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Metal scavenging polymers and uses thereof

Zinn, Shah and Andrews of Nalco Company, Illinois, developed an acrylic polymer containing acrylic-x and an alkylamine and  is modified to contain a functional group capable of scavenging one or more compositions containing one or more metals are disclosed. These polymers have many uses in various mediums, including wastewater systems.  (RDC 7/9/2012)

Acrylic star polymer
Matsumoto and Nakamura of Nippon Soda, Japan, producedd a star polymer having a controlled ratio of a weight average molecular weight of the star polymer to a number average molecular weight of the star polymer, by anionically polymerizing a (meth)acrylic ester having an alicyclic skeleton and a lactone ring in the presence of an anionic polymerization initiator to synthesize an arm polymer, reacting the arm polymer with a polyfunctional coupling agent, and reacting with an anionic polymerizable monomer. (RDC 6/27/2012)


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