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Week 33

Patents published 8/19/2014                   

8,806,662 through 8,813,261

7142  patents published.


307. 8,809,616 
Cellulosic fiber compositions having odor control and methods of making and using the same 

306. 8,809,615 
Adhesive preparation 

305. 8,809,614 
Dental wound dressing 

304. 8,809,606 
Process for conversion of organic, waste, or low-value materials into useful products 

303. 8,809,493 
Resin extract, extraction process and uses thereof 

302. 8,809,492 
Method for fabricating nanoparticles 

301. 8,809,491 
Depolymerization of oligomeric cyclic ethers 

300. 8,809,490 
Method for producing unsaturated carboxylic acid-modified vinyl alcohol polymer, and gas barrier film or gas barrier laminate using the same 

299. 8,809,489 
Methods for preparing polymeric reagents and compositions of polymeric reagents 

298. 8,809,488 
Carboxylated polymers of intrinsic microporosity (PIMs) with tunable gas transport properties 

297. 8,809,487 
Process for manufacture of conjugated polymer compositions for solar cell applications 

296. 8,809,486 
Methods for producing and purifying 2-aryl-3,3-bis(4-hydroxyaryl)phthalimidine compounds, the purified monomers, and polymers derived therefrom 

295. 8,809,484 
Extended isoindigo polymers and semiconductor compositions 

294. 8,809,483 
Functionalization of poly(phenylene) by the attachment of sidechains 

293. 8,809,482 
Silsesquioxane resins 

292. 8,809,481 
Amino alkoxy-modified silsesquioxanes and method of preparation 

291. 8,809,480 
Silicone resin composition, luminous substance-containing wavelength-converting film, and cured product thereof 

290. 8,809,479 
Moisture curable silylated polymer compositions containing reactive modifiers 

289. 8,809,478 
Silicon-containing curable composition, cured product of the silicon-containing curable composition and lead frame substrate formed of the silicon-containing curable composition 

288. 8,809,477
Formaldehyde-free protein-containing binder compositions 

287. 8,809,476 

286. 8,809,475 
Production method for water-absorbent resin 

285. 8,809,474 
Carboxyl group-containing polymer composition 

284. 8,809,473 
Methods for controlling ethylene copolymer properties 

283. 8,809,472 
Process of melt index control 

282. 8,809,471 
Synthesis of making 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene containing fluoropolymers 

281. 8,809,470 
Polymerizable composition  

280. 8,809,469 
Curable organopolysiloxane composition, optical device sealing material, and optical device 

279. 8,809,468 
Epoxy siloxane coating compositions 

278. 8,809,467 
Organic layer composition and liquid crystal display using the same 

277. 8,809,466 
Degradable polymers, methods of making the same, and uses thereof 

276. 8,809,465 
Thermoplastic resin pellets and method for preparing same 

275. 8,809,464 
Polymers functionalized with halosilanes containing an amino group 

274. 8,809,463 
Method of preparing rubber latex having high polymerization stability 

273. 8,809,462 
Ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymer, molded article, catalyst for copolymerization, and method for producing an ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymer 

272. 8,809,461 
Multimodal heterophasic copolymer and thermoformed articles from same 

271. 8,809,459 
Polystyrene blends 

270. 8,809,458 
Polysiloxane composition 

269. 8,809,457 
Adhesive composition, adhesive film, and method for treating substrate 

268. 8,809,456 
Polyolefin compositions and methods of production thereof 

267. 8,809,455 
Elastomeric compositions and their use in articles 

266. 8,809,454 
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet using the same 

265. 8,809,453 
Branched polymers 

264. 8,809,452 
Damage self-reporting polymer materials having at least two phases 

263. 8,809,451 
Fluorinated dicarboxylic acid derivative and polymer obtained therefrom 

262. 8,809,450 
Modified natural rubber, production method thereof, tire rubber composition, and pneumatic tire 

261. 8,809,449 
Modified conjugated diene-based polymer, polymer composition, and process for producing modified conjugated diene-based polymer 

260. 8,809,448 
Aqueous polymer dispersions and products from those dispersions 

259. 8,809,447 
Acetoacetate-functional monomers and their uses in coating compositions 

258. 8,809,446 
Substituted 3-oxopentanoates and their uses in coating compositions 

257. 8,809,445 
Room temperature cured vinyl silazane compositions 

256. 8,809,444 
Network copolymer crosslinked emulsions and demulsifying compositions comprising the same 

255. 8,809,443 
Dispersant composition 

254. 8,809,442 
Resin composition 

253. 8,809,441 
Method of reinforcing rubber and rubber composition 

252. 8,809,440 
Method of producing modified conjugated diene rubber, modified conjugated diene rubber, and rubber composition 

251. 8,809,439 
Calcium hydroxide, resin composition containing the same, and molded article containing the composition 

250. 8,809,438 
UV-shielding coating composition and coated article 

249. 8,809,437 
Method of manufacturing nanoparticle dispersion liquid 

248. 8,809,436 
Apparatus and method for producing coatings reinforced with alumina nanofibers 

247. 8,809,435 
Process enhancement via stimuli responsive particle surfaces 

246. 8,809,434 
Process for preparing aramid copolymer 

245. 8,809,433 
Barrier properties of substantially linear HDPE film with nucleating agents 

244. 8,809,432 
Reusable print medium and method of manufacturing thereof 

243. 8,809,431 
Process for stabilizing olefinically unsaturated monomers 

242. 8,809,430 
Mixtures, compositions, and methods of applying mixtures as coatings 

241. 8,809,429 
Aqueous pigment anti-settling agent and process for producing same 

240. 8,809,428 
Golf ball 

239. 8,809,426 
Chemical modification of lignin and lignin derivatives 

238. 8,809,425 
Multifunctional biocomposite additive compositions and methods 

237. 8,809,424 
Process for preparing compositions based on a starchy component and on a synthetic polymer 

236. 8,809,423 
Biodegradable material for injection molding and articles obtained therewith 

235. 8,809,422 
Epoxy resin curing indicator composition 

234. 8,809,421 
Antireflection coating film and antireflection coating material for optical element and optical element 

233. 8,809,420 
Method for preparing organic-inorganic composite materials 

232. 8,809,419 
Polymeric dispersants and non-aqueous dispersions 

231. 8,809,417 
Soft shapeable adhesive paste 

230. 8,809,416 
Waterborne coating composition comprising a polyester and a metal salt of a fatty acid 

229. 8,809,415 
Golf ball having a cover layer with a purposed hardness gradient 

228. 8,809,414 
Photocurable composition and cured product 

227. 8,809,413 
Ultraviolet radiation-curable high refractive index optically clear resins 

226. 8,809,412 
Radiation-curable formulations 

225. 8,809,411 
Hydrophilic coating 

224. 8,809,410 
Process for making a flexible polyurethane foam 

223. 8,809,409 
Microporous polymers, methods for the preparation thereof, and uses thereof 

222. 8,809,407 
Expandable functional TFE copolymer fine powder, expanded products and reacted products therefrom 

221. 8,809,406 
Carpet waste composite 

220. 8,809,405 
Method for recycling synthetic turf and product 

219. 8,809,404 
Siloxane polyether copolymers 

218. 8,809,231 
Method for making alkali activated carbon 

217. 8,809,230 
Porous substrates filled with nanomaterials 

216. 8,809,229 
Filter substrate composition 

215. 8,809,228 
Oil adsorbent and method of manufacturing oil adsorbent 

214. 8,809,227 
Metal-absorbing polymer-containing product 

213. 8,809,221 
Nitrogen containing external donor system for propylene polymerization 

212. 8,809,220 
Method of making Ziegler-Natta type catalysts 

211. 8,809,219 
Catalyst and process for producing a polymer containing a high molecular weight tail 

210. 8,809,218 
Zeolite-palladium complex, method for producing the same, catalyst containing the complex, and method for producing a coupling compound by using the catalyst 

209. 8,809,212 
Electrospun fiber mats from polymers having a low T.sub.m, T.sub.g, or molecular weight 

208. 8,809,209 
Fluorinated copolymers 

207. 8,809,208 
Nano-tube thermal interface structure 

206. 8,809,112 
Selectively etching of a carbon nano tubes (CNT) polymer matrix on a plastic substructure 

205. 8,809,111 
Methods of making patterned structures of fluorine-containing polymeric materials and fluorine-containing polymers 

204. 8,809,063 
Fluorescent carbazole oligomers nanofibril materials for vapor sensing 

203. 8,809,038 
Process for treatment of organic waste materials 

202. 8,809,033 
Methods for increasing hydrolysis of cellulosic material in the presence of cellobiose dehydrogenase 

201. 8,809,029 
Pond system for algae growth and harvesting 

200. 8,809,025 
Algae processing 

199. 8,808,972 
Optical films and methods of making the same 

198. 8,808,949 
Dye dispersion liquid, photosensitive resin composition for color filters, color filter, liquid crystal display device and organic light emitting display device 

197. 8,808,948 
Dispersion composition, photosensitive resin composition for light-shielding color filter, light-shielding color filter, method of producing the same, and solid-state image sensor having the color filter 

196. 8,808,947 
Polymer compound and production method thereof, pigment dispersing agent, pigment dispersion composition, photocurable composition, and color filter and production method thereof 

195. 8,808,946 
Urethane acrylate having a high refractive index and reduced double bond density 

194. 8,808,945 
Fabrication process for cholesteric liquid crystal media having a volume hologram 

193. 8,808,944 
Method for storing holographic data 

192. 8,808,943 
Membrane electrode assembly including porous catalyst layer and method of manufacturing the same 

191. 8,808,942 
Adhesive for fuel cell and membrane-electrode assembly produced using the same 

190. 8,808,941 
Naphthoxazine benzoxazine-based monomer, polymer thereof, electrode for fuel cell including the polymer, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell including the polymer, and fuel cell using the electrode 

189. 8,808,925 
Microporous polymer membrane modified by aqueous polymer, manufacturing method and use thereof 

188. 8,808,869 
Treatment agent for use in lignocellulose material 

187. 8,808,868 
Fluorinated copolymers of (meth)acrylates and (meth)acrylic acid amine complexes 

186. 8,808,866 
Coated elastomeric article and method for making a coated elastomeric article 

185. 8,808,865 
Adhesive composition, and adhesive sheet, semiconductor apparatus-protective material and semiconductor apparatus using the same 

184. 8,808,863 
UV-curable floor sealants 

183. 8,808,862 
Resin composition for insulation film 

182. 8,808,861 
Laminate composite and method for making same 

181. 8,808,860 
3-dimensional nanostructure having nanomaterials stacked on graphene substrate and fabrication method thereof 

180. 8,808,859 
Polycrystalline diamond compact including pre-sintered polycrystalline diamond table having a thermally-stable region and applications therefor 

179. 8,808,855 
Composites of inorganic microparticles having a phosphated surface and alkaline earth carbonate nanoparticles 

178. 8,808,854 
Matte biaxially oriented polylactic acid film 

177. 8,808,850 
Water resistant intumescent fire retardant coating 

176. 8,808,849 
Composites of inorganic microparticles having a phosphated surface and alkaline earth carbonate nanoparticles 

175. 8,808,848 
Porous article 

174. 8,808,847 
Layered composite component 

173. 8,808,846 
Vinyl chloride polymer film and method for producing same 

172. 8,808,845 
Cleansing polyester fabrics, and a process of preparing the same 

171. 8,808,844 
Packaging articles and lamination films 

170. 8,808,841 
Insert sheet and method for manufacturing the same 

169. 8,808,840 
Type environment-friendly tile and method of manufacturing the same 

168. 8,808,839 
Vehicle glazing, method for the production thereof, and use 

167. 8,808,836 
Honeycomb structure 

166. 8,808,835 
System including a panel assembly having a container and a compression-molded, composite cover for covering the container 

165. Sandwich-type, structural, composite panel having a pattern of depressions formed at a lower outer surface thereof and stiffening supports received and retained therein 

164. 8,808,833 
Compression-molded composite component having a sandwich structure and having integrally formed strengthening structures 

163. 8,808,829 
Assembly including a compression-molded, composite panel locally reinforced adjacent a living hinge of the assembly 

162. 8,808,823 
Device and method for repairing structural components 

161. 8,808,822 
Joint structure for fiber reinforced resin and metal, and joining method for fiber reinforced resin and metal 

160. 8,808,821 
Material roll and method for manufacturing material roll 

159. 8,808,819 
Tubular member, tubular member unit, intermediate transfer member, and image forming apparatus 

158. 8,808,818 
Molded foam 

157. 8,808,812 
Oriented carbon nanotube manufacturing method 

156. 8,808,811 
Process and apparatus for a nanovoided article 

155. 8,808,810 
Large area deposition of graphene on substrates, and products including the same 

154. 8,808,809 
Method for applying hot melt adhesive powder onto a shoe or sole part 

153. 8,808,804 
Water-entrained-polyimide chemical compositions for use in high-performance 

152. 8,808,804 
Water-entrained-polyimide chemical compositions for use in high-performance composite fabrication 

151. 8,808,800 
Methods of forming three-dimensional structures having reduced stress and/or curvature 

150. 8,808,797 
Method of manufacturing a gas barrier plastic container 

149. 8,808,792 
Carbon nanotube conductor with enhanced electrical conductivity 

148. 8,808,781 
Method for producing vanillin by electrochemical oxidation of aqueous lignin solutions or suspensions 

147. 8,808,776 
Produce chamber with inflatable balloon seal 

146. 8,808,752 
Controlled release particles and method for producing the same 

145. 8,808,749 
Polymer conjugate of bioactive substance having hydroxy group 

144. 8,808,748 
Biodegradable nanoparticles as novel hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers and methods of using the same 

143. 8,808,746 
Sustained-release microspheres and methods of making and using same 

142. 8,808,745 
Morphine polymer release system 

141. 8,808,744 
Drug delivery system based on polyethylene vinylacetate copolymers 

140. 8,808,738 
Aliphatic amine polymer salts for tableting 

139. 8,808,736 
Enteric coated multiparticulate controlled release peppermint oil composition and related methods 

138. 8,808,730 
Composite material for tissue repair 

137. 8,808,725 
Solid forms for tissue repair 

136. 8,808,724 
Antimicrobial coatings with preferred microstructure for medical devices 

135. 8,808,723 
Polymers containing poly(ester amides) and agents for use with medical articles and methods of fabricating the same 

134. 8,808,681 
Crosslinked, degradable polymers and uses thereof 

133. 8,808,680 
Ionomeric silicone thermoplastic elastomers 

132. 8,808,678 
Use and application of defined zwitterionic copolymer 

131. 8,808,677 
Glycerin polyesters with terminal modification 

130. 8,808,676 
Glycerin polyesters with terminal silicone modification 

129. 8,808,675 
Organopolysiloxane hair treatment agent and hair cosmetic containing the treatment agent 

128. 8,808,612 
Computer controlled flow manipulation for vacuum infusion processes 

127. 8,808,611 
Method of producing biaxially stretched polyester bottles 

126. 8,808,610 
Systems and methods for cooling moving molds 

125. 8,808,609 
Process of making a carbon fiber nonwoven fabric 

124. 8,808,608 
Electroblowing web formation process  

123. 8,808,607 
Thermally conductive sheet and process for producing same 

122. 8,808,606 
Molding apparatus and method 

121. 8,808,605 
Carbon fiber composite material and process for producing the same 

120. 8,808,603 
Consumable assembly for use in extrusion-based layered deposition systems 

119. 8,808,602 
Method of treating a net made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene 

118. 8,808,600 
Methods for manufacturing barrier systems having a retained coupling pin 

117. 8,808,597 
Pan-based carbon fibers and fabrication method thereof and precursor raw material thereof 

116. 8,808,596 
Process of making polyglycolic acid resin filament 

115. 8,808,595 
Multilayer film for medical solution pouches having reduced proficiency for forming bubbles 

114. 8,808,594 
Coform fibrous materials and method for making same 

113. 8,808,593 
Cap for the neck of a container and method for producing one such cap 

112. 8,808,592 
Method for shredding portions of bituminous material into recyclable granules 

111. 8,808,591 
Coextrusion fabrication method 

110. 8,808,590 
Pelletizing device and method 

109. 8,808,589 
Method for making a carbon nanotube film 

108. 8,808,587 
Preparation of microcapsule with double layered structure 

107. 8,808,586 
Molded part and optical device using the molded part 

106. 8,808,583 
Method for manufacturing conductive adhesive containing one-dimensional conductive nanomaterial 

105. 8,808,580 
Thermoplastic and/or elastomeric composite based on carbon nanotubes and graphenes 

104. 8,808,579 
Method for producing a dispersion of nanoparticles 

103. 8,808,566 
Composite magnetic material 

102. 8,808,565 
Nanoparticle having imidazolium salt chemically bound thereto, method of preparing the same, and nanogel electrolyte for dye-sensitive solar cell comprising the same 

101. 8,808,558 
System and method for alignment of nanoparticles on substrate 

100. 8,808,557 
Pattern forming method 

99. 8,808,549 
Method of making zirconia-containing nanoparticles 

98. 8,808,510 
System and method for a constituent rendering of biomass and other carbon-based materials 

97. 8,808,508 
System and method for obtaining hydrocarbons from organic and inorganic solid waste 

96. 8,808,507 
Microwave assisted flash pyrolysis system and method using the same 

95. 8,808,505 
Device for producing fibrous sheet 

94. 8,808,495 
Modified diphenylmethane diisocyanate-based adhesives 

93. 8,808,490 
Methods for laminating composites 

92. 8,808,489 
Method of manufacturing a flexible, impact-resistant material 

91. 8,808,488 
Method for the continuous production of a connecting part made from composite material 

90. 8,808,485 
Environmentally friendly polyurethane composite panel 

89. 8,808,484 
Method of manufacturing a universal door skin blank 

88. 8,808,483 
Method of making a curved touch panel 

87. 8,808,482 
Portable manufacturing method for manufacturing flexible insulated duct 

86. 8,808,481 
Method for the production of a web 

85. 8,808,480 
Flanged fiber-reinforced resin hollow part and method of molding the same 

84. 8,808,479 
Method of making and using shape memory polymer composite patches 

83. 8,808,478 
Structural mounting insert having a non-conductive isolator 

82. 8,808,445 
Asphalt-rubber compositions and systems and methods for preparing same 

81. 8,808,442 
Soil stabilization compositions 

80. 8,808,429 
Method for reclaiming of CO.sub.2 absorbent and a reclaimer 

79. 8,808,413 
Abrasive tool having controlled porosity distribution 

78. 8,808,412 
Microfiber reinforcement for abrasive tools 

77. 8,808,408 
Stable suspensions of biomass comprising inorganic particulates 

76. 8,808,402 
Arrangement for holding a substrate in a material deposition apparatus 

75. 8,808,385 
Mechanically-activated shape memory polymer spinal cage 

74. 8,808,366 
Stent features for collapsible prosthetic heart valves 

73. 8,808,357 
Radiopaque iodinated and iodide-containing crystalline absorbable aliphatic polymeric materials and applications thereof 

72. 8,808,356 
Collapsible and re-expandable prosthetic heart valve cuff designs and complementary technological applications 

71. 8,808,355 
Stent graft having a closeable fenestration 

70. 8,808,354 
Helical stent 

69. 8,808,353 
Crush recoverable polymer scaffolds having a low crossing profile 

68. 8,808,352 
Cast bioremodelable graft 

67. 8,808,351 
Stretchable prosthesis fenestration 

66. 8,808,342 
Nanoshell therapy 

65. 8,808,308 
Automated intraocular lens injector device 

64. 8,808,274 
Wound dressing 

63. 8,808,239 

62. 8,808,238 
Method of manufacturing balloon catheter and balloon catheter 

61. 8,808,237 
Expandable perfusion balloon 

60. 8,808,236 
Balloon catheters having a plurality of needles for the injection of one or more therapeutic agents 

59. 8,808,113 
Golf ball surface patterns comprising a channel system 

58. 8,808,112 
Golf ball having visually enhanced non-uniform thickness intermediate layer 

57. 8,808,111 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

56. 8,808,110 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

55. 8,808,064 
Abrasive article with array of composite polishing pads 

54. 8,808,049 
Method for making sheet-shaped heat and light source 

53. 8,808,048 
Tactical flotation safety system 

52. 8,808,047 
Paddleboard and process 

51. 8,807,986 
PET blow moulding machines 

50. 8,807,985 
Apparatus and method for forming tapered products 

49. 8,807,984 
Molded article extractor and method 

48. 8,807,983 
Thermoforming apparatus 

47. 8,807,982 
Expandable molding insert apparatus and method 

46. 8,807,981 
Automated system for changing a mold of a molding unit with which a machine for manufacturing containers is provided 

45. 8,807,980 
Magazine apparatus for the storage of blow moulds and methods of storing blow moulds 

44. 8,807,979 
Machine for the manufacture of dosage forms utilizing radiofrequency energy 

43. 8,807,978 
Template manufacturing method, template inspecting method and inspecting apparatus, nanoimprint apparatus, nanoimprint system, and device manufacturing method 

42. 8,807,977 
Cam follower slide for mold clamping linkage system 

41. 8,807,931 
System for impact zone reinforcement 

40. 8,807,878 
Reinforced soil structure 

39. 8,807,877 
Tensionable spiral bolt with resin nut and related methods 

38. 8,807,839 
Synthetic resin bearing for photovoltaic tracking system 

37. 8,807,838 
Synthetic resin-made thrust sliding bearing 

36. 8,807,837 
Bearing assemblies including a thermally conductive structure, bearing apparatuses, and methods of use 

35. 8,807,826 
Static mixing device for flowable substances 

34. 8,807,821 
Device for mixing a compound in a container 

33. 8,807,748 
Appliance for reading the shape of a rim or a half-rim of an eyeglass frame, and a corresponding reading method 

32. 8,807,747 
Spectacle eyeglass for myopic child 

31. 8,807,746 
Spectacle lens, spectacles, and method for manufacturing spectacle lens 

30. 8,807,745 
Fully polymerized UV blocking silicone hydrogel lens 

29. 8,807,543 
Elastomeric plain bearing having switchable rigidity 

28. 8,807,531 
Vacuum valve bellows 

27. 8,807,530 
Bottom entry plastic ball valve 

26. 8,807,402 
Disposable glove and apparatus for applying a glove to a user's hand 

25. 8,807,401 
Sealing arrangement 

24. 8,807,350 
Composite membranes and methods for their preparation 

23. 8,807,276 
Multilayer composite material 

22. 8,807,275 
Sound absorbent barrier 

21. 8,807,257 
Method for forming a vacuum adhesion 

20. 8,807,186 
Hot laminating apparatus 

19. 8,807,181 
Tire with foamed rubber layer having organic fibers and inorganic compound powder 

18. 8,807,175 
Method for manufacturing weaving material from nonwoven 

17. 8,807,174 
Hose for fluids pulsating at high pressure and frequency and method of construction 

16. 8,807,173 
Reinforced plastic hose 

15. 8,807,172 
Method and device for repairing piping 

14. 8,807,142 
Molecularly imprinted polymers selective for nitrosamines and method of preparing the same 

13. 8,807,125 
Three dimensionally fiber-reinforced composite riser and methods of making the same 

12. 8,807,066 
Device for applying adhesive in a slitter-winder of fiber 

11. 8,807,008 
Polymer-based machine gun belt links and cartridge casings and manufacturing method 

10. 8,806,953 
Bending test apparatus for flexible device 

9. 8,806,952 
Measuring sports net tension 

8. 8,806,930 
Method and apparatus for determining the depth of a metal feature in a rubber or elastomeric material 

7. 8,806,921  
Viscometer and a method for operating the same 

6. 8,806,920 
Co-molded pierceable stopper and method for making the same 

5. 8,806,902 
Cut resistant composite yarn 

4. 8,806,838 
Lightweight stone insulating panel and construction method for insulating building exterior using the same 

3. 8,806,837 
Ceiling plank 

2. 8,806,686 
Breathable cushion and method of manufacturing the same 

1. 8,806,663 
Fabric having improved diffusion moisture capability and garments made therefrom 


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