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1. Sticky Transparent Balls

Transparent play ball containing shapes which temporarily stick to interior wall of ball 

Kessler of Maui Toys, Los Angeles, California, USA, developed a transparent or at least partially transparent or semi-transparent ball, preferably but not necessarily a single-layer of spherical shape, filled with gas under pressure, preferably air, and containing a plurality of decorative small shapes, desirably of a size greater than the size of reflective "glitter" particles, and which are unconnected to the interior of the hall, but which stick or adhere temporarily to the interior of the ball when the ball is shaken or thrown, thereby giving a different pattern of clinging shapes each time the ball is shaken or thrown.  The transparent elastomer is a  a methylene diphenyl diisocyanate based (MDI-based) polyurethane elastomer and may include isocyanate, polyol, and/or a chain extender.  The ball consists of a wall thickness of 3-5 mm, capable of withstanding a temperature of 200-300 C. with a diameter of 9.2 cm.  The appropriate material is necessary for the temporary clinging of internal objects.  The clingable shapes are cut from .005 to 0.015 in thich PVC film and can be different shapes and colors.


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