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Blow Molding Containers: Heating

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from 8/7/2012

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2. 8,303,290 
Method and installation for the production of containers
Feuilloley and Desoutter of Sidel Participations, France developed a methof for blow molding a container from a thermoplastic blank, including a step in which the blank is heated using at least one beam of coherent electromagnetic radiation. More specifically, the beam of electromagnetic radiation (such as a laser emitted for example by a laser diode) is preferably directed toward the body of the parison. The radiation is preferably emitted in the near infrared, in other words at a wavelength ranging between about 700 nm and 1600 nm. (RDC 11/16/2012)

1. 8,231,823 
Heating device for plastic blanks
Humele et al of Krones AG, Germany, developed a method for heating preforms of a thermoplastic with a region to be heated and a region not to be heated and the preforms are reshaped after heating.  The method consists of moving the preform into a resonator, and applying microwaves to the region to be heated.  (RDC 8/7/2012)


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