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Week 51

Patents published 12/23/2014

8,914,912 through 8,918,911

4384  patents published.


294. 8,916,851
Graphene-based device and methods of forming the same

293. 8,916,798
Laser machining apparatus with switchable laser system and laser machining method

292. 8,916,797
Crystallization apparatus using sequential lateral solidification

291. 8,916,796
Method for depositing and curing nanoparticle-based ink

290. 8,916,742
Anatomically engineered configured article

289. 8,916,741
Device for the rapid closure of wounds and surgical incisions

288. 8,916,735
Carbon-based durable goods and renewable fuel from biomass waste dissociation for transportation and storage

287. 8,916,700
Method for producing cellulose ether derivative

286. 8,916,699
Cellulose resin and method for producing the same

285. 8,916,693
Monoconjugated chitosans as delivery agents for small interfering nucleic acids

284. 8,916,684
Bioengineered protein pores

283. 8,916,683
Nanostructured physically-associating hydrogels for injectable, responsive, and tough biomaterials

282. 8,916,682
Lipid peptide and hydrogel

281. 8,916,678
Polyalkylene glycol monomer, polyalkylene glycol polymer containing the same, and application thereof

280. 8,916,677
Monomer, polymerization method, and polymer

279. 8,916,676
Method for making phosphorated polymer

278. 8,916,675
Polymer and polymerization method

277. 8,916,674
Method for preparing terpolymer of poly (diphenyl ether sulfone) and poly (diphenyl sulfone)

276. 8,916,673
Process for producing liquid crystalline polyester resin and apparatus for producing liquid crystalline polyester resin

275. 8,916,672
Transparent polyarylene ether polymer with high heat resistance and method for preparing the same

274. 8,916,671
Silicone resin

273. 8,916,670
Electrochemical devices based on block copolymers

272. 8,916,669
Methods for producing crosslinkable silyl group-containing polyoxyalkylene polymers

271. 8,916,668
Protein-containing adhesives, and manufacture and use thereof

270. 8,916,667
Ethylene-based polymers and processes to make the same

269. 8,916,666
Hexafluoropropylene oxide polymer compositions and a method of preparing hexafluoropropylene oxide polymer using hexafluoropropylene oligomer

268. 8,916,665
Aminosilane initiators and functionalized polymers prepared therefrom

267. 8,916,664
Olefin polymerization process

266. 8,916,663
Production method of copolymer of allyl monomer containing polar group

265. 8,916,662
Method for preparing olefin-diene copolymer using transition metal compound containing thiophene-fused cyclopentadienyl ligand

264. 8,916,661
Production of polypropylene from renewable resources

263. 8,916,660
Method for recovering polymer and apparatus therefor

262. 8,916,659
Process and apparatus for continuous solution polymerization

261. 8,916,658
Polymerizaton process

260. 8,916,657
Process for preparing polyolefins

259. 8,916,656
UV hardening glass printing ink and UV hardening glass printing lacquer and method for printing a glass substrate

258. 8,916,655
Phosphazene blocked imidazole as latent catalyst for epoxy resins

257. 8,916,654
Curable composition

256. 8,916,653
Curable composition

255. 8,916,652
Multi-armed catechol compound blends

254. 8,916,651
Composite materials and method for making high-performance carbon nanotube reinforced polymer composites

253. 8,916,650
Vinyl chloride-based copolymer resin and a method of preparing the same

252. 8,916,649
Multistage process for producing ethylene polymer compositions

251. 8,916,648
Polymer filament

250. 8,916,647
Crosslinked films and articles prepared from the same

249. 8,916,646
Addition curable self-adhesive silicone rubber composition

248. 8,916,645
Hyperbranched polymers containing polyhedral oligosilsequioxane branching units

247. 8,916,644
Polypropylene resin composition for use in formation of microporous membrane

246. 8,916,643
Water-and oil-repellent

245. 8,916,642
Use of a polethylene-based film in a photovoltaic module

244. 8,916,641
Adhesive made of polymers having crystalline domains, amorphous polyurethane and silane compounds

243. 8,916,640
Blended polyolefin dispersions

242. 8,916,639
Paint composition and coated article using the same

241. 8,916,638
Clay aerogel-based polymer composites, materials and methods

240. 8,916,637
Aromatic polycarbonate composition

239. 8,916,636
Basecoat composition and associated paperboard structure

238. 8,916,635
Functional materials with reversible crosslinking

237. 8,916,634
Master batch, method of producing the same and method of molding articles thereof

236. 8,916,633
TAB leader tape made of polyphenylene ether-based resin

235. 8,916,632
Flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition and molded article produced from the same

234. 8,916,631
Flame-retardant poly lactic acid-containing film or sheet, and method for manufacturing thereof

233. 8,916,630
Polycarbonate comprising glass fibres

232. 8,916,629
Compositions comprising thermoplastic starch

231. 8,916,628
Thermoplastic compositions based on soluble starch and method for preparing such compositions

230. 8,916,627
Methods and devices for continuous production of polymeric dispersions

229. 8,916,626
Drag reducing copolymers for cold fluid applications

228. 8,916,624
Dental compositions crosslinkable/polymerizable by cationic process

227. 8,916,623
Surfactant-containing composition for dental impression

226. 8,916,622
Heat-curable epoxy functional composition and transparent heat-cured caustic-resistant hard-coatings prepared therefrom

225. 8,916,620
Process for polyurethane-modified polyisocyanurate foam with improved thermal stability

224. 8,916,619
Method of producing porous polymer film and porous polymer film produced by the method

223. 8,916,618
Recycling an organic-matrix composite material

222. 8,916,616
Multi-functional polymeric materials and their uses

221. 8,916,615
PH-sensitive polymer hydrogel with dual ionic transition and use thereof

220. 8,916,542
Chitosan derivatives, compositions and related methods of use

219. 8,916,511
Polysiloxanes having quaternary ammonium groups and use thereof

218. 8,916,508
Drag-reducing copolymer compositions

217. 8,916,485
Acrylic compositions adhering to low surface energy substrates

216. 8,916,484
Remote plasma radical treatment of silicon oxide

215. 8,916,480
Chemical vapor deposition film profile uniformity control

214. 8,916,454
Method for making semiconducting single wall carbon nanotubes

213. 8,916,405
Light emitting diode (LED) using carbon materials

212. 8,916,398
Encapsulated structure of light-emitting device, encapsulating process thereof and display device comprising encapsulated structure

211. 8,916,394
Method for manufacturing a carbon nanotube field emission device with overhanging gate

210. 8,916,393
Method for estimating the diffusion length of metallic species within a three-dimensional integrated structure, and corresponding three-dimensional integrated structure

209. 8,916,338
Processes and compositions for removing substances from substrates

208. 8,916,337
Dual hard mask lithography process

207. 8,916,336
Patterning method using thiosulfate polymer and metal nanoparticles

206. 8,916,335
Photo-curable transfer sheet, process for the preparation of optical information recording medium using the sheet, and optical information recording medium

205. 8,916,334
Micro-composite material for three-dimensional printing

204. 8,916,333
Radiation-sensitive resin composition

203. 8,916,332
Resist composition, method of forming resist pattern, and polymeric compound

202. 8,916,328
Coated glass substrate with ultraviolet blocking characteristics and including a rheological modifier

201. Underlayer coating forming composition containing dextrin ester compound

200. 8,916,326
Thermal image receiver elements having release agents

199. 8,916,310
Conductive sheet and production method for same

198. 8,916,309
Proton-exchange membrane fuel cell having enhanced performance

197. 8,916,297
Method of preparing gel polymer electrolyte secondary battery and gel polymer electrolyte secondary battery

196. 8,916,296
Mesoporous carbon materials comprising bifunctional catalysts

195. 8,916,283
Binder for separator of non-aqueous electrolyte battery comprising 2-cyanoethyl group-containing polymer and separator and battery using the same

194. 8,916,272
Surface protective film, method for fabricating the same, pouch thereof and method for fabricating the same

193. 8,916,271
Semi-IPN polyurethane/polyurea protective films

192. 8,916,270
Glass filled copolymer products for thin wall and high surface gloss articles

191. 8,916,269
Dimensionally stable, leak-free graphite substrate

190. 8,916,268
Iron powder for dust cores

189. 8,916,267
Adhesive composition for detachable adhesive bonds and modification of the encapsulation materials for a purposeful energy input

188. 8,916,266 |
Coating composition, coating film, laminate, and process for production of laminate

187. 8,916,265
Multi-spectral, selectively reflective construct

186. 8,916,264
Polyester film for solar cells

185. 8,916,263
Composite and methods of making and using the same

184. 8,916,262
Composite materials and structures

183. 8,916,261
Web substrates having wide color gamut indicia printed thereon

182. 8,916,260
Web substrates having wide color gamut indicia printed thereon

181. 8,916,259
Multilayer films for insert mold decoration, methods for making the same, and articles made therefrom

180. 8,916,258
Display apparatus

179. 8,916,257
Cloth-like synthetic textiles

178. 8,916,256
Fastening strap, foam article including same and method for manufacturing the fastening strap

177. 8,916,255
Fastener tape and fastener stringer

176. 8,916,254
Method for manufacturing laminated core and laminated core

175. 8,916,253
Bead-stiffened composite parts

174. 8,916,252
Structural longitudinal composite joint for aircraft structure

173. 8,916,251

172. 8,916,250
Sewage pipe comprising beta nucleated polypropylene material with improved properties

171. 8,916,249
Polymeric composition with sealant layer with same

170. 8,916,248
Metal-coated polymer article

169. 8,916,247
Thermoplastic tubular packaging body with an embedded strip

168. 8,916,246
Annular structure having excellent heat insulating and heat releasing properties

167. 8,916,241
Control system for can coating

166. 8,916,240
Porous organic polymeric films and preparation

165. 8,916,239
Flexible graphite sheet and method for fabricating the same and composite structure for the same

164. 8,916,238
Method and apparatus of producing composite for carbon dioxide separation

163. 8,916,237 |
Thin film deposition apparatus and method of depositing thin film

162. 8,916,236
Method of forming a (rutile) titanium dioxide-coated platelet-like pigment

161. 8,916,234
Method of making thin film structures and compositions thereof

160. 8,916,233
Methods for coating lenses curved surfaces with a polarizing liquid

159. 8,916,232
Method for barrier interface preparation of copper interconnect

158. 8,916,230
Method for manufacturing display device

157. 8,916,229
Substrate processing method

156. 8,916,228
Bi-layered bone-like scaffolds

155. 8,916,227
Coating of the entire surface of endoprostheses

154. 8,916,226
Method of forming hollow tubular drug eluting medical devices

153. 8,916,225
Method for coating inner surface of medical tube made from vinyl chloride with anti-thrombotic material

152. 8,916,215
System, set of capsules and method for preparing a beverage by centrifugation

151. 8,916,207
Corneal cover or corneal implant and contact lens and method thereof

150. 8,916,206
Nanoparticles containing water-soluble non-peptide low-molecular weight drug

149. 8,916,205
Polymeric nanoparticles for photosensitizers

148. 8,916,200
Nanoimprint lithography formation of functional nanoparticles using dual release layers

147. 8,916,192
Method and apparatus for the preparation of capsules

146. 8,916,191
Device for transdermal administration of drugs including acrylic polymers

145. 8,916,190
Method of inducing hemostasis in a wound

144. 8,916,189
Cell culture support for forming string-shaped cardiomyocyte aggregates

143. 8,916,188
Block copolymer comprising at least one polyester block and a poly (ethylene glycol) block

142. 8,916,187
Poly(amide) and poly(ester-amide) polymers and drug delivery particles and coatings containing same

141. 8,916,185
Immobilizing particles onto surfaces

140. 8,916,184
Artificial tissue systems and uses thereof

139. 8,916,181
Glitter aerosol coating composition

138. 8,916,143
Polymer compositions of dihydroxyacetone and uses thereof

137. 8,916,142
Semi-crystalline supramolecular polymers

136. 8,916,141
Hyaluronidase inhibitor containing poly-gamma-glutamic acid as an effective component

135. 8,916,140
Polymeric compositions for sustained release of volatile materials

134. 8,916,139
Oral care compositions

133. 8,916,134
Metal nanocomposite, preparation method and use thereof

132. 8,916,126
Method of fabricating graphite flakes

131. 8,916,125
Graphite material for synthesizing semiconductor diamond and semiconductor diamond produced by using the same

130. 8,916,098
Continuous emulsification-aggregation process for the production of particles

129. 8,916,089
Method and apparatus related to nanoparticle systems

128. 8,916,084
Ultra-violet curable gellant inks for three-dimensional printing and digital fabrication applications

127. 8,916,083
Method and device for manufacturing materials from hydrophobic hollow natural fibres, and use thereof

126. 8,916,082
Heat resistance using titanium dioxide nanofibers

125. 8,916,081
Method for using a poisson ratio material

124. 8,916,080
Method to produce matte and opaque biaxially oriented polylactic acid film

123. 8,916,079
Method for producing an electronic component

122. 8,916,078
Method for producing a vessel closure

121. 8,916,077
Self-retaining sutures with retainers formed from molten material

120. 8,916,076
Pressure maintaining device for creating composite components by injecting resin and associated method

119. 8,916,075
Method of making a reinforced resin structure

118. 8,916,074
Method for making resin hollow body and air flow measuring device

117. 8,916,073
Method of making a natural rubber vacuum bag by spray processes, natural rubber vacuum bag made using spray process, and method for using natural rubber bag made using spray process

116. 8,916,071
Chromene compound and curable composition

115. 8,916,068
Silver micropowder, silver ink, silver coating, and methods for production of these materials

114. 8,916,067
Carbonaceous nano-scaled materials having highly functionalized surface

113. 8,916,066
Polymeric fused thiophene semiconductor formulation

112. 8,916,065
Phosphite compositions

111. 8,916,064
Functionalized matrices for dispersion of nanostructures

110. 8,916,063
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device

109. 8,916,062
High energy materials for a battery and methods for making and use

108. 8,916,058
Fluorobetaine copolymer and fire fighting foam concentrates therefrom

107. 8,916,057
Roll-to-roll transfer method of graphene, graphene roll produced by the method, and roll-to-roll transfer equipment for graphene

106. 8,916,056
Biasing system for a plasma processing apparatus

105. 8,916,055
Method and device for controlling pattern and structure formation by an electric field

104. 8,916,054
High fidelity patterning employing a fluorohydrocarbon-containing polymer

103. 8,916,044
Filter element wave gland seal

102. 8,916,034
Thin-film forming sputtering system

101. 8,916,032
Light emitting diode vacuum coating by magnetized mask

100. 8,916,027

99. 8,916,026
Manufacture of cellulosic pulp sheets

98. 8,916,025
Disposable wipers and towels containing 100% recycled fibers

97. 8,916,024
Method and system for producing market pulp and products thereof

96. 8,916,022
Plasma generator systems and methods of forming plasma

95. 8,916,020
Assembly bonded to a structural adhesive and method and applicator for making it

94. 8,916,017
Glass sheet laminating system

93. 8,916,016
Manufacturing method for components made of fiber-reinforced composite materials by using microwaves

92. 8,916,015
Tampon method of manufacture

91. 8,916,014
Method for producing a fuel tank provided with internal accessories

90. 8,916,013
Method for transferring graphene using a hot press

89. 8,916,010
Composite manufacturing method

88. 8,916,007
Composition for chemical conversion treatment and member having a chemical conversion coating formed by the treatment

87. 8,916,006
Method of treating surface of metal base metallic material treated by the surface treatment method and method of coating the metallic material

86. 8,916,005
Slurry diffusion aluminide coating composition and process

85. 8,916,004
Thermal nitriding process for components of implantable medical devices

84. 8,916,001
Coated molds and related methods and components

83. 8,916,000
System and method for producing carbon nanotubes

82. 8,915,997
Durable concrete and method for producing the same

81. 8,915,996
Low dust, light weight filler composition

80. 8,915,995
High-performance coated material for pavement and a road surface.

79. 8,915,989
Porous coordination polymer, process for producing same, gas storage method, and gas separation method

78. 8,915,975
High-energy non-aqueous batteries containing ion-conducting gels, and method for preparing and using sam

77. 8,915,973
Agent for altering the color of keratin fibers containing a rheology modifying polymer and a fatty substance in an alkaline cream system

76. 8,915,957
Drug delivery stent

75. 8,915,955
Stent graft fixation coupling

74. 8,915,951
Self-expandable stent with a constrictive coating and method of use

73. 8,915,943
Self-retaining systems for surgical procedures

72. 8,915,942
Skin wound closure apparatus

71. 8,915,941
Fistula closure devices and methods

70. 8,915,901
Fastening and carrying device for a disposable absorbent incontinence pad

69. 8,915,900
Disposable pants-type diaper

68. 8,915,899
Absorbent article with raised body conforming structure

67. 8,915,898
Absorbent article with recessed body conforming structure

66. 8,915,895
Dressing and method for applying reduced pressure to and collecting and storing fluid from a tissue site

65. 8,915,894
Vacuum cup for delivery of agents during vacuum treatment

64. 8,915,875
Adsorbents for the adsorption of hepcidin

63. 8,915,810
Simulated pressurized ball and manufacturing method

62. 8,915,809
Amusement ball with internal structure for releasing wall staining liquid

61. 8,915,804
Color golf ball

60. 8,915,803
Color golf ball

59. 8,915,802
Multi-color golf ball

58. 8,915,801
Dual core golf ball having negative-hardness-gradient thermoplastic inner core and steep positive-hardness-gradient thermoset outer core layer

57. 8,915,800
Multi-layer core golf ball

56. 8,915,798
Putter face insert

55. 8,915,769
Method of manufacturing tubular structure, and stent

54. 8,915,736
Composition comprising a monomer with a polyalicyclic structure element for filling and/or sealing a root canal

53. 8,915,735
Arrangement for obtaining reliable anchoring of a threaded implant in bone

52. 8,915,730
Three-dimensional modeling apparatus, method of producing a three-dimensional object, and three-dimensional object

51. 8,915,729
Blow mould

50. 8,915,671
System and method of forming a roadway comprising polyurethane

49. 8,915,648
Synthetic resin-made thrust sliding bearing

48. 8,915,644
Method and apparatus for conveying a cellulosic feedstock

47. 8,915,643
Dynamic mixing pump

46. 8,915,599
Retro-reflective marker

45. 8,915,592
Apparatuses and methods of ocular surface interferometry (OSI) employing polarization and subtraction for imaging, processing, and/or displaying an ocular tear film

44. 8,915,591
Colored contact lens

43. 8,915,590
Contact lens with halo effect

42. 8,915,589
Method for calculating a spectacle lens using viewing angle-dependent prescription data

41. 8,915,588
Eyewear including a heads up display

40. 8,915,587
Eyeglass frame

39. 8,915,586
Extendable eyeglasses and method of use

38. 8,915,457
Cellulose fibrillation

37. 8,915,454
Drinking straws having environmentally-friendly wrappers and methods therefor

36. 8,915,398
System and method for storing and dispensing a powder

35. 8,915,397
Bulk container with center support between drop door and side wall

34. 8,915,396
Detachable grip device

33. 8,915,395
Multi-compartment container

32. 8,915,394
Waterproof box with tiny and blind passages

31. 8,915,393
Child resistant container

30. 8,915,389
Electron beam welding of large vacuum chamber body having a high emissivity coating

29. 8,915,381
Vertical roll wrap product tray kit

28. 8,915,379
Method to improve the selectivity of polybenzoxazole membranes

27. 8, 915,378
Hollow fiber type reverse osmosis membrane and method for manufacturing the same

26. 8,915,377
Method and apparatus for sorting fibers

25. 8,915,365
Packaging sleeve

24. 8,915,284
Method and apparatus for applying strips to surfaces

23. 8,915,283
Multi-function embossing unit

22. 8,915,282
Labelling assembly

21. 8,915,280
System and method for applying adhesive, buffer, and/or liner to I-joists

20. 8,915,279
Rotary lamination apparatus

19. 8,915,278
Press apparatus for wood products

18. 8,915,212
Mask frame assembly for thin film deposition

17. 8,915,211
Apparatus for resin impregnation

16. 8,915,209
Paint roller with an end-surface blocking structure

15. 8,915,144
Method for measuring a material flow by means of microwaves, sensor management and device having a sensor arrangement

14. 8,915,121
Encapsulated device with integrated gas permeation sensor

13. 8,915,052
Method and device for screw capping vessels, in particular bottles

12. 8,915,051
Method of loading a multi-dose blister card using a transfer fixture

11. 8,915,050
Packing process and apparatus for multiple rows of horizontally stacked products

10. 8,915,049
Packaging machine and method for packaging of products in bags

9. 8,915,048
Optionally attachable, permanently fixed two piece cap and container apparatus

8. 8,915,047
Beverage bottle closing machine being configured and disposed to close tops of filled beverage bottles with screw-type and other caps

7. 8,915,040
Plastic barriers

Asphalt shingle, roof covering therewith and method of making the same with synchronized adhesive positioning thereon

5. 8,915,036
Formed interlocking roofing panels

4. 8,915,035
Floor tile designed for multiple tile images

3. 8,915,033
Gypsum composites used in fire resistant building components

2. 8,914,966
Die for molding honeycomb structure, and its production method

1. 8,914,954
Method for making a core having built-in cross-linking fibers for composite material panels, resulting panel, and device


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