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Composition for forming gas-barrier material, gas-barrier material, a method of producing the same, and gas-barrier packing material
Obu et al of Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd. and Kansai Paint Co., Ltd., Japan, developed a gas-barrier material, consisting of a polycarboxylic acid-type polymer (A) and a bifunctional alicyclic epoxy compound (B). The composition for forming a gas-barrier material features excellent gas-barrier property, retort resistance and flexibility, can be cured at a low temperature in a short period of time without affecting the plastic base material, and contributes to improving the productivity. (RDC 7/9/2012)

Aromatic polyester resin composition and process for production thereof
Sata et al of Kureha Corporation, Japan, developed a polyester with improved barrier properties  consisting of a melt-kneaded product of 99-70 weight parts of an aromatic polyester resin and 1-30 wt. parts (providing a total of 100 wt. parts together with the aromatic polyester resin) of a polyglycolic acid resin, wherein the composition is characterized by a transesterification rate C.sub.TE (%) of 20-60% determined by formula (1) below based on a peak integration ratio of methylene group in polyglycolic acid appearing at .sigma.4.87 ppm with reference to tetramethylsilane according to .sup.1H-NMR measurement: C.sub.TE (%)=(1-I(B)/I(A)).times.100 (1), wherein I (A): a peak integration ratio of the methylene group of the polyglycolic acid main chain with respect to the alkylene group of the aromatic polyester main chain calculated from the components weight ratio; and I (B): a peak integration ratio of the methylene group of polyglycolic acid main chain to the alkylene group of the aromatic polyester main chain in the resin composition. As a result, the aromatic polyester resin composition obtained by adding a relatively small amount of polyglycolic acid resin is provided with a good harmony of gas-barrier property and transparency.


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