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Week 36

Patents published 9/9/2014

8,826,462 through 8,832,861

6896  patents published.



263. 8,829,352 
LAN cable with dual layer PEI/FRPP insulation for primary conductors 

262. 8,829,350 
Crosslinked resin composition, and wire, cable and molded wire coated with the same 

261. 8,829,227 
Plasticiser esters 

260. 8,829,218 
Highly active and selective ethylene oligomerization catalyst and method of preparing hexene or octene using the same 

259. 8,829,217 
Methods of forming single source precursors, methods of forming polymeric single source precursors, and single source precursors formed by such methods 

258. 8,829,212 
Method of separating solid salt from epoxy resin solutions 

257. 8,829,202 
Condensed polycyclic aromatic compound, aromatic polymer, and method for synthesizing aromatic compound 

256. 8,829,181 
Production method for cationic hydroxypropyl cellulose 

255. 8,829,156 
Process for producing polycarbonates and a coordination complex used therefor 

254. 8,829,155 
Poly(p-xylylene)-based polymer having low dielectric constant and low-loss property and insulating material, printed circuit board and functional element using the same 

253. 8,829,154 
Substrate-independent layer-by-layer assembly using catechol-functionalized polymers 

252. 8,829,153 
Polyimide precursor composition containing polyamic acid alkyl ester 

251. 8,829,152 
Methods for preparation of macrocyclic polyester oligomer via heterogeneous catalysis 

250. 8,829,151 
Coating composition comprising a reactive diluent of polyunsaturated alcohol ester 

249. 8,829,150 
Methods for polymering haptens into immunogens 

248. 8,829,149 
Methods for recycling byproduct of polyester resin production 

247. 8,829,148 
Dual cured castable hybrid polyurethane / polyurea system for use in golf balls 

246. 8,829,147 
Polymerizable liquid composition and process for the production of organic glass starting from polymerizable liquid compositions of the polyurethane type 

245. 8,829,146 
High-reactivity, uretdione-containing polyurethane compositions which comprise metal-free acetylacetonates 

244. 8,829,145 
Water-stable catalysts for polyurethane manufacture 

243. 8,829,144 
MQ resins from stable ethylsilicate polymers 

242. 8,829,143 
Reactive inorganic clusters 

241. 8,829,142 
Curable composition and process for production of organosilicon compound 

240. 8,829,141 
Emulsion, its manufacturing method and silicone oil composition 

239. 8,829,140 
Polysiloxane-polyorgano block copolymers 

238. 8,829,139 
Process for production of polysilane compound 

237. 8,829,138 
Polyethylene and process for production thereof 

236. 8,829,137 
Polyethylene film 

235. 8,829,136 
Apparatus and methods for controlled radical polymerization 

234. 8,829,135 
Process for continuously producing water-absorbing polymer particles 

233. 8,829,134 
Process for transporting in the tank of a tank truck or tanker ship a liquid monomer phase withdrawn from a storage vessel 

232. 8,829,133 
ABA triblock copolymer, thickener, and aqueous composition 

231. 8,829,132 
Ethylene/tetrafluoroethylene copolymer 

230. 8,829,131 
Fluorinated copolymers, membranes prepared using the latter and fuel cell device including said membranes 

229. 8,829,130 
Resin composition and molded article 

228. 8,829,129 
Water-swellable copolymers and articles and coatings made therefrom 

227. 8,829,128 
Preparation of polypropylene in the presence of a single-site catalyst 

226. 8,829,127 
Process for making ethylene interpolymers and interpolymers made thereby, and compositions and electrical devices containing such interpolymers 

225. 8,829,126 
Catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins 

224. 8,829,125 
Use of hydrogen and an organozinc compound for polymerization and polymer property control 

223. 8,829,124 
Reactor and process for preparing polyolefin 

222. 8,829,123 
Phosphorus-containing compounds useful for making halogen-free, ignition-resistant polymers 

221. 8,829,122 
Polyurethane polymer based on an amphiphilic block copolymer and its use as impact modifier 

220. 8,829,121 
Piezoelectric polymer material and method for producing same 

219. 8,829,120 
Polyetheramide compositions 

218. 8,829,119 
Polyarylene compositions for downhole applications, methods of manufacture, and uses thereof 

217. 8,829,118 
Method for using hydrophobically modified polymers in consumer and industrial applications 

216. 8,829,117 
Method for producing ABA-triblock copolymers with a widely distributed B-block 

215. 8,829,116 
Method for producing block copolymers 

214. 8,829,115 
Ethylene-based polymer composition 

213. 8,829,114
Preparation of metallic comonomers for polystyrene 

212. 8,829,113 
Automotive interior element 

211. 8,829,112 
Polyester composition resistant to hydrolysis 

210. 8,829,111 
Polymer material 

209. 8,829,110 
Nanocomposite biomaterials of nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) and polylactic acid (PLA) 

208. 8,829,109 
Cleavable modifications to reducible poly(amido ethylenimine)s to enhance nucleotide delivery 

207. 8,829,108 
Fibers sized with polyetherketoneketones 

206. 8,829,107 
Biodegradable superabsorbent polymer composition with good absorption and retention properties 

205. 8,829,106 
Thermoplastic elastomer for cold and wet applications 

204. 8,829,105 
Low molecular weight polystyrene resin and methods of making and using the same 

203. 8,829,104 
Styrene-based resin composition, and resin molded article comprising same 

202. 8,829,103 
Carbon fiber composite material 

201. 8,829,102 
High loading carbon black masterbatch for pressure pipe applications 

200. 8,829,101 
Windmill propeller blade and method of making same 

199. 8,829,100 
Reinforced amorphous polymer composition 

198. 8,829,099 
Resin composition and molded article composed of the same 

197. 8,829,098 
Polylactic acid resin composition 

196. 8,829,097 
PLA-containing material 

195. 8,829,096 
Polymeric materials 

194. 8,829,094 
Use of nucleation in ICP resins 

193. 8,829,093 
Alkyl aromatic hydroalkylation for the production of plastisizers 

192. 8,829,092 
Protective coating composition 

191. 8,829,091 
Polycarbonate resin composition and molded article using the same 

190. 8,829,090 
Composition comprising propylene-alpha-olefin copolymer, olefin block copolymer and DPO-BSA molecular melt 

189. 8,829,087 
Transparent layer forming polymer 

188. 8,829,086 
Glass fiber-reinforced polycarbonate flame-retardant resin composition 

187. 8,829,085 
Glass fiber-reinforced polyoxymethylene 

186. 8,829,084 
Reinforced polyester resin composition 

185. 8,829,083 
Coating composition, a process of producing a coating composition, a coated article, and a method of making such articles 

184. 8,829,082 
Self-healing material with orthogonally functional capsules 

183. 8,829,081 
Method of manufacturing core-shell submicron spheres 

182. 8,829,077 
Easily thermally decomposable binder resin, binder resin composition and use of said composition 

181. 8,829,076 
Thermoset composition containing low molecular weight polytrimethylene ether glycol 

180. 8,829,075 
Adhesive materials, manufacturing thereof, and applications thereof 

179. 8,829,074 
Bone cement system for bone augmentation 

178. 8,829,073 
Implant material based on a polymer system and the use thereof 

177. 8,829,072 
Biomaterial containing degradation stabilized polymer 

176. 8,829,071 
Medical device with degradation-retarding coating 

175. 8,829,070 
Ultraviolet-curable resin material for pattern transfer and magnetic recording medium manufacturing method using the same 

174. 8,829,069 
Method for preparing a degradable polymer network 

173. 8,829,068 
Polymer and photosensitive resin composition comprising the same 

172. 8,829,067 
Polymerizable compositions with initiators containing several Ge atoms 

171. 8,829,066 
Polymerization reactor for producing super absorbent polymers and method of producing super absorbent polymers using the polymerization reactor 

170. 8,829,065 
Synthesis of a highly crystalline, covalently linked porous network 

169. 8,829,064 
Diffused light transmitter 

168. 8,829,063 
High heat radiation composite and a method of fabricating the same 

167. 8,829,062 
Stimuli-responsive polymer membrane and method of making the same 

166. 8,829,060 
Sulfonated poly(aryl ether) membrane including blend with phenol compound 

165. 8,829,059 
Processes for the production of methanol using sweep-based membrane separation steps 

164. 8,828,914 
Methods for controlling depolymerization of polymer compositions 

163. 8,828,905 
Porous base matrix having formyl group, adsorbent using the porous base matrix, method for production of the porous base matrix, and method for production of the adsorbent 

162. 8,828,904 
Inorganic/organic hybrid totally porous metal oxide particles, methods for making them and separation devices using them 

161. 8,828,895 
Webs of bi-component and mono-component Co-PLA fibers 

160. 8,828,894 
Reinforcement mesh for architectural foam moulding 

159. 8,828,619 
Proton exchange polymer membrane using surface treatment technique based on direct fluorination, membrane-electrode assembly, and fuel cell comprising the same 

158. 8,828,617 
Seal for solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell 

157. 8,828,613 
Membrane electrode assemblies and fuel-cell systems with surface-modified electrocatalysts and methods for electrocatalyst surface modification 

156. 8,828,554 
Electroconductive layer, laminate using the same, and producing processes thereof 

155. 8,828,551 
Silicone composition and process that is useful for improving the tear strength and the combing strength of an inflatable bag for protecting an occupant of a vehicle 

154. 8,828,549 
Interlayer for laminated glass and laminated glass 

153. 8,828,548 
Interlayer adhesive, waterproof structure and waterproof construction method 

152. 8,828,547 
Polyurethane/polyolefin blends with improved strain and scratch whitening performance  

151. 8,828,543  
Conductive particles comprising complex metal layer with density gradient, method for preparing the particles, and anisotropic conductive adhesive composition comprising the particles 

150. 8,828,542 

149. 8,828,539 
Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape or sheet 

148. 8,828,538 
Thick doped adhesive tape to enhance backscatter X-ray detectability 

147. 8,828,537 
Low profile reinforcing tape 

146. 8,828,536 
Conductive article having silver nanoparticles 

145. 8,828,535 
Cover tape 

144. 8,828,534 
Method of fabricating a thermostructural composite material part, and a part obtained thereby 

143. 8,828,533 
Mesoporous carbon materials 

142. 8,828,532 
Polymer composite for extracting Cesium from nuclear waste and/or other inorganic wastes/solutions 

141. 8,828,530 
Heat-storing moldings 

140. 8,828,523 
Method for manufacturing graphene using light and graphene manufactured using the same 

139. 8,828,516 
Biodegradable polymer non-woven absorbent pad with absorbency and antimicrobial chemistry 

138. 8,828,515 
Predictable bonded rework of composite structures using tailored patches 

137. 8,828,514 
Fluororesin tube and rotary member for fixing device 

136. 8,828,513 
Energy absorbing stitch ripping composite tubes containing collapsible cells 

135. 8,828,508 
Nematic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element using same 

134. 8,828,507 
Alignment facilities for optical dyes 

133. 8,828,497 
Method and use of a binder for providing a metallic coat covering a surface 

132. 8,828,496 
Coating method 

131. 8,828,495 
Method for minimizing emissions while forming a polyurethane foam 

130. 8,828,486 
Method for manufacturing diamond 

129. 8,828,485 
Carbon-encased metal nanoparticles and sponges as wood/plant preservatives or strengthening fillers 

128. 8,828,476 
Polyimide nanocomposite and method for preparing same 

127. 8,828,436 
Methods and compositions for treating tissue using silk proteins 

126. 8,828,435 
Buccal delivery system 

125. 8,828,434 
Nanocomposite hydrogel and method for preparing it, for industrial and medical applications 

124. 8,828,433 
Hydrogel bioscaffoldings and biomedical device coatings 

123. 8,828,432 
Embedding and encapsulation of sensitive components into a matrix to obtain discrete controlled release particles 

122. 8,828,425 
In situ-formed bioactive tissue adherent films of absorbable crystallizable polymers 

121. 8,828,424 
Antibacterial wound dressing 

120. 8,828,421 
Method for encapsulation of orally ingested materials to alter the site of digestion, site of action, or stability 

119. 8,828,420 
Siloxane prepolymer containing pendant cationic and polymerizable groups 

118. 8,828,419 
Bioabsorbable device having encapsulated additives for accelerating degradation 

117. 8,828,416 
Local vascular delivery of topotecan in combination with rapamycin to prevent restenosis following vascular injury 

116. 8,828,415 
Microcapsules with acetylene carbamide-polyurea polymers and formulations thereof for controlled release 

115. 8,828,414 
Biocidal composition of 2,6-dimethyl-m-dioxane-4-ol acetate and methods of use 

114. 8,828,383 
Nanocarriers with multi-photon response elements 

113. 8,828,358 
In situ formation of an artificial blockage to control bleeding by polymer expansion with hydrogen peroxide 

112. 8,828,349 
Substrate for growing carbon nanotubes, manufacturing method thereof, and manufacturing method of oriented carbon nanotubes 

111. 8,828,323 
Process for producing water-absorbing polymer particles 

110. 8,828,311 
Reticulated mesh arrays and dissimilar array monoliths by additive layered manufacturing using electron and laser beam melting 

109. 8,828,309 
Autoclave molding method and autoclave molding apparatus 

108. 8,828,308 
Hydroblow preform design 

107. 8,828,305 
Tube expansion processes for semicrystalline polymers to maximize fracture toughness 

106. 8,828,303 
Methods for polymerizing films in-situ using a radiation source 

105. 8,828,302 
Preparation and use of nanowrinkles 

104. 8,828,301 
In-mold labeling systems with polymeric label receptor and in-mold labeling methods therewith 

103. 8,828,300 
Die for molding CVJ boot and process for molding the same 

102. 8,828,299 
Injection moulding plastic components with a slit 

101. 8,828,296 
Method of making eyeglass frame by injection molding 

100. 8,828,295 
Method of sealing a gap 

99. 8,828,294 
Superfine fiber creating spinneret and uses thereof 

98. 8,828,293 
Apparatus and method for manufacturing three-dimensional netted structure 

97. 8,828,292 
Method of creating a dimple 

96. 8,828,291 
Method for substantially constant pressure injection molding of thinwall parts 

95. 8,828,290 
Blow mould capable of being sterilized 

94. 8,828,289 
Free-radical-polymerisable fixing mortar having silane additives 

93. 8,828,288 
Porous, low density nanoclay composite 

92. 8,828,284 
Method of producing an optical element having a mark 

91. 8,828,283 
Method of producing a shaped article for use as an optical component 

90. 8,828,282 
Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter using the same 

89. 8,828,277 
Nanocomposite thermoelectric conversion material and method of producing the same 

88. 8,828,276 
Metal nanoparticle dispersion 

87. 8,828,275 
Metal nanoparticle composition with water soluble polymer 

86. 8,828,274 
Polyarylamine ketones 

85. 8,828,271 
Hot melt wetness indicator adhesive composition containing UV fluorescent agent 

84. 8,828,270 
Composition comprising an alpha-cyclodextrin-chlorine dioxide complex and an inert substance, and also method for production thereof 

83. 8,828,268 
Use of molecules having associative groups as hardeners for thermosetting resins 

82. 8,828,267 
Use of a stereoisomer mixture of diaminomethylcyclohexane as a hardener for epoxy resins 

81. 8,828,256 
Method for fabricating carbon nanotube film 

80. 8,828,251 
Method for finishing exterior surface of injection-molded product 

79. 8,828,245 
Fabricating method of flexible circuit board 

78. 8,828,239 
Flexible free-standing ultrathin or thin protein membrane, its fabrication method and application 

77. 8,828,227 
Method for producing resin porous membrane with adhesive layer, resin porous membrane with adhesive layer, and filter member 

76. 8,828,181 
Temperature switchable adhesives comprising a crystallizable oil 

75. 8,828,175 
Method of fabricating a composite engineered wood material piece 

74. 8,828,174 
Method of manufacturing a plurality of optical devices 

73. 8,828,173 
Polysiloxanes with amino functionalities having reversible thickening and adhesion properties and systems and methods for crude oil, petroleum product or chemical spill containment and remediation 

72. 8,828,172 
Method for manufacturing a wind turbine rotor blade with a shear web 

71. 8,828,171 
Use of a fibre-reinforced plastic material as a reinforcement system of a profile for a window or door frame 

70. 8,828,170 
Apparatus and method for manufacturing reinforced containers 

69. 8,828,169 
Hollow composite bicycle component 

68. 8,828,168 
Method of controlling a phase of moulding an annular fixing structure and a tyre including an annular fixing structure 

67. 8,828,167 
Stitchless seam system for joining laminates 

66. 8,828,166 
Method for ultrasound welding of two bag foils with a spout 

65. 8,828,165 
Spacing interval control method and sheet laminating apparatus using the same 

64. 8,828,162 
Porous supported articles and methods of making 

63. 8,828,161 
Ballistic modification and solventless double base propellant, and process thereof 

62. 8,828,121 
Gas separation membranes based on perfluorinated polymers 

61. 8,828,120 
Device and method for separating a gas mixture 

60. 8,828,119 
Cross-pleated membrane cartridges, and method and apparatus for making cross-pleated membrane cartridges 

59. 8,828,118 
Staged blowdown of adsorbent bed 

58. 8,828,098 
Extenders for fluorochemical treatment of fibrous substrates 

57. 8,828,097 
Industrial textile fabric 

56. 8,828,096 
Prosthesis covering 

55. 8,828,070 
Devices for deploying intraocular shunts 

54. 8,828,069 
Coating construct containing poly(vinyl alcohol) 

53. 8,827,954 
Deflatable bifurcated device 

52. 8,827,840 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

51. 8,827,839 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

50. 8,827,838 
Multi-piece solid golf ball 

49. 8,827,763 
My own garage--a functional solution for the imagination of all ages 

48. 8,827,762 
Gripper for a toy and toy with a gripper 

47. 8,827,761 
Interacting toys 

46. 8,827,681 
Automatic powder recycling apparatus 

45. 8,827,680 
Liquid resin material molding system 

44. 8,827,679 
Low power consumption machine for blow-moulding containers 

43. 8,827,678 
Moulding and fitting system 

42. 8,827,677 
Lip adjustment indicator and system 

41. 8,827,676 
Apparatus and method for extruding stripes onto an extruded product 

40. 8,827,675 
Mold for insert molding 

39. 8,827,674 
Injection molding factory system and manufacturing method 

38. 8,827,673 
Device for dry-forming a fibrous web 

37. 8,827,672 
Electrospinning device for fabricating membrane by using spinnerets aligned in machine direction and transverse direction and method for using the same 

36. 8,827,671 
Extrusion and conditioning apparatus 

35. 8,827,670 
Dual platen molding machine 

34. 8,827,669 
Screw pump having varying pitches 

33. 8,827,668 
Tooth profile for rotors of positive displacement external gear pumps 

32. 8,827,590 
Structural underlayment support system and panel for use with paving and flooring elements 

31. 8,827,589 
Utilities access closure 

30. 8,827,588 
Fastening structure of resin member 

29. 8,827,557 
Gusseted bag with easy-open lap seal 

28. 8,827,556 
Pouch and airtight resealable closure mechanism therefor 

27. 8,827,548 
Polymer NEMs for cell physiology and microfabricated cell positioning system for micro-biocalorimeter 

26. 8,827,508 
Overmolded LED light assembly and method of manufacture 

25. 8,827,447 
Mono ethylenically unsaturated polymerizable group containing polycarbosiloxane monomers 

24. 8,827,446 
Electronic lens comprised of hybrid materials 

23. 8,827,445 
Devices and methods for a contact lens with an outward facing light source 

22. 8,827,356 
Inflatable side rail deflector apparatus for small offset collisions 

21. 8,827,307 
Inflatable bolster 

20. 8,827,252 
Method, plant and apparatus for making parts made of composite material 

19. 8,827,235 
Concrete form for building foundation construction with form insert creating recessed sections

18. 8,827,192 
Cellulose suspension and processes for its production 

17. 8,827,122 
Non-flammable plastic aerosol 

16.  8,827,106 
Bottom fillable bottles and systems for charging the same 

15. 8,827,105 
Plastic bag storage and dispensing container 

14. 8,827,087 
Membranes having improved performance 

13. 8,827,086 
Ultrafiltration membrane 

12. 8,827,085 
Monofilament-reinforced hollow fiber membrane 

11. 8,827,008 
Inflatable restraint system 

10. 8,826,959 
Heat sealing systems and methods, and related articles and materials 

9. 8,826,851 
Cover for a roller 

8. 8,826,844 
Three-layer rotomoulded motorboats 

7. 8,826,821 
Explosives container and method 

6. 8,826,620 
Polymer-based bracket system for metal panels 

5. 8,826,619 
Wood-fiberglass hybrid panel door 

4. 8,826,617 
Resin panel and method of producing the same 

3. 8,826,562 
Drying apparatus 

2. 8,826,510 
Method of making assemblies including reinforced composite parts with pre-formed rivet receiving buttons and articles made by the method 

1. 8,826,509 
Automated multi-stage machine for forming composite details 


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