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Note: Topics have been picked and covered to show the potential for Contenr Marketing.  This list covers Patents more directly related to polymeric materials and plastics. Please contact me if to test a special topic is of interest for Contact Marketing ( ) (RDC 7/15/2014)


Week 35

Patents published 9/2/2014

8,819,862 through 8,826,461

7080  patents published.


230. 8,822,955 
Polymer-conjugated quantum dots and methods of making the same 

229. 8,822,753 
Absorbent article 

228. 8,822,752 
Disposable diaper 

227. 8,822,751 
Adhesive bandage with barrier tear away tabs 

226. 8,822,736 
Process for preparing polymers of polyhydric alcohols 

225. 8,822,713 
Polymerizable coordination complexes and polymeric materials obtained from said monomers 

224. 8,822,657 
Recovery of lignin and water soluble sugars from plant materials 

223. 8,822,635 
Selenium-based monomers and conjugated polymers, methods of making, and use thereof 

222. 8,822,634 
Copolymer comprising anthracene and benzoselenadiazole, preparing method and uses thereof 

221. 8,822,633 
High bandgap arylene polymers 

220. 8,822,632 
Process for forming an aramid copolymer 

219. 8,822,631  
Process for the production of PA-410 and PA-410 obtainable by that process 

218. 8,822,630 
Polyamide composition 

217. 8,822,629 
Method of preparing a heat-resistant polyamide 

216. 8,822,628 
Crosslinkable liquid crystalline polymer 

215. 8,822,627 
Method of manufacture of novolac-type phenol resin 

214. 8,822,626 
Silyl-terminated polymers 

213. 8,822,625 
Method for providing higher molecular weight natural oil polyols without loss of functionality 

212. 8,822,624 
Thermoplastic polyurethane with reduced formation of deposit 

211. 8,822,623 
High index and high impact resistant poly(thio)urethane/urea material, method of manufacturing same and its use in the optical field 

210. 8,822,622 
Two-component polyurethane coating compositions 

209. 8,822,621 
Method for producing (hydroxymethyl)polysiloxanes 

208. 8,822,620 
Method for making alkoxy-modified silsesquioxanes 

207. 8,822,619 
Directed self assembly copolymer composition and related methods 

206. 8,822,618 
Microcapsule and methods of making and using microcapsules 

205. 8,822,617 
Copolymer for organic antireflective film, monomer, and composition comprising the copolymer 

204. 8,822,616 
Block copolymer formulation and methods relating thereto 

203. 8,822,615 
Block copolymer composition and methods relating thereto 

202. 8,822,614 
Acrylic thermoplastic resin and molded object thereof 

201. 8,822,613 
Process for preparing a (meth)acrylate copolymer containing quaternary ammonium groups by free-radical polymerization in solution 

200. 8,822,612 
Polyethylene prepared with supported late transition metal catalyst systems 

199. 8,822,611 
Solid state properties of polyethylene prepared with tetrahydroindenyl-based catalyst system 

198. 8,822,610 
Control over controlled radical polymerization processes 

197. 8,822,609 
Method for transforming a single reactor line 

196. 8,822,608 
Polyolefin production with different diluents in multiple polymerization reactors 

195. 8,822,606 
Low viscosity silyl-terminated polymers 

194. 8,822,605 
PH sensitive graft copolymer 

193. 8,822,604 
Rubber composition for golf ball 

192. 8,822,603 
Resinous material for covering electric wire, electric wire manufactured by using the resinous material for covering electric wire, and flame-retardant cable 

191. 8,822,602 
Heterophasic propylene copolymers with stiffness/impact/flowability balance 

190. 8,822,601 
Ethylene-based polymers and processes to make the same 

189. 8,822,600 
Method for producing terminal acrylic-modified polybutadiene or terminal acrylic-modified hydrogenated polybutadiene, and composition containing same 

188. 8,822,599 
Crystalline block composites as compatibilizers 

187. 8,822,598 
Crystalline block composites as compatibilizers 

186. 8,822,597
 Increasing rubber phase volume in rubber-modified polystyrene 

185. 8,822,596 
Water-in-oil emulsion adhesive 

184. 8,822,595 
Mixture obtained by reacting polyol and anhydride and its use in polyisocyanates for making polyisocyanurates 

183. 8,822,594 
Low temperature application coating composition comprising polyurea and a phosphorus-containing polyol and footwear comprising polyurea 

182. 8,822,593 
Curable resin composition, hardened material thereof, and optical semiconductor apparatus 

181. 8,822,592  
Aqueous emulsion polymer as dispersant 

180. 8,822,591 
Pigment dispersions 

179. 8,822,590 
Maleic anhydride copolymers as soluble support material for fused deposition modelling (FDM) printer 

178. 8,822,589 
Method for the production of aqueous formulations, aqueous formulations, and the use thereof 

177. 8,822,588 
Fluorine-containing polymer and anti-static agent wherein same is used 

176. 8,822,587 
Vinyl chloride-based resin emulsion, method for producing same, water-based ink, and recording paper 

175. 8,822,586 
Cationic polymer dispersions, method for producing said dispersions and use thereof 

174. 8,822,585 
Aqueous dispersion of polymeric particles 

173. 8,822,584 
Biodegradable polyester blends 

172. 8,822,583 
Transparent heat radiating coating composition 

171. 8,822,582 
High permeability superabsorbent polymer compositions 

170. 8,822,581 
Melt dispersion process for making polymer polyols 

169. 8,822,580 
Architectural paint and stain tinting system with tip drying resistance 

168. 8,822,579 
Frost-resistant rubber based on propyleneoxide rubber and natural bentonites 

167. 8,822,578 
Purified acetylated derivatives of castor oil and compositions including same 

166. 8,822,577 
Rubber composition for golf ball 

165. 8,822,576 
Flame-retardant PC/ABS compositions having good impact strength, flowability and chemical resistance 

164. 8,822,575 
Stabilizer mixture 

163. 8,822,574 
Wood material product and method for the production thereof 

162. 8,822,573 
Chemical two-component mortar compound with improved adhesion to the surface of partially cleaned and/or moist holes in mineral substrates, and the use of such a chemical two-component mortar compound 

161. 8,822,572  
Process for continuous emulsion polymerization 

160. 8,822,571 
High refractive index crystalline colloidal arrays materials and a process for making the same 

159. 8,822,570 
Photocurable coating composition and coating film formed by hardening same 

158. 8,822,569 
Composite particles 

157. 8,822,568 
Binder composition for self-curing mold formation 

156. 8,822,567 
Method of producing soil cement slurry 

155. 8,822,566 
Non-homogeneous ready-mix joint compound 

154. 8,822,564 
Dental restorative material 

153. 8,822,563 
Curable resin composition and molded article 

152. 8,822,558 
Low density hydrophobic material and method of making the same 

151. 8,822,557 
Elastic inorganic-organic hybrid foam 

150. 8,822,556 
One-component moisture-curing polymer foam 

149. 8,822,555 
Polyamide particles and process for producing same 

148. 8,822,554 
Aminated ion exchange resins and production methods thereof 

147. 8,822,553 
Coal-to-liquid systems and methods 

146. 8,822,551 
Implantation material comprising biocompatible polymer 

145. 8,822,402 

144. 8,822,389 
Dendritic comb-shaped polymer thickening agent, preparaton of the same and application thereof 

143. 8,822,388 
Multi-component aqueous gel solution for control of delayed gelation timing and for resulting gel properties 

142. 8,822,384 
Methods for detecting plasticizers 

141. 8,822,376 
Thermal transfer sheet 

140. 8,822,375 
Method for activating colorant associated with an article 

139. 8,822,374 
Color-changing marking implement and substrate 

138. 8,822,373 
Particulate water absorbing agent and production method thereof 

137. 8,822,366 
Solid titanium catalyst component, catalyst for olefin polymerization and process for polymerizing olefin 

136. 8,822,365 
Process for the preparation of a solid metallocene catalyst system and its use in polymerisation of olefins 

135. 8,822,356 
Fire resistant composite material and fabrics made therefrom 

134. 8,822,355 
Fire resistant composite material and fabrics made therefrom 

133. 8,822,351 
Composition for thermosetting silcone resin 

132. 8,822,306 
Method for manufacturing a composite wafer having a graphite core, and composite wafer having a graphite core 

131. 8,822,139 
Method for providing an ordered layer of self-assemblable polymer for use in lithography 

130. 8,822,138 
Composition for forming resist underlayer film for lithography including resin containing alicyclic ring and aromatic ring 

129. 8,822,123 
Polymeric materials and methods for making the polymeric materials 

128. 8,822,112 
Siloxane-based compound, photosensitive composition comprising the same and photosensitive material 

127. 8,822,091 
Proton-conducting membrane and use thereof 

126. 8,822,078 
Freestanding carbon nanotube paper, methods of its making, and devices containing the same 

125. 8,822,031 
Hot melt moisture cure adhesive composition 

124. 8,822,029 
Polyacrylonitrile polymer, method of producing the same, method of producing precursor fiber used for producing carbon fiber, carbon fiber and method of producing the same 

123. 8,822,028 
Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and method of preparing the same 

122. 8,822,024 
Method of producing a self-healing membrane 

121. 8,822,021 
Process for the production of propylene random copolymers for injection moulding applications 

120. 8,822,020 
Molding composition composed of vinyl chloride polymer or polyvinylchloride film produced from the molding composition and process for production of a film or of a film web 

119. 8,822,015 
Elastic composite having dual elasticized regions, and a system and method for making the elastic composite 

118. 8,822,014 
Glue-free anti-slip polyvinyl chloride floor brick and preparing method thereof 

117. 8,822,011 
Multi-layer foam structure 

116. 8,822,002 
Fluorine-containing elastomer composition and molded article comprising the same 

115. 8,822,001 
Delamination resistant multilayer containers 

114. 8,822,000 
Nanostructure and method for manufacturing the same 

113. 8,821,995 
Fiber, tapes, monofilaments based on ethylene copolymers with alfa-olefins 

112. 8,821,989 
Method for manufacturing optical laminated body 

111. 8,821,982 
Method of making a solvent-free polymer-based tire sealant 

110. 8,821,981 
Polyurethane gaskets and process for forming same 

109. 8,821,976 
Method for elaborating carbon nanotubes on a substrate 

108. 8,821,975 
Method for making branched carbon nanotubes 

107. 8,821,971 
Use of polyolefins having atactic structural elements in floor coverings 

106. 8,821,963 
Deposition method and method for manufacturing light-emitting device 

105. 8,821,935 
Microcapsules with modified release of active principles with low solubility for oral delivery 

104. 8,821,923 
Using bucky paper as a therapeutic aid in medical applications 

103. 8,821,918 
Cross-linked gelatin composition comprising a wetting agent 

102. 8,821,917 
Biopolymeric membranes 

101. 8,821,916 
Medical dressing comprising an antimicrobial silver compound 

100. 8,821,912 
Method of manufacturing antimicrobial implants of polyetheretherketone 

99. 8,821,906 
Biocompatible polymer 

98. 8,821,844 
Poly-.alpha.-olefin-containing cosmetic composition 

97. 8,821,843 
Rheology modifying and setting polymer, composition thereof and method for making it 

96. 8,821,841 
Copolymers for cosmetic applications 

95. 8,821,785 
Joining and a repair method 

94. 8,821,784 
Bottles prepared from compositions of polypropylene and inorganic nucleating agents 

93. 8,821,780 
Method and machine for producing a hollow product 

92. 8,821,779 
Method of molding a microneedle 

91. 8,821,778 
Method for encapsulating electrical and/or electronic components in a housing 

90. 8,821,777 
Foam seat element, mold for the production thereof and method to manufacture the mold 

89. 8,821,776 
Process for the additivation of synthetic fibres, artificial fibres and polymers with special properties 

88. 8,821,775 
Method for coextruding a plurality of fluid layers 

87. 8,821,774 
Method for manufacturing high molecular weight polyethylene fibers 

86. 8,821,773 
Graphene composite electrodes for energy storage devices 

85. 8,821,772 
Fluorescent compounds for detecting use of proper plastic molding temperatures 

84. 8,821,770 
High refractive index inorganic oxide nanoparticles comprising surface treatment and polymerizable resin 

83. 8,821,757 
Liquid-crystalline medium 

82. 8,821,756 
Substrate with a modified liquid crystal polymer marking 

81. 8,821,755 
Liquid composition containing liquid crystal polyester 

80. 8,821,740 
Nanowire manufacturing method 

79. 8,821,710 
Production of fuel from chemicals derived from biomass

78. 8,821,687 
Flushable article including polyurethane binder and method of using the same 

77. 8,821,680 
Fluoropolymer containing laminates 

76. 8,821,679 
Bimetal laminate structure and method of making the same 

75. 8,821,676 
Low temperature bonding material comprising coated metal nanoparticles, and bonding method 

74. 8,821,675 
Carbon nanotube based micro-tip structure and method for making the same 

73. 8,821,674 
Optical film material roll and method for manufacturing image display device using thereof 

72. 8,821,672 
Adhesive fastening elements for holding a workpiece and methods of de-bonding a workpiece from an adhesive fastening element 

71. 8,821,671 
Process and system for waterproofing semimanufactured products of footwear, gloves, clothing items and accessories as well as semimanufactured products obtained with this process or system 

70. 8,821,669 
Process and machine for water proofing semimanufactured footwear, clothing items and accessories, and semimanufactured products obtained with said process or machine 

69. 8,821,668 
Tubular body manufacturing method and tubular body 

68. 8,821,667 
Multilayer composite pressure vessel and method for making the same 

67. 8,821,666 
Production method for a workpiece composed of a fibre-composite material, and a fibre-composite component in the form of a profile with a profile cross section which varies over its length 

66. 8,821,661 
Method of manufacturing honeycomb structure and degreasing apparatus for honeycomb molded body 

65. 8,821,660 
Method for manufacturing ecotypic artificial leather or leather-like and automated manufacturing line thereof 

64. 8,821,659 
Apparatus and method for real-time alignment and lamination of substrates 

63. 8,821,626 
Adhesive for inorganic fiber 

62. 8,821,617 
Polyimide-co-polybenzoxazole copolymer, preparation method thereof, and gas separation membrane comprising the same 

61. 8,821,604 
Polycrystalline diamond compact and method of making same 

60. 8,821,320 
Golf ball 

59. 8,821,319 
Designing method for dimple pattern of golf ball 

58. 8,821,318 
Golf ball 

57. 8,821,317 
Golf ball 

56. 8,821,316 
Negative hardness gradient cores made of polyalkenamer rubber for golf balls 

55. 8,821,315 
Golf ball 

54. 8,821,204 
Inflatable stand up paddle board with rigid needle nose 

53. 8,821,157 
Orthodontic adhesives 

52. 8,821,152 
Injection-molding machine having at least two toggle lever mechanisms 

51. 8,821,151 
Side gate nozzle assembly 

50. 8,821,147  
Extrusion die device 

49. 8,821,146 
Mold for manufacturing an I/O port of a computer front panel 

48. 8,821,145 
Die for coextruding a plurality of fluid layers 

47. 8,821,144 
Alignment interlock for molds and dies 

46. 8,821,116 
Abradable coating system 

45. 8,821,115 
Seal assembly 

44. 8,821,114 
Gas turbine engine sealing structure 

43. 8,821,113 
Air cycle machine seal land 

42. 8,821,064 
Acrylic-modified asphalt rejuvenating emulsion 

41. 8,820,928 
Silicone hydrogel contact lenses 

40. 8,820,925 
Polymerizable contact lens formulations and contact lenses obtained therefrom 

39. 8,820,924 
Inversion marking for contact lenses 

38. 8,820,801 
Multi-wall corrugated pipe couplings and methods 

37. 8,820,800 
Multi-wall corrugated pipe couplings and methods 

36. 8,820,799 
Tube coupling 

35. 8,820,797 
Non-rotating mechanical joint for a hose coupling 

34. 8,820,795 
Fitting for joining pipe elements 

33. 8,820,794 
Hose-in-hose coupler 

32. 8,820,753 
Lubricant sealing structure for gear coupling 

31. 8,820,752 
Intershaft seal with centrifugal compensation 

30. 8,820,751 
Seal with plastic inner cup 

29. 8,820,668 
Roller press, particularly for interparticle comminution 

28. 8,820,667 
Sieve mill with improved sieve retaining properties 

27. 8,820,666 
Post consumer scrap film recycling process 

26. 8,820,612 
Injection molded solder process for forming solder bumps on substrates 

25. 8,820,585 
Foam dispenser with a porous foaming element 

24. 8,820,571 
Plastic beer keg 

23. 8,820,556 
Molded bottle for liquids 

22. 8,820,541 
Method for producing curable composition for imprints 

21. 8,820,442 
Polycrystalline diamond compact including a substrate having a raised interfacial surface bonded to a polycrystalline diamond table, and applications therefor 

20. 8,820,379 
Mould system and method for operating said system 

19. 8,820,378 
Analytic substrate coating apparatus and method 

18. 8,820,370 
Elastomeric insert for supporting a tire and mounted assembly incorporating it 

17. 8,820,332 
Cosmetic nail covering 

16. 8,820,327 
Sealing lip device for a breathing mask, a breathing mask and a method and a mold for producing same 

15. 8,820,326 
Respirator facepiece with thermoset elastomeric face seal 

14. 8,820,133 
Co-extruded materials and methods 

13. 8,820,132 
Method and facility for producing separator for use in polymer electrolyte fuel cell 

12. 8,820,037 
Thermoforming packaging machine and a method for filling packaging troughs with products 

11. 8,820,036 
Process and apparatus for packaging bags 

10. 8,820,035 
Interchangeable cutting elements for sealing machine 

9. 8,820,017 
Reverse molded panel 

8. 8,820,016 
External insulation wall having grid-reinforced insulation board mechanically anchored 

7. 8,820,014 
Panel of a floor system 

6. 8,820,013 
Plug and plate for waterproofing and method for using same 

5. 8,819,922 
Method of making an electrically-heated hose assembly 

4. 8,819,912 
Method of assembling workpieces utilizing shape memory polymer activation to facilitate alignment and retention 

3. 8,819,906 
Metal part and plastic part seperating device 

2. 8,819,902 
Adhesive closure piece 

1. 8,819,866 
Flame resistant fabric and garments made therefrom 


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