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2. A balloon catheter is a type of "soft" catheter with an inflatable "balloon" at its tip which is used during a catheterization procedure to enlarge a narrow opening or passage within the body. The deflated balloon catheter is positioned, then inflated to perform the necessary procedure, and deflated again in order to be removed.

Some common uses include: angioplasty or balloon septostomy, via cardiac catheterization and tuboplasty via uterine catheterization.

(Wikipedia, Balloon Catheters, 6/6/2012)

1. “Medical procedures can utilize a balloon in different ways. As an example, in some procedures a balloon is used to open an occluded lumen, as in angioplasty. As another example, in certain procedures a balloon is used to position another medical implement, such as a stent or graft, within a lumen. As additional example, a balloon is used to selectively block a passageway. In additional examples, a balloon is used in various combinations of these procedures.

In some cases, the balloon is positioned on the end of a catheter shaft. The balloon is typically wrapped around the catheter shaft to reduce the radial profile for easier insertion. The catheter is then threaded through the body to position the balloon at a location of treatment and the balloon is inflated. Finally, the balloon is deflated and the catheter is withdrawn from the body.”

[Chin et al, US Patent 8,231,374 (7/31/2012)]

3. “A balloon catheter generally comprises an inflatable balloon that is mounted along a distal end of an elongate catheter body (i.e., shaft). Balloon catheters are used by physicians in a wide variety of therapeutic procedures. In one common use, a folded balloon catheter is advanced through a blood vessel to a region that has become occluded by atherosclerotic plaque. The balloon is inflated to dilate the occluded region and thereby improve the flow of blood through the vessel. In another common use, an expandable stent is provided along the exterior of the balloon. The balloon is advanced to the treatment site and is then inflated to deploy the stent. The balloon is then deflated and the balloon catheter is withdrawn from the patient. The expanded stent remains in the blood vessel to provide support to the vessel wall.”[Stupecky, US Patent 8,257,074 (9/4/2012)]


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