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2. 8,394,878 
Hyperbranched organic modifier, method of preparing thereof and organo-modified clay using the same 

“Clay used in preparing polymer-clay nanocomposites has a layered-structure in which silicate plates are layered on a nanoscale by van der Waals' force. A polymer-clay nanocomposite makes the layered silicate structure exfoliated. This allows silicate to disperse uniformly on a nanoscale in polymer resins, so that the polymer resin can have better mechanical properties than conventional polymer resins and can achieve new properties such as gas shielding and thermal resistance that are not seen in conventional resins.  Organo-modified clays employing conventional organic modifiers have some disadvantages that they cannot be dispersed either in water or in any polar organic solvent.”

Kim et al of Cheil Industries, South Korea, developed a hyperbranched organic modifier by reacting (a) a tertiary amine compound having at least two terminal hydroxyl groups with (b) at least one multifunctional monomer having at least two terminal functional groups capable of reacting with said hydroxyl groups. An organo-modified clay treated with the hyperbranched organic modifier shows good dispersibility in polar organic solvent and improved thermal stability.  (RDC 4/16/2013)

1. 8,303,851 
Mixtures of additives for organic polymers in granular form
Neri and Callierotti of Great Lakes Chemical (Europe) GmbH, Switzerland, produced low melting granules of additives from powsers by extrusion.  These granules can be easily mixed, melted and dispersed during processing.  . (RDC 12/7/2012)


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