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From 05/28/2014 through 6/2/2013

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1. 8,242,185 
Adhesive compositions for easy application and improved durability
Smith and McMaster of Morgan Adhesives Company, Ohio, developed an adhesive consisting of a crosslinkable acrylic copolymer, a multi-functionalized crosslinkable oligomer and a photoinitiator wherein the composition exhibits excellent wet out characteristics as reflected in a tan delta value of at least 0.5, preferably greater than 0.5, more preferable greater than 0.8 as measured at 20.C. resulting from a first curing stage, and improved stiffness and temperature resistance as reflected in a storage elastic modulus of at least 300,000 Pa at 20.C. and a shear adhesion failure temperature of at least F. ( C.) at 1 Kg/in2 (0.155 Kg/cm2), respectively, which result from a second sequential curing stage. (RDC 8/29/2012


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