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From 10/02/2014 to 5/13/2014

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Week 20

Patents published 5/20/2014                   

8,726,412 through 8,732,861

7057 patents published.

484 polymer related patents.


484. 8,729,333 
Absorptive article 

483. 8,729,332 
Pants-type disposable diaper 

482. 8,729,324 
Biomass conversion systems having integrated heat management and methods for use thereof 

481. 8,729,253 
Cellulose ester optical films 

480. 8,729,243 
Method for preparing polybiotinylated compounds 

479. 8,729,238 
Method of producing nano- and microcapsules of spider silk protein 

478. 8,729,235 
Spider silk proteins and methods for producing spider silk proteins 

477. 8,729,223 
Enhancing the physical properties of semi-crystalline polymers via solid-state shear pulverization 

476. 8,729,222 
Organic thin-film transistors 

475. 8,729,221 
Conjugated copolymers chiral side chain for organic thin film transistors 

474. 8,729,220 
Annellated dithiophene copolymers 

473. 8,729,219 
Polyarylene block copolymer having sulfonic acid group and use thereof 

472. 8,729,218 
Manufacturing method of polyaspartic acid using maleic anhydride 

471. 8,729,217 
Semi-conductive polyimide film 

470. 8,729,216 
Multifunctional sulfur-containing polymers, compositions thereof and methods of use 

469. 8,729,215 
Sacrificial polymer compositions including polycarbonates having repeat units derived from stereospecific polycyclic 2,3-diol monomers 

468. 8,729,214 
Mixtures resulting from methods for purification of polyether polymers 

467. 8,729,213 
Benzylated polyamine curing agents 

466. 8,729,212 
Polymer compositions and devices 

465. 8,729,211 
Perfluoropolyether urethane additives having (meth)acryl groups and hard coats 

464. 8,729,210 
Prepolymers based on di- or polyisocyanates and formamide-terminated low molecular weight compounds, processes for preparing the same and uses thereof 

463. 8,729,209 
Compounds having a guanidine structure and use of same as organopolysiloxane polycondensation catalysts 

462. 8,729,208 
Curable composition 

461. 8,729,207 
Types of polyester-modified organopolysiloxanes 

460. 8,729,206 
Solid particulate catalysts comprising bridged metallocenes 

459. 8,729,205 
Flowability improver for engineering plastics, thermoplastic resin compositions containing the same and molded articles of the compositions 

458. 8,729,204 
Compositions and method for producing poly-aminofunctionalized polymerization initiators and corresponding polymers 

457. ,8,729,203 
Polymer composition 

456. 8,729,202 
Biocompatible polymer compositions for dual or multi staged curing 

455. 8,729,201 
Process for polymerizing an olefin monomer and catalyst therefor 

454. 8,729,200 
Ethylene-based polymer compositions 

453. 8,729,199 
Method for neutralizing polymerization catalyst 

452. 8,729,198 
Compositions comprising thiol-terminated polymers and sulfur-containing ethylenically unsaturated silanes and related cured sealants 

451. 8,729,197 
Epoxy structural adhesive 

450. 8,729,196 
Cationic electrodeposition paint compositions 

449. 8,729,195 
Organosilicon compound, method for producing thereof, and curable silicone composition containing the same 

448. 8,729,194 
Polyurethane resin 

447. 8,729,193 
Polyurea compositions and methods of use 

446. 8,729,192 
Epoxy resin composition, cured article thereof, novel epoxy resin, novel phenol resin and semiconductor-encapsulating material 

445. 8,729,191 
Production process of polyacrylic acid (salt) water-absorbent resin 

444. 8,729,190 
Particular water-absorbent agent having water-absorbent resin as main component 

443. 8,729,189 
Propylene-based block copolymer, composition containing the copolymer, and molded products obtained therefrom 

442. 8,729,188 
Propylene polymer compositions 

441. 8,729,187 
High-molecular-weight copolymer 

440. 8,729,186 
Polymerization process to make low density polyethylene 

439. 8,729,185 
Method for producing 2-cyanoethyl group-containing organic compound 

438. 8,729,184 
Rubber composition and tire using the same as well as modified conjugated diene-based polymer and method for producing the same 

437. 8,729,183 
Silicone emulsions and method for producing same 

436. 8,729,182 
High energy density nanocomposites and related methods of preparation 

435. 8,729,181 
Aromatic polycyanate compounds and process for the production thereof 

434. 8,729,180 
Polycarbonate resin composition and formed product thereof 

433. 8,729,179 
Moisture curable polyacrylates 

432. 8,729,178 
Polysiloxane-grafted polyimide resin composition and applications thereof 

431. 8,729,177 
Silicone gel-forming compositions and hysteretic silicone gel and device comprising the gel 

430. 8,729,176 
Polyricinoleate composition and process for producing the same 

429. 8,729,175 
Fluoroelastomer gels 

428. 8,729,174 
Energy absorbing composition and impact and sound absorbing applications thereof 

427. 8,729,173 
Aqueous polymer dispersions modified with solvent-softened nanoparticles 

426. 8,729,172 
High performance engineering plastics and additive for use in engineering plastics 

425. 8,729,171 
Supercritical carbon-dioxide processed biodegradable polymer nanocomposites 

424. 8,729,170 
Coating compositions and textile fabrics coated therewith 

423. 8,729,169 
Synthetic rubber with anti-oxidants for rubber 

422. 8,729,168 
Vehicular glass adhesive and method of adhering said glass 

421. 8,729,167 
Modified elastomeric polymers 

420. 8,729,166 
Polymer composition for microelectronic assembly  

419. 8,729,165 
Flame-retardant poly lactic acid-containing film or sheet, and method for manufacturing thereof 

418. 8,729,164 
Thermoplastic molding composition and moldings produced therefrom with improved wear resistance 

417. 8,729,163 
Phosphinic acid hydrazide flame retardant compositions 

416. 8,729,162 
Vinyl ester resin compositions 

415. 8,729,161 
Water based slurry compositions for making environmental barrier coatings and environmental barrier coatings comprising the same 

414. 8,729,160 
Admixture for hydraulic binder 

413. 8,729,159 
Fibreboard from agricultural wastes and a method for manufacturing the same 

412. 8,729,158 
Fumed silica of controlled aggregate size and processes for manufacturing the same 

411. 8,729,157 
Ultra-high solids emulsion pressure sensitive adhesives and their applications 

410. 8,729,156 
Polyhydroxyalkanoate composition exhibiting improved impact resistance at low levels of impact modifier 

409. 8,729,155 
Intumescent material for fire protection 

408. 8,729,154 
Binder for inkjet printing ink, inkjet printing ink containing the binder, and printed product 

407. 8,729,152 
Curing agent composition 

406. 8,729,151 
Artificial marble and methods 

405. 8,729,150 
Polymeric materials 

404. 8,729,149 
Silicone hydrogels and methods of manufacture 

403. 8,729,148 
Photocurable dry film, method for preparing same, patterning method and film for protecting electric and electronic parts 

402. 8,729,145 
Foaming agents and compositions containing fluorine substituted olefins and methods of foaming 

401. 8,729,144 
Fibre reinforced propylene foam 

400. 8,729,143 
Elastic particle foam based on polyolefin/styrene polymer mixtures 

399. 8,729,138 
Mixture of polyfluoroalkylsulfonamido alkyl amines 

398. 8,729,129 
Neural tourniquet 

397. 8,729,015 
Solid lipid microcapsules containing growth hormone inner core microparticles 

396. 8,729,008 
Starch hydrolyzate solubilizer for metal ions 

395. 8,729,005 
Hard surface cleaning compositions 

394. 8,728,993 
Inert wear resistant PTFE-based solid lubricant nanocomposite 

393. 8,728,992 
Grease composition and bearing 

392. 8,728,978 
Biocide compositions (IV) 

391. 8,728,977 
Herbicidal combinations comprising tefuryltrione for use in rice crops 

390. 8,728,970 
Catalyst component for the polymerization of olefins 

389. 8,728,969 
Process for obtaining a catalyst composite 

388. 8,728,968 
Synthesis of bioceramic compositions 

387. 8,728,965 
Method for producing porous material using antifreeze protein 

386. 8,728,957 
Thin film formation method and film formation apparatus 

385. 8,728,956 
Plasma activated conformal film deposition 

384. 8,728,955 
Method of plasma activated deposition of a conformal film on a substrate surface 

383. 8,728,952 
Coating method of an alignment film 

382. 8,728,950 
Coating method, and organic electroluminescence element 

381. 8,728,933 
Laser cutting and chemical edge clean for thin-film solar cells 

380. 8,728,931 
Multi-layer barrier layer for interconnect structure 

379. 8,728,917 
Carbon nanotube forming method and pre-treatment method therefor 

378. 8,728,910 
Expandable film, dicing film, and method of producing semiconductor device 

377. 8,728,880 
Graphene electronic device and method of fabricating the same 

376. 8,728,849 
Laser cutting through two dissimilar materials separated by a metal foil 

375. 8,728,826 
Magnetically susceptible particles and apparatuses for mixing the same 

374. 8,728,825 
GMR sensor stripe for a biosensor with enhanced sensiti

373. 8,728,817 
Compositions and methods for making and using laminin nanofibers 

372. 8,728,793 
Amphipathic alpha-helical peptide compositions as antiviral agents 

371. 8,728,779 
Processing biomass 

370. 8,728,778 
Microbial strains and processes for the manufacture of biomaterials 

369. 8,728,776 
Bacterial strains and variants thereof that can degrade polylactic acid, and uses of same 

368. 8,728,716 
Resin pattern, method for producing the pattern, method for producing MEMS structure, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and method for producing plated pattern 

367. 8,728,715 
Non-photosensitive siloxane coating for processing hydrophobic photoimageable nozzle plate 

366. 8,728,714 
Methods for adhering materials, for enhancing adhesion between materials, and for patterning materials, and related semiconductor device structures 

365. 8,728,712 
Polymerizable composition 

364. 8,728,688 
Colored curable composition, color filter and method of producing the same, and dipyrromethene metal complex compound and tautomer thereof 

363. 8,728,687 
Resin, pigment dispersion, colored curable composition, color filter produced using the same, and method for producing the same 

362. 8,728,686 
Photosensitive compositions, curable compositions, novel compounds, photopolymerizable compositions, color filters, and planographic printing plate precursors 

261. 8,728,685 
Method of making holographic storage medium 

360. 8,728,680 
Method to enhance the durability of conductive carbon coating of PEM fuel cell bipolar plates 

359. 8,728,679 
Laminated exfoliated graphite composite-metal compositions for fuel cell flow field plate or bipolar plate applications 

358. 8,728,564 
Powder mix and a method for producing a building panel 

357. 8,728,626 
Method for forming coating film and coated article 

356. 8,728,625 
Water reducible coating compositions including carboxy ester ketals, methods of manufacture, and uses thereof 

355. 8,728,624 
Fixing material comprising silane compound polymer and photonic device sealed body 

354. 8,728,623 
Hardcoats having low surface energy and low lint attraction 

353. 8,728,621 
Hard multilayer film formed body and method for manufacturing same 

352. 8,728,619 
Highly functional polyethylene fiber excellent in forming processability 

351. 8,728,618 
Coating composition for metal thin film and photoluminescent coating film formed from same 

350. 8,728,617 
Microporous material containing a security feature 

349. 8,728,616 
Polymer sheet and method for producing same 

348. 8,728,615 
Transparent conductive film and method of fabricating the same, transparent conductive base material, and light-emitting device 

347. 8,728,614 
Backside protective film for solar cell, method for producing same, and solar cell module 

346. 8,728,611 

345. 8,728,610 
Compound mold and structured surface articles containing geometric structures with compound faces and method of making same 

344. 8,728,609 
Roof tiles and roof tile structures and methods of making same 

343. 8,728,608 
Profile element with a sealing element 

342. 8,728,607 
Ceramic honeycomb structure and its production method 

341. 8,728,606 
Thermoplastic material 

340. 8,728,605 
Water vapor permeable multi-layer thermal insulation 

339. 8,728,604 
Vehicle interior part 

338. 8,728,603 
Floor panel 

337. 8,728,602 
Multi-component adhesive system 

336. 8,728,601 
Preform and container comprising reinforcing elements 

335. 8,728,600 
Highly abrasion-resistant grafted polyolefin pipe 

334. 8,728,599 
Articles comprising a hydrate-inhibiting silicone coating 

333. 8,728,596 
Flexible packaging materials and methods of making and using same 

332. 8,728,594 
Heat-shrinkable white polyester film, process for producing heat-shrinkable white polyester film, label, and package 

331. 8,728,593 
Polyvinyl alcohol films with improved resistance to oxidizing chemicals 

330. 8,728,592 
Container from fibre based board and a method for producing such a container 

329. 8,728,591 
Polymer film, phase difference film, polarizing plate, liquid crystal display device, retardation inducing agent, and merocyanine-based compound 

328. 8,728,590 
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device 

327. 8,728,589 
Laser decal transfer of electronic materials 

326. 8,728,585 
Method for enhancing adhesion of thin film 

325. 8,728,584 
Method for patterning polymer surface 

324. 8,728,583 
Composite materials, composite film manufactured by using the same and method for manufacturing composite film 

323. 8,728,582 
Primers and a method of coating in which they are used 

322. 8,728,581 
Embossed carpet backing 

321. 8,728,580 
Method of manufacturing film with coating 

320. 8,728,579 
Transparent inorganic-organic hybrid materials via aqueous sol-gel processing 

319. 8,728,578 
Chemical synthesis for graphene sheets greater than 1 .mu.m in length 

318. 8,728,577 
Metallic decorative sheet, production method of metallic decorative sheet, and production method of insert molded body using metallic decorative sheet 

317. 8,728,575 
Method for synthesizing a thin film 

316. 8,728,573 
Metal compound coated particulate mineral materials, methods of making them and uses thereof 

315. 8,728,572 
Method for constructing contact element for multi-layer system 

314. 8,728,571 
Fabrication method for functional surface 

313. 8,728,569 
Method for reconditioning the worn surface of grinding rollers of a high-compression roller mill 

312. 8,728,568 
Method for encapsulation of electronics received in water meter pits with an improved wax-based encapsulant/moisture barrier 

311. 8,728,566 
Method of making carbon nanotube composite materials   

310. 8,728,563 
Endoluminal implantable surfaces, stents, and grafts and method of making same 

309. 8,728,562 
Implantable leads with a unitary silicone component 

308. 8,728,561 
Edible film compositions for processing of meat products 

307. 8,728,527 
Solid nanoparticle formulation of water insoluble pharmaceutical substances with reduced ostwald ripening 

306. 8,728,526 
Coacervate microparticles useful for the sustained release administration of therapeutic agents 

305. 8,728,524 
Biomaterials consisting of sulphated hyaluronic acid and gellan to be used in the prevention of spinal adhesions 

304. 8,728,521 
Physically/molecularly distributed and/or chemically bound medicaments in empty, hard capsule shells 

303. 8,728,520 
Cross-linked alginate-polyalkylene glycol polymer coatings for encapsulation and methods of making the same 

302. 8,728,519 
Soft gelatin capsules 

301. 8,728,518 
Butylphthalide self-emulsifying drug delivery system, its preparation and method and application 

300. 8,728,513 
Silver containing wound dressing 

299. 8,728,512 
Treatment and composition for wound healing 

298. 8,728,510 
Biocompatible carrier containing a bioadhesive material 

297. 8,728,509 
Implant depots to deliver growth factors to treat osteoporotic bone 

296. 8,728,508 
Hydrophilic coating and a method for the preparation thereof 

295. 8,728,506 
Durable pest repellent and pest repellent resin composition 

294. 8,728,500 
Composition containing a polyorganosiloxane polymer, a thickening agent and at least one volatile alcohol 

293. 8,728,499 
Dendritic macroporous hydrogels prepared by crystal templating 

292. 8,728,498 
Electrospun silk material systems for wound healing 

291. 8,728,493 
Polymer based compositions and conjugates of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs 

290. 8,728,463 
Production of tissue engineered digits and limbs 

289. 8,728,462 
Antimicrobial compositions and related methods of use 

288. 8,728,455 
Radiation-curable antimicrobial coatings 

287. 8,728,454 
Cationic micelles with anionic polymeric counterions compositions thereof 

286. 8,728,453 
Combinatorial polymeric compositions for drug delivery 

285. 8,728,449 
Water-soluble film article having salt layer, and method of making the same 

284. 8,728,448 
Use of agglomerated hydroxyethylcellulose in pharmaceutical, personal care and household care applications 

283. 8,728,447 
Teeth-whitening gel 

282. 8,728,446 
Oral hygiene tablets and capsules for direct oral delivery of active ingredients 

281. 8,728,445 
Hydrogel Compositions 

280. 8,728,444 
Formulation comprising nicotine and a cation exchange resin 

279. 8,728,443 
Formulation comprising nicotine and a cation exchange resin 

278. 8,728,440 
Nanoparticulate compositions for diagnostic imaging 

277. 8,728,436 
Synthesis strategy toward microspheric carbon coated off-stoichiometric lithium--iron--phosphorus compound materials 

276. 8,728,433 
Processing of monolayer materials via interfacial reactions 

275. 8,728,432 
Process for producing dispersion of surface-treated carbon black powder, and process for producing surface-treated carbon black powder 

274. 8,728,431 
Method of preparing carbon nanotubes and catalyst for producing carbon nanotubes 

273. 8,728,430 
Low temperature single-wall carbon nanotube synthesis 

272. 8,728,429 
Production of conductive nanodiamond by dynamic synthesis approaches 

271. 8,728,401 
Filter bag, pleatable filtration material therefore, and process of making same 

270. 8,728,381 
Injection moulding of plastics articles 

269. 8,728,380 
Lithographic method for forming a pattern 

268. 8,728,379 
Methods for making oxidation resistant polymeric material 

267. 8,728,376  
Restoring and recycling railroad ties 

266. 8,728,375 
Method of resin sealing permanent magnets in laminated rotor core 

265. 8,728,374 
Method of manufacturing a foundation wall panel 

264. 8,728,373 
Industrial fabric having a thermochromic sensor 

263. 8,728,372 
PTFE layers and methods of manufacturing 

262. 8,728,371 
Method of producing stretched film and stretched film 

261. 8,728,370 
Polyolefinic molding composition having improved resistance to thermooxidative degradation and its use for the production of pipes 

260. 8,728,369 
Method of making an auxetic mesh 

259. 8,728,368 
Method for crystallizing crystallizable polymers having a high tendency to agglomerate 

258. 8,728,367 
Process for producing linear profiles 

257. 8,728,366 
Method and device for making an optical plate formed with a microstructure 

256. 8,728,365 
Methods for making construction material using enzyme producing bacteria 

255. 8,728,364 
Open cell foam and manufacture of open cell foam products 

254. 8,728,363 
Thermoplastic resin foam and production process thereof 

253. 8,728,362 
Method for producing reinforced plastic profiles having improved thermal insulation for window construction 

252. 8,728,361 
Making nanostructured porous hollow spheres with tunable structure 

251. 8,728,360 
Apparatus and method for producing optical sheeting 

250. 8,728,359 
Fire retardant materials and methods 

249. 8,728,356 
Composite thermoelectric material and method for producing the same 

248. 8,728,354 
Electrically conducting compositions 

247. 8,728,353 
Burned plant material and electromagnetic shielding member 

246. 8,728,351 
Conductive polymer solution, conductive coating film and input device 

245. 8,728,347 
Oxygen absorber, oxygen absorbent resin composition, and oxygen absorbent film 

244. 8,728,346 
Preparations of suspensions 

243. 8,728,345 
Epoxy-containing polysiloxane oligomer compositions, process for making same and uses thereof 

242. 8,728,326 
Polymer and methods for preparing and using the same 

241. 8,728,323 
Method of treating contaminated water using unexpanded intercalated graphite in flake form 

240. 8,728,320 
Lignin sorbent, lignin removal unit, biorefinery, process for removing lignin, process for binding lignin and renewable material 

239. 8,728,316 
Membrane filter unit 

238. 8,728,315 
Method and apparatus for the filtration of biological solutions 

237. 8,728,314 
Membrane module and membrane cassette 

236. 8,728,313 
Filter system with removable enhancement media 

235. 8,728,312 
Method and device for filtering blood using magnetic force 

234. 8,728,306 
Method for extracting bitumen from an oil sand feed stream 

233. 8,728,305 
Systems and methods for oil sands processing 

232. 8,728,293 
Preparing electrodes for electroplating 

231. 8,728,283 
Process for forming a film, piezoelectric film, piezoelectric device, and liquid discharge apparatus 

230. 8,728,282 
Industrial continuous cracking device of plastics 

229. 8,728,280 
Industrial fabric including spirally wound material strips with reinforcement  

228. 8,728,276 
Apparatus and method for controlling curling potential of paper, paperboard, or other product during manufacture 

227. 8,728,275 
Glycerol-based polymers for reducing deposition of organic contaminants in papermaking processes 

226. 8,728,274 
Treatment of pulp 

225. 8,728,273 
Process for the production of a composition comprising fibrillated cellulose and a composition 

224. 8,728,272 
Microfibrillated cellulose having cellulose type-II crystalline structure, and molded article containing the microfibrillated cellulose 

223. 8,728,271 
Silane/urea compound as a heat-activatable curing agent for epoxide resin compositions 

222. 8,728,270 
Water-resistant corrugated paperboard and method of preparing the same 

221. 8,728,269 
Methods for containing liquid materials and maintaining part alignment during assembly operations 

220. 8,728,268 
Method for manufacturing resin molding and laser beam irradiation apparatus 

219. 8,728,266 
Electro-optic displays, and materials and methods for production thereof 

218. 8,728,264 
Process for producing a haemocompatible article of complex configuration and article thus obtained 

217. 8,728,263 
Composite fabric with rigid member structure 

216. 8,728,262 
Rapid fabrication of a composite part 

215. 8,728,260 
Recyclable surface covering and method and system for manufacturing a recyclable surface covering 

214. 8,728,249 
Packing machine 

213. 8,728,248 
Adjustable filter system for a dishwashing appliance 

212. 8,728,246 
Method and composition for removing deposits 

211. 8,728,245 
Gelled adhesive remover composition and method of use 

210. 8,728,243 
Apparatus for extraction of saccharides from lignocellulose material by means of hydrolysis and use of a certain material in the apparatus 

219. 8,728,231 
Biodegradable set retarder for a cement composition 

218. 8,728,230 
Temperature-stable liquid aqueous polysaccharide suspensions and use thereof as thickening agents in cementitious compositions 

217. 8,728,229 
Cement slurry composition 

216. 8,728,228 
High-gloss multilayer effect pigments having a narrow size distribution, and method for the production thereof 

215. 8,728,227 
High-gloss multilayer effect pigments having a silver interference color and a narrow size distribution, and method for the production thereof 

214. 8,728,226 
High-gloss multilayer effect pigments having a chromatic interference color and a narrow size distribution, and method for the production thereof 

213. 8,728,225 
Composition containing quaternary amino-functional organosilicon compounds and production and use thereof 

212. 8,728,224 
Water-soluble binder and ceramic molding composition 

211. 8,728,223 
Low viscosity, high particulate loading dispersions 

210. 8,728,218 
Sorbent substrates for CO.sub.2 capture and methods for forming the same 

209. 8,728,217 
Filtration media and applications thereof 

208. 8,728,216 
Shaped heat storage materials 

207. 8,728,215 
Cyclic adsorption process using centrifugal machines 

206. 8,728,214 
Gas transfer device and use of a structured membrane 

205. 8,728,213 
Radial split ring seal for filtration systems 

204. 8,728,212 
High efficiency low pressure drop synthetic fiber based air filter made completely from post consumer waste materials 

203. 8,728,211 
Nozzle for spraying liquid and a mixer comprising the nozzle 

202. 8,728,202 
Staged membrane oxidation reactor system 

201. 8,728,183 
Processes for hydromethanation of a carbonaceous feedstock 

200. 8,728,182 
Processes for hydromethanation of a carbonaceous feedstock 

199. 8,728,176 
Pulsed laser cutting of thin film battery 

198. 8,728,171 
Orthopedic foot part 

197. 8,728,170 
Bioerodible nano-fibrous and nano-porous conductive composites 

196. 8,728,169 
Medical apparatuses for delivery of urologically beneficial agents 

195. 8,728,168 
Prosthetic implant support structure 

194. 8,728,165 
Orthopaedic implants and protheses 

193. 8,728,164 
Implant for surgical use in humans or vertebrates 

192. 8,728,163 
Artificial disc replacement device 

191. 8,728,156 
Prosthetic heart valves, scaffolding structures, and systems and methods for implantation of same 

190. 8,728,155 
Disk-based valve apparatus and method for the treatment of valve dysfunction 

189. 8,728,154 
Prosthetic aortic heart valves 

188. 8,728,151 
Woven textile vascular prosthesis 

187. 8,728,150 
Medical device loaded with formulation for targeted delivery of biologically active material/s and method of manufacture thereof 

186. 8,728,149 
Assembly for making a polymeric medical device 

185. 8,728,147 
Longitudinally flexible expandable stent 

184. 8,728,146 
Stent configurations 

183. 8,728,145 
Low profile non-symmetrical stents and stent-grafts 

182. 8,728,102 
Absorbable fastener and applying apparatus 

181. 8,728,052 
Convertible reusable diaper 

180. 8,728,051 
Laminates with bonded webs 

179. 8,728,050 
Absorbent article provided with a barrier sheet 

178. 8,728,049 
Absorbent article having a tufted topsheet 

177. 8,728,044 
Fluid pouch, system, and method for storing fluid from a tissue site 

176. 8,728,017 
Capsular bag rehabilitation device 

175. 8,727,965 
Methods and compositions to support tissue integration and inosculation of transplanted tissue and transplanted engineered penile tissue with adipose stromal cells 

174. 8,727,964 
Tissue interface for implantable restriction system 

173. 8,727,963 
Methods and implants for treating urinary incontinence 

172. 8,727,920 
Inflatable latex neoprene bladders 

171. 8,727,913 
Multi-color golf ball 

170. 8,727,912 
Dual core golf ball having negative-hardness-gradient thermoplastic inner core and shallow positive-hardness-gradient thermoset outer core layer 

169. 8,727,831 
Method and system for machining a profile pattern in ceramic coating 

168. 8,727,776 
Method for producing denture parts or for tooth restoration using electronic dental representations 

167. 8,727,775 
Dimer acid-derived dimethacrylates and use in dental restorative compositions 

166. 8,727,774 
Dental implant carrier device and implant carrier device assembly 

165. 8,727,771 
Apparatus and methods for providing dentifrice advancement 

164. 8,727,770 
Dental appliance 

163. 162. 8,727,769 
Dental retainer having improved joint with labial bow 

161. 8,727,766 
Nozzle-tip insulator having a body defining a void formation coaxially concentrically positioned relative to each other 

160. 8,727,765 
Benchtop hydraulic plastic injection molding machine 

159. 8,727,764 
Blade mould assembly with lockdown mechanism 

158. 8,727,763 
Apparatus and methods for selective thermoforming 

157. 8,727,762 
Die plate for resin granulation 

156. 8,727,761 
Die for underwater cutting type pelletizer 

155. 8,727,760 
Device for producing thermoplastic corrugated pipes 

154. 8,727,759 
Fully integrated structural building system 

153. 8,727,758 
Reverse stretch rod for machine hygiene and processing 

152. 8,727,757 
Molding die set and resin molding apparatus having the same 

151. 8,727,756 
Combined spinning nozzle for the manufacture of nanofibrous and microfibrous materials 

150. 8,727,755 
Downhole impression imaging system and methods using shape memory material 

149. 8,727,754 
Method and device for producing soft capsules 

148. 8,727,721 
Vane with spar mounted composite airfoil 

147. 8,727,712 
Abradable coating with safety fuse 

146. 8,727,710 
Mateface cooling feather seal assembly 

145. 8,727,709 
Casing component 

144. 8,727,664 
Berm and method of construction thereof 

143. 8,727,659 
Manhole cover with insert 

142. 8,727,620 
Storage bag with dimple features 

141. 8,727,614 
Method for monitoring the state of a tube for a coating in a system of pipes or ducts 

140. 8,727,609 
Method for the thermal characterization of a portion of material 

139. 8,727,449 
Vehicular trim applications using film adhesive in lieu of stitching 

138. 8,727,448 
Infant support seat cushion 

137. 8,727,447 
Composite seat cushion and method of making same 

136. 8,727,364 
Injection-molded plastic hitch step 

135. 8,727,363 
Suspension system having parallel air spring and rubber force reaction 

134. 8,727,253 
Three roll mill 

133. 8,727,249 
Roller mill for grinding particulate material 

132. 8,727,228 
Structure for railroad ties having data acquisition, processing and transmission means 

131. 8,727,213 
Varnish printing document securing system and method 

130. 8,727,212 
Embossing pattern card security system 

129. 8,727,206 
Cup made of a paper material 

128. 8,727,205 
Reclosable pack 

127. 8,727,204 
Expandable carton 

126. 8,727,203 
Methods for manufacturing porous orthopaedic implants 

125. 8,727,202 
Die bonder and bonding method 

124. 8,727,201 
Tool for ultrasonic welding device 

123. 8,727,176 
Seal mechanism for beverage container 

122. 8,727,175 
Wide-neck drum of thermoplastic material 

121. 8,727,174 
Tank and manufacturing method thereof 

120. 8,727,173 
Fuel tank assembly 

119. 8,727,172 
Container with divider 

118. 8,727,171 
Multi-compartment food preparation apparatus 

117. 8,727,166 
Disposal container with locking closure 

116. 8,727,165 
Hinge system for a modular bulk container 

115. 8,727,164 
Gas release resealable tab mechanism for a beverage container 

114. 8,727,163 
Splash resistant lids, container assemblies including such lids and related methods 

113. 8,727,162 
Integral tortuous path receptacle cover 

112. 8,727,161 
Rim space seal system for use with internal floating roof 

111. 8,727,160 
Container for pressurized beverage 

110. 8,727,159 
Cold box design providing secondary containment 

109. 8,727,158 
Bulk container with angled side wall to base installation 

108. 8,727,157 
Versatile partitioned container related applications 

107. 8,727,156 
Package suitable for storing liquids 

106. 8,727,154 
Synthetic resin bottle 

105. 8,727,153 
Bottle, retaining device and associated elements for carrying containers and other items 

104. 8,727,152 
Hot-fill container having flat panels 

103. 8,727,151 
Assembly of a container and a closure 

102. 8,727,150 
Device for attaching a figurine onto a beverage bottle, combination of a figurine and a device, and a combination of a figurine and device attached to a beverage bottle 

101. 8,727,149 
Container with stored scoop 

100. 8,727,148 
Flip cap 

99. 8,727,147 
Bottle assembly having bottom vent 

98. 8,727,137 
Filter housing with removable cyclone cage 

97. 8,727,136 
Microfiltration membrane with improved filtration properties 

96. 8,727,135 
Composite filtration membranes and methods of preparation thereof 

95. 8,727,134 
Sealing device of a filter system for filtering fluids 

94. 8,727,133 
Method for the preparation of at least one compound from blood, and extraction device for use in the execution of said method 

93. 8,727,126 
Cardboard container for receiving bottles in a horizontal configuration and a blank for obtaining the container 

92. 8,727,125 
Substrate container with fluid-sealing flow passageway 

91. 8,727,124 
Trauma resistant suspension cell package for secure shipping and storage 

90. 8,727,123 
Suspension packaging assembly 

89. 8,727,122 
Package for a fragrance containing tablet 

88. 8,727,121 
Tray for a food product 

87. 8,727,120 

86. 8,727,119 
Stackable liquid crystal glass panel packaging box 

85. 8,727,118 
Rotary tool box 

84. 8,727,117 
Package for syringe 

83. 8,727,116 
Protection cover for portable terminal 

82. 8,727,115 
Golf-ball retaining plate 

81. 8,727,114 
Golf bags with retention system and methods to manufacture golf bags 

80. 8,727,113 
Multiple substance mixing container system 

79. 8,727,112 
Agglomerate reduction in a nanowire suspension stored in a container 

78. 8,727,111 
Packaging for objects that have a portion of liquid 

77. 8,727,101 
Device for cleaning fluid substances from a conveyor belt including paint, varnish and like products 

76. 8,727,100 
Self-aligning pallets and a system for automated conveying of components through an assembly line 

75. 8,727,092 
Segment-type friction material 

74. 8,727,046 
Polycrystalline diamond compacts including at least one transition layer and methods for stress management in polycrsystalline diamond compacts 

73. 8,727,045 
Polycrystalline diamond compacts, methods of making same, and applications therefor 

72. 8,727,044 
Polycrystalline diamond compact including a carbonate-catalyzed polycrystalline diamond body and applications therefor 

71. 8,727,000 
Method of liquefaction of carbonaceous material to liquid hydrocarbon 

70. 8,726,999 
Thermothickener polymer and surfactant composition and methods of employing the composition 

69. 8,726,977 
Pressure vessel assembly for integrated pressurized fluid system 

68. 8,726,976 
Laminated sheet manifold for microchannel heat exchanger 

67. 8,726,973 
Method of producing an integral self supporting coating test piece from a coating material 

66. 8,726,966 
Adhesive substance removing tool 

65. 8,726,965 
Method for at least partially reworking or replacing a reinforcement element of a fibre composite structure and associated connecting device 

64. 8,726,964 
Apparatuses and methods for decorating objects 

63. 8,726,963 
Anti-vibrating tape dispenser of carton sealing machine 

62. 8,726,961 
Device for transferring and aligning strips intended to be assembled to form a ply 

61. 8,726,960 
Sealing machine with a transportation structure 

60. 8,726,959 
Tire support 

59. 8,726,949 
Attachable funnel system for supporting food containers 

58. 8,726,947 
Fuel fill adaptor 

57. 8,726,946 
Method for filling bottles or similar containers with an oxygen sensitive effervescent liquid beverage filling material under counterpressure and filling machine for the performance of this method 

56. 8,726,945 
Chemical dispensing reservoir apparatus and methods 

55. 8,726,944 
Positioning of dispensing means in fraction collector 

54. 8,726,938 
Membrane valve 

53. 8,726,917 
Stretch floss band 

52. 8,726,911 
Wirelessly detectable objects for use in medical procedures and methods of making same 

51. 8,726,907 
Surgical drape with separable elements 

50. 8,726,906 
Methods and devices for conduit occlusion 

49. 8,726,905 
Methods and devices for occluding an ovarian pathway 

48. 8,726,904 
Larynx tube and method for the production thereof 

47. 8,726,903 
Respiratory facemask with sliding endotracheal tube holder 

46. 8,726,902 
System and method for smart delivery of backup breaths 

45. 8,726,901 
Ventilation tubes 

44. 8,726,900 
Demand anesthetic gas delivery system with disposable breathing and scavenging circuit 

43. 8,726,838 
Combinatorial plasma enhanced deposition and etch techniques 

42. 8,726,836 
Liquid crystal coating apparatus and liquid crystal coating method  6634

41. 8,726,835 
Chemical bath deposition apparatus for fabrication of semiconductor films 

40. 8,726,833 
Painting system having a vehicle with lift structure, table actuator, and spray head 

39. 8,726,832 
Painting system having a wall-mounted robot 

38. 8,726,831 
Apparatus and methods for purging material application device 

37. 8,726,829 
Chemical bath deposition apparatus for fabrication of semiconductor films through roll-to-roll processes 

36. 8,726,828 
Coating apparatus having coater chuck 

35. 8,726,813 
Honeycomb table 

34. 8,726,782 
Bullet resistant barrier 

33. 8,726,781 
Wearable air blast protection device 

32. 8,726,780 

31. 8,726,761 
Selectively filled composite steering wheel 

30. 8,726,619 
Methods for sealing pharmaceutical vials 

29. 8,726,618 
Method of making and using a foldable and stackable box 

28. 8,726,617 
Method and device for filling of containers of collapsible type 

27. 8,726,616 
System and method for handling a container with a vacuum panel in the container body 

26. 8,726,614 
Composite material structure and method for making same 

25. 8,726,613 
Composite honeycomb sandwich panel equipped with composite-rail aluminum I-shape side insert 

24. 8,726,612 
Modular panel 

23. 8,726,605 
End wall panel 

22. 8,726,604 
Floor panel with a plastic backing 

21. 8,726,603 
Board assembly 

20. 8,726,602 
Interlocking floor tile 

19. 8,726,601 
Building facade surface for seasonal selectiveness of solar irradiation absorption and reflection

18. 8,726,598 
Non-structural insulating panel system 

17. 8,726,594 
Composite pre-formed building panels 

16. 8,726,590 
Foam filler and hollow structure 

15. 8,726,571 
Preformed decorative wrapper and methods of use thereof 

14. 8,726,551 
Retroreflective film 

13. 8,726,514 
Panel manufacturing method 

12. 8,726,513 
Method for processing a side edge of a panel, and a device for carrying out the method 

11. 8,726,511 
Method for production of panels 

10. 8,726,510 
Method of making a clip for a self-ligating orthodontic bracket 

9. 8,726,497 
Methods of making composite electrodes

8. 8,726,495 
Multi-layer board manufacturing method thereof 

7. 8,726,483 
Methods for uniform crimping and deployment of a polymer scaffold 

6. 8,726,481 
Method of forming barbs on a suture 

5. 8,726,449 
Adjustable length paint roller 

4. 8,726,448 
Core/sheath composite filament for toothbrushes, and toothbrush using same 

3. 8,726,447 
Toothbrush having improved tuft retention and anchor wire 

2. 8,726,446 
Disposable toothbrush 

1. 8,726,438 
Corrugated foam mattress and method of making same 


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