume 

115. 8,647,298 
Surgical apparatus with expandable structure and electrode for treating body tissue 

114. 8,647,297 
Catheter having proximal heat sensitive deflection mechanism and related methods of use and manufacture 

113. 8,647,290 
Hemodialysis or hemo(dia)filtration apparatus and a method for controlling a hemodialysis or hemo(dia)filtration apparatus 

112. 8,647,271 
Hydrogel implant for sensing metabolites in body tissue 

111. 8,647,250 
Panel structure with scored and folded facing 

110. 8,647,249 
Element for producing a package for packaging a food product, corresponding package, assembly comprising such a package and a food product, cutting installation and method 

109. 8,647,223 

108. 8,647,219 
Golf ball 

107. 8,647,150 
Water proof type electrical connector 

106. 8,647,118 
Deposition of discrete nanoparticles on a nanostructured surface of an implant 

105. 8,647,114
Apparatus for applying a powdery or liquid material 

104. 8,647,109 
Molded article transfer device 

103. 8,647,108 
Adjustable aligning device for large composite moulds 

102. 8,647,105 
Embossing system and product made thereby with both perforate bosses in the cross machine direction and a macro pattern 

101. 8,647,101 
Installation for the production of containers, comprising a retractable transfer wheel 

100. 8,647,100 
Injection moulding machine and hydraulic unit for this 

99. 8,647,099 
Extrudate transport apparatus having a free floating roller assembly 

98. 8,647,098 
Liquefier assembly for use in extrusion-based additive manufacturing systems 

97. 8,647,097 
Intermittent film forming system and intermittent film forming method 

96. 8,647,096 
Production of a creped material for connections and transitions on buildings 

95. 8,647,095 
Resin transfer molding device and resin transfer molding method 

94. 8,647,093 
Device and a method for compression moulding of a fibre tray 

93. 8,647,092 
Hot isotropic pressure device 

92. 8,647,091 
Stator compacted in one piece 

91. 8,647,090 
Injection nozzle for electrospinning and electrospinning device using the same 

90. 8,647,072 
Component comprising a resin matrix 

89. 8,647,070 
Reinforced composite aerofoil blade 

88. 8,647,048 
Flexible seal for gas turbine engine system 

87. 8,647,013 
Reflective substrate surface system, reflective assembly, and methods of improving the visibility of a substrate surface 

86. 8,647,010 
Joint and/or bearing assembly having an elastic intermediate layer 

85. 8,647,007 
Pump toothbrush with integrated dentifrice dispensing platform and disposable bristle head 

84. 8,647,006 
Tube with resilient applicator and scraper for dispensing texture materials 

83. 8,647,005 
Paint trimmer 

82. 8,646,975 
Easy open and reclosable package with discrete tape and die-cut web 

81. 8,646,974 
Bulk packaging multi-wall sack and apparatus for manufacturing the sack 

80. 8,646,973 
Bulk bag having a multi-sided shaped bottom 

79. 8,646,972 
Zipper tape and packaging bag with zipper tape 

78. 8,646,970 
Container with expandable portion 

77. 8,646,966 
Disposable shaker 

76. 8,646,964 
Method and apparatus for producing asphalt mix product comprised of recycled asphalt product and virgin material 

75. 8,646,916 
System for characterizing a cornea and obtaining an opthalmic lens 

74. 8,646,915 
Ophthalmic apparatus, control method for the same, and storage medium 

73. 8,646,914 
Adaptive optics apparatus that corrects aberration of examination object and image taking apparatus including adaptive optics apparatus 

72. 8,646,909 
Method for determining, optimizing and producing an ophthalmic lens and set of ophthalmic lenses 

71. 8,646,908 
Rotationally stabilized contact lenses and methods for their design 

70. 8,646,907 
Materials for use in ophthalmic applications and methods 

69. 8,646,810 
Method of labeling a package for shipment 

68. 8,646,783 
Flat gasket 

67. 8,646,782 
Sealing arrangement and radial shaft seal made therefrom 

66. 8,646,781 
Heat-assisted hermetic spring seal 

65. 8,646,758 
High performance structured packing for fluid exchange column and fabrication method 

64. 8,646,745 
Mold, solidified body, and methods of manufacture thereof 

63. 8,646,740 
Silicone coaster

62. 8,646,654 
Carton with dispenser 

61. 8,646,648 
Container system 

60. 8,646,646 
Reinforced retortable plastic containers 

59. 8,646,644 
Dual recyclables and non-recyclable waste collection device and method therefor 

58. 8,646,643 
Reliable opening beverage can end 

57. 8,646,642 
Floating cover roof for a storage tank 

56. 8,646,641 
Storage tank for fluids 

55. 8,646,640 
Collapsible cup 

54. 8,646,639 
Device for unlocking swing-action side walls of boxes and/or containers 

53. 8,646,638 
Foldable container 

52. 8,646,637 
Perforated substrates for forming housings 

51. 8,646,636 
Synthetic resin container 

50. 8,646,635 
Scallop cap closures 

49. 8,646,634 
Screw cap and a sport closure cap with integral inner seal opening means 

48. 8,646,633 
Closure for containers of ophthalmic solutions containing a spout cap 

47. 8,646,632 
Mouthpiece and process for production 

46. 8,646,627 
Slider panel for product display 

45. 8,646,617 
Reverse osmosis membrane having good antifouling properties and method of manufacturing the same 

44. 8,646,616 
Composite membrane with coating comprising polyalkylene oxide and imidazol compounds 

43. 8,646,612 
Method of forming metal oxide nano-powders 

42. 8,646,608 
Packaging and display device 

41. 8,646,574 
Acoustic skin for an aircraft nacelle acoustic panel 

40. 8,646,571 
Apparatus for creating acoustically beneficial conditions for audio and voice recording 

39. 8,646,510 
Barrier systems and associated methods, including vapor and/or fire barrier systems 

38. 8,646,506 
Apparatus for manufacturing bodily exudates absorbent structures 

37. 8,646,505 
Micro device transfer head 

36. 8,646,504 
Adhesive tape affixing equipment and press-fitting equipment 

35. 8,646,503 
Pneumatic tire 

34. 8,646,501 
Puncture sealant laminate 

33. 8,646,500 
Multilayered gas-tight and anti-puncture laminate object including same 

32. 8,646,499 
Pneumatic tire and manufacturing process thereof 

31. 8,646,498 
Pneumatic tire with tread having shallower notched lug grooves 

30. 8,646,497 
Passive tuned vibration absorber 

29. 8,646,489 
Connection structure of wave-shaped synthetic resin pipes, wave-shaped synthetic resin pipes used for the connection structure, and manufacturing method thereof 

28. 8,646,488 
Protective cap for pipe and tube ends 

27. 8,646,472 
In situ mixing in microchannels 

26. 8,646,468 
Cosmetic container 

25. 8,646,459 
Two-ply fabric low friction interface 

24. 8,646,456 
Antibacterial agent, and device used for active protection of incision margins and incorporating such an antibacterial agent 

23. 8,646,409 
Plasma booster for plasma treatment installation 

22. 8,646,396 
Tufting machine for creating a cut pile carpet with two different pile heights 

Ratchet with coated layer and the method for making the same 

21. 8,646,361 
Device for opening container closures 

20. 8,646,342 
Disposable, pre-sterilized fluid receptacle sampling device 

19. 8,646,326 
Paint swatch test device and method 

18. 8,646,325 
Operating a vessel occlusion catheter 

17. 8,646,248 
Packaging apparatus 

16. 8,646,247 
Method for applying tape closure to a bag 

15. 8,646,246 
Method of preparing a composition in blister packages 

14. 8,646,245 
Method and device for packaging a fluid product dispenser 

13. 8,646,244 
Blister packaging container sealing tool and method 

12. 8,646,243 
Apparatus for formulating and aseptically filling liquid products 

11. 8,646,241 
Intercoupled piping assembly 

10. 8,646,235 
Fire resistive joint cover system 

9. 8,646,222 
Building construction wrapped with reinforcement fabric to resist wind loading 

8. 8,646,220 
Combination wood and plastic enclosure 

7. 8,646,214 
Weather strip 

6. 8,646,199 
Shrink wrap eyeglasses tag with hook 

5. 8,646,182 
Sandwich component comprising a reinforced foam material 

4. 8,646,179 
Method for applying nanocoatings with easy clean and self-clean capability on a printhead 

3. 8,646,176 
Procedure for covering an electrical conductor with a flexible seal element 

2. 8,646,175 
Method for making a conductive film/plate exibiting electric anisotropy 

1. 8,646,116 
Ballistic resistant groin protector 


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