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Acrylate nanocomposite material
Su et al of National Taiwan University, Taiwan, developed an acrylate nanocomposite material for optoelectronic device encapsulation, dental restorations and light waveguide.  The acrylate nanocomposite material comprises an inorganic nano-particle, an acrylate monomer with at least one acrylate group, an imidized acrylate oligomer and a photo-initiator. The acrylate nanocomposite material photopolymerizes to form an organic/inorganic 3D network wherein the absorption (%) is 0.01 to 5.00 and the permeability (g mm/m.sup.2 day) is 0.01 to 10.00 thereof. In addition, the transmittance of the nanocomposite is over 90%.  (RDC 5/3/2012)


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