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1. 8,443,641 
Explosion forming system 

Zak, Kotagiri and Horton of Cosma Engineering Europe, developed an apparatus for modifying a work piece having a longitudinal length. The apparatus includes an ignition chamber configured for generating a traveling shock wave that has a shock wave length that is less than the longitudinal length of the work piece; a die, wherein the die includes a first die plate and a second die plate, wherein at least one of the first and second die plates is movable relative to the other between an open position and a closed position wherein the first and second die plates together define a die cavity in which the work piece can be positioned; and a transfer structure configured to convey the shock wave from the ignition chamber into the die cavity; wherein, in operation, the shock wave applies a localized pressure to the work piece in a direction that is transverse to the direction of travel of the shock wave.

[Blast Processing, US Patent 8,443,641 (5/21.2013)]


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