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2. 8,303,758 
Methods for manufacturing composite sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures
Chapman et al of the Boeing Company, Illinois, developed a method for manufacturing composite sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures.  A shell structure is formed by applying composite material to an interior mold surface of a tool to form a skin extending 360 degrees around an axis.  The method can further include positioning a plurality of stiffeners on an inner surface of the skin.  After the stiffeners have been positioned, a vacuum bag can be installed over the stiffeners and evacuated to press the stiffeners and the skin outwardly against the interior mold surface of the tool.  Next, the skin/stiffener combination can be cocured to bond the stiffeners to the skin and harden the shell structure.  (RDC 12/6/2012)

1. 8,211,530 
Adhesive fillets and method and apparatus for making same
Mead and Potter of Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, formed shaped adhesive fillets by stacking multiple layers of adhesive sheets, consolidating the stacked layers, cutting strips from the consolidated layers and forming the strips into adhesive fillets having the desired cross sectional shapes.  The fillets may be formed by feeding the strips through an apparatus comprising opposing rollers and a catcher, which facilitates release of the adhesive fillets from the rollers. The formed adhesive fillets are useful for applications such as stiffened panels for aircraft. (RDC 7/9/2012)


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