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Note: Topics have been picked and covered to show the potential for Content Marketing.  This list covers Patents more directly related to polymeric materials and plastics. Please contact me if to test a special topic is of interest for Contact Marketing ( (RDC 7/15/2014)


Week 38

Patents published 9/23/2014

8,839,462 through 8,844,059

5020  patents published.


154. 8,841,689 
Heat-curable silicone resin sheet having phosphor-containing layer and phosphor-free layer, method of producing light emitting device utilizing same and light emitting semiconductor device obtained by the method 

153. 8,841,485 
Liquid phenol resin and method of preparing the same 

152. 8,841,473 
Synthesis of fluorosilicones and their derivatives 

151. 8,841,472 
Colored polysiloxanes 

150. 8,841,451 
Methods of nanoassembly of a fractal polymer and materials formed thereby

149. 8,841,441 
Method for producing regenerated biopolymers and regenerated products obtained by said method 

148. 8,841,440 
Organo-soluble chitosan salts and chitosan-derived biomaterials prepared thereof 

147. 8,841,411 

146. 8,841,410 
Nitrogen-containing condensed ring compound, nitrogen-containing condensed ring polymer, organic thin film, and organic thin film element 

145. 8,841,409 
Conjugated polymers and their use in optoelectronic devices 

144. 8,841,408 
Macromonomers and hydrogel systems using native chemical ligation, and their methods of preparation 

143. 8,841,407 
Polyamide resins and processes for molding them 

142. 8,841,406 
Branched rod-coil polyimide--poly( alkylene oxide) copolymers and electrolyte compositions 

141. 8,841,405 
Thermoset and thermoplastic compositions derived from the essential oils of herbs 

140. 8,841,404 
Flame retardant bio-based polymer blends 

139. 8,841,403 
Use of metal salts of a carboxylic acid in the production of polyurethane systems 

138. 8,841,402 
Coating agent composition and use thereof 

137. 8,841,400 
Use of organomodified siloxanes branched in the silicone part for producing cosmetic or pharmaceutical compositions 

136. 8,841,399 
Curable composition comprising dual reactive silane functionality 

135. 8,841,398 
Solid titanium catalyst component, olefin polymerization catalyst, and process for producing olefin polymer 

134. 8,841,397 
Vinyl terminated higher olefin polymers and methods to produce thereof  

133. 8,841,396 
Ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymer and molded article 

132. 8,841,395 
Method for producing a water-absorbent resin 

131. 8,841,394 
Vinyl terminated higher olefin copolymers and methods to produce thereof 

130. 8,841,393 
Catalyst composition having improved flow characteristics and methods of making and using the same 

129. 8,841,392 
Catalyst system and a process for the production of polyethylene 

128. 8,841,391 
Process for the introduction of a polymerisation catalyst into a gas-phase fluidised bed 

127. 8,841,390 
Method for improving flowability of heterophasic polypropylene powder 

126. 8,841,389 
Process for producing polymers by means of emulsion or suspension polymerization in a jet loop reactor 

125. 8,841,388 
Monofunctional, bifunctional, and multifunctional phosphinated phenols and their derivatives and preparation method thereof 

124. 8,841,387 
Method for improving thermal stability of polypropylene carbonate 

123. 8,841,386 
Fibers formed from aromatic polyester and polyether copolymer 

122. 8,841,385 
Polymer particles having polymer brush and method of preparing the same 

121. 8,841,384 
Material comprising polyazacycloalkanes, grafted on polypropylene fibres, its process of preparation, and process for removing metal cations from a liquid 

120. 8,841,383 
Ethylene-propylene terpolymers in tire sidewalls 

119. 8,841,382 
Hyperbranched polyethers/dendrimers for solubilzation of sparingly soluble active ingredients 

118. 8,841,381 
Aqueous polyurethane resin dispersion and process for preparing the same 

117. 8,841,380 
Polyurethane coating compositions comprising isocyanurate compositions from bis(isocyanatomethyl) cyclohexane and tertiary amine catalysts 

116. 8,841,379 
Method to form an aqueous dispersion of an ionomer-polyolefin blend 

115. 8,841,378 
Polymeric particles and processes for preparation of polymeric particles that involve molding 

114. 8,841,377 
Glass fiber for reinforcing polycarbonate resin and polycarbonate resin formed article 

113. 8,841,376 
Methods for identifying and utilizing rubber compositions with good wet traction performance 

112. 8,841,375 
Isolable and redispersable transition metal nanoparticles their preparation and use as IR absorbers 

111. 8,841,374 
Method for grinding calcium carbonate in water in the presence of a solution of acrylic polymer and an alkali carbonate salt manufactured in place in the said solution 

110. 8,841,373 
Borophosphate, borate phosphate, and metal borophosphate as novel flame proofing additives for plastics 

109. 8,841,372 
Method and compositions for the sealing and assembly of power train components 

108. 8,841,371 
Vinyl chloride resin composition 

107. 8,841,370 
Wear-resistant rubber based on propylene oxide rubber and ultrafine polytetrafluoroethylene 

106. 8,841,369 
Latently reactive polyurethane dispersion with activatable crosslinking 

105. 8,841,368 
Nonflammable polyester resin composition and method for manufacturing such a resin composition 

104. 8,841,367 
Flame retardant polycarbonate compositions, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same 

103. 8,841,366 
Thermoplastic polycarbonate copolymer compositions, methods of their manufacture, and uses thereof 

102. 8,841,365 
Method for transporting straight run bitumen, and bitumen mixture 

101. 8,841,364 
Asphalt emulsions, products made from asphalt emulsions, and processes for making fibrous mats from asphalt emulsions 

100. 8,841,363 
Copolymers having long-chain acrylates 

99. 8,841,362 
Thermoplastic starch and synthetic polymer blends and method of making 

98. 8,841,361 
Keratin in rubber applications 

97. 8,841,360 
Enzyme curable alkyd composition 

96. 8,841,359 
Elastomer composition, method for producing same and pneumatic tire using same 

95. 8,841,355 
Rubber clay for handicrafts 

94. 8,841,354 
Hydrophilic gels from polyalkylether-based photoinitiators 

93. 8,841,353 
Carbon-containing modified polystyrene type resin particle, foamable carbon-containing modified polystyrene type resin particle, carbon-containing modified polystyrene type resin foamed particle, carbon-containing modified polystyrene type resin foamed molded product, and production methods thereof 

92. 8,841,351 
Polymeric topical compositions 

91. 8,841,242 
Anti-wear agent, additive composition for lubricant, and lubricant composition 

90. 8,841,032 
Microporous membranes, methods for making such membranes, and the use of such membranes as battery separator film 

89. 8,841,031 
Surface-treated microporous membrane and electrochemical device prepared thereby 


88. 8,841,030 
Microstructured electrode structures 

87. 8,841,000 
Metalized plastic articles and methods thereof 

86. 8,840,999 
Silicone composition and a method for preparing the same 

85. 8,840,998 
Imaging device components comprised of hydrophobic carbon nanotubes 

84. 8,840,996 
Processes for making polyolefin nanocomposites 

83. 8,840,995 
Lignin production from lignocellulosic biomass 

82. 8,840,994 
Fluid activatable adhesive for glue-free, liner-free, labels for glass and plastic substrates and methods of use thereof 

81. 8,840,991 
Composite carbon nanotube structure 

80. 8,840,989 
Reinforced, laminated, impregnated, and composite-like materials as cross-linked polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel structures 

79. 8,840,988 
Fiber preform made from reinforcing fiber bundles and comprising unidirectional fiber tapes, and composite component 

78. 8,840,987 
Insulation apparatus and method 

77. 8,840,984 
Pressure sensitive adhesive label for wet irregular surfaces 

76. 8,840,983 
Systems and methods for creating optical effects on media 

75. 8,840,982 
Textured substrate provided with a stack having thermal properties 

74. 8,840,980 
Stiffened structure integrating an opening 

73. 8,840,979 
T-profile junction of composite materials 

72. 8,840,976 
VOC or compressed gas containment device made from a polyoxymethylene polymer 

71. 8,840,975 
Recording medium 

70. 8,840,971 
Method for manufacturing panels and panels obtained thereby 

69. 8,840,970 
Self-assembled functional layers in multilayer structures 

68. 8,840,969 
Method and apparatus for adjusting the relative movement between flocking fibers and flocked objects 

67. 8,840,963 
Environmentally friendly water-based epoxy resin composition and a use therefor 

66. 8,840,951 
Method for preparation of a controlled release system 

65. 8,840,876 
Antimicrobial polymer compositions and the use thereof 

64. 8,840,870 
Polymers and compositions 

63. 8,840,867 
Embolizing sclerosing hydrogel 

62. 8,840,863 
Method for synthesising a nano-product 

61. 8,840,855 
Method of using a crosslinked polymer-carbon sorbent for the removal of heavy metals, toxic materials and carbon dioxide 

60. 8,840,839 
Hydrogel based device for detecting an environmental state 

59. 8,840,832 
Material processing systems 

58. 8,840,831 
Polycrystalline diamond composites 

57. 8,840,830 
Method of molding 

56. 8,840,829 
Polymer powder with polyamide, use in a shaping process, and moldings produced from this polymer powder 

55. 8,840,828 
Hot drape forming by means of a stiffness controlled vacuum bag 

54. 8,840,827 
Method for molding cosmetic composite panels with visible carbon fiber weaves 

53. 8,840,826 
Method of making multilayer container 

52. 8,840,825 
Moldable thermoplastic inserts 

51. 8,840,824 
PTFE layers and methods of manufacturing 

50. 8,840,823 
Method for producing polyglycolic acid fiber 

49. 8,840,822 
Method of manufacturing molded article including component insert-molded in molding material mixed with solid powder 

48. 8,840,821 
Method of manufacturing molded article including component insert-molded in resin mixed with solid powder 

47. 8,840,820 
Foamed binder and associated systems and methods for producing a wood product 

46. 8,840,819 
In-situ foam core structural energy management system and method of manufacture 

45. 8,840,818 
System for the injection moulding of plastic material, particularly suitable for the moulding of pieces having the form of a solid of revolution or similar, and corresponding method 

44. 8,840,817 
Preparation method for asphalt-based spherical activated carbon which requires no infusibilization process 

43. 8,840,816 
Making nanocrystalline mesoporous spherical particles 

42. 8,840,813 
Structural adhesive materials 

41. 8,840,807 
Polymerizable compound 

40. 8,840,806 
Absorbent for capturing carbon dioxide including amino acid having multi amine groups and metal hydroxide 

39. 8,840,803 
Thermally conductive nanocomposition and method of making the same 

38. 8,840,799 
Binary thermoelectric material containing nanoparticles and process for producing the same 

37. 8,840,791 
Multilayer microfiltration membrane 

36. 8,840,758 
Processes to produce short cut microfibers 

35. 8,840,757 
Processes to produce short cut microfibers 

34. 8,840,744 
Adhesive backed skins and grips for handheld devices 

33. 8,840,741 
Method and apparatus for registered embossing of a laminate 

32. 8,840,727 
Film deposition apparatus, substrate processor, film deposition method, and computer-readable storage medium 

31. 8,840,726 
Apparatus for thin-film deposition 

30. 8,840,725 
Chamber with uniform flow and plasma distribution 

29. 8,840,724 
Continuous growth of single-wall carbon nanotubes using chemical vapor deposition 

28. 8,840,722 
Graphene production using laser heated crystal growth 

27. 8,840,718 
Photocatalytically active polysiloxane coating compositions 

26. 8,840,717 
Asphalt modifiers for "warm mix" applications including adhesion promoter 

25. 8,840,693 
Coated particles and related methods 

24. 8,840,688 
Chemical protection of metal surface 

23. 8,840,552 
Membrane for use with implantable devices 

22. 8,840,494 
Multi-layer golf ball 

21. 8,840,493 
Golf ball 

20. 8,840,492 
Multi-layer golf ball 

19. 8,840,491 
Multi-layer golf ball 

18. 8,840,397 
Device for producing a thin-walled elongate body such as a pipette or a tip 

17. 8,840,396 
Self-propelling sprue bar shutoff device 

16. 8,840,395 
Hot runner nozzle having an electrical heating element 

15. 8,840,394 
Injection molding apparatus having a plate heater and having a cooling passage or an insulation space 

14. 8,840,393 
Vacuum debulk and radiation cure system and apparatus 

13. 8,840,392 
Temperature gradient controller device in parts of machines for processing plastic materials 

12. 8,840,391 
Drool shield for injection molding 

11. 8,840,389 
Extrusion device in particular for plastic materials 

10. 8,840,388 
Continuous casting process for making golf balls 

9. 8,840,387 
Sealing device 

8. 8,840,386 
Mold apparatus for forming polymer and method 

7. 8,840,258 
Antireflection structure formation method and antireflection structure 

6. 8,840,257 
Antireflective film and optical element 

5. 8,839,972 
Multi-functional base for a plastic, wide-mouth, blow-molded container 

4. 8,839,838 
Adhesive tape dispenser 

3. 8,839,731 
Fender for a boat, in steel with PVC core 

2. 8,839,581 
High-strength partially compressed low profile veneer tie and anchoring system utilizing the same 

1. 8,839,492 
Apparatus for pressure steam treatment of carbon fiber precursor acryl fiber bundle and method for producing acryl fiber bundle 


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