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Week 15

Patents published 4/14/2015

9,003,562 through 9,009,852

6860 patents published.


272. 9,006,499
Process for preparing polyether polyols

271. 9,006,492
Process for depolymerizing polysulfides and the preparation of bis-mercapto-diethers

270. 9,006,490
Method for direct functionalization of polyaniline and other molecules having diiminoquinoid ring via C-C bond formation

269. 9,006,386
Process for the preparation of a supramolecular polymer

268. 9,006,385
Elastomeric epoxy materials and the use thereof

267. 9,006,384
Fasteners made of a polymer material

266. 9,006,383
Method for producing copolymer of diallylamine and sulfur dioxide

265. 9,006,382
Synthesis polyesters with precisely sequenced two or more structural units

264. 9,006,381       
Impact-resistant polyamide composition and process for production of same

263. 9,006,380
Thermoforming, scratch-resistant, low gloss compositions comprising interpolymers of ethylene/.alpha.-olefins

262. 9,006,379
Process to produce polycarbamate using a gradient feed of urea

261. 9,006,378
Color stable thermoplastic composition

260. 9,006,377
Resin composition and uses of the same

259. 9,006,376
Germole containing conjugated molecules and polymers

258. 9,006,375
Accelerated cure of isocyanate terminated prepolymers

257. 9,006,374
Curable composition

256. 9,006,373
Photo-patternable dielectric materials curable to porous dielectric materials, formulations, precursors and methods of use thereof

255. 9,006,372
Silicone resins and their use in polymer compositions

254. 9,006,371
Synthesis of oligomeric silsesquioxane monomers for high performance polymers

253. 9,006,370
Transparent abrasion-resistant coatings for plastic substrates and water-based method to prepare same

252. 9,006,369
Water based lignin epoxy resins, methods of using and making the same

251. 9,006,368
Propylene-based terpolymers for film

250. 9,006,367
Low density polyolefin resins and films made therefrom

Processes using supercritical medium to produce polymers

248. 9,006,365
Method of making polymeric bead from phosphorous acid containing monomers

247. 9,006,364
Supramolecular polymers from low-melting, easily processable building blocks

246. 9,006,363
Process for the activation of a supported chromium oxide based catalyst

245. 9,006,362
Controlled radical polymerization of (meth)acrylate monomers

244. 9,006,361
Aqueous dispersions of polymers which comprise a fluorescent dye, process for their production and their use for marking materials

243. 9,006,360
Controlled-release amine-catalyzed, sulfur-containing polymer and epdxy compositions

242. 9,006,358
Compositions of resin-linear organosiloxane block copolymers

241. 9,006,357
Curable polysiloxane composition

240. 9,006,356
Curable compositions of resin-linear organosiloxane block copolymers

239. 9,006,355
High performance silicon-based compositions

238. 9,006,354
Composite composition of inorganic oxide particles and silicone resin, method of manufacturing the same, transparent composite, and method of manufacturing the same

237. 9,006,353
Crosslinking compounds for high glass transition temperature polymers

236. 9,006,351
Polycarbonate resin compositions, and molded articles, films, plates, and injection-molded articles obtained therefrom

235. 9,006,350
Selfbonding enamels based on new polyester amide imides and polyester amides

234. 9,006,349
Temperature-sensitive polyethylene glycol / polyester block copolymer in which bioactive functional group is introduced into side chain thereof

233. 9,006,348
Poly aryl ether ketone polymer blends

232. 9,006,347
Method of synthesising polycarbonates in the presence of a bimetallic catalyst and a chain transfer agent

231. 9,006,346
Resin composition for golf ball and golf ball

230. 9,006,345
Heterotrifunctional molecules and methods for the synthesis of dendrimeric materials

229. 9,006,344
Golf balls having cores made of polybutadiene rubber blends

228. 9,006,343
Blends of co-precipitated hydrogenated ethylene-dicyclopentadiene and elastomeric polymers to provide impact modified structural polyolefins

227. 9,006,342
Bimodal polyethylene composition and articles made therefrom

226. 9,006,341
Polyolefin fibres

225. 9,006,339
Mechanically stabilized polyazoles comprising at least one polyvinyl alcohol

224. 9,006,338
Aqueous resin composition having gas barrier properties and laminated film using the same

223. 9,006,337
Method for making a polymer, a polymer article, a biodevice, and cyclic carbonate

222. 9,006,336
Curable polysiloxane coating composition

221. 9,006,335
Rubber composition for tire tread and pneumatic tire

220. 9,006,334
Manufacturing method of coumarone-indene resin water-dispersed composition and water-dispersed composition

219. 9,006,333
Method for manufacturing fine polytetrafluoroethylene powder

218. 9,006,332
Weatherable and flame-resistant thermoplastic vulcanizates and methods for making them

217. 9,006,331
Latex particles imbibed with a thermoplastic polymer

216. 9,006,330
Thermal stabilizer-free thermoplastic resin composition and method of preparing the same

215. 9,006,329
Vinyl ester/ethylene copolymer dispersions for use in adhesive formulations

214. 9,006,328
Fluororubber composition

213. 9,006,327
Process for preparing precomposites based on nanotubes, particularly carbon nanotubes

212. 9,006,326
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire

211. 9,006,325
Polymeric composition

210. 9,006,324
Flame retardant polycarbonate compositions, methods of manufacture, and articles formed therefrom

209. 9,006,323
Dispersion containing flame-resistant polymer, flame-resistant fiber, and carbon fiber

208. 9,006,322
Polyoxymethylene compositions

207. 9,006,321
Composition made from natural rubber and a polyimine compound

206. 9,006,320
Alkoxylated fluoroalkylphosphate composition

205. 9,006,319
Hydrostable polyetherimide blends, methods of manufacture, and articles formed therefrom

204. 9,006,318
Flame-retardant polyamide composition

203. 9,006,316
Organometallic compositions and coating compositions

202. 9,006,315
Thermoplastic starch compositions

201. 9,006,314
Thermoset particles with enhanced crosslinking, production, and their use in oil and natural gas drilling applications

200. 9,006,313
Polycondensates having isobutylene side chain

199. 9,006,312
Composite compositions

198. 9,006,311
Dispersion method for the preparation of particle reinforced polymer compositions

197. 9,006,310
Intermeshing mixing of filler and polymer solution masterbatch

196. 9,006,308
Reinforcing filler for rubber

195. 9,006,307
Direct to-metal and exterior durable non-skid coating

194. 9,006,306
Flame retardant polymer compositions

193. 9,006,305
Biocompatible material

192. 9,006,304
Aqueous polyurethane-polyurea dispersions

191. 9,006,303
Mesoporous polymer colloids

190. 9,006,300
Method for mechanically stabilizing nitrogen-containing polymers

189. 9,006,161
Polymeric compositions useful as rheology modifiers and methods for making such compositions

188. 9,006,160
Lubricating oil compositions containing epoxide antiwear agents

187. 9,006,159
Star polymer lubricating composition

186. 9,006,158
Polytetrahydrobenzoxazines and bistetrahydrobenzoxazines and use thereof as a fuel additive or lubricant additive

185. 9,006,157
Silicone wax emulsion and method of manufacture

184, 9,006,156
Imides and bis-imides as friction modifiers in lubricants

183. 9,006,138
Honeycomb catalyst body

182. 9,006,137
Adsorbent material with anisotropic layering

181. 9,006,136
Highly porous activated carbon with controlled oxygen content

180. 9,006,135
Absorbent comprising hydrophobic mesoporous material for removal of harmful pharmaceuticals from aqueous environment

179. 9,006,134
Particulate water absorbing agent and manufacturing

178. 9,006,132
Process for preparing catalyst composition for the synthesis of carbon nanotube with high yields using the spray pyrolysis method

177. 9,006,119
Composite material, a structural element comprised of the composite material, an airplane wing spar and their methods of production

176. 9,006,118
Flame resistant filler cloth and mattresses incorporating same

175. 9,006,117
Lightweight, durable apparel and laminates for making the same

174. 9,006,044
Graphene device and method of manufacturing the same

173. 9,005,878
Forming patterns using thiosulfate polymer compositions

172. 9,005,877
Method of forming patterns using block copolymers and articles thereof

171. 9,005,876
Positive photosensitive resin composition for spray coating and method for producing through electrode using the same

170. 9,005,854
Electroless plating method using halide

169. 9,005,843
Polymer electrolyte composition

168. 9,005,842
Proton exchange membrane composition

167. 9,005,841
Polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cell, membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell including the same

166. 9,005,840
Polymer fuel cell stack and polymer fuel cell separator pair

165. 9,005,839
Method for laminating composite sheet using release film, laminate obtained by the method, and release film for use in the method

164. 9,005,837
Gasket for fuel cell system manifold seal

163. 9,005,816
Coating of porous carbon for use in lithium air batteries

162. 9,005,768
Composite materials including regions differing in properties and methods

161. 9,005,767
Corrosion resistant metal products

160. 9,005,766
Biaxially-oriented polyester film for use as wrap-around container label, and wrap-around container label

159. 9,005,763
Barrier layers comprising Ni-inclusive ternary alloys, coated articles including barrier layers, and methods of making the same

158. 9,005,762
Use of aqueous polyurethane dispersions for composite foil lamination

157. 9,005,761
Halogen-free resin composition and its application for copper clad laminate and printed circuit board

156. 9,005,759
Powdered composition

155. 9,005,756
Block copolymer nanostructure formed on surface pattern with shape different from nanostructure of the block copolymer and method for preparation thereof

154. 9,005,755
CNS-infused carbon nanomaterials and process therefor

153. 9,005,754
Undrawn polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fiber, drawn PET fiber, and tire-cord comprising the same

152. 9,005,753
Fibers of UHMWPE and a process for producing thereof

151. 9,005,752
Drawn poly(ethyleneterephthalate) fiber, poly(ethyleneterephthalate) tire-cord, their preparation method and tire comprising the same

150. 9,005,751
Fibers comprising nanodiamond and platinum nanocolloid, and bedding formed thereby

149, 9,005,750
Transparent conductive film, electronic device, and touch panel

148. 9,005,748
Coating containing borosilicate flake glass

147. 9,005,747
Transparent electrode and organic electronic element using same

146. 9,005,746
Polymeric ascorbic acid devices for tissue regeneration

145. Porous carbon-containing compounds as water carriers and cell size controlling agents for polymeric foams

144. 9,005,740
Resin composition for optical waveguide, dry film, optical waveguide, and photoelectric composite wiring board using same

143. 9,005,739
Laminated articles and their production

142. 9,005,738
Dispersible nonwoven wipe material

141, 9,005,737
Coated articles and methods of making same

140. 9,005,736
Electronic component manufacturing method

139. 9,005,735
Composite of metal and resin and manufacturing method thereof

138. 9,005,734
Articles of commerce having three-dimensional sheets

137. 9,005,733       
Nonwoven materials

136. 9,005,731
Composite plate and method of draining a composite plate

135. 9,005,730
Aircraft interior panels and methods of panel fabrication

134. 9,005,729
Thick, printable labels suitable for use in a thermal transfer printer

133. 9,005,723
Fiber for synthetic grass field

132. 9,005,722
Color material dispersion liquid, color resin composition for color filters, color filter, liquid crystal display device and organic light-emitting display device

131. 9,005,721
Liquid-crystal display

130. 9,005,720
Liquid-crystal display

129. 9,005,719
Organoaminosilane precursors and methods for making and using same

128. 9,005,718
Process for depositing films simultaneously onto both sides of a substrate

127. 9,005,717
Methods for making environmental barrier coatings using sintering aids

126. 9,005,716
Method for making solvent based environmental barrier coatings using sintering aids

125. 9,005,714
Process for the production of a dark-color multi-layer coating

124. 9,005,713
Oxide coating foundation for promoting TBC adherence

123. 9,005,712
Method for forming a multilayer coating

122. 9,005,711
Method for forming a lubricating film

121. 9,005,710
Footwear assembly method with 3D printing

120. 9,005,709
Method for fabricating transfer printing substrate using concave-convex structure, transfer printing substrate fabricated thereby and application thereof

119. 9,005,708
Undercoat composition for ink jet printing

118. 9,005,707
Lacquer pattern production method, lacquer pattern formed by using the method, and lacquer pattern display method

117. 9,005,706
Method for masking and coating cutting tool and cutting tool having wear-resistant coating in selected locations

116. 9,005,705
Method for the production of a substrate having a coating comprising copper, and coated substrate and device prepared by this method

115. 9,005,704
Methods for depositing films comprising cobalt and cobalt nitrides

114. 9,005,703
Substrate processing method

113. 9,005,701
Method for fire protection and modification of properties of expanded polyesters

112. 9,005,700
Method for making UV-absorbing ophthalmic lenses

111. 9,005,686
Density modification

110. 9,005,662
Biocompatible polyelectrolyte complexes and methods of use

109. 9,005,648
Inorganically surface-modified polymers and methods for making and using them

108. 9,005,647
Biocompatible material and uses thereof

107. 9,005,642
Intumescent fire retardant paint with insecticide

106. 9,005,640
Fabric and fibre conditioning additives

195. 9,005,639
Process for preparing silicate shell microcapsules

104. 9,005,606
Silk fibroin hydrogels and uses thereof

103. 9,005,604
Aligned and electrospun piezoelectric polymer fiber assembly and scaffold

102. 9,005,592
Compositions having HASE rheology modifiers

101. 9,005,587
Anti-bacterial and mineralizing calcium phosphate compositions

100. 9,005,567
Method for producing isolatable oxide microparticles or hydroxide microparticles

99. 9,005,565
Method and apparatus for forming graphene

98. 9,005,564
Carbon nanotubes and method for manufacturing the same

97. 9,005,549
High throughput polymer-based microarray slide

96. 9,005,536
Apparatus and method for conversion of solid waste into synthetic oil, gas, and fertilizer

95. 9,005,526
Narrow bore porous layer open tube capillary column and uses thereof

94. 9,005,515
High impact resistant polyoxymethylene for extrusion blow molding

93. 9,005,514
Method of making and using EVOH blends providing improved oxygen resistance

92. 9,005,513
Layered-modeling method for manufacturing three-dimensional object

91. 9,005,512
Method for forming patterns and method for producing patterned substrates

90. 9,005,511
System and method for continuous flow production of nanometric or sub-micrometric powders by the action of laser pyrolysis

89. 9,005,510
Processes for producing polymer fibers by electrospinning, colloidal dispersions for use therein, and polymer fibers prepared by such processes

88. 9,005,509
Injection molding flow control apparatus and method

87. 9,005,508
Air disengagement assembly and method for manufacturing dip-molded articles out of RTV silicone by fully automated process

86. 9,005,506
Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of fiber reinforced composite material

85. 9,005,504
Method of manufacturing resin molded electronic component

84. 9,005,502
Mold and manufacturing method thereof

83. 9,005,501
Method and apparatus for producing a film web from thermoplastic material and film produced thereby

82. 9,005,500
Method of manufacturing film for film capacitor and film for film capacitor

81. 9,005,498
Method for manufacturing soundproofing material using polyurethane foam from car seat foam and composition thereof prepared thereby

80. 9,005,497
Moulding method for rubber blocks using steam

79. 9,005,496
Asymmetric membranes

78. 9,005,495
System and method for rapidly heating and cooling a mold

77. 9,005,494
Preparation of capsules

76. 9,005,492       
Methods for making silicone hydrogel lenses from water-based lens formulations

75. 9,005,491
Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter using the same

74. 9,005,487
Tablet for ion plating, production method therefor and transparent conductive film

73. 9,005,485
High performance die attach adhesives (DAAs) nanomaterials for high brightness LED

72. 9,005,483
Nanoparticle paste formulations and methods for production and use thereof

71. 9,005,480
Method for solventless quantum dot exchange

70. 9,005,479
Liquid crystal display device

69. 9,005,478
2,2'-binaphthalene ester chiral dopants for cholesteric liquid crystal displays

68. 9,005,477
Liquid crystal composition containing polymerizable compound and liquid crystal display element using the same

67. 9,005,476
Polyarylene sulfide/liquid crystal polymer alloy and compositions including same

66. 9,005,475
Aromatic amide compound

65. 9,005,472
Aqueous polishing agent and graft copolymers and their use in a process for polishing patterned and unstructured metal surfaces

64. 9,005,471
Heat transfer fluid containing nano-additive

63. 9,005,445
Method of testing integrity of microporous membrane

62. 9,005,436
Porous composite particulate materials, methods of making and using same, and related apparatuses

61. 9,005,407
Method of fabricating composite field emission source

60. 9,005,397
Polymer dispersion

59. 9,005,396
Method for forming a fire resistant cellulose product, and associated apparatus

58. 9,005,395
Dispersible hydroentangled basesheet with triggerable binder

57. 9,005,394
Anti-soiling agent composition

56. 9,005,365
Method and apparatus for depositing LED organic film

55. 9,005,364
Palette modular device for collection and recovery of metals in thin film deposition equipment

54. 9,005,363
Crystalline film devices, apparatuses for and methods of fabrication

53. 9,005,359
Polysulfide treatment of carbon black filler and elastomeric compositions with polysulfide treated carbon black

52. 9,005,355
Coating compositions with anticorrosion properties

51. 9,005,346
Facilitated olefin transport membrane including aluminium salt

50. 9,005,345
Nano-channel enhanced composite membranes

49. 9,005,344
Hydrogen membrane separator

48. ,005,338
Silicone-based chemical filter and silicone-based chemical bath for removing sulfur contaminants

47. 9,005,096
Folding method and apparatus

46. 9,005,056
Baseball bat

45. 9,005,053
Golf ball cores having foam center and thermoset outer layers with hardness gradients

44. 9,005,052
Thermoplastic polyester elastomer golf ball cores

43. 9,005,051
Golf ball with a large and soft polymer core

42. 9,005,050
Golf ball

41. 9,005,049
Solid golf ball

40. 9,004,967
Skidproof sports mat

39. 9,004,966
Swim fin attachment

38. 9,004,909
Integrated polymeric-ceramic membrane based oxy-fuel combustor

37. 9,004,908
Injection molding device having a vertically moveable slider and a horizontally moveable slider

36. 9,004,907 |
Injection molding machine having a transport device disposed on a baseplate

35. 9,004,906
Cavity insert film flow cooling

34. 9,004,905
Blow moulding machine in a modular design

33. 9,004,904       
Apparatus for moulding plastic preforms

32. 9,004,903
Deckle technology

31. 9,004,901
Apparatus for casting a non-pneumatic tire

30. 9,004,900
Material forming apparatus

29. 9,004,898
Molding device and molding method

28. 9,004,897
Mould base support

27. 9,004,896
Oven for plastic preforms with partly transparent radiator

26. 9,004,895
Device for thermoforming a plastic film

25. 9,004,894
Mold assembly

24. 9,004,892
Optical lens mold with built in cooling channel

23. 9,004,758
Inflatable structure for packaging and associated apparatus and method

22. 9,004,745
Mixing apparatus and process

21. 9,004,744
Fluid mixer using countercurrent injection

20. 9,004,743
Mixing device for creating an output mixture by mixing a first material and a second material

19. 9,004,742
Method and apparatus for conveying a cellulosic feedstock

18. 9,004,316
Aerosol spray texture apparatus for a particulate containing material

17. 9,004,240
Friction liner

16. 9,004,186
Resin laminated film for enclosing fire extinguishing agent and fire extinguishing equipment utilizing the same

15. 9,004,113
Pipe having variable cross section

14. 9,004,112
Method for adhesive bonding plug details for composite structures

13. 9,004,091
Shape-memory apparatuses for restricting fluid flow through a conduit and methods of using same

12. 9,004,003
Apparatus for applying an acoustic dampening coating to the interior of a xerographic drum

11. 9,003,973
Narrowing high strength polymer-based cartridge casing for blank and subsonic ammunition

10. 9,003,968
Screw extruder

9. 9,003,941
Self-adhesive activity paper system

8. 9,003,937
Web member cutting apparatus for cutting web member that has a plurality of fibers including tows and web member cutting method

7. 9,003,873
Fastening system for attaching retainers to elastomer components

6. 9,003,849
Method of coating metal filament with rubber, method of producing cord, cord, rubber coating apparatus and cord producing apparatus

5. 9,003,736
System for a floor covering

4. 9,003,735
Floor panel assembly

3. Methods to produce high density, multilayer printed wiring boards from parallel-fabricated circuits and filled vias

2. 9,003,635
Injection moulding method

1. 9,003,562
Body armor


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