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Ester derivatives of hyaluronic acid for the preparation of hydrogel materials by photocuring
Bellini and Zanellato of Fidia Farmaceutici, Italy, developed hyaluronic acid ester derivatives, whose carboxylic groups are partially esterified with hydroxy groups of propiophenone derivatives for forming hydrogels by photocuring.  These hydrogel are used in biomedical, sanitary and surgical fields and for controlled release of drugs.  (RDC 5/29/2012)

Biopolymer compositions having improved flexibility

Stefanisin et al of Hallstar Innovations, Illinois, developed polymer blends with a biopolymer and an aliphatic polyester.  The polyester consists of repeating units from a substituted or unsubstituted aliphatic diacid, repeating units from a substituted or unsubstituted aliphatic diol, and one or two terminator units of a substituted or unsubstituted aliphatic alcohol.  The polymer blends disclosed herein provide improved flexibility, and are useful, for example, in the production of packaging materials, industrial products and durable goods.  (RDC 5/14/2012)


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