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From 01/27/2015 to 1/19/2015

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Week 02

Patents published 1/13/2015

8,931,112 through 8,935,811

5007  patents published.


340. 8,933,462
Method of fabricating diamond semiconductor and diamond semiconductor formed according to the method

339. 8,933,294
Absorbent product comprising a cationic modified starch

338. 8,933,293
Graphics performance in different absorbent article constructions

337. 8,933,292
Absorbent article with sensor array for body exudate detection

336. 8,933,290
Mesh implant

335. 8,933,262
Process for preparing polyisocyanates from biomass

334. 8,933,261
Benzophenone-based chromophoric crosslinkers and reagents for incorporation of biotin or other haptens into macromolecules

333. 8,933,258
Aminoorgano functional silanes and siloxanes and methods of production

332. 8,933,252
Method for rapid fluoromethylation and method for preparation of PET tracer using the same

331. 8,933,192
Process for the activation of double metal cyanide catalysts for the preparation of polyether carbonate polyols

330. 8,933,191
Method for synthesizing high molecular weight natural oil polyols

329. 8,933,190
Process for preparing a polyester

328. 8,933,189
Polymers derived from renewably resourced lysinol

327. 8,933,188
Low misting laminating adhesives

326. 8,933,187
Self-crosslinking silicone pressure sensitive adhesive compositions, process for making and articles made thereof

325. 8,933,186
Polyorganosiloxane, polycarbonate resin composition comprising the same and modified polycarbonate resin

Acrylic resin having excellent transparency, fluidity and scratch-resistance

324. 8,933,184
Synthesis method of polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent

323. 8,933,183
Manufacturing method of (meth) acrylic polymer

322. 8,933,182
Polymer, its preparation and uses

321. 8,933,181
Branched polymers and methods for their synthesis and use

320. 8,933,180
Internal and external donor compounds for olefin polymerization catalysts IV

319. 8,933,179
Method of producing arcylic and methacrylic acid

318. 8,933,178
Gas-phase polymerization reactor control

317. 8,933,177
Release modifier and release coating organopolysiloxane composition

316. 8,933,176
Moisture cured reactive hot melt adhesive with monofunctional reactants as grafting agents

315. 8,933,175
Hyperbranched polymers and methods of making and using same

314. 8,933,174
Thermoplastic polymer composition

313. 8,933,173
Surface anti-biomolecule agent

312. 8,933,172
Thermoplastic elastomer composition and manufacturing method therefor

311. 8,933,171
Cold flow resistant compositions containing rubber and a block copolymer

310. 8,933,170
Bio-sourced transparent and ductile polycarbonate blends

309. 8,933,169
Low water-absorption plastisol polymers

308. 8,933,168
Activators for two part cyanoacrylate adhesives

307. 8,933,167
Polyamide and polyamide composition

306. 8,933,166
Poly(ureaurethane)s, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same

305. 8,933,165
Method for producing modified conjugated diene-based polymer, and method for producing polymer composition

304. 8,933,164
Dispersion and method for modifying a surface with hydrophobized silica

303. 8,933,163
Polyurethane hot-melt adhesive produced from polyacrylates and polyesters

Color-stabilized biodegradable aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters, methods of manufacture, and articles thereof

301. 8,933,161
Thermoplastic resin composition, resin molded article, and method of manufacturing resin molded article with plated layer

300. 8,933,160
Resin composition and product molded from the same

299. 8,933,159
Brominated flame retardants and precursors therefor

298. 8,933,158
Thermosetting silicone resin composition for reflector of LED, reflector for LED using the same and optical semiconductor apparatus

297. 8,933,157
Mixed boron nitride composition and method for making thereof

296. 8,933,156
Processes to control fouling and improve compositions

295. 8,933,155
Reinforced poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer composition, and article comprising same

294. 8,933,154
Flame retardant thermoplastic resin composition and molded article including the same

293. 8,933,153
Impact-modified polycarbonate compositions for simplified production of components of low temperature toughness having high gloss and matt component sections

292. 8,933,152
Spun-dyed aramid fibers

291. 8,933,151
Shrinkage-reducing agent for hydraulic material

291, 8,933,150
Grenite: a composite material exhibiting high impact, scratch and stain resistance

290. 8,933,149
Drag reducing compositions and methods of manufacture and use

289. 8,933,148
Solventless radiation curable stretchable ink composition

288. 8,933,147
Anti-microbial dental impression material

287. 8,933,146
Process for producing hard coating systems based on aqueous polyurethane dispersions

286. 8,933,145
High temperature melting

285. 8,933,144
Curable composition for imprint, pattern-forming method and pattern

284. 8,933,143
On-demand photoinitiated polymerization

283. 8,933,141
Active energy ray-curable inkjet ink composition

282. 8,933,140
Thermal storage gelatinous triblock copolymer elastomer particles in polyurethane flexible foams

281. 8,933,139
In-situ gelatinous triblock copolymer elastomers in polyurethane flexible foams

280. 8,933,137
Foamable composite resin particle for frozen storage

279. 8,933,055
Antimicrobial compositions containing cationic active ingredients and quaternary sugar derived surfactants

278. 8,933,054
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and/or salt thereof, method for producing same, and cosmetic preparation and food composition containing same

277. 8,933,047
Poly(acrylate) polymers for in vivo nucleic acid delivery

276. 8,933,010
Cationic micelles with anionic polymeric counterions compositions thereof

275. 8,933,005
Method and composition for removing latex paint

274. 8,933,004
Mineral oils containing phenolic antioxidants with improved color stability

273. 8,933,001
Method for improving fluorocarbon elastomer seal compatibility

272. 8,932,998
Methods for crosslinking water soluble polymers for use in well applications

271. 8,932,985
Vinyl chloride-based resin latexes, processes for producing the same, and thermal transfer image-receiving sheet obtained using the same

270. 8,932,966
Multi-layer flame retardant fabric

269. 8,932,963
Film deposition method

268. 8,932,950
Electrically conductive device and manufacturing method thereof

266. 8,932,804
Method for patterning flexible substrate

265. 8,932,803
Pattern forming process

264. 8,932,786
Metal azo pigments and pigment preparations produced therefrom

263. 8,932,782
Process for the preparation of sol-gel modified alternative Nafion-Silica composite membrane useful for polymer electrolyte fuel cell

262. 8,932,764
Core-shell composites for sulfur-based cathodes in metal-ion batteries

261. 8,932,756
Battery including a fluorine resin

260. 8,932,737
Durable UV blocking transparent coating

259. 8,932,727
Aqueous compositions for whitening and shading in coating applications

258. 8,932,726
High barrier heat sealable film with linear tear properties

257. 8,932,725
Heat sealable film with linear tear properties

256. 8,932,724
Reflective coating, pigment, colored composition, and process of producing a reflective pigment

255. 8,932,722
Process for the preparation of low-viscosity, water-dilutable urethane (meth)acrylates

254, 8,932,721
Laminates joined by polyurethane hot-melt adhesive and process for bonding plasticizer-containing plastics

253. 8,932,720
Curing compositions for coating composite materials

252. 8,932,719
Aluminum alloy composite and method for joining thereof

251. 8,932,718
Coating systems for cement composite articles

250. 8,932,717
Lipolytic enzyme for formation of anti-fingerprint coating, method of forming anti-fingerprint coating, substrate comprising the anti-fingerprint coating formed by the method, and product comprising the substrate

249. 8,932,714
Method and apparatus for controlling particle diameter and particle diameter distribution of emulsion particles in emulsion

248. 8,932,713
Wet friction material

247. 8,932,711
Oil agent composition for acrylic precursor fibers for carbon fibers, acrylic precursor fiber bundle for carbon fibers, and method for producing the same

246. 8,932,710
Adhesive optical film, multilayer optical film and image display

245. 8,932,709
Ground cover for containment barriers

244. 8,932,707
Hard film and hard film coated tool

243. 8,932,706
Laminate with a heat-activatable expandable layer

242. 8,932,705       
Thermosetting resin composition and board using the same

241. 8,932,704
Dimensionally stable nonwoven fibrous webs and methods of making and using the same

240. 8,932,703
Electrostatic adsorbable sheet

239. 8,932,701
Laminates and methods of making same

238. 8,932,700

237. 8,932,697
Composite material assembly

236. 8,932,695
Basalt-based pressure vessel for gas storage and method for its production

235. 8,932,694
Fluorinated polymers and lubricious coatings

234. 8,932,693
Polyamide blend molding compound

233. 8,932,692
Cushions comprising deformable members and related methods

232. 8,932,691
Multilayer protective liner

231. 8,932,688
Polarizing plate and liquid crystal display including the same

230. 8,932,687
Process for producing molded printed material, and molded printed material

229. 8,932,685
Methods for making cured sealants by actinic radiation and related

228. 8,932,684
Multi-layer products comprising acrylate containing coatings

227. 8,932,683
Method for coating a tow with an electrospun nanofiber

226. 8,932,682
Method for manufacturing a light emitting device

225, 8,932,681
Method and apparatus for coating pipes

224. 8,932,680
Method of manufacturing a golf ball including a blend of highly neutralized acid polymers

223. 8,932,679
Method for coating metallic surfaces with a mixture containing at least two silanes

222. 8,932,678
Composition comprising superabsorbent polymer

221. 8,932,677
Digital drop patterning and deposition device

220. 8,932,676
Method for producing gas barrier plastic molded body

219. 8,932,675
Methods for depositing silicon carbo-nitride film

218. 8,932,674
Vapor deposition methods of SiCOH low-k films

217. 8,932,673
Methods of fabricating large-area graphene

216. 8,932,672
Substrate processing apparatus

215. 8,932,671
Polymer nanocomposite precursors with carbon nanotubes and/or graphene and related thin films and patterning

214. 8,932,670
Glass article with an anti-smudge surface and a method of making the same

213. 8,932,669
Method for producing antiglare film

212. 8,932,668
Metallic magnetic powder and manufacturing method of the same, magnetic painting, magnetic powder for magnetic therapy, and magnetic recording medium

211. 8,932,666
Method and apparatus for manufacturing active-matrix organic el display, active matrix organic el display, method for manufacturing liquid crystal array, liquid crystal array, method and apparatus for manufacturing color filter substrate, and color filter substrate

210. 8,932,665
Method for preventing the crystallisation of pharmaceuticals in a polymer film

209. 8,932,664
Surgical finger, hand and arm barrier coating and covering, method and system

208. 8,932,663
Pyrocarbon coated bone implants

207. 8,932,662
Coatings prepared from poly(ethylene oxide) and photo-initator-containing scaffolds

206. 8,932,646
Peroxide contact lens care solution

205. 8,932,640
Process for preparing a particle comprising a biological molecule and a carrier polymer

204. 8,932,639
Compositions comprising solid particles encapsulated in a cross-linked silicone matrix, and methods of making the same

203. 8,932,638
Polyamine derivatives

202. 8,932,637
Injectable and swellable microspheres for tissue bulking

201. 8,932,635
Pharmaceutical compositions of hydrophobic surface-modified active substance microparticles for inhalation

200. 8,932,634
Hydrocolloid carrier beads with inert filler material

199. 8,932,633
Polysaccharide microparticles containing biological agents: their preparation and applications

198. 8,932,632
Adhesives and sealants nanotechnology

197. 8,932,629
Co-processed microcrystalline cellulose and sugar alcohol as an excipient for tablet formulations

196. 8,932,624
Bio-film resistant surfaces

195. 8,932,623
Protective wound dressing device for oral and pharyngeal space

194. 8,932,622
Tissue coating for preventing undesired tissue-to-tissue adhesions

193. 8,932,621
Implantable film/mesh composite

192. 8,932,620
Three-dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering made by processing complex extracts of natural extracellular matrices

191. 8,932,619
Dural repair material

190. 8,932,618
Biodegradable osmotic pump implant for drug delivery

189. 8,932,616
Hydrophobic polysaccharides with silyl ether linkages having enhanced degradation and medical articles made therefrom

188. 8,932,615
Implantable devices formed on non-fouling methacrylate or acrylate polymers

187. 8,932,614
Incorporation of particulate ceragenins in polymers

186. 8,932,612
Composition for cosmetic raw material containing cellulose dyed with natural coloring matter having improved photostability, and visual carrier system comprising the same

185. 8,932,611
Cosmetic composition containing elastomers

184. 8,932,583
Scaffolds for cell transplantation

183. 8,932,571
Skin care product

182. 8,932,570
Long-wearing glossy cosmetic composition

181. 8,932,569
Methods and compositions for preventing or reducing frizzy appearance of hair

180. 8,932,566
Composition comprising a polyol and a oil-soluble polar modified polymer

179. 8,932,565
Thermal cosmetic treatment process using a semi-crystalline polymer

178. 8,932,564
Compositions comprising solid particles encapsulated in a cross-linked silicone matrix, and methods of making the same

177. 8,932,563
Higher loading zinc-containing films

176. 8,932,561       
Medical device rapid drug releasing coatings comprising a therapeutic agent and a contrast agent

175. 8,932,560
Advanced functional biocompatible polymeric matrix used as a hemostatic agent and system for damaged tissues and cells

174. 8,932,554
Method to produce light-emitting nano-particles of diamond

173. 8,932,553
Method for manufacturing cubic diamond nanocrystals

172. 8,932,546
Catalytically active particulate filter and use thereof

171. 8,932,534
Porous pyrolysis reactor materials and methods

170. 8,932,532
Honeycomb structure, method of manufacturing honeycomb structure, and exhaust gas converter

169. 8,932,531
Catalytic converter apparatus

168. 8,932,528
Installation and method for producing active carbon

167. 8,932,521
Chitosan-based hemostatic textile

166. 8,932,514
Fracture toughness of glass

165. 8,932,512
Polymers having a high infrared absorption capacity

164. 8,932,511
Method of making a composite material by three-dimensional ink-jet printing

163. 8,932,509
Solid electrolyte membrane, method and apparatus of producing the same, membrane electrode assembly, and fuel cell

162. 8,932,508
Fire resistant glazing

161. 8,932,507
Molding system including shooting-pot assembly and valve assembly in which hold pressure not provided by shooting pot assembly

160. 8,932,506
Resin injection molding method

159. 8,932,505
Molding die for molding boot for constant velocity joint

158. 8,932,504
Method of making absorbent structure having three-dimensional topography

157. 8,932,503
Mold structure for molding housing, method for molding housing, and housing

156. 8,932,502
Recyclable thermoplastic packaging

155. 8,932,501
Production of and drying of copolymer fibers

154. 8,932,500
Device and method for manufacturing stator of ultra high speed induction motor

153. 8,932,499
Method for producing an SMC multi-layer component

Device for preparation of liposomes and method thereof

152. 8,932,497
Fire retardant coatings and bodies, and methods of use

151. 8,932,495
Transparent conductor materials and processes for forming such materials

150. 8,932,494
Photo-irradiation of base forms of polyaniline with photo acid generators to form conductive composites

149. 8,932,493
Conductive polymer, conductive polymer composition, conductive polymer organic film, and organic photoelectric device including the same

148. 8,932,492
Energy-saving anti-corrosive metal film composition and manufacturing method for the same

147. 8,932,491
Organic-inorganic hybrid composition for anti-corrosive coating agent and manufacturing method for the same

146. 8,932,485
Fluorescent nanoparticle composites themselves, process for the preparation of such composites, and use in rapid diagnosis systems with affinity to biological molecules

145. 8,932,484
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device

144. 8,932,483
Low naphthenic liquid crystalline polymer composition

143. 8,932,476
Porous metal etching

142. 8,932,475
Methods of patterning a conductor on a substrate

141. 8,932,474
Imprinted multi-layer micro structure method

140. 8,932,473
Method for making a 3D nanostructure having a nanosubstructure, and an insulating pyramid having a metallic tip, a pyramid having nano-apertures and horizontal and/or vertical nanowires obtainable by this method

139. 8,932,470
Filter material for removing aggregates and method of filtering blood product

138. 8,932,469
Personal hemodialysis system including priming sequence and methods of same

137. 8,932,467
Method and a system for the pretreatment of lignocellulosic material

136. 8,932,463
Filter assembly

135. 8,932,459
Working fluid filtering device for electrical discharge machine

134. 8,932,450
Decontamination of asphaltic heavy oil and bitumen

133. 8,932,448
Membrane, cell, device and method for (reverse) electrodialysis

132. 8,932,440
Plating apparatus and plating method

131. 8,932,437
Multi-coated metallic products and methods of making the same

130. 8,932,427
Compaction process of a piece of composite materials

129. 8,932,426
Pipe fusion fitting and installation method

128. 8,932,425
Method for decorating surfaces

127. 8,932,424
Paint film composites and methods of making and using the same

126. 8,932,423
Method for producing contoured composite structures and structures produced thereby

125. 8,932,422
Sandwich structure with a high load-bearing capacity, as well as methods for the manufacture thereof

124. 8,932,421
Method of molding fiber-reinforced plastic hollow part

123. 8,932,420
Method for transferring and placing beads for tyres, device for carrying out such a method and spacer to be used in such a method and/or device

122. 8,932,419
Urethane (meth)acrylate oligomer and sheet using the same

121. 8,932,418
Hybrid joining method for lap joints

120. 8,932,404
Method and device for producing semicrystalline polymer material

119. 8,932,397
Near-infrared shielding coating agent curable at ordinary temperatures, near infrared shielding film using same, and manufacturing method therefor

118. 8,932,396
Solution, in particular for pretreating a hydrophilic subsurface in order to improve an adhesive bond under humid and wet conditions

117. 8,932,390
Liquid chemical for forming protecting film

116. 8,932,389
Zinc oxide precursor and method of depositing zinc oxide-based thin film using the same

115. 8,932,386
Zeolite adsorbent having an organic binder

114. 8,932,381
Sintered porous material comprising particles of different average sizes

113. 8,932,376
Diamond-bonded bodies and compacts with improved thermal stability and mechanical strength

112. 8,932,371
Process for preparing a fluidizable biomass-catalyst composite material

111. 8,932,370
Coloring agents and methods of use thereof (Dyes)

110. 8,932,366
Porous structure and a porous assembly resulted therefrom for implants

109. 8,932,352
Optical material and method for modifying the refractive index

108. 8,932,349
Cardiac valve, system, and method

107. 8,932,348
Device and method for improving heart valve function

106. 8,932,347
Implantable materials having engineered surfaces and method of making same

105. 8,932,346
Medical devices having inorganic particle layers

104. 8,932,345
Medical device coatings for releasing a therapeutic agent at multiple rates

103. 8,932,344
Aortic conduit configured with terminal ends having neosinuses of valsalva

102. 8,932,343
Blunt ended stent for prosthetic heart valve

101. 8,932,309
Surgical polymer molded and flexible covering material with or without secondary composite additive materials for providing anti-bacterial and tear resistant properties

100. 8,932,274
Absorbent article

99. 8,932,273
Disposable absorbent insert for two-piece wearable absorbent article

98. 8,932,272
Individually packaged absorbent article assembly

97. 8,932,271
Implantable medical devices including septum-based indicators

96. 8,932,154
Golf ball with softer feel and high iron spin

95. 8,932,153
Golf ball with specified core coefficient of restitution

94. 8,932,152
Golf ball

93. 8,932,151
Solid golf ball

92. 8,932,115
Abrasive articles

91. 8,932,111
Apparatus for altering a surface of a bowling ball

90. 8,932,102
Steering mechanism for toy vehicle

89. 8,932,101
Roller toy apparatus

88. 8,932,100
Toy figure with coordinated movements

87. 8,932,060       
Dental treatment method

86. 8,932,059
Dental implant and method of implantation

85. 8,932,058
Impression scanning for manufacturing of dental restorations

84. 8,932,057
Dental filing tool handle

83. 8,932,046
Edge-gated injection molding apparatus

82. 8,932,045
Mould turnover system

81. 8,932,044
Foil embossing device

80. 8,932,043
Plastic trim pelletizer and bricker reclaim device

79. 8,932,041
Mold structure, patterning method using the same, and method of fabricating liquid crystal display device

78. 8,932,040
Injection unit with a piston position measurement system

77. 8,932,039
Injection molding machine for manufacturing an electrically heated over-molded hose and fluidic fitting assembly

76. 8,932,038
Sealing apparatus for foam injection mold

75. 8,931,989
Self sealing attachment assembly

74. 8,931,988
Screw grommet

73. 8,931,975
Mobile asphalt concrete production machine

72. 8,931,958
Synthetic resin-made thrust sliding bearing

71. 8,931,955
Food packaging sheet for use in microwave ovens

70. 8,931,948
Process and apparatus for mixing a fluid within a vessel 

69. 8,931,946
Optical sheet and backlight assembly including the optical sheet

68. 8,931,931
Soft box with zipper mounted thereon for improving heat resistance

67. 8,931,899
Method for trimming an opthalmic lens

66. 8,931,898
Non-progressive corridor bi-focal lens with substantially tangent boundary of near and distant visual fields

65. 8,931,897
Contact lenses for myopic eyes and methods of treating myopia

64. 8,931,896
Eyewear including a docking station

63. 8,931,895
Adjustable eyeglasses cord

62. 8,931,894
Glasses and nose pad assembly thereof

61. 8,931,893
Multi-purpose eyeglasses

60. 8,931,855
Toothbrush with formable handle

59. 8,931,854
Layered polycrystalline diamond

58. 8,931,840
Composite frame

57. 8,931,821
Adhesively bonded window and hardware assembly

56. 8,931,798
Foam-in-place interior panels having integrated airbag doors including substrates with airbag chute-door assemblies for motor vehicles

55. 8,931,783
Seal assemblies

54. 8,931,782
Seal structure

53. 8,931,767
Punching elasticity adjustment structure

53. 8,931,722
Grinder provided with a drive device for a crown gear

52. 8,931,721
Shredder with vibration performing sensor and control system

51. 8,931,715
Airless plural component spray gun

50. 8,931,659
Pressure cooker with a plastic trim

49. 8,931,657
Pharmaceutical container with child-resistant closure

48. 8,931,656
Resealable beverage can end and methods relating to same

47. 8,931,651
Integrally blow-moulded bag-in-container having interface vents opening to the atmosphere at location adjacent to a bag's mouth; preform for making it; and process for producing the preform and bag-in-container

46. 8,931,647
Highly durable porous PVDF film, method of producing the same and washing method and filtration method using the same

45. 8,931,646
Polybenzoxazole membranes

44. 8,931,645
Centrifugal filter

43. 8,931,644
Method and apparatus for splitting fluid flow in a membraneless particle separation system

42. 8,931,643
Powder sifting device

41. 8,931,588
Acoustic panel

40. 8,931,537
Insulated window assembly

39. 8,931,522
Fill cap for a drink container

29. 8,931,521
Bent thermoplastic pipe

28. 8,931,488
Mouth guard with breathing and drinking aperture

27. 8,931,485
Combination prophylactic package and dispenser

26. 8,931,448
Constructed plastic rotor with integrated cartridge and spring suspension

25. 8,931,433
Plasma processing apparatus

24. 8,931,432
Vacuum processing apparatus

23. 8,931,431
Nozzle geometry for organic vapor jet printing

22. 8,931,430
Spray coating applicator system

21. Packaging /Strapping
Reverse tension mechanism for a strapping machine

20. Packaging /Strapping
Feeding and reversing mechanism for a strapping machine

19. Composites /Laminates Application
Applied /Antiballistic
Ballistic protection material

18. Fabrication /Punching
Layering punch

17. Packaging /Blister Packaging
Tool and method for opening blisters on a blister pack

16. Packaging /Wrapping
Stretchable gift wrap system

15. Adhesives /Applications
Materials /Multilayer Film /Applications
Applications /Building Materials
Waterproofing membrane

14. Adhesives /Applications
Materials /Multilayer Film /Applications
Applications /Building Materials
Waterproofing membrane

13. Polymers /Polyolefins /Applications /Vinyls /Applications
Materials /Foams /Applications
Applications /Building Materials /Flooring
Luxury vinyl tile flooring system

12. Applications /Building Materials /Flooring
Shock-absorbing prefabricated wood flooring

11. Applications /Building Materials /Thermal Insulation
Attic stairway insulator assembly

10. Packaging /Wrapping /Applications
Method for wrapping a floral grouping

9. Packaging /Containers /Bags /Applications
Applied /Landscaping
Methods for controlling weeds and water using a bag filled with landscaping material

8. Electrical /Electronics /Circuit Boards
Method for manufacturing multilayer printed wiring board

7. Applications /Building Materials /Flooring
Applications /Textiles /Mats
Three piece floor mat retention system

6. Medical /Heart Valves
System for loading a collapsible heart valve

5. Packaging /Containers /Liners
Coatings /Barrier Materials /Container Coatings
Liquid vessel liner and method of application

4. Carbon /CC Materials /Preforms
Method of making a three-dimensional fiber preform for fabricating an annular part out of carbon/carbon composite material

3. Packaging /Encapsulation
Consumer /Furniture
Encapsulated and filtered mattress

2. Applications /Textiles /Fabrics
Materials /Fibers /Microfibers
Microfiber cleaning cloth clothing article and method of assembly

1. Polymers /Conductive Polymers /Sulfur: Polythiophenes)
Materials /Conductive Materials
Electrical /Sensors
Elastomeric composites with tether-containing, conducting polymers for nanoscale diffusion control


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