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A implantable biosensor could be used to constantly monitor the physiological state of a subject with a medical condition such as diabetes. The ideal biosensor for monitoring the levels of a ligand or target analyte would need to be biocompatible so that the biosensor would not provoke an immune response or be subject to bio-fouling. To develop biosensors using analyte binding molecules, especially binding proteins, the binding molecules must be physically or chemically immobilized within a biosensor hydrogel in a manner that allows analyte-induced conformational change of the binding molecules. In addition, methods of chemical attachment are needed that prevent loss of the binding molecule, and provide a stable, continuous and reversible biosensor response to changing concentrations of the analyte of interest. The hydrogel matrix must be permeable to the analyte, prevent interference from other biomolecules, and be biocompatible and biostable. [Cai, Berndt and Hartsell, US Patent 8,241,567 (8/14/2012)]


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