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2014 Week 08


From 10/02/2014 to 3/4/2014


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Week 08

Patents published 2/25/2014                   

8,656,512 through 8,661,553

5530 patents published.

242 polymer related patents.


242. 8,659,009 
Locally gated graphene nanostructures and methods of making and using 

241. 8,658,938 
Method of cutting with a laser 

240. 8,658,907 
Conductive film and method for producing the same 

239. 8,658,898 
Resin composition for heat-resistant electrical wire, and heat-resistant electrical wire

238. 8,658,889 
Quantum dot thin film solar cell 

237. 8,658,887 
Substrate provided with transparent conductive film for photoelectric conversion device, method for manufacturing the substrate, and photoelectric conversion device using the substrate 

236. 8,658,852 
Disposable absorbent articles with an embossed topsheet 

235. 8,658,851 
Devices with cells cultured on flexible supports 

234. 8,658,845 
Process and adsorbent for separating ethanol and associated oxygenates from a biofermentation system 

233. 8,658,816 
Precipitated silicas as a reinforcing filler for elastomer mixtures 

232. 8,658,812 
Wax dispersions 

231. 8,658,775 
Chitosan-derivative compounds and methods of controlling microbial populations 

230. 8,658,760
Formulations based on anionically stabilised, aqueous polymer dispersions 

229. 8,658,759 
Switchable self-doped polyaniline 

228. 8,658,758 
Process for producing aliphatic polyester reduced in residual cyclic ester content 

227. Polyamide polymer, method for producing same, resin composition, molded product, fiber, film, and porous film 

226. 8,658,756 
Caprolactam-based composition, process for manufacturing an impermeable element, and tank 

225. 8,658,755 
Silicon-containing curable composition and cured product thereof 

224. 8,658,754 
Moisture-thickening heat-conductive silicone grease composition 

223. 8,658,753 
Transparent siloxane resin composition for optical applications 

222. 8,658,752 
Use of partially silanized polyisocyanate-based compounds as crosslinking-agents in coating compositions, and coating compositions comprising the compounds 

221. 8,658,751 
Molecule-based magnetic polymers and methods 

220. 8,658,748 
Silicone hydrogel contact lenses having acceptable levels of energy loss 

219. 8,658,747 
Wettable silicone hydrogel contact lenses 

218. 8,658,746 
Electrolyte polymer for polymer electrolyte fuel cells, process for its production and membrane-electrode assembly 

217. 8,658,745 
Broadening the molecular weight distribution of polyolefins materials made in a horizontal stirred gas phase reactor 

216. 8,658,742 
Epoxy resin imbibed polymer particles 

215. 8,658,741 
Process for the post-modification of homo and copolymers prepared by controlled free radical polymerization processes 

214. 8,658,740 
Reduced fuming fluoropolymer 

213. 8,658,739 
Polyolefin-based resin composition and molded article 

212. 8,658,738 
Curable resin composition 

211. 8,658,737 
Acrylic rubber composition and cross-linked product thereof 

210. 8,658,736 
Epoxy resin composition, prepreg and fiber-reinforced composite material 

209. 8,658,735 
Polymerizable monomer, graft copolymer, and surface modifier 

208. 8,658,734 
Synthesis of stable elastomeric negative acoustic contrast particles 

207. 8,658,733 
Process for the preparation of monodisperse polymer particles 

206. 8,658,732 
Cavitated oriented polyethylene polymer composites 

205. 8,658,731 
Resin composition and molded product thereof 

204. 8,658,730  
Rubber composition for tire, and pneumatic tire 

203. 8,658,729 
Rubber composition for canvas chafer and pneumatic tire 

202. 8,658,728 
Natural rubber and method for producing the same, rubber composition and pneumatic tire using the same, modified natural rubber and method for producing the same, and rubber composition for tread or for covering carcass cord and pneumatic tire using the same 

201. 8,658,727 
Elastomer composition and stopper for medical container 

200. 8,658,726 
Composites of polysiloxane polymers and inorganic nanoparticles 

199. 8,658,725 
Material having cross-linked polyrotaxane, and method for producing same 

198. 8,658,724 

197. 8,658,723 
Epoxy resin composition 

196. 8,658,722 
Aqueous surface-treating agent 

195. 8,658,721 
Antifoaming agent for vinyl chloride resin slurry 

194. 8,658,720 
Thermoplastic resin composition with improved compatibility 

193. 8,658,719 
Low loss pre-pregs and laminates and compositions useful for the preparation thereof 

192. 8,658,718 
Molding material, use thereof, and process for producing molding material 

191. 8,658,717 
Asphalt paving materials and methods for making the same 

190. 8,658,716 
Multilayer polymeric article having a metallic variegated look 

189. 8,658,714 
Ecologically friendly composition containing beneficial additives 

188. 8,658,713 
Bone cement composition and production method thereof, and kit for producing the same 

187. 8,658,712 
Methods of treatment of the dental pulp and filling root canals using water-based material 

186. 8,658,711 
Process for the synthesis of methacrylate-derivatized type-1 collagen and derivatives thereof 

185. 8,658,710 
Oxidation-resistant and wear-resistant polyethylenes for human joint replacements and methods for making them 

184. 8,658,709 
Process for making a polyurethane foam 

183. 8,658,708 
Foam-forming compositions containing azeotropic or azeotrope-like mixtures containing Z-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene and methyl formate and their uses in the preparation of polyisocyanate-based foams 

182. 8,658,707 
Expandable functional TFE copolymer fine powder, the expanded functional products obtained therefrom and reaction of the expanded products 

181. 8,658,702 
Soluble anion exchangers from hyperbranched macromolecules 

180. Extremely high liquid barrier fabrics 

179. 8,658,547 
Compositions for textile coatings 

178. 8,658,454 
Method of fabricating a solar cell 

177. 8,658,399 
Gluconacetobacter strain having cellulose producing activity 

176. 8,658,331 
Structural reinforcement of membrane electrodes 

175. 8,658,330 
Composite multilayer seal for PEM fuel cell applications and method for constructing the same 

174. 8,658,329 
Advanced membrane electrode assemblies for fuel cells 

173. 8,658,298 
Laminate outer packaging storage device 

172. 8,658,289 
Electromagnetic radiation shielding device 

171. 8,658,288 
Method for manufacturing a porous device with restrictive layer and structure thereof 

170. 8,658,287 
Strong nanopaper 

169. 8,658,286 
High performance aqueous coating compositions 

168. 8,658,285 
Optically clear UV and hydrolysis resistant polyester film 

167. 8,658,284  Polysilane--polysilazane copolymers and methods for their preparation and use 

166. 8,658,283 
Laminated glass for window and glass window member 

165. 8,658,282 
Optical film and manufacturing method therefor 

164. 8,658,281 
Apparatus and method for surface-treating carbon fiber by resistive heating 

163. 8,658,280 
Taggent flakes for covert security applications having a selected shape 

162. 8,658,279 
Porous, free-flowing hydrophobic particles loaded with aqueous fluid with compatibilizer additive 

161. 8,658,278 
Gas barrier multilayer film 

160. 8,658,277 
Porous inorganic/organic hybrid materials with ordered domains for chromatographic separations and processes for their preparation 

159. 8,658,276 
Eco-friendly incombustible biocomposite and method for preparing the same 

158. 8,658,274 
Thermoplastic planks and methods for making the same 

157. 8,658,273 
Security sheet comprising a transparent or translucent layer 

156. 8,658,272 
Basecoat and associated paperboard structure including a pigment blend of hyper-platy clay and calcined clay 

155. 8,658,271 
Supporting membranes on nanometer-scale self-assembled films 

154. 8,658,270 
Penetration-inhibiting material 

153. 8,658,269 
Mat with over-molded web 

152. 8,658,268 
Injection molded article and production method thereof 

151. 8,658,267 
High-frequency dielectric attachment 

150. 8,658,266 
Readherable, repositionable and reusable adhesive fabric paper for printing and manufacturing method of the same 

149. 8,658,265 
Moulded articles and process for making the same 

148. 8,658,264 
Self-adjusting insulation, including insulation particularly suited for pipe or duct 

147. 8,658,263 
Shape-retaining film, process for producing same, laminate for packaging, packaging material and process for producing same, shape-retaining fiber, and anisotropic heat-conductive film 

146. 8,658,262 
High quality emission control coatings, emission control glazings, and production methods 

145. 8,658,261 
Composition, film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display device 

144. 8,658,260 
Laser-induced backside annealing using fluid absorber 

143. 8,658,259 
Nanolayer deposition process 

142. 8,658,258 
Plasma treatment of substrates prior to the formation a self-assembled monolayer 

141. 8,658,257 
Method of manufacturing optical fiber 

140. 8,658,256 
Methods of coating substrates with electrically charged conductive materials, electrically conductive coated substrates, and associated apparatuses 

139. 8,658,255 
Methods for making environmental barrier coatings and ceramic components having CMAS mitigation capability 

138. 8,658,254 
Method of coating substrates 

137. 8,658,202 
Coated drug delivery formulations 

136. 8,658,201 
Rapidly dissolving film for delivery of an active agent 

135. 8,658,200
 Flavoring of drug-containing chewing gums 

134. 8,658,197 
Disruptable medical implants with reservoir (s), and materials preparable from same 

133. 8,658,196 
Graft materials and methods for staged delivery of bioactive components 

132. 8,658,195 
Long term drug delivery devices with polyurethane based polymers and their manufacture 

131. 8,658,194 
Coatings for implantable medical devices comprising hydrophilic substances and methods for fabricating the same 

130. 8,658,178 
Carbon nanotube compositions and methods of use thereof 

129. 8,658,150 
Polymer derived from linear polyethylenimine for gene transfer 

128. 8,658,149 
Conjugates of a polymer, a bisphosphonate and an anti-angiogenesis agent and uses thereof in the treatment and monitoring of bone related diseases 

127. 8,658,148
Chemically modified dendrimers 

126. 8,658,147 
Polymer hydrogels and methods of preparation thereof 

125. 8,658,146 
Superabsorbent composition with tannins for odor control 

124. 8,658,145 
Low molecular weight ampholytic polymers for personal care applications 

123. 8,658,144 
Comb polymers for the hair 

122. 8,658,141 
Cosmetic composition containing a block copolymer, a tackifier, a silsesquioxane wax and/or resin 

121. 8,658,127 
Method of manufacturing mesoporous zeolite agglomerates 

120. 8,658,120 
Non-thermofusible phenol resin powder, method for producing the same, thermosetting resin composition, sealing material for semiconductor, and adhesive for semiconductor 

119. 8,658,119 
Production and/or recovery of products from waste sludge 

118. 8,658,109 
Use of a bis-maleic anhydride cross-linking agent for fixation of a cell or tissue sample 

117. 8,658,089 
Membrane concentrator 

116. 8,658,082 
Method of fabricating stents from blow molded tubing 

115. 8,658,081 
Methods of fabricating stents with enhanced fracture toughness 

114. 8,658,080 
Method for blow molding containers 

113. 8,658,079 
Process for manufacturing a fuel tank 

112. 8,658,078 
Device and method for a layerwise manufacturing of a three-dimensional object from a building material in powder form 

111. 8,658,077 
Method of crosslinking carboxyl-containing polymers using oligoamines 

110. 8,658,076 
Process and freeform fabrication system for producing a three-dimensional object 

109. 8,658,075 
Molding apparatus 

108. 8,658,074 
Automatic elastomer extrusion apparatus and method 

107. 8,658,072 
Support gasket for use in a concrete mold for vertically forming concrete panels 

106. 8,658,071 
Method for lining a pipe or elbow 

105. 8,658,070 
Process for preparing multilayer rotomoulded articles 

104. 8,658,069 
Method for producing shrink films 

103. 8,658,068 
Touch fastener products 

102. 8,658,067 
Apparatuses and methods for the deposition of microfibers and nanofibers on a substrate 

101. 8,658,061  Electrically conductive polymer compositions 

100. 8,658,060 
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device having the same 

99. 8,658,059 
Liquid crystal composite material and liquid crystal electro-optical display device 

98. 8,658,058 
Liquid-crystal emulsion oil in water type and a preparation method of the liquid-crystal emulsion 

97. 8,658,057 
Liquid crystal polyester resin composition 

96. 8,658,056 
Harvesting single domain nanoparticles and their applications 

95. 8,658,052 
Method for making a highly thermally conductive composite 

94. 8,658,049 
Method for manufacturing a touch panel 

93. 8,658,047 
Additive dispersing filter and method 

92. 8,658,041 
Sorbent fiber compositions and methods of using the same 

91. 8,658,036 
Composite filtration and demineralization apparatus 

90. 8,658,002 
System for sputtering and method thereof 

89. 8,658,001 
Method and control system for depositing a layer 

87. 8,657,995 
Method of producing recycled paper pulp from waste printed paper as raw material 

86. 8,657,993 
Articles such as safety laminates and solar cell modules containing high melt flow acid copolymer compositions 

85. 8,657,992 
Method and apparatus for layer bonding of display assembly 

84. 8,657,990 
Nanotube-enhanced interlayers for composite structures 

83. 8,657,988 
Method for applying carbon nanotube film 

82. 8,657,986 
Polyurethane plaster for the transdermal application of active substances, and method for the production thereof 

81. 8,657,985 
Encapsulated organic electronic devices and method for making same 

80. 8,657,984 
Method for fabricating composite grid-stiffened structures with integrated fluid channels 

79. 8,657,983 
Pre-lamination core and method for making a pre-lamination core for electronic cards and tags 

78. 8,657,966 
Combinatorial approach to the development of cleaning formulations for glue removal in semiconductor applications 

77. 8,657,960 
Method and system for fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass 

76. 8,657,959 
Apparatus for atomic layer deposition on a moving substrate 

75. 8,657,949 
Decorative effect coating compositions and methods of making and applying same 

74. 8,657,947 
Silylated amino resins 

73. 8,657,946 
Polymeric material of photosynthetic origin comprising particulate inorganic material 

72. cyclone 

71. 8,657,924 
Process for separating gases and adsorbent compositions used therein 

70. 8,657,923 
Microporous carbon material, manufacturing method thereof, and hydrogen storage method using microporous carbon material 

69. 8,657,922 
Pressure swing adsorption-type gas separation method and separation apparatus 

68. 8,657,891 
Shaped wood fiber body as ignition aid 

67. 8,657,848 
Magnetically retrievable vena cava filter and retrieval device therefor 

66. 8,657,847 
Embolic protection device having expandable trap 

65. 8,657,816 
Polymer composites for biomedical applications and methods of making 

64. 8,657,706 
Low lift golf ball 

63. 8,657,705 
Golf ball 

62. 8,657,704 
Golf ball 

61. 8,657,640 
Collapsible flotation device 

60. 8,657,639 
Water sporting device having retractable fins 

59. 8,657,602 
Waved implant integrating soft tissue area and osseous tissue area 

58. 8,657,601 
Implant for example dental implant 

57. 8,657,600 
Plastic material injection molding system  

56. 8,657,599 
Device for demoulding negatives in plastic injection 

55. 8,657,598 
Pressure adjustment device in stretch blow moulding machines

54. 8,657,596 
Method and apparatus for deforming a web 

53. 8,657,595 
Device for transforming materials by induction heating 

52. 8,657,594 
Punch of compression molding machine 

51. 8,657,581 
Thermoplastic rotor blade

50. 8,657,496 
Package bag and spout member 

49. 8,657,495 
Multilayer draw tape 

48. 8,657,484 
Apparatus for mixing contents enclosed within a container 

47. 8,657,483 
Apparatuses for dilute phase impregnation of a milled sorbent with a chemical compound in an aqueous solution 

46. 8,657,482 
Method of mixing bone cement with a power tool including monitoring the mixing of the cement based on data regarding characteristics of components forming the cement and the current drawn by the power tool 

45. 8,657,481 
Systems and methods for mixing fluids 

44. 8,657,427 
Liquid container

43. 8,657,370 
Roof ditch molding and method of manufacture 

42. 8,657,271 
Thermoplastic jounce bumpers 

41. 8,657,269 
Vibration damping device 

40. 8,657,157 
Bottle closure with pour spout and related methods 

39. 8,657,150 
Closure seal for a container for storing dangerous liquid material  

38. 8,657,149 
Thin-walled packaging sheath closure having a form-shaping support part

37. 8,657,148 
Drinking container lid with soft spout 

36. 8,657,146 
Optimized high pressure vessel 

35. 8,657,145 
Cap for a port of a pressurized container or conduit 

34. 8,657,138 
Container having a pre-curved lid 

33. 8,657,137 
Synthetic resin bottle 

32. 8,657,109 
Packaging for beverage containers of different sizes 

31. 8,657,108 
Package container for orthodontic mouthpiece 

30. 8,657,107 
Paint brush protective cover 

29. 8,657,106 
Product packaging with releasable fastener 

28. 8,657,067 
Acoustic damping device for noise reduction 

27. 8,657,066 
Noise dampening energy efficient enclosure, bulkhead and boot material 

26. 8,657,064 
Earpiece sealing system 

25. 8,656,981 
Method of producing tire vulcanization mold, and tire vulcanization mold 

24. 8,656,976 
Switching dual cam adhesive tape dispenser 

23. 8,656,974 
Adjustable inner tube 

22. 8,656,973 
Polymer sheet for inner liner, polymer laminate for inner liner, and pneumatic tire 

21. 8,656,961 
Composite flexible pipe and method of manufacture 

20. 8,656,951 
Encapsulated valve system 

19. 8,656,728 
Water filter with performance indicating device and refrigeration appliance including same 

18. 8,656,728 
Water filter with performance indicating device and refrigeration appliance including same 

17. 8,656,689 
Pouch manufacture and uses 

16. 8,656,687 
Padding machine for packaging substantial products, partially cucumbers and the like 

15. 8,656,678 
Wall blocks, veneer panels for wall blocks and method of constructing walls 

14. 8,656,677 
Ceiling panel for lining interiors of vehicles 

13. 8,656,676 
Plate-shaped laminated element with position fixing element for a bonded assembly 

12. 8,656,675 
Alkaline and heat resistant foam composite and floor underlayment 

11. 8,656,672 
Systems and methods of revitalizing structures using insulated panels 

10. 8,656,671 
Floor systems 

9. 8,656,667 
Roofing composition 

8. 8,656,665 
Multi-layer heat insulating pane element 

7. 8,656,593 
Method for assembling a part of a metal material and a part of a
composite material using a fastener 

6. 8,656,585 
Process for manufacturing electrosurgical forceps with composite material tips 

5. 8,656,584 
Method of fabricating an electromechanical component using graphene 

4. 8,656,562 
Structure of assembling a plastic locking device with a surface material 

3. 8,656,553 
Grommet for wire harness 

2. 8,656,521 
Goggle lens cover 

1. 8,656,520 
Athletic helmet 


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