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From 10/02/2014 to 7/22/2014

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Week 29

Patents published 7/22/2014                   

8,782,812  through 8,789,211

6826 patents published.


315. 8,785,799 
Moisture barrier layer dielectric for thermoformable circuits 

314. 8,785,799 
Moisture barrier layer dielectric for thermoformable circuits 

313. 8,785,676 
Citrate co-polyesters 

312. 8,785,627 
Copolymerizable methine and anthraquinone compounds and articles containing them 

311. 8,785,623 
Magnetic nanoparticle cellulose material 

310. 8,785,622 
Crosslinked polysaccharides and methods of production thereof 

309. 8,785,593 
Polyamidoamine-epihalohydrin resins, method of manufacture, and uses thereof 

308. 8,785,592 
Preparation of poly(alkylene carbonate) containing cross-linked high molecular weight chains 

307. 8,785,591 
Polycarbonate block copolymers 

306. 8,785,590 

305. 8,785,589 
Azobenzene-containing glassy polyimides capable of photo-induced large-angle bending and methods of making the same 

304. 8,785,588 
Tin-containing polyurethane resin 

303. 8,785,587 
Polyurea- and/or polyurethane-polyorganosiloxane compounds 

302. 8,785,586 
Liquid silicone rubber coating composition, curtain airbag, and its production method 

301. 8,785,585 
Temporary adhesive composition, and method of producing thin wafer 

300. 8,785,584 
Propylene-based terpolymers for films 

299. 8,785,583 
Process for continuously producing water-absorbing polymer particles 

298. 8,785,582 
Vinylozy group-containing vinyl polymer 

297. 8,785,581 
Fluoroelastomer, curable composition and cured rubber article 

296. 8,785,580 
Ultra-high molecular weight poly(vinylidene fluoride) 

295. 8,785,579 
Linear perfluoropolyethers having an improved thermooxidative stability 

294. 8,785,577 
Acrylic fine particles and diffusing film including the same 

293. 8,785,576 
Catalyst compositions for the polymerization of olefins 

292. 8,785,575 
Process for the preparation of ethylene propylene copolymers 

291. 8,785,574 
Bridged metallocene compound, olefin polymerization catalyst containing the same, and ethylene polymer obtained with the catalyst 

290. 8,785,573 
Process for preparing water soluble polymers with no insoluble gels and low levels of residual monomers 

289. 8,785,572 
Process for the gas-phase polymerization of olefins 

288. 8,785,571 
Method for producing polyarylene sulfide, and polyarylene sulfide 

287. 8,785,570 
Process for preparing a polyisocyanurate polyurethane material 

286. 8,785,569 
Drug carrier with chelating complex micelles and the application thereof 

285. 8,785,568 
Polymer blend comprising fluorinated block copolyester 

284. 8,785,567 
Liquid crystal alignment agent, film and display element 

283. 8,785,566 
Polymers functionalized with polycyano compounds 

282. 8,785,565 
Production method of polycarbonate, and polycarbonate pellet 

281. 8,785,564 
Resin material 

280. 8,785,563 
Cross-linkable fluoroelastomer excellent in cross-linkability and method for its production 

279. 8,785,562 
Amphiphilic block polymers prepared by alkene metathesis 

278. 8,785,561 
Polyalkenamer compositions and golf balls prepared therefrom 

277. 8,785,560 
Employing pretreatment and fluorination of fluoropolymer resin to reduce discoloration 

276. 8,785,559 
Crosslinkable graft polymer non-preferentially wetted by polystyrene and polyethylene oxide 

275. 8,785,558 
Process for the production of condensation polymers via in-reactor chain extension and products thereof 

274. 8,785,555 
Process for producing electret, and electrostatic induction conversion device 

273. 8,785,554 
Crystalline block composites as compatibilizers 

272. 8,785,553 
Moisture curable propylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymers 

271. 8,785,552 
Solvent-free crosslinked polyrotaxane material and process for production of same 

270. 8,785,551 
Catalyst composition comprising shuttling agent for ethylene multi-block copolymer formation 

269. 8,785,550 
Method for improving rheological properties of an aqueous pigment slurry and a dispersion agent 

268. 8,785,549 
Composition for sealing a colorant to a surface and/or for protecting a surface 

267. 8,785,548 
Styrenic (meth)acrylic oligomers 

266. 8,785,547 
Toughening cross-linked thermosets 

265. 8,785,546 
Hydrogenated block copolymer and composition containing same 

264. 8,785,543 
Self-adhesive composite reinforcement 

263. 8,785,542 
Rubber composition and tire 

262. 8,785,541 
Rubber composition and run-flat tire using same 

261. 8,785,540 
Vinyl ester copolymer dispersions, their preparation and use 

260. 8,785,539 
Siliceous-based polyurea compositions 

259. 8,785,538 
Electromagnetic wave shielding thermoplastic resin composition and plastic article including the same 

258. 8,785,537 
Glue for repair or attachment free of organotin 

257. 8,785,536 
Use of acrylic polymers neutralized by lithium as dispersing agents or grinding aid agents of mineral materials in an aqueous medium 

256. 8,785,535 
Fibrous basic magnesium sulfate powder and method for producing same 

255. 8,785,534 
Use of polyamides that are resistant to corrosion and stress cracking 

254. 8,785,533 
Architectural paint for covering defects 

253. 8,785,532 
Diamino-alcohol compounds, their manufacture and use in coatings applications 

252. 8,785,531 
Dispersions of olefin block copolymers 

251. 8,785,530 
Crosslinkable rubber composition and cross-linked rubber 

250. 8,785,529 
Nucleating agents for polyolefins based on metal salts 

249. 8,785,528 
Polycarbonate resin composition and formed product thereof 

248. 8,785,527 
Synthetic resin composition and automotive interior/exterior material comprising the same 

247. 8,785,526 
Polyoxymethylene fibers in concrete 

246. 8,785,525 
Thermosetting light-reflecting resin composition, optical semiconductor element mounting board produced therewith, method for manufacture thereof, and optical semiconductor device 

245. 8,785,524 
Spray coatable adhesive for bonding silicon dies to rigid substrates 

244. 8,785,523 
Phosphorus loaded particles and methods for their preparation and use 

243. 8,785,522 
Low-permittivity resin composition 

242. 8,785,521 
Two-particle nanocomposite dielectrics 

241. 8,785,520 
Process for production of polylactic acid resin composition 

240. 8,785,519 
Anionic latex as a carrier for bioactive ingredients and methods for making and using the same 

239. 8,785,518 
Curable zirconia adhesive compositions for dental restorations 

238. 8,785,517 
Pressure-sensitive adhesives with onium-epdxy crosslinking system 

237. 8,785,516 
Fluoropolymer dispersion treatment employing ultraviolet light and oxygen source to reduce fluoropolymer resin discoloration 

236. 8,785,515 
Sensitizer for cationic photoinitiators 

235. 8,785,514 
Dual-cure dental resins and adhesives with increased cure and color stability and low color 

234. 8,785,513 
Fiber-reinforced composites and method for the manufacture thereof 

233. 8,785,512 
Porous gels based on aromatic and cycloaliphatic amines 

232. 8,785,511 
Silicone-containing polyurethane foam 

231. 8,785,510 
Alkenyl aromatic foam with low solubility hydrofluorocarbon 

230. 8,785,509 
Superinsulation with nanopores 

229. 8,785,508 
Pre-expanded polypropylene resin beads and process for producing same 

228. 8,785,507 
Viscoelastic silicon rubber compositions 

227. 8,785,505 
Toxicology and cellular effect of manufactured nanomaterials 

226. 8,785,347 
Gulf oil spill underwater oleophilic hydrophobic oil-capturing water permeable drag-net 

225. 8,785,343 
Mesoporous carbon supported copper based catalyst, production and use thereof 

224. 8,785,309 
Spatial orientation of the carbon nanotubes in electrophoretic deposition process 

223. 8,785,297 
Method for encapsulating electronic components on a wafer 

222. 8,785,195 
Covered micro gel fiber 

221. 8,785,183 
Active plastic material in oil 

220. 8,785,167 
Biocompatible article for the treatment of water and production of energy 

219. 8,785,124 
Encapsulated reagents and methods of use 

218. 8,785,123 
Direct hierarchical assembly of nanoparticles 

217. 8,785,091 
Polyarylatecarbonate containing photoconductors 

216. 8,785,088 
Colored composition, colored cured film, color filter, method for producing color filter, liquid crystal display device, solid-state imaging device, and novel dipyrromethene metal complex compound or tautomer thereof 

215. 8,785,087 
Pigment-dispersed composition, curable composition, color filter and production method thereof 

214. 8,785,081 
Mask for laser induced thermal imaging and method of fabricating organic electro-luminescence display device using the same 

213. 8,785,060 
Method of manufacturing multilayer electrolyte reinforced composite membrane 

212. 8,785,058 
Integrated biofuel cell with aligned nanotube electrodes and method of use thereof 

211. 8,785,048 
Carbonaceous material for electric double layer capacitor, electric double layer capacitor and process for producing carbonaceous material 

210. 8,785,032 
Multilayer porous film, separator for batteries, and battery 

209. 8,785,031 
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell separator made of pure titanium or titanium alloy and method of production of same 

208. 8,785,030 
Flexible battery and method for producing the same 

207. 8,785,013 
Compositions containing modified fullerenes 

206. 8,785,007 
Pendant-type polymeric compound, color conversion film using pendant-type polymeric compound, and multicolor emission organic EL device 

205. 8,785,006 
Organic electroluminescence device and anthracene derivative 

204. 8,785,005 
Organic light-emitting device 

203. 8,785,004 
UV light-emissive fluorene-based copolymers 

202. 8,784,992 
Interlayer film for laminated glass and laminated glass 

201. 8,784,990 
Adhesive film composition for glass lamination 

200. 8,784,989 
Sealant compositions having a novel plasticizer 

199. 8,784,988 
Polymer inorganic-particulate composite fibers 

198. 8,784,987 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for optical films, pressure-sensitive adhesive optical film and image display 

197. 8,784,984 
Microcapsules, their use and processes for their manufacture 

196. 8,784,983 
Expanded porous polytetrafluoroethylene film-laminated sheet, and gasket composed of said sheet 

195. 8,784,982 
Cushioning elements comprising elastomeric material and methods of forming same 

194. 8,784,981 
Stainless steel-and-resin composite and method for making same 

193. 8,784,976 
Laminated polyester film 

192. 8,784,973 
Resin bonding method by photoirradiation, method for producing resin article, resin article produced by the same method, method for producing microchip, and microchip produced by the same method 

191. 8,784,972 
Composite sheet 

190. 8,784,971 
Decorated printed matter and manufacturing method thereof 

189. 8,784,969 
Meshwork made of ribbons 

187. 8,784,968 
Waterproof breathable composite materials for fabrication of flexible membranes and other articles 

186. 8,784,967 
Open mesh material and bags made therefrom 

185. 8,784,966 
Method of forming a material having a predefined morphology 

184. 8,784,964 
Composite part as well as a method for manufacturing a composite part 

183. 8,784,963
Branched polycarbonate 

182. 8,784,962 
Elastomeric low temperature insulation 

181. 8,784,961 
Fluoropolymer blends with inorganic layered compounds 

180. 8,784,960 
Multilayer structure and method for producing same 

179. 8,784,959 
Injection-molded composite construct 

178. 8,784,958 
Multilayer film and container 

177. 8,784,957 
Flat container comprising thermoplastic resin and method for molding the same 

176. 8,784,947 
Silsesquioxane compound having polymerizable functional group 

175. 8,784,935 
Hot melt adhesive system and method using machine readable information 

174. 8,784,890 
Methods for producing ECM-based biomaterials 

173. 8,784,886 
Coating capsules with active pharmaceutical ingredients 

172. 8,784,885 
Controlled release preparation 

171. 8,784,868 
Degradable therapeutic delivery device 

170. 8,784,867 
Contact lenses containing carotenoid and method for making same 

169. 8,784,866 
Water-soluble carbon nanotube compositions for drug delivery and medicinal applications 

168. 8,784,865
Long term drug delivery devices with polyurethane-based polymers and their manufacture 

167. 8,784,862 
Compounds and method for coating surfaces in a hemocompatible manner 

166. 8,784,861 
Swellable fiber- and microfiber-forming polyether-esters and applications thereof 

165. 8,784,859 
Biobeneficial coating compositions and methods of making and using thereof 

164. 8,784,858 
Degradable removable implant for the sustained release of an active compound 

163. 8,784,857 
Articles incorporating absorbent polymer and ceragenin compound 

162. 8,784,854 
Cosmetic product comprising UV-blocking cosmetic composition impregnated into expanded urethane foam 

161. 8,784,849 
Hydroxyapatite-targeting poly(ethylene glycol) and related polymers 

160. 8,784,788 
Gel carrier for releasing active ingredients 

159. 8,784,787 
Co-modified organopolysiloxane 

158. 8,784,786 
Rheology modifier polymer 

157. 8,784,781 
Manufacture of chewing gum product with radiofrequency 

156. 8,784,773 
Hydrogel nanocomposite wound dressing and a method of synthesizing the same 

155. 8,784,769 
Polyelectrolyte multilayer thin film catalyst and method for producing same 

154. 8,784,768 
Hierarchially porous carbon particles for electrochemical applications 

153. 8,784,767 
Polycrystalline diamond and method of manufacturing the same 

152. 8,784,766 
Diamond synthesis employing nanoparticle seeds 

151. 8,784,765 
C.sub.70 cube with enhanced photoluminescence and method for preparing the same 

150. 8,784,764 
Methods for forming activated carbon material for high energy density ultracapacitors 

149. 8,784,743 
Hydrocarbon resid processing and visbreaking steam cracker feed 

148. 8,784,725 
Wide casting belt, method for manufacturing a wide film, and wide film 

147. 8,784,724 
Seal component manufacturing method and mold 

146. 8,784,723 
Method and system for three-dimensional fabrication 

145. 8,784,722 
Method and apparatus for producing hook fasteners 

144. 8,784,721 
Method of manufacturing three-dimensional objects by laser sintering 

143. 8,784,720 
Method and device for manufacturing a three-dimensional object that is suitable for application to microtechnology 

142. 8,784,719 
Flow in reinforced polyimide compositions 

141. 8,784,718 
Vulcanising press for a tire blank including a tiltable lid 

140. 8,784,717 
Process and apparatus for moulding and curing tyres 

139. 8,784,716 
Method and apparatus for longitudinal orientation of thermoplastic film material 

138. 8,784,715 
Structure of parts made from plural composite pieces and method of building those parts 

137. 8,784,714 
Steroid eluting collar undermold 

136. 8,784,713 
Method of making articles with super-hydrophobic and/or self-cleaning surfaces 

135. 8,784,712 
Precision polyurethane manufacture 

134. 8,784,711 
Process for preparing a reinforced and reactive thermoplastic composition, and this composition 

133. 8,784,710 
Expandable polymer membrane and tubes, and a method of manufacturing thereof 

132. 8,784,709 
Method for manufacturing a formed body with a cavity structure for sound and/or heat insulation and formed body for sound and/or heat insulation 

131. 8,784,708 
Custom-fitted prosthetic socket devices and methods for producing same 

130. 8,784,706 
Spherical powder and its preparation 

129. 8,784,705 
Intumescent coating compositions 

128. 8,784,702 
Copper-containing nanoparticles and manufacturing method therefor 

127. 8,784,701 
Preparation of nanoparticle material 

126. 8,784,698 
Surface structures for enhancement of quantum yield in broad spectrum emission nanocrystals 

125. 8,784,697 
Conductive pastes 

124. 8,784,696 
Intermediate transfer members containing internal release additives 

123. 8,784,695 
Method for manufacturing polyurethane nanocomposite comprising expanded graphite and composition thereof 

122. 8,784,693 
Method for making phosphorated composite 

121. 8,784,692 
Water dispersible polythiophenes made with polymeric acid colloids 

120. 8,784,691 
Conductive composites prepared using ionic liquids 

119. 8,784,690 
Polymer compositions, polymer films, polymer gels, polymer foams, and electronic devices containing such films, gels and foams 

118. 8,784,689
Color-changing composition 

117. 8,784,684 
Polymerizable compound, polymerizable liquid crystalline composition, macromolecular compound and film 

116. 8,784,683 
Liquid crystalline polyester composition, method of producing the same and molded product manufactured from the same 

115. 8,784,682 
Thermosetting composition and printed circuit board using the same 

114. 8,784,681 
Self-situating stimuli-responsive polymer compositions in soil additives and methods for use 

113. 8,784,680 
Bioresin composition for use in forming a rigid polyurethane foam article 

112. 8,784,673 
Highly organized single-walled carbon nanotube networks and method of making using template guided fluidic assembly 

111. 8,784,664 
Hollow fibre membrane 

110. 8,784,638 
Resin board to be subjected to ozone treatment, wiring board, and method of manufacturing the wiring board 

109. 8,784,627 
Graft copolymers, their preparation and use in capillary electrophoresis 

108. 8,784,616 
Pyrolysis systems, methods, and resultants derived therefrom 

107. 8,784,615 
Perforated film clothing having a tear-resistant edge 

106. 8,784,614 
Sheet forming unit for producing a material web and method for operating the sheet forming unit 

105. 8,784,613 
Method and composition for enzymatic treatment of fiber for papermaking, and paper products made therewith 

104. 8,784,607 
Process for the production of bleached wood particles and pale to white wood-base materials 

103. 8,784,606 
Method for reducing negative effects of adhesive contaminants in systems of substances comprising waste paper 

102. 8,784,605 
Process for making lightweight laminated panel material for construction of cargo containers 

101. 8,784,604 
Method and apparatus for out-of-autoclave adhesive shear bonding of structures 

100. 8,784,602 
Balloon catheter for delivering a therapeutic agent 

99. 8,784,601 
Applying polyester onto metal substrate 

98. 8,784,600 
Method for adhering glass 

97. 8,784,596 
Method for making and joining composite sandwich shell edge joint 

96. 8,784,595 
Process for laminating components of an electrochemical cell 

95. 8,784,594 
Process for producing absorbent core structures 

94. 8,784,593 
Method for manufacturing absorptive article 

93. 8,784,592 
Method for manufacturing a core composite provided with cover layers on both sides 

92. 8,784,588 
Damaged reinforcement ending preparation for tire repairs 

91. 8,784,587 
Fibre based panels with a decorative wear resistance surface 

90. 8,784,586 
Tape applicator 

89. 8,784,566 
Cellulose-solvent-based lignocellulose fractionation with modest reaction conditions and reagent cycling 

88. 8,784,565 
Manufacturing apparatus for depositing a material and an electrode for use therein 

87. 8,784,564 
Film coating apparatus 

86. 8,784,562 
Carbon nanotube production process and carbon nanotube production apparatus 

85. 8,784,557 
Pavement overlay material and method 

84. 8,784,556 
Angle-dependent interference pigments 

83. 8,784,555 
Surface active blocked isocyanates and coating compositions thereof 

Asphalt modifiers, methods of modifying asphalt, asphalt compositions and methods of making 

81. 8,784,552 
Method for producing a brake lining and brake lining 

80. 8,784,551 
Bone cement formula and bioresorbable hardened bone cement composites prepared with the same 

79. 8,784,541 
Cordierite-based composite membrane coated on cordierite monolith 

78. 8,784,521 
Bonded abrasive article and method of forming 

77. 8,784,520 
Methods of functionalizing microscale diamond particles 

76. 8,784,518 
Method of making polyurethane foam 

75. 8,784,517 
Polycrystalline diamond compacts, methods of fabricating same, and applications therefor 

74. 8,784,510 
Ultracapacitor and method of manufacturing the same 

73. 8,784,504 
Carpet cleaning method 

72. 8,784,503 
High-strength fibrous material consisting of natural fibres, method for the production thereof, and use of same for producing composite materials 

71. 8,784,402 
Catheters with fluoropolymer additives 

70. 8,784,398 
Absorbent incontinence article with improved closure system 

69. 8,784,397 
(Batman) disposable absorbent article having leg wraps and method of making same 

68. 8,784,396 

67. 8,784,395 
Two-piece wearable absorbent article 

66. 8,784,238 
Highly neutralized polymeric compositions for golf ball layers 

65. 8,784,237 
Multi-layer golf ball 

64. 8,784,236 
Golf balls having dual cores made of polybutadiene rubber / ionomer blends 

63. 8,784,235 
Golf ball with negative hardness gradient core 

62. 8,784,154 
Toy figure with reciprocally movable limb 

61. 8,784,153 
Transformable toy 

60. 8,784,152 
Aerodynamic flying disc 

59. 8,784,147
Composite assembly for an electrical connector and method of manufacturing the composite assembly 

58. 8,784,099 
Multi-layer adhesives and methods for bonding orthodontic appliances to tooth structure 

57. 8,784,094 
Apparatus for demolding molded parts 

56. 8,784,093 
Cooling apparatus for microreplication 

55. 8,784,092 
Device for the production of a composite material part integrating a drainage system 

54. 8,784,089 
Foamed tools 

53, 8,784,000 
Explosion mitigating cover 

52. 8,783,999 
Water-ballasted protection barriers and methods 

51. 8,783,950 
Packaging body and film made of resin used therefor 

50. 8,783,941 
Method of ultrasonically treating a substance 

49. 8,783,940 
Kneading extruder having a speed regulator and resonance suppressor 

48. 8,783,939 

47. 8,783,802 
Intermediate fluid supply apparatus having flexible membrane 

46. 8,783,789 
Composite wheel with reinforced core 

45. 8,783,788 
Method of covering a wheel for decoration, streamlining, or advertising display, and a flexible wheel cover therefor 

44. 8,783,751 
Coextruded root ditch molding with hard and soft components including associated fastener system 

43. 8,783,750 
Cover member for automobiles 

42. 8,783,694 
Sealing structure 

41. 8,783,693 
Method and sealing system for sealing an annular space between a rigid conduit and a pipe, tube or duct extending through the conduit and made of a thermally weakenable material 

40. 8,783,692 
Multilayer static gasket with bead compression limiter 

39. 8,783,670 
Compressible elastomeric spring 

38. 8,783,657 
Top entry plastic ball valve 

37. 8,783,594 
Roller mill with driven grinding roller 

36. 8,783,593 
Material reduction machine 

35. 8,783,592 
Shredder with thickness detector 

34. 8,783,591 
Method of preparing wood fibers for a cultivation substrate 

33. 8,783,590 
Asphalt material recycling system and method 

32. 8,783,589 
Grinding method 

31. 8,783,531 
Attachable extendable and retractable earpiece and protective casing assembly for mobile communication and sound devices 

30. 8,783,490 
Composite microwave and oven safe food container system 

29. 8,783,487 
Silicone resin container 

28. 8,783,483 
Child-resistant closure 

27. 8,783,482 
Modular receptacle formed by a plurality of axially-nestable containers, and method for producing such containers by means of the blow-moulding of a preform 

26. 8,783,468 
Apparatus and method for reclaiming abrasive blasting material and screening device for separating abrasive blasting material 

25. 8,783,410 
Anti-corrosion electromechanical power steering 

24. 8,783,389 
Polycrystalline diamond cutting elements with engineered porosity and method for manufacturing such cutting elements 

23. 8,783,384 
Fiber-containing diamond-impregnated cutting tools and methods of forming and using same 

22. 8,783,374 
Fire extinguishing foam, methods and systems 

21. 8,783,328 
Acoustic panel assembly 

20. 8,783,327 
Flexible curtain rapid door 

19. 8,783,111 
Ultrasonic testing probe and ultrasonic testing apparatus 

18. 8,783,110 
Ultrasonic non-destructive testing 

17. 8,782,991 
Building roof structure having a round corner 

16. 8,782,988 
Prefabricated wall panel with tongue and groove construction 

15. 8,782,982 
Radiant thermal barrier 

14. 8,782,980 
Protective device for covering the tip of a beam on which air conditioning equipment is installed 

13. 8,782,963 
Molded ridge tile made of bitumen impregnated cellulose, and an application thereof 

12. 8,782,955 
Sealing structure of weather strip for retractable roof vehicles 

11. 8,782,887 
Method for producing a metal insert to protect a leading edge made of a composite material 

10. 8,782,882 
Method of manufacturing multi-layer printed circuit board 

9. 8,782,872 
Multi-piece piping connector using grooves and method of connecting pipe using the same 

8. 8,782,834 
Pillow with inflatable bladder assembly 

7. 8,782,833 
Inflatable evacuation mattress 

6. 8,782,821 
Protective flex eyewear 

5. 8,782,820 
Goggles with film winding mechanism 

4. 8,782,819 
Spider web protective inserts for a football helmet or the like 

3. 8,782,818 
Safety helmet structure and processing method thereof 

1. 8,782,812 
Waterproof breathable garment with tape-free seams 


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