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Week 13

Patents published 3/31/2015

8,990,962  through  8,997,261

6805 patents published.


280. 8,993,831
Foam and delivery system for treatment of postpartum hemorrhage

279. 8,993,712
Method for producing biocidal polyguanidine, and biocidal polyguanidine

278. 8,993,711       
Semiconducting polymers and optoelectronic devices incorporating same

277. 8,993,710
Polyimides derived from novel asymmetric benzophenone dianhydrides

276. 8,993,709
Process for producing oxymethylene polymers

275. 8,993,708
Carbazole polymer

274. 8,993,707
Aqueous epoxy and organo-substituted branched organopolysiloxane emulsions

273. 8,993,706
Curable material comprising silylated polymers containing urethane groups, and use thereof in sealants, adhesives, binders and/or surface modifiers

272. 8,993,705
Polylactide-graft-lignin blends and copolymers

271. 8,993,704
High molecular weight polyethylene fibers and membranes, their production and use

270. 8,993,703
Polypropylene-based terpolymers for films

269. 8,993,702
Enhanced catalyst performance for production of vinyl terminated propylene and ethylene/propylene macromers

268. Copolymers of isoprenol, monoethylenically unsaturated monocarboxylic acids and sulfonic acids, methods for production thereof and use thereof as deposit inhibitors in water-bearing systems

267. 8,993,700
Fluorescent polymers of 7-hydroxycoumarin compounds, chemical sensors comprising them, and polymerizable fluorescent compound of 7-hydroxycoumarin

266. 8,993,699
Photosensitive resin composition for microlens

265. 8,993,698
4- and 5 substituted 1,2,3-triazole moieties with at least one remote polymerizable moiety and polymers thereof

264. 8,993,697
Conducting and semiconducting organic materials

263. 8,993,696
Method for producing polymer particles

262. 8,993,695
Melt-fabricable perfluoropolymers having improved heat aging property

261. 8,993,694
Advanced transition metal catalytic systems in terms of comonomer incorporations and methods for preparing ethylene homopolymers or copolymers of ethylene and alpha-olefins using the same

260. 8,993,693
Ethylene copolymers with a novel composition distribution and processes for making the same

259. 8,993,692       
Self limiting catalyst composition for ethylene polymerization

258. 8,993,691
Lightweight particles and compositions containing them

257. 8,993,690
Soft thermoplastic polyurethane based on the ester of a tricarboxylic acid

256. 8,993,689
Polyphenols and high-performance resins from syringaldehyde

255. 8,993,688
Polyphenols and high-performance resins from syringaldehyde

254. 8,993,687
Method for production of biodegradable polyoxyethylene derivative

253. 8,993,686
Multiamino acid-based poly(ester amide)s

252. 8,993,685       
Method for hydrogenating polymer and hydrogenated polymer thereof

251. 8,993,684       
Low molecular weight brominated polymers, processes for their manufacture and their use in thermoplastic formulations

250. 8,993,683
Polymers functionalized with lactones or thiolactones containing a protected amino group

249. 8,993,681
Dendritic ethylene polymers and processes for making

248. 8,993,680
Hyperbranched polyethylenes and a process for making

247. ,993,679       
Method for producing aqueous dispersion of fluorine-containing seed polymer particles and aqueous coating composition and coated article thereof

246. 8,993,678
Pipes and polyolefin composition for the manufacture thereof

245. 8,993,677
Reactive polyamide resins and polyamide resin compositions

244. 8,993,676       
Polylactic acid resin and copolymer polyester resin blend, and molded product using same

243. 8,993,675
Method of production of radial conjugated diene polymer

242. 8,993,674
Inkjet ink copolymer and inkjet ink pigment dispersion and inkjet ink using the same

241. 8,993,673
Water-based coating composition and method of forming multilayered coating film

240. 8,993,672
Soft and strong elastomeric compositions from semicrystalline-amorphous polyolefin block copolymers

239. 8,993,671
Poly(aliphatic ester)-polycarbonate copolymer/polylactic acid blend

238. 8,993,670
Glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin composition and molded article thereof

237. 8,993,669
Functionalized polymer, rubber composition and pneumatic tire

236. 8,993,668
Polyvinyl ester dispersions, process for preparation thereof and use thereof

235. 8,993,667
Redox polymers for improved dirt and water resistance for elastomeric wall and roof coatings

234. 8,993,666
Rubber composition for insulation of tire and tire using same

233. 8,993,665
Amphiphilic multi-arm copolymers and nanomaterials derived therefrom

232. 8,993,664
Rubber composition for tires and pneumatic tire

231. 8,993,663
Acrylic block copolymers for aerosols and aerosol adhesives

230. 8,993,662
Adhesive for textile reinforcing inserts and use thereof

229. 8,993,661
Chloroprene rubber and chloroprene rubber composition

228. 8,993,660
Antistatic thermoplastic compositions

227. 8,993,659
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire

226. 8,993,658
Surfactant compositions and use for aqueous compositions

225. 8,993,657
Stable emulsions for producing polymer modified asphalt

224. 8,993,656
Robust polycarboxylate containing ether linkages for milling preparation of cementitious materials

223. 8,993,655
Masterbatch, and method of preparing polyamide resin composition using masterbatch

222. ,993,654
Graft copolymer latices

221. 8,993,653
Biodegradable polymers and methods for the preparation thereof

220. 8,993,652
Dual-cure curable material kit

219. 8,993,651
Polymerizable chain-extended polysiloxanes with pendant hydrophilic groups

218. 8,993,649
Pressure-sensitive adhesive for polarizing plates, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, polarizing plate with pressure-sensitive adhesive and production process for the same and optical film and production process for the same

217. 8,993,648
Polishing pad

216. 8,993,647
Foams, foaming compositions and applications thereof

215. 8,993,646
Making a lithium ion battery separator

214. 8,993,645
Compound containing imido group, solution of compound containing imido group and method for producing of compound containing imido group

213./ 8,993,644
Medical devices formed from recycled medical waste and methods of manufacture

212. 8,993,643
Methods of producing iodinated anion exchange resins

211. 8,993,505
Precursor polyelectrolyte complexes compositions

210. 8,993,496
Method for improving fluorocarbon elastomer seal compatibility

209. 8,993,495
Upgrading deasphalting residue to high performance asphalt

208. 8,993,492
Crosslinking composition for hydrocarbon gels

207. 8,993,491
Swellable compositions for borehole applications

206. 8,993,385
Method to construct a 3D semiconductor device

205. 8,993,339
Hybrid nanostructures for molecular analysis

204. 8,993,289
High-performance biocomposites, biopolymers, bioexplosives, and bioadhesives made from biomesitylene

203. 8,993,288
Method for converting biomass to methane

202. 8,993,287
Biocatalysts and methods for conversion of hemicellulose hydrolysates to biobased products

201. 8,993,286
Methods for enhancing the degradation of cellulosic material with chitin binding proteins

200. 8,993,274
Enzymatic hydrolysis pretreatment of lignocellulosic materials

199. 8,993,236
Electromagnetic molecular sensors and methods of using same

198. 8,993,235
Encapsulated reagents and methods of use

197. 8,993,202       
Color filter for low temperature applications

196. 8,993,199
Flexible carbon fiber nonwoven fabric

195. 8,993,193
Sulfonated perfluorosulfonic acid polyelectrolyte membranes

194. 8,993,192
Electrolyte membrane and membrane-electrode assembly

193. 8,993,175
Polymer electrolyte, lithium battery comprising the polymer electrolyte, method of preparing the polymer electrolyte, and method of preparing the lithium battery

192. 8,993,170
Composite carbon material of negative electrode in lithium ion battery and its preparation method

191. 8,993,157
Acrylonitrile grafted to PVDF

190. 8,993,156
Carbon-based negative electrode material and secondary battery including negative electrode material

189. 8,993,124
Polymer compound comprising aryl repeating units with crosslinking pendent groups and light-emitting element using same

188. 8,993,116
Blends of fluoroalkyl-containing ester oligomers with polydicarbodiimide(S)

187. 8,993,114
Hard coat film, polarizer and image display device

186. 8,993,113
Graphene aerogels

185. 8,993,112
Polymeric particles

184. 8,993,111
Blocking and stain resistant surface treated articles and methods for making

183. 8,993,110
Coated fiber cement article with crush resistant latex topcoat

182. 8,993,109
Void-containing heat-shrinkable polyester film and process for production thereof

181. 8,993,108
Multilayer polyimide film, laminate, and metal-clad laminate

180. 8,993,106
Coated paper having a coating structure with controlled distribution of latex and method for preparing the same

179. 8,993,104
Method of making a coated article and/or glazing for automobiles and/or the like

178. 8,993,103
Process for creating three-dimensional patterns in coatings

177. 8,993,100
Transparent sheet having a pattern for infrared reflection

176. 8,993,099
Stretch laminate having novel adhesive pattern and methods of making the same

175. 8,993,098
Two-shot injection molded floor tile with vent hole

174. 8,993,097
Tapered height curved composite stringers and corresponding panels

173. 8,993,095
Composite material and coated cutting tool

172. 8,993,094
Door skin, a method of etching a plate for forming a wood grain pattern in the door skin, and an etched plate formed therefrom

171. 8,993,093
Coated sheet-like plastic material with reduced tendency to colonization by algae, process for the in-line production thereof and use

170. 8,993,091
Foam-filled panel and process for manufacture thereof

169. 8,993,090
Part for and method of repairing a damaged structure, in particular an airframe skin, and a repair kit for implementing it

168. 8,993,089
Closed cell materials

167. 8,993,088
Polymeric materials in self-assembled arrays and semiconductor structures comprising polymeric materials

166. 8,993,087
Ballistic-resistant articles

165. 8,993,086
Recordable optical recording medium

164. 8,993,085
Recordable optical recording medium having recording layer containing organic dye

163. 8,993,083
Self adhering fabric patch

162. 8,993,082
Easily split adhesive tape, its use and tool for its production

161. 8,993,081
Knitted support for tubular membranes

160. 8,993,080
Peelable sealant containing thermoplastic composite blends for packaging applications

159. 8,993,079
Insulated foam bag and fabrication method

158. 8,993,078
Compositions and their use

157. 8,993,076
Liquid crystal additive, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal panel thereof

156. 8,993,075
Stretched film, process for producing the same, and liquid crystal display device

155. 8,993,074
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same

154. 8,993,070
Dual powder coating method for aluminum substrates

153. 8,993,069
Method for producing a band-shaped plastic film

152. 8,993,068
Heterobifunctional polymers and methods for layer-by-layer construction of multilayer films

151. 8,993,067
Composition for oil- and/or water-repellent finishing of fiber materials

150. 8,993,066
Microencapsulation of reactive diisocyanates and the application to self-healing anticorrosion coatings

149. 8,993,065
Substrate coating with aqueous-based multifunctional core shell particles

148. 8,993,062
Methods for making laminated, saturated, and abrasive products

147. 8,993,059
Method of making morphologically patterned coatings

146. 8,993,055
Enhanced thin film deposition

145. 8,993,053
Method of manufacturing reverse osmosis membrane, and reverse osmosis membrane manufactured thereby

144. 8,993,052
Manufacturing process for porous material

143. 8,993,050
Method for manufacturing and handling elastomer thermoplastic gels

142. 8,993,049
Single layer scattering of powder surfaces

141. 8,993,048
Method for producing a layer by means of cold spraying and use of such a layer

140. 8,993,047
Method of manufacturing granule coated asphaltic articles

139. 8,992,993
Cross-linked polymer particles

138. 8,992,991
Multicomponent degradable cationic polymers

137. 8,992,988
Coating film, and granules and tablets each utilizing same

136. 8,992,987
Polysaccharide derivatives and dosage forms

135. 8,992,883
Polymer-mediated synthesis of ZnO nanostructures

134. 8,992,881
Graphene nanoribbons prepared from carbon nanotubes via alkali metal exposure

133. 8,992,880
Method of manufacturing onion-like carbon

132. 8,992,879
Method of producing carbon fiber

131. 8,992,878
Composition containing carbon nanotubes, catalyst for producing carbon nanotubes, and aqueous dispersion of carbon nanotubes

130. Method for growing monocrystalline diamonds

129. 8,992,876
Method for producing carbonaceous film, method for producing graphite film, roll of polymer film, and roll of carbonaceous film

128. 8,992,852
Coated ceramic part

127. 8,992,816
Method and apparatus for producing three-dimensional objects

126. 8,992,815
Production of organic compound nanoparticles with high repetition rate ultrafast pulsed laser ablation in liquids

125. 8,992,813
Sheet molding compound with cores

124. 8,992,812
Self-reinforced composite made of recycled materials and process of making the same

123. 8,992,811
Method for manufacturing shaped product by low-pressure molding

122. 8,992,810
Apparatus and method for guiding and depositing synthetic fibers to form a nonwoven web

121. 8,992,809
Anti-bonding coatings for inhibiting material adhesion to equipment in thin layer fiber composite manufacturing

120. 8,992,807
Method of manufacturing deformation-capable graphene sheet, deformation-capable graphene sheet, and device using the same

119. 8,992,806
Antireflective coatings for via fill and photolithography applications and methods of preparation thereof

118. 8,992,805
Liquid crystal polyester resin composition, molded body, and LED reflector

117. 8,992,802
Crosslinked poly(ether ether ketone) intermediate transfer members

116. 8,992,799
Polymers containing functionalized carbon nanotubes

115. 8,992,789
Method for manufacturing mold

114. 8,992,788
Evaluation of etching conditions for pattern-forming film

113. 8,992,786
Anti-glare surface and method of making

112. 8,992,785
Method for modifying an etch rate of a material layer using energetic charged particles

111. 8,992,750
Biosensor and methods for manufacturing

110. 8,992,749
Sputtering apparatus

109. 8,992,748       
Sputtering target

108. 8,992,747
Apparatus and method for improved darkspace gap design in RF sputtering chamber

107. 8,992,746
Anodizing apparatus

106. 8,992,744
Lanthanoid aluminate film fabrication method

105. 8,992,743
Sputtering method and sputtering apparatus

104. 8,992,742
Method for coating a substrate in a vacuum chamber having a rotating magnetron

103. 8,992,741
Method for ultra-uniform sputter deposition using simultaneous RF and DC power on target

102. 8,992,733
Water and oil resistant agent for paper and paper treatment process

101. 8,992,732
System and process for improving paper and paper board

100. 8,992,731
Modified cellulose fibers and cellulose composite thereof

99. 8,992,730
Method and apparatus for manufacturing coated paper

98. 8,992,728
Cellulose nanofiber, production method of same and cellulose nanofiber dispersion

97. 8,992,727
Device for removing a protective film off a sheet

96. 8,992,725
Plasma reactor with inductie excitation of plasma and efficient removal of heat from the excitation coil

95. 8,992,724
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method

94. 8,992,723
RF bus and RF return bus for plasma chamber electrode

93. 8,992,721
Plasma processing apparatus

92. 8,992,720
Pressure sensitive adhesive comprising functionalized polyisobutylene hydrogen bonded to acylic polymer

91. 8,992,718
Multilayer articles and methods of making and using the same

90. 8,992,716
Apparatus and methods for dispensing adhesive to labels

89. 8,992,715
System and method for the rapid, automated creation of advanced composite tailored blanks

88. 8,992,714
Method for producing an adhesive tape having a protruding liner

87. 8,992,713
Process for producing multilayer printed wiring board

86. 8,992,712
Method for manufacturing electronic devices and electronic devices thereof

85. 8,992,711
Method and apparatus for making fiber reinforced composite tubes

84. 8,992,710
Inverted balloon system and inflation management system

83. 8,992,709
Sandwich structure having arrestment feature and method of making the same

82. 8,992,708
Use of synthetic adhesives in the manufacture of corrugated fiberboard

81. 8,992,707
Explosive composition having a first organic material infiltrated into a second microporous material

80. 8,992,703
Laser-produced porous surface

79. 8,992,688
Lignin separation from lignocellulosic hydrolizates and acidified pulp mill liquors

78. 8,992,682
Graphite crucible and silicon single crystal manufacturing apparatus

77. 8,992,670       
Use of granular activated carbon (GAC) produced from date palm pits for the removal of gas phase volatile organic compound (VOC) benzene as a model VOC pollutant from continuous flow gas streams

76. 8,992,645
Abrasive article for use in grinding of superabrasive workpieces

75. 8,992,644
Plastic soft composition for polishing and for surface protective material application

74. 8,992,643
Imide cross-linked binders for abrasive articles

73. 8,992,634
Method for dyeing plastic lens

72. 8,992,633
Disulfide dyes

71. 8,992,356
Synthetic fiber ball

70. 8,992,355
Artificial feather for shuttlecock, shuttlecock, and method of manufacturing artificial feather for shuttlecock

69. 8,992,354
Kinetic energy enhanced arrow apparatus and method

68. 8,992,353
Illuminated rolling game ball

67. 8,992,344
Golf ball with material-filled grooves

66. 8,992,343
Multi-layer cover golf ball having thermoset rubber intermediate cover layer

65. 8,992,342
Polybutadiene rubber / ionomer blends for golf balls having dual cores and covers

64. 8,992,341
Injection moldable compositions and golf balls prepared therefrom

63. 8,992,340
Golf ball with an outer core having a high coefficient of restitution

62. 8,992,209
Metal mold for injection molding of framed glass and manufacturing method for framed glass

61. 8,992,208
Device for transporting preforms for blow molding containers

60. 8,992,207
Cure tool with integrated edge breather and method of making the same

59. 8,992,206
Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method

58. 8,992,205
Device for the layer-wise production of patterns

57. 8,992,204
Patch coating die

56. 8,992,203
Formliner and method of use

55. 8,992,202
Social networking for three-dimensional printers

54. 8,992,200
Resin infusion apparatus and system, layup system, and methods of using these

53. 8,992,199
Molding apparatus with dynamic seal

52. 8,992,198
Apparatus for preparing pellets of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)

51. 8,992,197
Tire vulcanizer and maintenance method of tire vulcanizer

50. 8,992,196
Seamless capsule manufacturing apparatus

49. 8,992,119
Machine for reclaiming and recycling roadway shoulder material while restoring shoulder grade and level

48. 8,992,118
Pavement repair system utilizing solid phase autoregenerative cohesion

47. 8,992,101
Heating device for optical-fiber reinforcement, and optical-fiber fusion splicing device

44. 8,992,071
Mixing device for multi-component systems

43. 8,992,070
Method and apparatus for blending process materials

42. 8,992,069
Plasticizing system including opposite-facing surfaces for contacting opposite sides of solidified-resin particle

41. 8,992,068
Apparatus for de-airing material in an extruder that includes a vent block

40. 8,992,067
Device and method for the preparation of recyclable thermoplastic plastic material

39. 8,991,976
Method of manufacturing water repellent film, nozzle plate, inkjet head, and inkjet recording device

38. 8,991,917
Conductive fiber connecting method and structure

37. 8,991,900
Vehicle skeleton member

36. 8,991,835
Lightweight plastic sleds for emergency transport and hauling of loads

35. 8,991,722
Microfluidic apparatus for the atomisation of a liquid

34. 8,991,721
Spraying method and nozzle for atomization of a liquid

33. 8,991,681
Die bonder and bonding method

32. 8,991,674
Adhesive-tape cutting device

31. 8,991,673
Substrate cutting device and method

30. 8,991,663
Casting tube mounting, in particular for a sliding closure

29. 8,991,662
Adaptor and tips for caulking tubes

28. 8,991,621
Energy diffusing wear ring and methods thereof

27. 8,991,611
Separating a powder mixture

26. 8,991,549
Three-dimensional air-adsorbing structure

25. 8,991,513
Biomass storage system

24. 8,991,507
Gasket for inductive coupling between wired drill pipe

23. 8,991,473
Metal alloy injection molding protrusions

22. 8,991,461
Film lamination apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus using the film lamination apparatus

21. 8,991,459
Reinforced radial tire

20. 8,991,458
Pneumatic tire

19. 8,991,329
Wafer coating

18. 8,991,321
Flame retarded compositions

17. 8,991,311
Hand held adhesive tape applicator

16. 8,991,294
Armor plate and method of producing same

15. 8,991,272
Detecting device for recovery of release film and recovery apparatus for release film

14. 8,991,271
Portable nanoparticle sampler

13. 8,991,263
Fiber snubbing clamp using magnetic gripping action

12. Method and system for acoustically treating material

11. 8,991,235
Method of testing membranes and membrane-based systems

10. 8,991,118
Armored door panel

9. 8,991,057
Shrink wrap removal tool

8. 8,991,056
Method for producing a group of panels for imitating a long floorboard

7. 8,991,055
Floor covering, floor element and method for manufacturing floor elements

6. 8,991,043
Manufacturing method of a circuit board structure

5. 8,991,035
Method of manufacturing laminated core

4. 8,991,028       
Graphene nanoplatelet metal matrix

Fibre laying machine comprising a roller with pivoting rings

3. 8,990,985
Composite seat cushion

2. 8,990,974
Overmolded fitting connection with color indication

1. 8,990,965
Garment with slip-resistant liner


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