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Patents published 2/10/2015

 8,950,012  through 8.955,161

5336  patents published.


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344. 8,952,249
1,4-fullerene addends in photovoltaic cells

343. 8,952,200
Liquid crystal oligomer, synthesis composition, preparation method thereof, and liquid crystal material

342. 8,952,191
Ester resin compositions

341. 8,952,146
Process for manufacturing low-fibrillating cellulosic fiber

340. 8,952,126
Purification of functionalized triblock copolymers via methanol trituration

339. 8,952,125
Polyoxyethylene derivative having plural hydroxyl groups at terminal end thereof

338. 8,952,124
Bis(sulfonyl)alkanol-containing polythioethers, methods of synthesis, and compositions thereof

337. 8,952,123
Dioxanone-based copolymers for implantable devices

336. 8,952,122
Modified polyamide, preparation method thereof and article obtained from said polyamide

335. 8,952,121
Polymer composition and method of making the same

334. 8,952,120
Polyisocyanate composition and coating composition containing the same

333. 8,952,119
Organically modified hybrid aerogels

332. 8,952,118
Dual functional linear siloxanes, step-growth polymers derived therefrom, and methods of preparation thereof

331. 8,952,117
Process for producing solvent-soluble reactive polysiloxanes

330. 8,952,116
Particulate water absorbent and process for production thereof

329. 8,952,115
Method for producing fluorine-containing polymer

328. 8,952,114
Halogenated catalysts comprising Salan ligands

327. 8,952,113
Supported nonmetallocene catalyst, preparation and use thereof

326. 8,952,112
Supported nonmetallocene catalyst, preparation and use thereof

325. 8,952,111
Modified phosphinimine catalysts for olefin polymerization

324. 8,952,110
Moisture-curable, amine-catalyzed sulfur-containing polymer compositions

323. 8,952,109
Process for preparing a block copolymer

323. 8,952,108
Organic silicon compound, thermosetting composition containing said organic silicon compound, and sealing material for optical semiconductor

322. 8,952,107
Thermoplastic melt-mixed composition with polyetherol heat stabilizer

321. 8,952,106
Linear polyesteramides from aminophenolic esters

320. 8,952,105
Variable TG article, method of making, and use of same

319. 8,952,104
Polymer compositions and methods

318. 8,952,103
Copolymers having amide units and ether units with improved optical properties

317. 8,952,102
Alkyl ether compositions and methods of use

316. 8,952,101
Conjugated diene rubber, rubber composition, crosslinked rubber, tire, and process for production of conjugated diene rubber

315. 8,952,100
Process to remove silanol from the preparation of a modified polymer

314. 8,952,099
Vulcanizable polymer compositions

313. 8,952,098
Rubber composition for sidewall or base tread, and pneumatic tire

312. 8,952,097
Shape memory material based on a structural adhesive

311. 8,952,096
Graft copolymers and use thereof as low-profile additives

310. 8,952,095
Cross-linking agents for hydrogels that contain cleavable peptides and short-chain polymers

309. 8,952,094
Reversible polymer composition

308. 8,952,093
Bio-based polyurethane dispersion compositions and methods

307. 8,952,092
Non-carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymers, preparation method and use thereof

306. 8,952,091
Rubber composition for inner liner and pneumatic tire

305. 8,952,090
Method for producing polydienes and polydiene copolymers with reduced cold flow

304. 8,952,089
Systems and methods for providing a thermoplastic product that includes packaging therefor

303. 8,952,088
Tread for heavy vehicle tires

302. 8,952,087
Method for reducing metal ion with nanosilicate platelets and dispersing metal nanoparticle and product thereof

301. 8,952,086
Polyolefin rubber composition having surface lubricity

300. 8,952,084
Silicone treated carbon black compositions

299. 8,952,083
Fluorocopolymer composition and its production process

298, 8,952,082
System and method for pre-treatment of rubber-modified asphalt cement, and emulsions thereof

297. 8,952,081
Process for preparing latex paints containing biocides

296. 8,952,080
Material for contact lenses, method for manufacturing contact lenses and contact lenses obtained thereby

295. 8,952,079
Semi-cured product, cured product and method of manufacturing these, optical component, curable resin composition

294. 8,952,078
Printing ink

293. 8,952,077
Silicone rubber composition, silicone rubber molded article, and production method thereof

292. 8,952,075
Bioactive polymeric liquid formulations of absorbable, segmented aliphatic polyurethane compositions

291. 8,951,991
Polymer mixtures of anionic and cationic polysaccharides and use thereof

290. 8,951,989
Hydrogel tissue adhesive having reduced degradation time

289. 8,951,948
Metal and dielectric compatible sacrificial anti-reflective coating cleaning and removal composition

288. 8,951,991
Polymer mixtures of anionic and cationic polysaccharides and use thereof

287. 8,951,989
Hydrogel tissue adhesive having reduced degradation time

286. 8,951,942
Method of making carbon nanotube dispersions for the enhancement of the properties of fluids

285. 8,951,933
Polysiloxane-modified polyhydroxy polyurethane resin, method for producing same, heat-sensitive recording material using the resin, imitation leather, thermoplastic polyolefin resin skin material, material for weather strip, and weather strip

284. 8,951,930
Catalysts and methods for polymer synthesis

283. 8,951,929
Catalyst preparation and methods of using such catalysts

282. 8,951,928
Method for regenerating an adsorber or absorber

281. 8,951,924
Ballistic laminate structure having tubular sleeves containing bundles of unidirectional filaments and method of manufacturing the same

280. 8,951,923
Hybrid composite structure having damped metallic fibers

279. 8,951,922
Method for fabricating an interlayer

278. 8,951,917
Composition for forming resist underlayer film and patterning process using the same

277, 8,951,895
Complementary doping methods and devices fabricated therefrom

276. 8,951,894
Plasma treatment apparatus, method for forming film, and method for manufacturing thin film transistor

275. 8,951,891
Deposition substrate of deposition apparatus, method of forming layer using the same, and method of manufacturing organic light emitting diode display device

274. 8,951,890
Actinic-ray- or radiation-sensitive resin composition, actinic-ray- or radiation-sensitive film therefrom and method of forming pattern using the composition

273. 8,951,889
Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus

272. 8,951,885
Insulation wall between transistors on SOI

271, 8,951,843
Laminated sheet and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the laminated sheet

270. 8,951,824
Adhesives for attaching wire network to photovoltaic cells

269. 8,951,816
Film forming method

268. 8,951,778
Processing biomass

267. 8,951,761
Immobilized enzymes and methods of using thereof

266. 8,951,715
Method of forming patterned film on a bottom and a top-surface of a deep trench

265. 8,951,713
Alkali-soluble resin and negative-type photosensitive resin composition comprising the same

264. 8,951,712
Resist protective film-forming composition and patterning process

263. 8,951,711
Patterning process and composition for forming silicon-containing film usable therefor

262. 8,951,710
Chemically amplified negative resist composition and patterning process

261. 8,951,709
Resist composition and method for producing resist pattern

260. 8,951,703
Wear resistant urethane hexaacrylate materials for photoconductor overcoats

259. 8,951,698
Method for forming pattern and method for producing original lithography mask

258. 8,951,697
Membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell using the same

257. 8,951,696
Fuel electrode catalyst for fuel cell, electrode/membrane assembly, and fuel cell and fuel cell system provided with the electrode/membrane assembly

256. 8,951,694
Method for preparing an enhanced proton exchange membrane and enhanced proton exchange membrane

255. 8,951,677
Microporous membranes, methods for making such membranes, and the use of such membranes as battery separator film

254. 8,951,675
Graphene current collectors in batteries for portable electronic

253. 8,951,646
Layered structure comprising a layer containing a conjugated polymer compound devices

252. 8,951,643
Optical film and method of preparing same

251. 8,951,642
Aqueous two-component dispersion adhesive

250. 8,951,640
Covered member and process for production thereof

249. 8,951,639
Thermally robust capsule system, and composites including the capsules

248. 8,951,637
Method for producing water-absorbent resin particles and water-absorbent resin particles

247. 8,951,636
Composite particles which contain both cellulose and inorganic compound

246. 8,951,635
Ferrite powder for bonded magnet, method for manufacturing ferrite powder, and bonded magnet using ferrite powder

245, 8,951,634
Filler material for a floor, and method for producing filler material for a floor

244. 8,951,633
Area bonded nonwoven fabric from single polymer system

243. 8,951,632
CNT-infused carbon fiber materials and process therefor

242. 8,951,631
CNT-infused metal fiber materials and process therefor

241. 8,951,630
Ultra-thin hydrophobic and oleophobic layer, method of manufacture and use in watchmaking as an epilame and in mechanical engineering as a barrier film

240. 8,951,629
Heat dissipating tape using conductive fiber and method for manufacturing same

239. 8,951,628
Polymer coatings comprising a complex of an ionic fluoropolyether and a counter ionic agent

238. 8,951,626
Hygiene or wiping product comprising at least one patterned ply and method for patterning the ply

237. 8,951,625
Optical microstructure film and method for fabricating the same

236. 8,951,623
Composite panel

235. 8,951,622
Vacuum insulation member, registrator having vacuum insulation member, and method for fabricating vacuum insulation member

234. 8,951,621
Roll body of band-like patch

233. 8,951,620
Frame member, molding apparatus, and manufacturing method for frame member

232. 8,951,619
Elastomeric insulation materials and the use thereof in subsea applications

231. 231. 8,951,618
Hollow panel and mould for the manufacture thereof

230. 8,951,617
Substrate provided with a multilayer coating having thermal properties and absorbent layers

229. 8,951,614
Mechanism for coating laboratory media with photo-sensitive material

228. 8,951,613
Method of coating a workpiece incorporating a color contributing primer layer

227. 8,951,612
Method for processing a surface

226. 8,951,609
CNT devices, low-temperature fabrication of CNT and CNT photo-resists

225. 8,951,607
Making co-precipitated mixed oxide-treated titanium dioxide pigments

224. 8,951,599
Wound dressing

223. 8,951,598
Nanoscale collagen particles and membranes

222. 8,951,596
Implants and methods for manufacturing same

221. 8,951,595
Coatings with tunable molecular architecture for drug-coated balloon

220. 8,951,594
Cold-water soluble extruded starch product

219. 8,951,591
Package integrity indicator for container closure

218. 8,951,590
Tubular bag packaging and method for producing such tubular bag packaging

217. 8,951,558
Aqueous carbonated medium containing an amino(meth)acrylate polymer or copolymer

216. 8,951,554
Microcapsule, structure having a microcapsule, article having a microcapsule, and method of preparing microcapsules

215. 8,951,552
In situ film-forming bioactive solutions of absorbable multiblock copolymers

214. 8,951,551
Multiribbon nanocellulose as a matrix for wound healing

213. 8,951,548
Acrylic hydrogels with pendant cyclodextrins, preparation method thereof and use of same as release systems and contact lens components

212. 8,951,547
Drug delivery system

211. 8,951,546
Flexible implantable composites and implants comprising same

210. 8,951,545
Insertable medical devices having microparticulate-associated elastic substrates and methods for drug delivery

209. 8,951,495
Odor-inhibiting compositions

208. 8,951,467
Preventing equipment fouling via corrosion reduction

207. 8,951,461
Method for producing a plastic article and blow molding tool

206. 8,951,459
Connector producing method and molding die

205. 8,951,458
Producing a deformable system with a view to displacing an object enclosed in the latter

204. 8,951,457
Partitioned shell mold for wind turbine blades, its manufacturing method, and blade production method employing this mold

293. 8,951,456
Method for producing ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene porous membrane, method for producing ultra-high-molecular-weight polytheylene film, and porous membrane and film obtained by these methods

202. 8,951,455
Method for reinforcing a hole edge region workpiece with a hole with reinforced hole edge region hole edge reinforcing device

201. 8,951,454
Method for forming cover layer for golf ball core

200. 8,951,453
Corrugated carbon fiber preform

199. 8,951,452
Process for particleboard manufacture

198. 8,951,451
Carbon material and method for producing same

197. 8,951,450
Apparatus and method for production of liposomes

196. 8,951,449
Method for preparation of aqueous nano-pigment dispersion

195. 8,951,444
Gas-phase functionalization of carbon nanotubes

194. 8,951,442
Anticorrosive composition

193. 8,951,439
Preparation of nanoparticles with narrow luminescence

192. 8,951,438
Simplified control of color shifting properties of a chiral liquid crystal polymer

191. 8,951,427
Hot melt composition and a method and system for manufacturing electronic and/or optical components using such a hot melt composition

190. 8,951,426
Method of fabricating an implantable medical device that includes one or more thin film polymer support layers

189. 8,951,416
Separation process

188. 8,951,415
Filtration system

187. 8,951,401
Method for electrochemically depositing carbon film on a substrate

186. 8,951,398
Cationic electrodeposition coating composition

185. 8,951,390
Reactor for the continuous production of charcoal

184. 8,951,389
Method and machine for manufacturing paper products using fourdrinier forming

183. 8,951,388
Method and system for efficient production of dissolving pulp in a kraft mill producing paper grade pulp with a continuous type digester

182. 8,951,387
Method and apparatus for peeling protection film for flat display panel

181. 8,951,385
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method

180. 8,951,384
Electron beam plasma source with segmented beam dump for uniform plasma generation

179. 8,951,380
Fabric welding machine

178. 8,951,376
Method of manufacturing corrugated laminate made of films

177. 8,951,375
Methods and systems for co-bonding or co-curing composite parts using a rigid/malleable SMP apparatus

176. 8,951,374
Tube joint and a method of bonding tubes

175. Replaceable protective layer on flat screen display

174. Anti-corrosive treatment for surfaces made of zinc and zinc alloys

173. 8,951,350
Coating methods and apparatus

172. 8,951,349
Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same

171. 8,951,347
Film deposition apparatus

170. 8,951,345
High temperature support apparatus and method of use for casting materials

169. 8,951,343
Ultra high performance concrete reinforced with low-cost graphite nanomaterials and microfibers, and method for production thereof

168. 8,951,341
Sizing composition for mineral wool comprising a monosaccharide and/or a polysaccharide and an organic polycarboxylic acid, and insulating products obtained

167. 8,951,338
Air filter material using laminated electret nonwoven fabric

166. 8,951,330
Method for preparing silver nanoparticles by employing ethanolamine and poly(styrene-co-maleic anhydride) copolymers

165. 8,951,325
Bi-component fiber and filter media including bi-component fibers

164. 8,951,324
Air filter medium

163. 8,951,323
Multiple layer mat and exhaust gas treatment device

162. 8,951,309
Hay-based logs and method of making the same

161. 8,951,308
Pyrolysis oil and other combustible compositions from microbial biomass

160. 8,951,307

159. 8,951,306
Film-type supercapacitor and manufacturing method thereof

158. 8,951,304
Vacuum suction structure of ankle joint and support barrel of artificial limb

157. 8,951,301
Method of using a trialing system for a knee prosthesis

156. 8,951,300
Intervertebral disc spacer

155. 8,951,299
Medical devices and delivery systems for delivering medical devices

154. 8,951,298
Endovascular system with circumferentially-overlapping stent-grafts

153. 8,951,297
Stent delivery system

152. 8,951,284
Anesthetic suture

151, 8,951,282
Extraluminal sealant applicator and method

150. 8,951,279
Balloon catheter and method for manufacturing it

149. 8,951,272
Seal arrangements for ultrasonically powered surgical instruments

148. 8,951,265
Fixation system for orthopedic devices

147. 8,951,256
System and method for orienting orthopedic implants

146. 8,951,253
Orthopaedic device for correcting deformities of long bones

145. 8,951,240
Flexible tube for endoscope and endoscope

144. 8,951,239
Disposable diaper

143. 8,951,238
Absorbent product and disposable diaper

142, 8,951,237
Layered adhesive construction with adhesive layers having different hydrocolloid composition

141. 8,951,236
Systems and methods for improved connection to wound dressings in conjunction with reduced pressure wound treatment systems

140. 8,951,229
Pressure actuated catheter seal and method for the same

139. 8,951,226
Mediastinoscopy access, sampling, and visualization kit featuring toroidal balloons and exotracheal method of using

138. 8,951,218
Multi-path catheter

137, 8,951,217
Composite material for custom fitted products

136. Prosthetic limb monitoring system

135. 8,951,178
Plastic pouch and manufacturing method therefor

134. 8,951,177
Flight lug for octagonal cartons

133. 8,951,151
Game ball

132. 8,951,150
Tennis racket including shock-absorber means

131. 8,951,149
Adjustable golf tee setting device with integrated ball marker and divot repair tool

130. 8,951,148
Golf ball

129. 8,951,147
Golf ball

128. 8,951,087
Wire toy mandala

127. 8,951,084
Method of fabricating lightweight and thin liquid crystal display, and processing line for fabricating liquid crystal display

126. 8,951,082
Device for increasing the buoyancy of a human body

125. 8,951,081
Life ring buoy and flotation cushion

124. 8,951,045
Toothbrush bristle arrangement and method

123. 8,951,044
Keeper for implant and its assembly, and keeper-fixing method

122. 8,951,043
Insertion part of a two-part implant with insertion instrument

121. 8,951,042
Dental prosthesis

120. 8,951,038
Device for injection-moulding a part

119. 8,951,037
Wafer-level underfill and over-molding

118. 8,951,036
Neck crystallization system

117. 8,951,035
Injection molding tool

116. 8,951,034
Modular mould system for manufacturing a shell part

115. 8,951,033
Construction box for a rapid prototyping system

114. 8,951,032
Device for processing a material web using ultrasound and having a support for the sonotrode

113. 8,951,031
Imprinting apparatus and article manufacturing method

112. 8,951,030
Resin filling device

111. 8,951,029
Mobile plastics extrusion plant

110. 8,951,027
Vane cell machine

109. 8,951,022
Feeding device for powder spray coating device

108. 8,950,976
Reverse osmosis irrigation

107. 8,950,974
Mat for sea floor installation

106. 8,950,972
Polyurethane based road forming

105. 8,950,971
Composition and system for preformed thermoplastic road marking with sequential features

104. 8,950,964
Moisture removing and deodorant application system

103. 8,950,961
Methods and apparatus for applying filler material onto an object

102. 8,950,949
Circuit board(s) employing optical interfaces optically connected to surface-accessible, planar-shaped, inter-board optical fiber traces, and related connectors, assemblies, and methods

101. 8,950,948
Light pipe with electromagnetic interference shielding

100. 8,950,939
Closure assembly and a collapsible pouch container provided with a closure assembly

99. 8,950,905
Optical film compression lenses, overlays and assemblies

98. 8,950,902
Light emitting device with light mixing within a film

97. 8,950,888
Attachment device for attachment to a membrane, E.G. of a balloon, without puncturing the membrane

96. 8,950,862
Methods and apparatus for an ophthalmic lens with functional insert layers

95. 8,950,861
Eyeglass lens and method of manufacturing the same

94. 8,950,860
Method and system for retarding the progression of myopia

93. 8,950,859
Multi-focal optical lenses

92. 8,950,858
System and method of surfacing a lens, such as a lens for use with eyeglasses

91. 8,950,821
Milling drum having integral tool mounting blocks

90. 8,950,789
Barbed connection for use with irrigation tubing

89. 8,950,788
Coupling for use with ultra low permeation hose

88. 8,950,787
Pipe and pipe assembly provided with layers of electrically conductive material for conveying substances

87. 8,950,783
Auto-peel label with projecting edge

86. 8,950,768
Air cellular cushion

85. 8,950,735
Shock absorbers for protective body gear

84. 8,950,742
Milling block with orthodontic auxiliary

83. 8,950,659
Multiple split package with closing flap

82. 8,950,658
Flip open stadium package for consumable products

81. 8,950,657
Carton with handle

80. 8,950,656
Gift boxing and packaging apparatus and method

79. 8,950,655
Method of manufacturing packaging container and packaging container

78. 8,950,654
Folding carton with auto-erecting bottom

77. 8,950,639
Replaceable executive pocket liner

76. 8,950,635
Unitary product-dispensing container having a combined cap and feeding/ dosing dispenser

75. 8,950,623
Beverage container lid that provides natural drinking experience

74. 8,950,622
Covers and containment systems and methods for food service pans

73. 8,950,617
Non-penetrative blood container and apparatus for vacuuming the same

72. 8,950,616
Closed fuel tank system

71. 8,950,614
Biodegradable resin container with a vacuum-evaporated film and method of forming a vacuum-evaporated film

70. 8,950,613
Bulk bin container with removable side wall

69. 8,950,612
Hybrid shipping container

68. 8,950,611
Container comprising a bottom equipped with a deformable membrane

67. 8,950,610

66. 8,950,609
Device for stopping a container, container provided with such a device, and method for closing a batch of such containers

65. 8,950,608
Universal adapter system for bottle containers using a dispensing pump or cap

64. 8,950,588
Band type filter

63. 8,950,587
Filter media suitable for hydraulic applications

62. 8,950,584
Apparatus for screening fibrous suspensions

61. 8,950,582
Protective case having elastically deformable air chambers for impact reduction

60. 8,950,581
Stackable container

59. 8,950,579
Sterilized or depyrogened packaging

58. 8,950,549
Composite sound absorber

57. 8,950,545
Compound membrane and acoustic device using same

56. 8,950,519
Polycrystalline diamond compacts with partitioned substrate, polycrystalline diamond table, or both

45. 8,950,490
Methods of using cellulose in various oilfield applications

44. 8,950,488
Polymerizing and anchoring a water-soluble polymer to an in-place mineral surface of a well 

43. 8,950,456
Radial tire with specified bead for light heavy-weight vehicle

42. 8,950,455
Pneumatic tire

41. 8,950,454
Tire tread for civil engineering machine

40. 8,950,453
Pneumatic tire

39. 8,950,452
Motorcycle tire for running on rough terrain

38. 8,950,451
Non-pneumatic tire

37. 8,950,443
Method for recovering puncture repair liquid and apparatus for recovering puncture repair liquid

36. 8,950,439
Insulated ductwork products

35. 8,950,438
Method and compositions for delivery of a concentrated quantity of sealing elements to a leak site in a vessel

34. 8,950,437
Leak sealing apparatus

33. 8,950,416
Removable and collapsible cover system

32. 8,950,408
Oral pouch product having soft edge

31. 8,950,407
Degradable adhesive compositions for smoking articles

30. 8,950,387
Paintball marker with split body

29. 8,950,360
Odor-absorbing materials and processes for their preparation and use

28. 8,950,356
Barrier-film forming apparatus, barrier-film forming method, and barrier-film coated container

27. 8,950,346
Method for production of bags for the transport and storage of bulk goods, and bag obtained according to the method

26. 8,950,342
Plastic pallet

25. 8,950,268
Material testing machine

24. 8,950,267
Methods and apparatus for detecting cross-linking in a polymer

23. 8,950,265
Electroactive polymer based pressure sensor

22. 8,950,236
Methods for providing a selection of a recommended golf ball

21. 8,950,168
Hybrid yarn for producing molded parts

20. 8,950,163
Packaging machine for goods in blister shell moldings to be sealed with a blister film

19. 8,950,162
Multi-pane glass unit having seal with adhesive and hermetic coating layer

18. Shingle with reinforcement layer

17. 8,950,160
Mortar packages and single-person method of using mortar packages for masonry construction 

16. 8,950,156
Method for modifying walls

15. 8,950,154
SR thermal break device and method of use

14. 8,950,148
Floor panel

13. 8,950,147
Floor panel and floating floor system incorporating the same

12. 8,950,145

11. 8,950,144
Flexible composite lap joint for trailer flooring

10. 8,950,143
Composite joist floor system

9. 8,950,142
Methods and systems for insulating a building

8. 8,950,141
Veneer underlayment

7. 8,950,140
Dimensional tile backing

6. 8,950,139
Door skin, a method of etching a plate, and an etched plate formed therefrom

5. 8,950,138
Process for the manufacturing of surface elements

4. 8,950,095
Cold crack additive on paving advertising and related methods

3. 8,950,085
Shoe sole that allows breathability of the foot

2. 8,950,071
Method and device for manufacturing a heat-insulated pipe

1. 8,950,015
Glove with laminated padding regions


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