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2014 Week 09


From 10/02/2014 to 3/12/2014


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Week 09

Patents published 3/4/2014                   

8,661,562 through 8,667,611

6404 patents published.

390 polymer related patents.


390. 8,664,642 
Nonplanar graphite-based devices having multiple bandgaps 

389. 8,664,641 
Nano device integrated on graphene and monocrystalline graphite 

388. 8,664,637 
Quantum dot phosphor for light emitting diode and method of preparing the same 

387. 8,664,629 
Boron cage compound materials and composites for shielding and absorbing neutrons 

386. 8,664,628 
Radiation barrier panel 

385. 8,664,469 
Disposable absorbent article with overlapping absorbent assembly secured to front and back panels 

384. 8,664,468 
Disposable absorbent articles having an interior design signal 

383. 8,664,467 
Absorbent articles with feedback signal upon urination 

382. 8,664,466 
Hoof bandages 

381. 8,664,464 
Absorbent multilayer hydrogel wound dressings 

380. 8,664,463 
Reversible adhesives 

379. 8,664,461 
Catalysts for producing polyalpha-olefins and processes related thereto 

378. 8,664,439 
Graphene substituted with boron and nitrogen, method of fabricating the same, and transistor having the same 

377. 8,664,439 
Graphene substituted with boron and nitrogen, method of fabricating the same, and transistor having the same 

376. 8,664,422 
Silicone compositions and methods for preparing them 

375. 8,664,421 
Surface modifier and its use 

374. 8,664,414 
Process for producing epoxy compound 

373. 8,664,413 
High-purity epoxy compound and method of producing thereof 

372. 8,664,409 
Process for the preparation of (poly) aminoalkylaminoacetamide derivatives of epipodophyllotoxin useful for their applications in therapeutics as anticancer agent 

371. 8,664,353 
Process for the purification of polyol PFPE derivatives 

370. 8,664,352 
Natural oil-derived polyester polyols and polyurethanes made therefrom 

369. 8,664,351 
Biaxially oriented polyester film for backsheet of solar batteries 

368. 8,664,350 
Polymeric coupling agents 

367. 8,664,349 
Polycarbonate compositions having improved optical properties 

366. 8,664,348 
2,4,5-triaminophenols and related compounds 

365. 8,664,347 
Reactive amine-functional silicone-polyether block copolymers 

364. 8,664,346 
Process for preparing organopolysiloxanes 

363. 8,664,345 
Process for the preparation of a catalyst composition for dimerization, codimerization and oligomerization of olefins 

362. 8,664,344 
Process for the preparation of branched polybutadiene with a high content of 1,4-cis units 

361. 8,664,343 
Catalysts for preparing cis 1,4-polydienes 

360. 8,664,342 
Process for the introduction of a polymerisation catalyst into a gas-phase fluidised bed 

359. 8,664,341 
Vinylbenzyl ethers of polycyclopentadiene polyphenol 

358. 8,664,340 
Nitrile rubbers 

357. 8,664,339 
Organic semiconducting polymers 

356. 8,664,338 
Processability improver for foam molding and vinyl chloride resin composition containing same 

355. 8,664,337 
Thick blown films 

354. 8,664,336 
Process for forming polymer blends 

353. 8,664,335 
Thermally crosslinked polymeric compositions and methods of making the same 

352. 8,664,334 
Resin composition and molded article made thereof 

351. 8,664,333 
Acetoacetic ester group-containing polyvinyl alcohol-based resin, resin composition, and uses thereof 

350. 8,664,332 
Process for making uniform oligomeric droplets 

349. 8,664,331 
Aqueous urethane dispersants 

348. 8,664,330 
Reactive hot melt adhesive with improved hydrolysis resistance 

347. 8,664,329 
Silicone-acrylic copolymer 

346. 8,664,328 
Emulsions of boron crosslinked organopolysiloxanes 

345. 8,664,327 
Coating composition and method for forming coating film 

344. 8,664,326 
Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition 

343. 8,664,325 
Poly(trimethylene terephthalate) molding resins and molded articles therefrom 

342. 8,664,324 
Pigment dispersants with modified copolymers 

341. 8,664,323 
Fluorinated composition, method of coating the composition, and article thereby 

340. 8,664,322 
Thermoplastic resin composition and plastic article 

339. 8,664,321 
Process for the continuous preparation of high viscosity silicon compositions 

338. 8,664,320 
Elastic film compositions with improved tear resistance 

337. 8,664,318 
Conformable screen, shape memory structure and method of making the same 

336. 8,664,317 
Process for production of a heat-stabilized acrylate polymer 

335. 8,664,316 
Anti-thermally-expansive resin and anti-thermally-expansive metal 

334. 8,664,315 
Nitrile rubbers which optionally contain alkylthio terminal groups and which are optionally hydrogenated 

333. 8,664,313 
Method for producing aqueous ethylene/vinyl alcohol based copolymer dispersion 

332. 8,664,312 
Rubber composition for tire, and pneumatic tire 

331. 8,664,311 
Rubber compositions comprising two different coupling agents and also inorganic fillers 

330. 8,664,310 
Mixture for use in forming a transparent coating on a transparent substrate 

329. 8,664,309 
Optical film and process for its production 

328. 8,664,308 
Compatibilizers for producing nanocomposites, microcomposites and polymer blends and process for obtaining them 

327. 8,664,307 
UV barrier film 

326. 8,664,306 
Liquid hardening 

325. 8,664,305 
Functionalized lignin, rubber containing functionalized lignin and products containing such rubber composition 

324. 8,664,304 
System and method for high throughput preparation of rubber-modified asphalt cement 

323. 8,664,303 
Modified asphalt binder material using crumb rubber and methods of manufacturing a modified asphalt binder 

322. 8,664,302 
Process of polymer modified asphalt preparation 

321. 8,664,301 
Method for producing a thermoplastic polymer material 

320. 8,664,300 
Renewable and cost-effective fillers for polymeric materials 

319. 8,664,299 
Self-healing and scratch resistant shape memory polymer system 

318. 8,664,298 
Self-healing polymer nanocomposite coatings for use on surfaces made of wood 

317. 8,664,295 
Polymeric compound, method of preparing a polymeric compound, use of a polymeric compound 

316. 8,664,294 
Self etch all purpose dental cement composition and method of use thereof 

315. 8,664,293 
Aqueous polymeric system for pressure sensitive adhesive matrix preparation 

314. 8,664,292 
Compositions and articles containing a cross-linked polymer matrix and an immobilized active liquid, as well as methods of making and using the same 

313. 8,664,291 
Ultraviolet-curable ink jet ink composition 

312. 8,664,290 
Antioxidant stabilized crosslinked ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for medical device applications 

311. 8,664,289 
Dye and coloring photosensitive composition 

310. 8,664,288 
O-imino-iso-urea compounds and polymerizable compositions thereof 

309. 8,664,287 
Photocuring methods and articles prepared therefrom 

308. 8,664,286 
Vibration damping composition 

307. 8,664,285 
Composite material 

306. 8,664,284 
Depolymerization of polymers 

305. 8,664,282 
Process to prepare crosslinkable trifluorostyrene polymers and membranes 

304. 8,664,281 
Methods and arrangement for handling asphalt emulsion 

303. 8,664,280 
Bioresorable polymer matrices and methods of making and using the same 

302. 8,664,202 
Cross-linked bioactive hydrogel matrices 

301. 8,664,198 
Immunologically modified carbon nanotubes for cancer treatment 

300. 8,664,197 
Ophthalmic compositions containing mucoadhesive polysaccharides able to promote corneal re-epithelization 

299. 8,664,174 
Composition comprising microcapsules 

298. 8,664,171 
Nitrated extreme pressure additives and blends 

297. 8,664,154 
Methods of making and using activated carbon-containing coated substrates and the products made therefrom 

296. 8,664,153 
Activated carbon as an adsorbent composition 

295. 8,664,152 
Porous cellulose gel, method for producing the same and use thereof 

294. 8,664,151 
Articles comprising reinforced polyurethane coating agent 

293. 8,664,129 
Extensible nonwoven facing layer for elastic multilayer fabrics 

292. 8,664,128 
Elastic laminate and method of making 

291. 8,664,127 
Two silicon-containing precursors for gapfill enhancing dielectric liner 

290. 8,664,126 
Selective deposition of polymer films on bare silicon instead of oxide surface 

289. 8,663,904 
Norbornene-type polymers, compositions thereof and lithographic process using such compositions 

288. 8,663,903 
Top coating composition 

287. 8,663,874 
Hardcoat composition 

286. 8,663,873 
Holographic recording medium and method of recording a hologram 

285. 8,663,872 
Method for manufacturing membrane-membrane reinforcing member assembly, membrane-catalyst layer assembly, membrane-electrode assembly, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell 

284. 8,663,871 
Resin composition for fuel cell separator, process for producing same, and fuel cell separator 

283. 8,663,870 
Electrochemical device comprising linked bonded bodies 

282. 8,663,869 
Crack free SOFC electrolyte 

281. 8,663,868 
Microporous PVDF films 

280. 8,663,867 
Method of manufacturing a membrane electrode assembly, membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell 

279. 8,663,866 
Stable proton exchange membranes and membrane electrode assemblies 

278. 8,663,849 
Metal halide coatings on lithium ion battery positive electrode materials and corresponding batteries 

277. 8,663,840 
Encapsulated sulfur cathode for lithium ion battery 

276. 8,663,819 
Electrodeposited metallic coatings comprising cobalt with enhanced fatigue properties 

275. 8,663,818 
High corrosion resistance hot dip galvanized steel material 

274. 8,663,814 
Anti-wear coating and component comprising an anti-wear coating 

273. 8,663,812 
Method for preparing a cellular material based on hollow metal beads 

272. 8,663,811 
Cloud point-resistant adhesives and laminates 

271. 8,663,810 
Multilayer shrink films, labels made therefrom and use thereof 

270. 8,663,809 
Surface material substrate, surface material and molded body 

269. 8,663,806 
Techniques for marking a substrate using a physical vapor deposition material 

268. 8,663,805 
Vehicle-mounted heat-resistant hose 

267. 8,663,804 
Printed wiring board encapsulated by adhesive laminate comprising a di-isoimide, and process for preparing same 

266. 8,663,803 
Varnish composition, and pre-impregnated manufacture thereof 

265. 8,663,802 
Substrate and method for fabricating the same 

264. 8,663,801 
Organic-inorganic nanocomposite and polymer resin comprising the same 

263. 8,663,800 
Lignin production from lignocellulosic biomass 

262. 8,663,799 
Polypropylene based fibers and nonwovens 

261. 8,663,798 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive optical film and image display 

260. 8,663,797 
High-strength adhesive polymer gel and adhesive tape 

259. 8,663,796 
Coated article having antibacterial effect and method for making the same 

258. 8,663,795 
Coated article and method for making same 

257. 8,663,794 
Control of birefringence dispersion utilizing nanocomposites 

256. 8,663,793 
Excellent heat-dissipating black resin composition, method for treating a zinc coated steel sheet using the same and steel sheet treated thereby 

255. 8,663,792 
Composite roofing overlay containing paint waste 

254. 8,663,791 
Composite reinforced cores and panels 

253. 8,663,790 
PE moulding composition for producing injection-molded screw cap closures and high-strength screw cap closure for carbonated beverages produced therewith 

252. 8,663,788 
Organic-inorganic hybrid transparent hydrogel complex for fire retardant glass, fire retardant glass assembly using the same, and manufacturing method thereof 

251. 8,663,787 
High reflection glazing 

250. 8,663,786 
Polyester film for optical application 

249. 8,663,785 
Fibre based panels with a decorative wear resistance surface 

248. 8,663,784 
Photopatternable imaging layers for controlling block copolymer microdomain orientation 

247. 8,663,783 
Thin-film layer structure and method for manufacturing same 

246. 8,663,782 
Fluid handling floormat and method 

245. 8,663,780 
Method of fabricating a membrane having a tapered pore 

244. 8,663,778 
Preforms, composite components formed therewith, and processes therefor 

243. 8,663,777 
Aluminum-titanate-based ceramic honeycomb structure, its production method, and starting material powder for producing same 

242. 8,663,776 
Corner fitting preforms and method of making thereof 

241. 8,663,775 
Floor cover and methods of use thereof 

240. 8,663,774 
Multi-layer thermal insulation composite 

239. 8,663,773 
Vacuum insulation panel and method for manufacturing the same 

238. 8,663,771 
Optical media having graphene wear protection layers 

237. 8,663,770 
Bonded and stitched composite structure 

236. 8,663,769 
Bamboo oriented strand board and method for manufacturing the same 

235. 8,663,768 
Adhesive strip for adhering objects to a rigid surface 

234. 8,663,767 
Hollow profile used in the manufacture of a pipe 

233. 8,663,766  
Fabric for end fray resistance and protective sleeves formed therewith and methods of construction 

232. 8,663,765 
Polymer having unsaturated cycloaliphatic functionality and coating compositions therefrom 

231. 8,663,764 
Overmolded composite structure for an electronic device 

230. 8,663,763 
Thermoshrinkable films 

229. 8,663,762 
High-strength lightweight fabric for inflatable structures 

228. 8,663,761 
Plastic preforms with marking for position detection 

227. 8,663,760 
Printable film 

226. 8,663,759 
Protective bag 

225. 8,663,758 
Partially metallized film having barrier properties 

224. 8,663,755 
Conductive laminate and touch panel using same 

223. 8,663,754 
Pulsed laser micro-deposition pattern formation 

222. 8,663,749 
Method and device for producing polymer laminations or strand-shaped applications on a substrate 

221. 8,663,748 
Method of producing a conductive roller utilizing a semi-curing step 

220. 8,663,747 
Process for the manufacturing of decorative boards 

219. 8,663,745 
Film-forming method based on LB method 

218. 8,663,744 
Method for improving aramid yarn bundle cohesiveness 

217. 8,663,743 
Release coating 

216. 8,663,742 
Durable polymer-aerogel based superhydrophobic coatings, a composite material 

215. 8,663,740 
Water-based two-component coating compositions 

214. 8,663,739 
Aerogel mat and manufacturing method thereof 

213. 8,663,737 
Lubricious coatings 

212. 8,663,734 
Method for coating water-absorbing polymer particles 

211. 8,663,733 
Method for coating water-absorbing polymer particles 

210. 8,663,730 
Method to fabricate a three dimensional battery with a porous dielectric separator 

209. 8,663,700 
Drug loaded polymeric nanoparticles and methods of making and using same 

208. 8,663,693 
Nanoparticulate formulations of fenofibrate 

207. 8,663,691 
Gel composition for shower filter, method for manufacturing shower gel filter and shower filter 

206. 8,663,690 
Method for nanoencapsulation 

205. 8,663,689 
Functionalized adhesive medical gel 

204. 8,663,688 
Semi-solid mucoadhesive formulations 

203. 8,663,687 
Film compositions for delivery of actives 

202. 8,663,686 
Biodegradable chitosan-PEG compositions and methods of use 

201. 8,663,685 
Sustained release aminopyridine composition 

200. 8,663,684 
Lactose and cellulose-based tableting aid 

199. 8,663,683 
Sustained-release formulations of topiramate 

198. 8,663,682 
Taste-masking coated particles, process for the preparation thereof and orodispersible tablets containing said coated particles 

197. 8,663,675 
Injectable matrix having a polymer and a stem cell niche composed of cup-shaped nanoparticles containing growth factors or physiological agents for organ reconstruction

196. 8,663,674 
Microparticle containing matrices for drug delivery 

195. 8,663,672 
Osteoimplant and method of making same 

194. 8,663,671 
Methods and compositions for producing hydrogel capsules coated for low permeability and physical integrity 

193. 8,663,664 
Temperature sensitive state-changing hydrogel composition and method for their preparation 

192. 8,663,660 
Polymerized micelles 

191. 8,663,659 
Orally administrable films 

190. 8,663,618 
Surface modified porous polymers for enhanced cell growth 

189. 8,663,615 
Bio-polymer air effector delivery systems 

188. 8,663,613 
Hair or skin conditioning compositions comprising hydrophobically modified amido silicone copolyol 

187. 8,663,609 
Composition comprising a polyol, a sugar silicone surfactant and a oil-soluble polar modified polymer 

186. 8,663,605 
Agent for fibers containing keratin, comprising at least one specific amphiphilic cationic polymer, at least one cationic styling polymer that is different therefrom and at least one film-forming non-ionic and/or stabilizing non-ionic polymer 

185. 8,663,599 
Pharmaceutical composition of nanoparticles 

184. 8,663,593
Method for fabricating three dimensional graphene structures using catalyst templates 

183. 8,663,592 
Method for producing vegetable carbon with high carbon content and plant for carrying out said method 

182. 8,663,591 
Method of preparing graphene shell and graphene shell prepared using the method 

181. 8,663,572 
Micro plasma jet generator 

180. 8,663,571 
Method and apparatus for making uniform and ultrasmall nanoparticles 

179. 8,663,568 
Apparatus and system for handling photocurable fluid waste 

178. 8,663,565 
Continuous emulsification--aggregation process for the production of particles 

177. 8,663,563 
Reflective diffractometric hydrogel sensor for biological and chemical detection 

176. 8,663,554 
Method for fabricating a biosensor chip and the biosensor chip made thereby 

175. 8,663,548 
Metal nanoparticles and methods for producing and using same 

174. 8,663,545 
Method of manufacturing honeycomb structure and honeycomb structure 

173. 8,663,544 
Method for manufacturing a plastic fuel tank with improved creep strength 

172. 8,663,543 
Process for the manufacture of a container having an integral handle 

171. 8,663,542 
Thermoplastic resin composition and molded product thereof 

170. 8,663,541 
Method of forming a tubular membrane on a structural frame 

169. 8,663,540 
Expanded graphite foil heater tube assembly and method of use 

168. 8,663,539 
Process of making a three-dimentional micro-truss structure 

167. 8,663,538  Method of making a membrane for use with a flow control system for a micropump 

166. 8,663,537 
Injection molding apparatus and method 

165. 8,663,536 
Hybrid injection actuator for an injection molding machine 

164. 8,663,534 
Spin moulding 

163. 8,663,533 
Method of using print head assembly in fused deposition modeling system 

162. 8,663,530 
Water-proof sound-transmitting membrane, method for producing water-proof sound-transmitting membrane, and electrical appliance using the membrane 

161. 8,663,529 
Holder and method for shaping a sound tube 

160. 8,663,526
Method and device for moulding a curved part made from composite material and corresponding part 

159. 8,663,524 
Controlled geometry composite micro pellets for use in compression molding 

158. 8,663,523 
Folded product made from extruded profile and method of making same 

157. 8,663,522 
Fiber draw synthesis 

156. 8,663,521 
Process for manufacturing a looped material band 

155. 8,663,519 
Method and device for producing fiber-reinforced plastic profile parts 

154. 8,663,518 
Methods of producing a titanium dioxide pigment and improving the processability of titanium dioxide pigment particles 

153. 8,663,517 
Process of imparting wettability to a polyolefin fiber 

152. 8,663,516 
Process for manufacturing a block of material that imitates natural stone and the block of material obtained by the implementation thereof 

151. 8,663,515 
Process for moulding plastic articles 

150. 8,663,514 
Gas-assisted co-injection molded chair 

149. 8,663,513 
Foam earplug extrusion 

148. 8,663,512 
Kit and method for customization of golf balls 

147. 8,663,511 
Encapsulated materials and methods for encapsulating materials 

146. 8,663,510 
Method for injection molding an intraocular lens device 

145. 8,663,509 
Fire retardant formulations 

144. 8,663,508 
Photochromic curable composition 

143. 8,663,507 
Pulverulent compounds, processes for the preparation thereof and the use thereof in electrochemical applications 

142. 8,663,506 
Process for uniform and higher loading of metallic fillers into a polymer matrix using a highly porous host material 

141. 8,663,505 
Process for producing conducting polymers 

140. 8,663,504 
Method for gasification of carbon-containing materials by thermal decomposition of methane and conversion of carbon dioxide 

139. 8,663,497 
Liquid crystal composition comprising polymerizable compound, and liquid crystal display element using said liquid crystal composition 

138. 8,663,496 
Double-layered compacted solid water-purification product 

137. 8,663,495 
Gelled nanotube-containing heat transfer medium 

136. 8,663,494 
Terpene, terpenoid, and fullerene stabilizers for fluoroolefins 

135. 8,663,493 
Piezoelectric material and production method therefor 

134. 8,663,492 
Electrolyte synthesis for ultracapacitors 

133. 8,663,485 
Method of manufacturing plastic metallized three-dimensional circuit 

132. 8,663,484 
Method for manufacturing a printed circuit board and a printed circuit board obtained by the manufacturing method 

131. 8,663,462 
Methods for obtaining bitumen from bituminous materials 

130. 8,663,441 
Vacuum coating apparatus with mutiple anodes and film coating method using the same 

129. 8,663,433 
Coated article with low-E coating including zirconium silicon oxynitride and methods of making same 

128. 8,663,432 
Magnetron sputtering apparatus and magnetron sputtering method 

127. 8,663,431 
Sputtering system for depositing thin film and method for depositing thin film 

126. 8,663,430 
Magnetron sputtering apparatus and method for manufacturing thin film 

125. 8,663,428 
Roll for a papermaking machine 

124. 8,663,427 
Addition of endothermic fire retardants to provide near neutral pH pulp fiber webs 

123. 8,663,426 
Method for producing cellulose-fiber flat structure 

122. 8,663,425 
Method for manufacturing microfibrous cellulose composite sheets and method for manufacturing microfibrous cellulose composite sheet laminate 

121. 8,663,424 
Plasma processing apparatus and gas supply member support device 

Aircraft adhesive 

119. 8,663,421 
Apparatus and method of manufacturing absorbent article 

118. 8,663,419  
Manual container assembly and liner integration fixture for pulp-molded shell with polymer liner container systems 

117. 8,663,418 
Method of forming a roofing product including a ceramic base material and recycled roofing material 

116. 8,663,417 
Installation system for quickly attaching fastening elements by means of light-curing adhesives 

115. 8,663,416 
Heat transfer methods and sheets for applying an image to a substrate 

114. 8,663,415 
Method of making disposable pants having underwear-like waistbands, and pant made thereby 

113. 8,663,414 
Polyurethane-based pultrusion resin system 

112. 8,663,413 
White and black ply laminate and methods 

111. 8,663,412 

110. 8,663,411 
Apparatus and method for forming a pant-type diaper with refastenable side seams 

109. 8,663,409 
Touch fastening 

108. 8,663,408 
Wave-like structures bonded to flat surfaces in unitized composites and methods for making same 

107. 8,663,407 
Isobutylene (Co)polymeric adhesive composition 

106. 8,663,406 
Melt cast insensitive eutectic explosive 

105. 8,663,396 
Method for cleaning oil soaked bonded panels and laminates 

104. 8,663,392 
Method and apparatus for lignocellulose pretreatment using a super-cellulose-solvent and highly volatile solvents 

103. 8,663,380 
Gas phase production of coated titania 

102. 8,663,379 
Coating for machine parts used in the production of pig iron or steel 

101. 8,663,378 
Asphalt mix workable at ambient temperatures with only biodegradable solvents and method of manufacturing the same 

100. 8,663,377 
Method for changing color of substrate coating by application of stimulus 

99. 8,663,376 
Surface treatment solution for autodeposition coating of metallic material and autodeposition coating treatment method 

98. 8,663,372 
Microporous membrane and method for forming 

97. 8,663,359 
Thick sintered polycrystalline diamond and sintered jewelry

96. 8,663,358 
Filter media with improved conductivity 

95. 8,663,356 
Honeycomb structure 

94. 8,663,349 
Polycrystalline diamond compacts, and related methods and applications 

93. 8,663,332 
Bone graft distribution system 

92. 8,663,331  
Maximum support TLIF implant 

91. 8,663,330 
Expandable vertebral device with ring plate 

90. 8,663,329 
Expandable implant for mammalian bony segment stabilization 

89. 8,663,328 
Methods for positioning a load-bearing component of an orthopedic implant device by inserting a malleable device that hardens in vivo 

88. 8,663,327 
Modular junction seal of an orthopedic implant 

87. 8,663,326 
Biologic artificial bone 

86. 8,663,320 
Storage and loading system for implantable medical devices 

85. 8,663,319 
Methods and apparatus for percutaneous aortic valve replacement 

84. 8,663,318 
Method and apparatus for percutaneous aortic valve replacement 

83. 8,663,317 
Intraluminar perforated radially expandable drug delivery prosthesis and a method for the production thereof 

82. 8,663,314 
Continuous double layered stent for migration resistance 

81. 8,663,313 
Low strain high strength stent 

80. 8,663,309 
Asymmetric stent apparatus and method 

79. 8,663,308 
Graft with bioabsorbable support frame 

78. 8,663,272 
Biodegradable adhesive film for vascular closure 

77. 8,663,235 
Bag-in-the-lens intraocular lens with removable optic 

76. 8,663,225 
Hydrogel bone void filler 

75. 8,663,186 
Absorbent article with improved tear resistance and softness 

74. 8,663,184 
Absorbent article with a multifunctional side panel 

73. 8,663,183 
Absorbent articles with comfortable elasticated laminates 

72. 8,663,182 
Disposable absorbent article with absorbent waistcap or waistband and method for making the same 

71. 8,663,181 
Disposable urine bag device 

70. 8,663,173 
Disposable shield for a medical tool 

69. 8,663,171 
Medical-use bandage 

68. 8,663,033 
Golf balls including multiple dimple types and/or multiple layers of different hardnesses 

67. 8,663,032 
Golf balls including multiple dimple types and/or multiple layers of different hardnesses 

66. 8,663,031 
Golf ball 

65. 8,663,025 
Golf ball with indicia for alignment 

64. 8,662,882 
Golf ball mold 

63. 8,662,881 
Stretch-blow molding machine 

62. 8,662,880 
Continuous motion rotating thermoforming of soluble pouches 

61. 8,662,879 
Micro/nano imprint mold of the fabricating process 

60. 8,662,878 
Methods and materials for fabricating laminate nanomolds and nanoparticles therefrom 

59. 8,662,877 
System, method and apparatus for solar heated manufacturing 

58. 8,662,876 
Installation for heating the bodies of preforms for blow-moulding containers 

57. 8,662,875 
Injection molding apparatus for shoe or sole using thermoplastic resin and thereby shoes 

56. 8,662,873 
Ramped stiffener and apparatus and method for forming the same 

55. 8,662,872 
Oven for the thermal conditioning of preforms made of a thermoplastic material 

54. 8,662,871 
Tire vulcanizing device 

53. 8,662,810 
Method and device for manufacturing adhesively bound printed products formed of a book block and a cover 

52. 8,662,665 
Refractive-diffractive multifocal lens 

51. 8,662,664 
Device for asymmetrical refractive optical correction in the peripheral retina for controlling the progression of myopia 

50. 8,662,663 
Hybrid soft contact lens, and production method and hydration treatment method thereof 

49. 8,662,662 
Contact lens for treating binocular diplopia 

48. 8,662,661 
Liquid ejection apparatus having first casing and second casing rotatable relative to first casing 

47. 8,662,640 
Corrosion protected flexible printed wiring member 

46. 8,662,599
Composite wheel 

45. 8,662,513 
Recyclable cardboard bicycle 

44. 8,662,504 
Tight-seal construction 

43. 8,662,503 
Method and apparatus for piston-actuated elastomer probe seal in a hydraulic coupling member 

42. 8,662,502 
Fuel nozzle seal spacer and method of installing the same 

41. 8,662,451 
Manhole assembly in the lower skin of an aircraft wing made of a composite material 

40. 8,662,449 
CNT-tailored composite air-based structures 

39. 8,662,410 
Multiple color powder paint application 

38. 8,662,380 
Modular corrugated reusable crate system 

37. 8,662,379 
Package with reinforced end zones and method for making the same 

36. 8,662,343 
Pressure vessel and method of use 

35. 8,662,342 
Materials storage method and device 

34. 8,662,341 
Wave preventing flexible tank for liquids 

33. 8,662,334 
Vacuum storage container with flexible diaphragm 

32. 8,662,333 
Box having foldable sidewalls with a stable sidewall structure 

31. 8,662,332 
Pasteurizable and hot-fillable plastic container 

30. 8,662,331 
One piece reversible closure and container system 

29. 8,662,330 
Lockable cap for medical prescription bottle 

28. 8,662,329 
Bottle with top loading resistance with front and back ribs 

27. 8,662,328 
Interconnecting container system 

26. 8,662,316 
Filter medium for liquid filtration and process for producing the same 

25. 8,662,303 
Packaging box 

24. 8,662,302 
Packaging for energy foods or other substances 

23. Backfilled polycrystalline diamond cutter with high thermal conductivity 

22. 8,662,125 
Modified gel particles and rubber composition 

21. 8,662,124 
Precured tread for retreaded tire and retreaded tire 

20. 8,662,123 
Tire with rubber tread of circumferential zones with graduated physical properties 

19. 8,662,085 
Magnetic nanoparticle and group of nanoparticles 

18. 8,662,011 
Apparatus for carrying out plasma chemical vapour deposition and method of manufacturing an optical preform 

17. 8,662,010 
Plasma processing apparatus, plasma processing method, plasma film deposition apparatus, and plasma film deposition method 

16. 8,662,009 
Adhesive application apparatus 

15. 8,662,008 
Edge coating apparatus for solar cell substrates 

14. 8,662,007 
Method and device for the continuous coating of cores by means of a dragee making apparatus 

13. 8,661,915 
Elastically stretchable fabric force sensor arrays and methods of making 

12. 8,661,893 
Prosthetic component having a compliant surface 

11. 8,661,869 
Stretch forming apparatus with supplemental heating and method 

10. 8,661,866 
Apparatus for producing a flat tube and method of producing a flat tube 

9. 8,661,762 
Flooring panel or wall panel and use thereof 

8. 8,661,759 
Shingle layer or shingle having thick appearance 

7. 8,661,755 
Composite wall system 

6. 8,661,754 
System and method of use for composite floor 

5. 8,661,653 
Methods of making Z-shielding 

4. 8,661,614 
Grommet device with flexible bowed members and methods of using thereof 

3. 8,661,602 
Wiper blade 

2. 8,661,581 
Crib liner system 

1. 8,661,562 
Eyewear with rigid lens support 


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