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7. 8,367,089 
Nanosilver coated bacterial cellulose 

Wan and Guhados of Axcelon Biopolymers Corporation, Canada,  produced nanosilver coated bacterial cellulose nanofiber. The nanosilver coated bacterial cellulose nanofiber is produced by preparing a suspension of bacterial cellulose fibers, oxidizing bacterial cellulose fibers; adding the thio-group to the polymer backbone; reacting the resulting product with silver proteinate and enhancing the nanosilver particle size. The nanosilver coated bacterial cellulose nanofibers exhibit antimicrobial properties.

6. 8,277,827 
Antimicrobial textiles comprising peroxide
Toreki et al of Quick-Med Technologies, Inc., Florida, developed a durable antimicrobial activity to substrates, particularly textiles using an acetate-free metal and peroxide antimicrobial treatment formulation by adjusting the pH of a mixture of a metal salt in aqueous hydrogen peroxide to about 7.5.  The substrate is treated with the composition and dried to afford the treated substrate with antimicrobial activity. Zinc salts, ions, or complexes are preferred. (RDC 10/8/2012)

5. 8,257,827 
Silicone composition and devices incorporating same
Shi et al of the University of California, California, developed a silicone having anti-microbial properties contains well distributed silica and nanoparticles of a noble metal.  Silica and nanoparticles of a noble metal are added to liquid vinyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane.  A coupling agent is then added to the mixture and heated, the coupling agent comprising trialkoxysilane having a formula R1Si(OR2)3, wherein R1 is vinyl or allyl, and R2 is an alkyl radical having from 1 to 3 carbon atoms.  Trimethylsiloxy terminated polymethylhydrosiloxane is then added to the mixture and heated in the presence of a catalyst so as to cross-link and cure the same into a silicone elastomer.  In other cases of the trimethylsiloxy terminated polymethylhydrosiloxane, a peroxide is added to mixture and heated to form the silicone. In this later example, no catalyst is needed. (RDC 9/14/2012)

4. 8,242,187 
Silicone polymer, ocular lenses, and contact lens
Fujisawa, Goshima and Nakamura of Toray Industries, Inc., Japan, developed a silicone polymer having sufficient antibacterial properties and high transparency for contact lenses and artificial corneas. The silicone polymer containsan ammonium salt in the chain. (RDC 8/29/2012)

3. 8,217,081 
Polymerizable biomedical composition
Antonucci of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Washington, District of Columbia, developed a A polymerizable a quaternary ammonium group bonded at its quaternary sites to respective groups R1, R2, R3, and R4. R1 and R2 each include a vinyl group such that the composition is at least bi-functional with respect to polymerization.  The resulting materials are effective biocides for dental composites. (RDC 7/27/2012)

2. 8,211,318 
Biocides and apparatus
Barak of A. Y. Laboratories Ltd., Israel, formed a biocide by mixing at least one of ammonium sulfamate and ammonium carbamate with an aqueous solution of a hypochlorite oxidant at a molar ratio of ammonium to hypochlorite of at least 1:1. The biocide is useful in treating microbial or biofilm growth, pulp and paper process water, cooling tower water, waste water, reclaimed waste water, sludge, colloidal suspensions, irrigation water or a medium having a reducing capacity. (RDC 7/5/2012)

1. 8,193,267 
Polymer compositions with bioactive agent, medical articles, and methods
Burton et al of SM, Minnesota, developed an antimicrobial material for wound dressings and packing consisting of a hydrophilic polymer, an optional secondary organic polymer and a biocide such as a silver compound, a copper compound or a zinc compound.. (RDC 6/27/2012)


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