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Week 52

Patents published 12/30/2014

8,918,911 through 8,925,111

6585  patents published.


357. 8,921,597
Preparation of boron crosslinking agents for fracturing fluids

356. 8,921,543
Fluorescent dyes

355. 8,921,513
Low halogen content disulfide washed polyarylene sulfide

354. 8,921,512
Process for forming an aramid copolymer

353. 8,921,511
Process for forming an aramid copolymer

352. 8,921,510
Phthalonitrile prepolymer intermediate

351. 8,921,509
Process for removing metal species in the presence of hydrogen and a porous material and polyester polymer containing reduced amounts of metal species

350. 8,921,508
Polycarbonate polyol compositions and methods

349. 8,921,507
Thermoplastic resin with high thermal conductivity

348. 8,921,506
Copolymer, organic solar cell using the same and manufacturing method thereof

347. 8,921,505
Ultraviolet absorbing poly (organic oxidized silicon) particles having improved ultraviolet stability, and method for preparing same

346. 8,921,504
Method for removing ionic species contained in an aqueous phase using a sol gel composite material

345. 8,921,503
Foul preventing coating composition

344. 8,921,502
Modified polymer compositions

345. Ultraviolet curable resin composition for transparent color-painted steel sheet, and steel sheet using same

344. 8,921,500
Ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymer suitable for use in shrinkage film applications, and articles made therefrom

343. 8,921,499
Method of preparing ethylene-.alpha.-olefin-diene copolymer

342. 8,921,498
Pressure management for slurry polymerization

341. 8,921,497
Adhesive of expoxy compound, aliphatic amine and tertiary amine

340. 8,921,496
Curable composition

339. 8,921,495
High refractive index compositions containing resin-linear organosiloxane block copolymers

338. 8,921,494
Thermally stable compositions containing resin-linear organosiloxane block copolymers

337. 8,921,493
Process for preparing resin-linear organosiloxane block copolymers

336. 8,921,492
Modified reaction resin

335. 8,921,491
Polymer blends with ethylene/.alpha.-olefin interpolymers

334. 8,921,490
Ultrafast heat/room temperature adhesive composition for bonding applications

333. 8,921,489
Modified polyolefins with an exceptional profile of properties, process for preparation thereof and use thereof

332. 8,921,488
Resin composition for extrusion coating, and layered film and method for producing the same

331. 8,921,487
Oxygen scavenging terpolymers

330. 8,921,486
Polymer-supported transition metal catalyst complexes and methods of use

329. 8,921,485
Adhesive composition

328. 8,921,484
Polymeric composition and sealant layer with same

327. 8,921,483
Thermoplastic elastomer composition

326. 8,921,482
Water repellent composition, its production method, hydrophobic substrate treating agent composition and article

325. 8,921,481
Composition for forming non-flammable coating, and non-flammable coating obtained therefrom

324. 8,921,480
(Meth)acrylic-based flame retardant copolymer and method for manufacturing the same

323. 8,921,479
Associative ionic thickening agents containing alkylcyclohexanol alkoylates, their uses and formulations containing them

322. 8,921,478
Method of controlling gas hydrates in fluid systems

321. 8,921,477
Conventional latex / nanolatex blends

320. 8,921,475
Cationically hardenable dental composition, process of production and use thereof

319. 8,921,474
Hot melt adhesive based on olefin block copolymers

318. 8,921,473
Image making medium

317. 8,921,472
Protective coatings for floors formed from organic materials

316. 8,921,471
Low formaldehyde emission polyacetal composition

315. 8,921,470
Rubber composition for adhering steel cord

314. 8,921,469
Solvent composition and wire coating medium

313. 8,921,468
Rubber composition for tire, tire member, base tread rubber composition, base tread and tire

312. 8,921,467
Block copolymers in adhesive dispersions

311. 8,921,466
Concurrent solid and melt state grafting of coagents for making long chain branched polypropylene via direct reactive extrusion process

310. 8,921,465
Polybutylene terephthalate resin composition

309. 8,921,464
Adhesive compositions and use thereof

308. 8,921,463
Synthetic aggregate for use in concrete

307. 8,921,462
Rubber composition, method for its formation, and automotive tire containing the composition

306. 8,921,461
Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device

305. 8,921,460
Heat-stabilized acrylate elastomer composition and process for its production

304. 8,921,458
Resin composition, molded object and substrate material both obtained from the resin composition, and circuit board including the substrate material

303. 8,921,457
Resin molded body

302. 8,921,456
Intumescent coating composition with enhanced metal adhesion

301. 8,921,455
Anti-fog coating composition

300. 8,921,453
Nonaqueous ink composition for ink jet and method of manufacturing ink comprising the same

299. 8,921,452
Resin composition containing ultrafine silver particles

297. 8,921,451
Stabilization of compounds comprising iodine

296. 8,921,450
Dental materials based on dimer acid derivatives with ring opening polymerizable groups

295. 8,921,449
Hydrolysis-resistant silicone compounds

294. 8,921,447
Photo-enforced stratification of polymeric materials

293. 8,921,446
Photocurable material for sealing, sealing method, sealing material, and housing using said sealing material

292. 8,921,445
Curable adhesive compositions

291. 8,921,444
Process for the modification of polymers, in particular polymer nanoparticles

290. 8,921,443
Radiation curable temporary laminating adhesive for use in high temperature applications

289. 8,921,442
Ultra fast process for the preparation of polymer nanoparticles

288. 8,921,441
Thermally resistant optical siloxane resin composition

287. 8,921,440
Radiation curable composition, process of production and use thereof

286. 8,921,439
Monohydroxy cyclic phosphonate substantially free of polyhydroxy phosphonate, process for making same and flame retardant flexible polyurethane foam obtained therefrom

285. 8,921,438
Polyetherimide polycarbonate blends

284. 8,921,437
Polymeric materials and also adhesive and coating compositions composed thereof and based on multi-alkoxysilyl-functional prepolymers

283. 8,921,436
Microporous polyolefin-based aerogels

282. 8,921,435
Shape-memory structures

281. 8,921,434
Polylactic acid composition, foam molded article thereof and method of producing the same

280. 8,921,429
Biodegradable stealth polymeric particles fabricated using the macromonomer approach by free radical dispersion polymerization

279. 8,921,263 z
Microwave energy-assisted, chemical activation of carbon

278. 8,921,262
Modified adsorbent for capturing heavy metals in aqueous solution

Hydroxyl polymer fiber fibrous structures and processes for making same

276. 8,921,237
Method of depositing a film

275. 8,921,236
Patterning for selective area deposition

274. 8,921,120
Method for determination of macromolecular multimers

273. 8,921,032
Self-assemblable polymer and method for use in lithography

272. 8,921,019
Positive photosensitive resin composition, and photosensitive resin layer and display device using the same

271. 8,921,018
Polymer compound and production method thereof, pigment dispersing agent, pigment dispersion composition, photocurable composition, and color filter and production method thereof

270. 8,921,017
Multilayer substrate, manufacturing method for multilayer substrate, and quality control method for multilayer substrate

269. 8,921,012
Photopolymer formulations having the adjustable mechanical modulus G.sub.UV

268. 8,921,004
Ion exchange membrane filling composition, method of preparing ion exchange membrane, ion exchange membrane, and redox flow battery

267. 8,921,002
Manufacturing of fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies incorporating photocurable cationic crosslinkable resin gasket

266. ,920,960
Porous film for separator, battery separator, battery electrode, and manufacturing methods therefor, and lithium secondary battery

265. 8,920,937
Zirconium modified protective coating

264. 8,920,936
Metalized plastic articles and methods thereof

263. 8,920,935
Mechanical component comprising an insert made of composite

262. 8,920,934
Hybrid solder and filled paste in microelectronic packaging

261. 8,920,933
Autoxidisable aqueous coating compositions

260. 8,920,932
Recycling carbon fibers from epoxy using solvent cracking

259. 8,920,931
Phosphosiloxane resins, and curable silicone compositions, free-standing films, and laminates comprising the phosphosiloxane resins

258. 8,920,930
Film laminates having damping properties containing a sub-layer made of plasticizer-containing polyvinyl (iso)acetal

257. 8,920,929
Halogen free, flame retardant compositions

256. 8,920,928
Photochromic compounds and compositions

255. 8,920,927
Resin particle and resin dispersion

254. 8,920,926
Photocatalytic colored roofing granules

253. 8,920,923
Lignocellulose materials having good mechanical properties

252. 8,920,922
Polyurethane urea elastic fiber

251. 8,920,921
Terpolymer blends and their use as pressure-sensitive adhesives

250. 8,920,920
Polymer latex blends and applications thereof

249. 8,920,919
Thermal interface material composition including polymeric matrix and carbon filler

248. 8,920,918
Oil and polyethylene glycol fill material for use in paintball shells

247. 8,920,917
Polypropylene resin composition, expansion-molded article using the resin composition, and process for production of the expansion-molded article

246. 8,920,916
Sliding member and method of producing the same

245. 8,920,915
Articles including high melt flow index resins

244. 8,920,914
Enhanced processing oriented polypropylene films

243. 8,920,913
Porous multi-layer film with improved thermal properties

242. 8,920,912
Multilayer structured transparent electrically-conductive film and method of manufacturing the same

241. 8,920,911
Web substrates having wide color gamut indicia printed thereon

240. 8,920,910
Structural color body

239. 8,920,909
Process for manufacturing an anti-ballistic article

238. 8,920,908
Sheet material having a concave-convex part, and vehicle panel and laminated structure using the same

237. 8,920,907
Resin molded article and display device

236. 8,920,906
Molded pull-off tab

235. 8,920,905
Fibrous product with a rastered embossing and method for producing same

234. 8,920,901
Blow molded assembly with an attachment fastener portion, and method thereof

233. 8,920,900
Heat activated expansion foam with lip seal

232. 8,920,899
Vacuum heat insulating material and refrigerator

231. 8,920,895
Pressure-wash resistant label

230. 8,920,894
Rubber-resin laminate

229. Rheology modified relatively high melt strength polyethylene compositions and methods of making pipes, films, sheets, and blow-molded articles

228. 8,920,890
Label for in-mold forming and resin container with the label

227. 8,920,889
Optical film, polarizing plate, and image-forming display device

226. 8,920,888
Plasma process, film deposition method and system using rotary chuck

225. 8,920,887
Method of bonding conductive material to stainless steel, and HDD magnetic head suspension

224. 8,920,886
System and method for coating medical devices

223. 8,920,885
Corrosion-resistant, chromium-free, self-priming coatings curable by ultraviolet light

222. 8,920,884
Method for fabricating polymer stabilized alignment liquid crystal display panel

221. 8,920,883
Alloy composition for the manufacture of protective coatings, its use, process for its application and super-alloy articles coated with the same composition

220. 8,920,881
Method for producing a component covered with a wear-resistant coating

219. 8,920,879
Self-healing materials with microfluidic networks

218. 8,920,878
Method for producing a coated quartz glass component

217. 8,920,877
Preparation of epitaxial graphene surfaces for atomic layer deposition of dielectrics

216. 8,920,876
Method for producing a building panel

215. 8,920,875
Cyclooctatetraenetricarbonyl ruthenium complex, method of producing the same, and method of producing film using the complex as raw material

214. 8,920,874
Method of manufacturing a surface layer of building panels

213. 8,920,873
Colored ink for pad transfer printing of silicone hydrogel lenses

212. 8,920,867
Methods of forming self-supporting films for delivery of therapeutic agents

211. 8,920,866
Implant, in particular dental implant

210. 8,920,858

209. 8,920,850
Antimicrobial colloidal silver products and method of making same

208. 8,920,846
Microcapsule and production method thereof

207. 8,920,845
Method of producing microcapsules

206. 8,920,842
Temperature controlled and pH dependent self gelling biopolymeric aqueous solution

205. 8,920,841
Biodegradable polymer system

204. 8,920,831
Lidocaine-containing hydrogel patch

203. 8,920,830
Temperature reducing, healing wound dressing

202. 8,920,828
Implants for treatment of symptomatic or degenerated intervertebral discs

201. 8,920,825
Polymeric composition for the neutralization of noxious agents

200. 8,920,818
Coating material for solid medicine and solid medicine formed with same

199. 8,920,817
Formulations for coated microprojections containing non-volatile counterions

198. 8,920,793
Biodegradable PAOX polymer particle with cationic property

197. 8,920,789
Use of polymer D-lactic acid (PDLA) or equivalents thereof to inhibit growth of cancer cells and diagnose cancers

196. 8,920,788
High-molecular weight conjugate of physiologically active substances

195. 8,920,787
Mascara containing an aqueous dispersion of polyurethane and an acrylic film former

194. 8,920,784
Antibacterial artificial nail composition

193. 8,920,783
Silicone-organic elastomer gels

192. 8,920,782
Topical bioadhesive formulations

191. 8,920,750
Fluidic chip with laminated reinforcing layer for pressure reinforcement

190. 8,920,739
Increased efficiency in the synthesis of carbon nanomaterial

189. 8,920,731
Nonwoven-based chemi-capacitive or chemi-resistive gas sensor

188. 8,920,714
Corrosion inhibiting self-expanding foam

187. 8,920,706
Method for hot isostatic pressing a substrate

186. 8,920,704
Ducting for a fluid transfer pipeline for an aircraft or spacecraft, method for producing same and aeronautical structure incorporating same

185. 8,920,703
Method for filling at least one cavity

184. 8,920,702
Device and method for producing a moulded body having microstructures

183. 8,920,700
Telescopic nanotube device for hot nanolithography

182. 8,920,699
Process for producing molded product, and heat-exchange membrane element

181. 8,920,698
Production method for a workpiece composed of a fibre-composite material

180. 8,920,697
Method for building three-dimensional objects in extrusion-based additive manufacturing systems using core-shell consumable filaments

179. 8,920,695
Method of producing liquid crystal polyester composition

178. 8,920,694
Methods of forming at least one of a composite product and an arrow shaft, material layering devices, composite products, and arrow shafts

177. 8,920,693
Method for the production of a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic polymer and extrusion die and device for the temperature control a fiber strand impregnated with a polymer melt

176. 8,920,691
Method for producing carbonized film and method for producing graphite film

175. 8,920,690
System for forming and modifying lenses and lenses formed thereby

174. 8,920,689
Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter using the same

173. 8,920,685
Nanoparticle-resin composition, nanoparticle-resin composite, and method of making nanoparticle-resin composite

172. 8,920,683
Sputtering target, transparent conductive film and transparent electrode

171. 8,920,682
Nanoparticle dispersions with ionic liquid-based stabilizers

170. 8,920,681
Electrically conductive polymers with enhanced conductivity

169. 8,920,680
Methods of preparing carbonaceous material

168. 8,920,661
Method for making graphene/carbon nanotube composite structure

167. 8,920,660
Method for making grooves on a luminal surface of an intravascular stent

166. 8,920,654
Thin film composite membranes for forward osmosis, and their preparation methods

165. 8,920,650
Filter device

164. 8,920,649
Filter for an internal combustion engine and filter cartridge for the oil filter

163. 8,920,636
Methods of transporting various bitumen extraction products and compositions thereof

162. 8,920,624
Method for preparing an absorber thin film for photovoltaic cells

161. 8,920,620
Electrically isolating polymer composition

160. 8,920,619
Carbon nanotube sensor

159. 8,920,618
Combinatorial processing using high deposition rate sputtering

158. 8,920,617
Selective plating fixture

157. 8,920,616
Paddle for electroplating for selectively depositing greater thickness

156. 8,920,614
Device designed for continuous production of graphene flakes by electrochemical method

155. 8,920,613
Offset magnet compensation for non-uniform plasma

154. 8,920,612
Process for fabrication of a sputter deposited fully dense electrolyte layer embedded in a high performance membrane electrolyte assembly of solid oxide fuel cell

153. 8,920,611
Method for controlling radial distribution of plasma ion density and ion energy at a workpiece surface by multi-frequency RF impedance tuning

152. 8,920,606
Preparation of polyvinylamide cellulose reactive adducts

151. 8,920,605
Fluorescent whitening agent compositions

150. 8,920,603
Bleaching of pulp

149. 8,920,602
Compositions and processes to increase pulp yield, reduce extractives, and reduce scaling in a chemical pulping process

148. 8,920,600
Inductive plasma source with high coupling efficiency

147. 8,920,599
High efficiency gas dissociation in inductively coupled plasma reactor with improved uniformity

146. 8,920,598
Electrode and plasma processing apparatus

145. 8,920,597
Symmetric VHF source for a plasma reactor

144. 8,920,596
Plasma processing apparatus

143. 8,920,595
Formaldehyde free binder compositions for fibrous materials

142. 8,920,594
Composite thermoplastic matrix airframe structure and method of manufacture therefore

141. 8,920,592
Heat activated optically clear adhesive for bonding display panels

140. 8,920,590
Tamper evident seal for a medical container

139. 8,920,589
Wrapping an object with a film using a tape for cutting the film

138. 8,920,588
Method for forming color filter, method for forming light emitting element layer, method for manufacturing color display device comprising them, or color display device

137. 8,920,587
Method of making a small-diameter composite tube

136. 8,920,585
Asymmetric bladder compression for elimination of lamination defects on progressive addition lenses

135. 8,920,584
Manufacturing process and a highly absorbent pad for a cat litter

134. 8,920,565
Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition reactor

133. 8,920,564
Methods and apparatus for thermal based substrate processing with variable temperature capability

132. 8,920,563
Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same

131. 8,920,562
Film formation apparatus, film formation method, manufacturing apparatus, and method for manufacturing light-emitting device

130. 8,920,559
Screening for solid forms by ultrasound crystallization and cocrystallization using ultrasound

129. 8,920,558
Method for crystallizing geobacillus strain T1 polypeptide

128. 8,920,557
Additive for skim coat mortar and skim coat mortar composition containing the same

127. 8,920,556
Cementitious composition and admixture

126. 8,920,554
Method for preparing very low viscosity cellulose ether and product

125. 8,920,553
Cellulose ether coating compositions and method

124. 8,920,542
Additives for inhibiting gas hydrate formation

123. 8,920,534
Method for fabricating a biocompatible material having a high carbide phase and such material

122. 8,920,531
Device for reducing soot particles and method for the same

121. 8,920,530
Filter element and filter system

120. 8,920,529
Filter insert

119. 8,920,525
High-carbon biogenic reagents and uses thereof

118. 8,920,523
Fuel oil flow improver and fuel oil composition

117. 8,920,521
Agent for altering the color of keratin fibers comprising a rheology modifying polymer and high levels of a fatty substance in a cream system

116. 8,920,520
Methods of preparing polysaccharide sheets for esterification

115. 8,920,514
Systems and methods for introducing and applying a bandage structure within a body lumen or hollow body organ

114. 8,920,495
Intraocular lens (IOL) with multi optics assembly

113. 8,920,494
Plungers for intraocular lens injectors

112. 8,920,489
Flexible stent having protruding hinges

111. 8,920,403
Catheter with biologic adhesive injection ports and method of injecting biologic adhesive therewith

110. 8,920,400
Disposable absorbent undergarment for males

109. 8,920,399
Absorbent article

108. 8,920,398
Absorbent article having a pair of rear side flaps

107. 8,920,397
Static and stable feminine hygiene pad with releasable attachment

106. 8,920,396
NuChain NuPurpose container conditioning method and apparatus

105. 8,920,395
Inflatable bladder dressings, systems, and methods

104. 8,920,391
Container for system for spray coating human subject

103. 8,920,362
Dialysis system having disposable cassette

102. 8,920,356
Conductive polymer materials and applications thereof including monitoring and providing effective therapy

101. 8,920,299
Machine for the manufacture of paper cushions

100. 8,920,265
Ballmark repair tool and methods

99. 8,920,264
Golf ball and method of manufacturing a golf ball

98. 8,920,263
Golf ball with resin inner core and specified inner core and ball compression

97. 8,920,262
Golf ball with aggregated layer core and method of making

96. 8,920,209
Spinning toy apparatus

95. 8,920,208
Collapsible play gym

94. 8,920,207
Block toy playset with dynamic building surface

93. 8,920,206
Interlocking swim noodles

92. 8,920,205
Personal floatation device

91. 8,920,156
Support member for a rotatable platen and a mold in an injection molding machine

90. 8,920,155
Locking apparatus for common plate stem actuator

89. 8,920,151
Method and device for installing and/or removing blow moulds

88. 8,920,150       
Pin having light guide for injection mold

87. 8,920,115
Composite material and method

86. 8,920,087
Adhesive package and use thereof with an anchoring element

85. 8,920,030
Flexible package with access control feature

84. 8,919,971
Plastic glass interior mirror with variable reflectivity

83. 8,919,961
Inflatable, pressure-controlled, portable line-concentrating heliostat

82. 8,919,954
Method for obtaining an ophthalmic lens

81. 8,919,953
Actuatable contact lenses

80. 8,919,952
Eyeglass temple having an auxiliary cushion frame

79. 8,919,951
Cycling safety glasses with rearview mirror

78. 8,919,796
Integrally molded polymer hitch step

77. 8,919,785
Compressive stress water stopper

76. 8,919,754
Inflatable dorn

75. 8,919,750
Cushioning elements comprising buckling walls and methods of forming such cushioning elements

74. 8,919,748
Active antivibration device and manufacturing method for the same

73. 8,919,723
Turbojet engine fan duct suspension using connecting rods with elastomer bushing

72. 8,919,713
Paint can and accessories holder with magnets

71. 8,919,701
Inflatable delta-shaped traction kite

70. 8,919,683
Shredder for super adsorbent polymer and preparation method of super absorbent polymer using the same

69. 8,919,638
Transparent display sleeve for mailbox

68. 8,919,636
Coated two-piece container assembly and methods of making the same

67. 8,919,635
Blank for collapsible folded container

66. 8,919,602
Safety shield for fuel gas tank

65. 8,919,601
Pressure-motion compensating diaphragm for containers

64. 8,919,600
Plastic flanged containers and food product pack comprising such containers

63. 8,919,599
Fuel tank

62. 8,919,598
Vacuum insulation panel assembly

61. 8,919,597
Gas tank

60. 8,919,591
Insulating lid for a food container and method of making the same

59. 8,919,590
Mixing bowl liner and lid

58. 8,919,589
Bulk bin and bag

57. 8,919,587
Plastic container with angular vacuum panel and method of same

56. 8,919,572
Filter apparatus for a slurry tank

55. 8,919,571
Filtration device

54. 8,919,566
Method of sorting particulate matter

53. 8,919,557
Carton with insert

52. 8,919,556
Container and pallet-incorporated container assembly

51. 8,919,551
Fibreboard reinforced container

50. 8,919,549
Cellular shield case with twistable cover

49. 8,919,547
Optical disc case and method of manufacturing same

48. 8,919,546
Moisture-proof container

47. 8,919,545
Desiccating container

46. 8,919,506
Vibration absorber

45. 8,919,495
Method for producing a double-layer or triple-layer sound-absorbing panel and corresponding sound-absorbing panel

44. 8,919,463
Polycrystalline diamond cutting element

43. 8,919,462
Cutting elements for earth-boring tools, earth-boring tools including such cutting elements and related methods

42. 8,919,461
Well tool having a nanoparticle reinforced metallic coating

41. 8,919,442
Method for coating a filter medium of a sand control screen assembly

40. 8,919,433
Resilient foam debris barrier

39. 8,919,391
Multilayered bladder and carbon scrubber for storage tank

38. 8,919,389
Tubular structure and method for making the same

37. 8,919,388
Implementing pre-treatment of water cooling hoses to increase reliability

36. 8,919,387
High strength thread for tubular composites

35. 8,919,290
Motivational toy for a pet

34. 8,919,278
Waterproof coating system and method of application

33. 8,919,277
Coating applicator, coating application method and electronic device

32. 8,919,173
Composite hose with a corrugated metal tube and method for making the same

31. 8,919,165
Apparatus and method of forming reclosable containers

30. 8,919,082
Collapsible foam shipping cooler for perishables and method of making

29. 8,919,081
Packaging method for producing sealed packages of a food product pourable into a tube of packaging material

28. 8,919,080
Machine and method for packaging and high-pressure treatment of products

27. 8,919,073
Building trim having slidable moulding

26. 8,919,066
Flooring apparatus for reducing impact energy during a fall

25. 8,919,063
Building board having a pattern applied onto side surfaces and conecting mechanisms thereof

24. 8,919,062
Exterior wall panel systems

23. 8,919,061
Moisture drainage spacer panel for building walls

22. 8,919,056
Door frame post, and door frame assembly comprising same and kit for assembly of same

21. 8,919,055
Pool liner retainer

20. 8,919,054
Layered floor tile connectable to form an area mat that resists delamination from scuffing

19. 8,919,045
Bulb seal

18. 8,919,008
Yankee dryer for drying a pulp web

17. 8,919,007
Dryer with monitoring device

16. 8,919,002
Laser system for creating a linear laser marking

15. 8,918,993
Method for installing a ground stud in composite structures

14. 8,918,992
Circuit layer manufacturing method

13. 8,918,990
Method of forming a solderless printed wiring board

12. 8,918,978
Self expanding fastener

11. 8,918,977
Process for the destruction of a blind fastener and device for its implementation

10. 8,918,971
Method of manufacturing packages

9. 8,918,970
Hoop tow modification for a fabric preform for a composite component

8. 8,918,953
Filter unit for vacuum cleaner

7. 8,918,949
Paint distributing plate system

6. 8,918,946
Molar-dedicated toothbrush

5. 8,918,945
Toothbrush with needle-shaped bristles for improving tooth and gum contacting force and teeth-cleaning performance, and method for manufacturing same

4. 8,918,944
Interdental brush     

3. 8,918,927
Multiple piece shower stall

2. 8,918,926
One piece shower pan and method of making same

1. 8,918,912
Shield coupling assembly and helmet having the same


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