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Week 11

Patents published 3/17/2015

8,978,162 through 8,984,661

7013 patents published.


319. 8,981,346
Capacitive-based graphene sensor

318. 8,981,345
Graphene nanoribbon sensor

317. 8,981,231
Molded product and in-mold transfer foil

316. 8,981,212
Polyester film, laminated film, solar battery backsheet and solar battery

315. 8,981,207
High efficiency quantum dot sensitized thin film solar cell with absorber layer

314. 8,981,167
Fluorographene and preparation method thereof

313. 8,981,160
Modified liquid epoxy resin as well as epoxy resin composition using the same and cured product thereof

312. 8,981,108
Optical film, retardation plate, elliptica polarizing plate, liquid crystal display device and compound

311. 8,981,043
Catalytic system for CO.sub.2/epoxide copolymerization

310. 8,981,042
Cycloaliphatic polyphosphite polymer stabilizers

309. 8,981,041
Production process of poly(arylene sulfide) and production apparatus thereof

308. 8,981,040
Cationically polymerizable resin, cationically polymerizable resin composition, and cured products thereof

307. 8,981,039
Caprolactam-based composition, process for manufacturing an impermeable element, and tank

306. 8,981,038
Dinitro monomer, diamine monomer, polyimide and modified polyimide

305. 8,981,037
Polyester resin, method of producing the resin, and molding product

304. 8,981,036
Synthesis of and curing additives for phthalonitriles

303. 8,981,035
Production method of poly (phenylene ether ether ketone)

302. 8,981,034
Method for preparing polyaryletherketone-based copolymer by using quaternary copolymerization technology

301. 8,981,033
Resin curing agents

300. 8,981,032
Composition containing a modified (poly) isocyanate and a solvent of the acetal or aliphatic ketone type, and use of said composition for producing coatings

299. 8,981,031
Photo-patternable dielectric materials curable to porous dielectric materials, formulations, precursors and methods of use thereof

298. 8,981,030

297. 8,981,029
Branched vinyl terminated polymers and methods for production thereof

296. 8,981,028
Catalyst composition comprising shuttling agent for tactic/ atactic multi-block copolymer formation

295. 8,981,027
Two-part, cyanoacrylate/cationically curable adhesive systems

294. 8,981,026
Cycloolefin polymer compound and method of preparing the same

293. 8,981,025
Polymerizable catonic peptide monomers and polymers

292. 8,981,024
Olefin metathesis

291. 8,981,023
Supported nonmetallocene catalyst, preparation and use thereof

290. 8,981,022
Method of producing composition having continuous phase and disperse phase dispersed finely in the continuous phase and apparatus for producing the composition

289. 8,981,021
Systems and methods for fabricating polyolefins

288. 8,981,020
Process for producing functionalized polymers

287. 8,981,019
Method for producing methacrylic-based polymer

286. 8,981,018
Internal material condition monitoring for control

285. 8,981,017
Polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane copolymer, process for production of the copolymer, and polycarbonate resin containing the copolymer

284. 8,981,015
Flame retardant poly(siloxane) copolymer compositions, methods of manufacture, and articles formed therefrom

283. 8,981,014
Phosphorus-containing phenolic resin, method for manufacturing the same, and use of the same

282. 8,981,013
Functionalized olefin polymers, compositions and articles prepared therefrom, and methods for making the same

281. 8,981,012
Modified polydicyclopentadienes

280. 8,981,011
OLEFIN-based ionomer resin composition

279. 8,981,010
Polymer powder for producing three-dimensional objects

278. 8,981,009
Fluorine-containing elastomer and crosslinkable composition comprising same

277. 8,981,008
Tapered triblock copolymers

276. 8,981,007
Non-crosslinked polyethylene composition for power cable

275. 8,981,006
Method for manufacturing rubber composition, rubber composition, and tire using same

274. 8,981,005
Coating compositions that include onium salt group containing polycarbodiimides

273. 8,981,004
Nano alumina or silica dispersed in polystyrene

272. 8,981,003
Biorenewable copolyester thermoplastic elastomers

271. 8,981,002
Biodegradable polymer compositions

270. 8,981,001
Method for the preparation of high molecular weight oligo(alkylene glycol) functionalized polyisocyanopeptides

269. 8,981,000
High styrene high vinyl styrene-butadiene rubber and methods for preparation thereof

268. 8,980,999
Functional materials having a controllable viscosity or reversible crosslinking via aza Diels-Alder reactions with bishydrazones or conjugated bis-Schiff bases

267. 8,980,998
Aqueous binders for granular and/or fibrous substrates

266. 8,980,997
Adhesive composition

265. 8,980,996
Modified polyamide composition comprising at least one phenolic compound

264. 8,980,995
Paints with improved water staining and color rub-off qualities

263. 8,980,994
Elastic film/fiber formulations

262. 8,980,993
Coating compositions for improved block resistance

261. 8,980,991
Intermediate transfer members comprised of hydrophobic carbon nanotubes

260. 8,980,990
Rubber composition

259. 8,980,989
Rubber composition

258. 8,980,988
Rubber composition

257. 8,980,987
Method for producing modified conjugated diene rubber, modified conjugated diene rubber, and rubber composition

256. 8,980,986
Reflective body and a light-emitting device equipped with the same

255. 8,980,984
Thermally conductive polymer compositions and articles made therefrom

254. 8,980,983
Highly flexible, halogen-free and fire-resistant thermoplastic cable mixtures

253. 8,980,982
Electromagnetic spectrally detectable plastic packaging components

252. 8,980,981
Hot-melt adhesive composition intended to form a film suitable for wrapping a hot-melt adhesive product, and its use

251. 8,980,980
Rubber composition for pneumatic tire

250. 8,980,979
Curable compositions containing cyclic diamine and cured products therefrom

249. 8,980,978
Polymeric nanocomposites and processes for making the same

248. 8,980,977
Pigments granules

247. 8,980,976
Pearlescent pigments coated with mixed inorganic/organic layers and method for the production thereof

246. 8,980,975
Magnetic compositions

245. 8,980,974
Low copper-containing friction material composition used as brake pad

244. 8,980,973
Siloxane compounds containing composition, method of production and use thereof

243. 8,980,972
Polymerisable material

242. 8,980,971
Stereolithography resin compositions and three-dimensional objects made therefrom

241. 8,980,970
Radiation-curing binders and a process for their preparation

240. 8,980,969
Addition-fragmentation agents

239. 8,980,968
Photosensitive resin composition, method for producing structure, and liquid discharge head

238. 8,980,967
Pressure-sensitive adhesives with mixed photocrosslinking system

237. 8,980,966
Hydrophilic aliphatic polyurethane foams

236. 8,980,965
Method for producing polyester type flexible polyurethane foam, and catalyst composition to be used therefor

235. 8,980,964
Renewable polyester film having a low modulus and high tensile elongation

234. 8,980,963
Melt processable composition from recycled multi-layer articles containing a fluoropolymer layer

233. 8,980,962
Methods of producing iodinated resins

232. 8,980,810
Vinyl ether polymer fluids made using controlled living cationic polymerization and their use as synthetic lubricant basestocks

231. 8,980,799
Polymer foam cell morphology control and use in borehole filtration devices

230. 8,980,788
Hydrogen storage material

229. 8,980,787
Method for producing graphite material and graphite material

228. 8,980,774
Compositions and methods for making polyesters and articles therefrom

227. 8,980,773
Shaped body armor and method of making

226. 8,980,772
Barrier fabric

225. 8,980,771
Composite materials

224. 8,980,770
Composite materials

223. 8,980,769
Multi-station sequential curing of dielectric films

222. 8,980,602
Processing biomass

221. 8,980,531
Transparent components

220. 8,980,530
Optical information recording medium and method for recording information in optical information recording medium

219. 8,980,500
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell comprising reactant gas channels overlapping a peripheral portion of an electrode

218, 8,980,499
Proton-conductive polymer electrolyte membrane, and membrane-electrode assembly and polymer electrolyte fuel cell using the same

217. 8,980,446
PVD hybrid method for depositing mixed crystal layers

216. 8,980,437
Use of polyelectrolyte complexes for producing polymer foils with oxygen-barrier properties

215. 8,980,436
Pressure-sensitive adhesive optical film, production method thereof, and image display

214. 8,980,433
Polyurethaneurea system

213. 8,980,432
Multilayer film and molded body

212. 8,980,431
Primer composition for optical articles and optical articles

211. 8,980,430
PCTFE film with extrusion coating of EVA or EVA with UV absorbers

210. 8,980,429
Tile for removing formaldehyde and process for preparing the same

209. 8,980,427
Carbon fiber bundle

208. 8,980,426
Peel-and-set tile system

207. 8,980,425
Bioactive material

206. 8,980,424
Prepreg, metal-clad laminate, and printed circuit board

205. 8,980,423
Charging member, process for its production, process cartridge

204. 8,980,422
Polyurethane/polyisocyanurate foam having improved adhesion properties

203. 8,980,421
Porous polyimide membrane and process for production thereof

202. 8,980,417
Process for production of glass fiber fabric having silica microparticles adhered thereon, glass fiber fabric having silica microparticles adhered thereon, and fiber-reinforced molded resin article

201. 8,980,415
Antistatic films and methods to manufacture the same

200. 8,980,412
Resilient pad composite and process for making same

199. 8,980,411
Folded absorbent article

198. 8,980,410
Thermally conductive sheet and associated methods

197. 8,980,409
Laminate, method for producing same, and method for producing device structure using same

196. 8,980,407
Linerless label

195. 8,980,400
Light-scattering fluororesin film for agricultural applications, and method for producing same

194. 8,980,399
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet

193. 8,980,397
Structured composite sheet

192. 8,980,396
Optical information recording medium

191. 8,980,395
Composite parts joined by a flexible construct

190. 8,980,394
Resealable label

189. 8,980,392
Use of a specific functionalised organosilicon compound as a coupling agent in an isoprene elastomer composition including a reinforcing inorganic filler

188. 8,980,391
Vulcanization composition having reduced allergenic potential, and elastomeric articles formed therewith

187. 8,980,390
Synthetic resin bottle and process for manufacturing the same

186. 8,980,389
Copolyesters and blends with improved recyclability, processes for their manufacture, and articles prepared therefrom

185. 8,980,388
Use of silane promoter to modify pressure sensitive adhesive for use in pressure seal mailers printed on IGEN3

184. 8,980,387
Method of coating a surface and article incorporating coated surface

183. 8,980,386
Articles including anticondensation coatings and/or methods of making the same

182. 8,980,385
Optical film

181. 8,980,384
Nematic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device using the same

180. 8,980,383
Wide temperature-range smectic liquid crystal materials

179. 8,980,382
Oxygen-doping for non-carbon radical-component CVD films

178. 8,980,381
Coating for sensing thermal and impact damage

177. 8,980,380
Fabrication of 3-dimensional micro-assemblies

176. 8,980,378
Method and system for coating a surface with a viscous one or plural component coating material

175. 8,980,377
Clay-based concrete sealer

174. 8,980,376
Storage stable epoxy resin compositions for electrical laminates

173. 8,980,375
Catalyst dip

172. 8,980,374
Method for producing functional film

171. 8,980,373
Supported elastomeric glove with enhanced gripping surface and a method of transferring of patterns onto a dipped elastomeric glove surface

170. 8,980,372
Process for coating a component having partially closed holes and process for opening the holes

169. 8,980,371
Film deposition method

168. 8,980,370
Method for making composite carbon nanotube structure

167. 8,980,364
Method of drying bioabsorbable coating over stents

166. 8,980,363
Method and apparatus for producing a centred compression coated tablet

165. 8,980,357
Foaming compositions and methods of making the same

164. 8,980,326
Hybrid block copolymer micelles with mixed stereochemistry for encapsulation of hydrophobic agents

163. 8,980,320
Film coating agent for solid preparation, and solid preparation using same

162. 8,980,300       
Plasticizers for coating compositions

161. 8,980,278
Bio-functionalized stimulus-responsive dissolvable PEG-hydrogels

160. 8,980,217
Method of manufacturing graphene substrate, and graphene substrate

159. 8,980,216
Covalently functionalized carbon nanostructures and methods for their separation

158. 8,980,190
Plasma generation and use of plasma generation apparatus

157. 8,980,170
Nanowire preparation methods, compositions, and articles

156. 8,980,163
Process for producing plastic bottle

155. 8,980,162
Method and device for blow molding containers

154. 8,980,161
Method for making a reservoir

153. 8,980,160
Label film for deep drawing methods

152. 8,980,158
Near field electrospinning system for continuous, aligned fiber tows

151. 8,980,157
Method and apparatus for aseptic moulding of containers of plastic material

150. 8,980,156
System and method for making golf balls

149. 8,980,155
Over-indexed thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, method of making, and articles comprising the elastomer

148. 8,980,154
Making twist-on wire connectors

147. 8,980,153
Manufacturing method

146. 8,980,152
Method of manufacturing an integral profile monolithic wing structure

145. 8,980,151
Method for compression molding a dual core for a golf ball

144. 8,980,150
Three-dimensional shaping method and shaped object complex as well as three-dimensional shaping apparatus

143. 8,980,149
Method and device for manufacturing artificial stone

142. 8,980,148
Method of manufacturing a track membrane

141. 8,980,147
Kneading apparatus, method for producing thermoplastic resin molded product, and foam injection molding method

140. 8,980,146
Injection molding machines and methods for accounting for changes in material properties during injection molding runs

139. 8,980,145
Method for forming a fire resistant cellulose product

138. 8,980,144
Method for producing polypropylene films

138. 8,980,143
Biomass and waste plastics depolymerization machine and methods via supercritical water

137. 8,980,141
Electrowetting elements

136. 8,980,140
Method for making electrode composite material

135. 8,980,138
Conductive composition, conductive composition sheet, conductive substrate, collector sheet, printed circuit board, fuel cell and method of manufacturing the conductive composition

134. 8,980,137
Composite for providing electromagnetic shielding

133. 8,980,136
Polymers containing functionalized carbon nanotubes

132. 8,980,135
Electroconductive particle, visible light transmitting particle-dispersed electrical conductor and manufacturing method thereof, transparent electroconductive thin film and manufacturing method thereof, transparent electroconductive article that uses the same, and infrared-shielding article

131. 8,980,134
Stabilization and surface modification of organic materials

130. 8,980,129
Liquid-crystal compound with negative dielectric anisotropy, liquid-crystal display, and optoelectronic device

129. 8,980,128
Adsorbent for water adsorption and desorption

128. 8,980,113
Chemical mechanical planarization using nanodiamond

127. 8,980,104
Activated carbon cloth-supported bimetallic Pd-Cu catalysts for nitrate removal from water

126. 8,980,101
Method for inhibiting scale formation and deposition in membrane systems via the use of an AA-AMPS copolymer

125. 8,980,098
Rechargeable surface active porous media for removal of organic materials from aqueous fluids

124. 8,980,078
Electrodeposition coating composition

123. 8,980,077
Plating bath and method

122. 8,980,076
Electro-deposited passivation coatings for patterned media

121. 8,980,073
Nanopore device for reversible ion and molecule sensing or migration

120. 8,980,072
Method and arrangement for redundant anode sputtering having a dual anode arrangement

119. 8,980,071
Apparatus and method for detecting a state of a deposition apparatus

118. 8,980,070
Bipolar membrane and method of manufacturing the same

117. 8,980,065
Method of making coated articles

116. 8,980,064
Pyrolytic process and apparatus for producing biomass char and energy

115. 8,980,062
Industrial fabric comprising spirally wound material strips and method of making thereof

114. 8,980,060
Biomass hydrothermal decomposition apparatus, method thereof, and organic material production system using biomass material

113. 8,980,059
High strength paper

112. 8,980,058
Modified filler composition, pulp and paper using same

111. 8,980,057
Fibrous paper structures utilizing waterborne shape memory polymers

110. 8,980,056
Composition and process for increasing the dry strength of a paper product

109. 8,980,055
High efficiency disposable cellulosic wiper

108. 8,980,053
Transformer paper and other non-conductive transformer components

107. 8,980,052
Method of making a fabric-creped absorbent cellulosic sheet

106. 8,980,051
Sulfonation of pulp produced by alkali pulping process

105. 8,980,050
Methods for removing hemicellulose

104. 8,980,049
Apparatus for supporting substrate and plasma etching apparatus having the same

103. 8,980,048
Plasma etching apparatus

102. 8,980,047
Microwave plasma processing apparatus

101. 8,980,044
Plasma reactor with a multiple zone thermal control feed forward control apparatus

100. 8,980,043
Anisotropic conductive film, joined structure and method for producing the joined structure

99. 8,980,042
Carpet seam tape and method for joining carpet

98. 8,980,039
Device for the production of a composite material piece that comprises smoothing panels with sliding junctions and process for the production of smoothing panels with sliding junctions

97. 8,980,038
Method for producing membrane electrode assembly

96. 8,980,036
Conduit and method of forming

95. 8,980,035
Method for making carbon nanotube film structures

94. 8,980,034
Method for producing a fibre-reinforced plastic component

93. 8,980,033
Filament winding method and filament winding apparatus

92. 8,980,032
Method for manufacturing an arm in composite material comprising a transversal bearing designed to receive a fixed or rotating shaft

91. 8,980,031
Method of fabricating a turbine engine blade out of composite material

90. 8,980,030
Method and apparatus for forming a multi-layered tire component

89. 8,980,029
Doubler repair apparatus and method

88. 8,980,026
Gap seals for electronic device structures

87. 8,980,025       
Method and apparatus for laminating a first and a second sheet

86. 8,980,011
Method of cleaning residue from a surface using a high efficiency disposable cellulosic wiper

85. 8,980,008
Apparatus and methods for manufacturing thin-film solar cells

84. 8,980,007
Thin film forming apparatus and thin film forming method

83. 8,980,006
Apparatus for chemical vapor deposition

82. 8,980,005
Liner assembly for chemical vapor deposition chamber

81. 8,979,998
Biomass-derived grinding aids

80. 8,979,996
Composition containing quaternary amino-functional organosilicon compunds and production and use thereof

79. 8,979,995
Suspension for producing a layer increasing the coefficient of friction, molded part having such a layer increasing the coefficient of friction, method for the production thereof, and use thereof

78. 8,979,994

77. 8,979,978
Graphene membrane with regular angstrom-scale pores

76. 8,979,970
Fertilizer composition incorporating fibrous material for enhanced particle integrity

75. 8,979,957
Melamine methylol for abrasive products

74. 8,979,956
Polycrystalline diamond compact

Production of pyrolysis oil

72. 8,979,680
Surface marking system for competitive throwing and training

71. 8,979,679
Golf ball having hydrophilic and hydrophobic portions

70. 8,979,678       
Color golf ball

69. 8,979,677
Golf ball with selected spin characteristics

68. 8,979,676
Multi-core golf ball having increased initial velocity at high swing speeds relative to low swing speeds

67. 8,979,675
Golf ball core having radial appendages

66. 8,979,669
Polymer cover layer for golf club face

65. 8,979,661
Inflatable staircase slide

64. 8,979,609
Wall racer toy vehicles

63. 8,979,608
Folded block structure and method for making

62. 8,979,607
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display panel

61. 8,979,605
Personal floatation device sleeve

60. 8,979,415
Adhesively bonded joint in agricultural boom structure

59. 8,979,406
Label producing apparatus

58. 8,979,372
Circuit board and manufacturing method thereof and electro-optic apparatus having the circuit board

57. 8,979,369
Adhesive closure strip for bulk material product bag

56. 8,979,368
Heat activated adhesives for bag closures

55. 8,979,014
Multilayer board for acoustic insulation

54. 8,979,013
Rapid tearing device of a strip in a rewinding machine

53. 8,979,012
Method and structure for separating the web material in a winding machine

52. 8,979,011
Method and structure for separating the web material in a winding machine

51. 8,979,007
Device for comminution of feed material

50. 8,979,001
Portable fluid sprayer with fluid container support features

49. 8,979,000
Ultrasonic atomization method and apparatus

48. 8,978,995
Trackbed liner and related methods

47. 8,978,899
Fluoropolymer fine fiber

46. 8,978,897
Disposable polymer-structured filtering kit

45. 8,978,789
Polycrystalline diamond compact including an at least bi-layer polycrystalline diamond table, methods of manufacturing same, and applications therefor

44. 8,978,737
Molding system

43. 8,978,736
Plunger with removable plunger tip

42. 8,978,730
Portable laminator

41. 8,978,729
Composite ply stabilizing system

40. 8,978,728
Band detaching method in band building drum and band building drum

39. 8,978,727
Support for at least one brush element and labeling machine

38. 8,978,726
Flat-running device for motor vehicle and mounted assembly incorporating same

37. 8,978,724
Pneumatic tire/rim assembly

36. 8,978,723
Solid vacuum wheel and tire assembly

35. 8,978,722
Pneumatic tire tread with groove unit comprising a main groove and an auxiliary groove both meandering in a wavy or zigzag manner

34. 8,978,721       
Tyre, the inner wall of which is provided with a heat-expandable rubber layer

33. 8,978,720
Pneumatic tire

32. 8,978,712
Flexible tubes

31. 8,978,711
Double pipe and coupling structure for the pipe

30. 8,978,709
Device for sealing a leak in a fluid-transport pipe

29. 8,978,708
Tubular liner for the rehabilitation of defective sewers with an integral longitudinal pull strap and reinforcing layer

28. 8,978,707
Pipe testing fixture

27. 8,978,581
Adhesive applying device

26. 8,978,580
Electrostatic coating apparatus

25. 8,978,579
Method and device for regenerating the interior surfaces of conduits by means of thermal spraying of metals

24. 8,978,578
Powder delivery apparatus

23. 8,978,577
Waxing device

22. 8,978,574
Water detecting label

21. 8,978,536
Material for providing blast and projectile impact protection

20. 8,978,479
Viscoelasticity measuring apparatus

19. 8,978,478
Laser ultrasonic flaw detection apparatus

18. 8,978,346
Multi-layer, ethylene polymer-based films with high-density polyethylene based stiffening layer

17. 8,978,345
Machine for inflating and sealing an inflatable structure

16. 8,978,336
Floor panel and floor covering consisting of a plurality of such floor panels

15. 8,978,335
Panel for mechanical connection with a further panel by means of pivoting

14. 8,978,334
Set of panels

13. 8,978,333
Structure formed from panels joined with universal clamping brackets

12. 8,978,332
Roofing shingle system and shingles for use therein

11. 8,978,326
High-strength partition top anchor and anchoring system utilizing the same

10. 8,978,325
Insulating wall panel with electrical wire chase system

9. ,978,299
Flexible biodegradable package for flower bulbs

8. 8,978,293
Process for the production of useful materials for sustaining manned space missions on mars through in-situ resources utilization

7. 8,978,292
Cross-linked biofiber products and processes for their manufacture

6. 8,978,268
Freeze-drying apparatus and freeze-drying method

5. 8,978,256
Carpet cutting tool

4. 8,978,252
Method for producing a static resistant synthetic inter-connectable structural mat

3. 8,978,250
Article and method of manufacture thereof

2. 8,978,244
Method for manufacturing printed circuit board

1. 8,978,165
Helmet protective skin


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