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Bottom of a mould for a mould for producing thermoplastic containers, and moulding device comprising at least one mould provided with such a bottom
The portion of the containers that is most difficult to produce is the base. It is indeed the base of the container that supports the weight of the column of liquid contained in the container, and, if it has insufficient mechanical strength, loses its shape and the container can no longer rest in a stable manner on a support.  The base is therefore the portion of the container of which the proper forming by the blowing or stretch-blowing operation is most difficult to perform, due to the very fact that the substantially greater thickness of material involves slower stretching and more difficult forming.  To solve these problems a body and a container base including a peripheral seat, in the shape of a crown, are internally connected to a central area forming a vault consisting of a plurality of radiating imprints alternating with radiating projections.  The mold base consists of radiating projecting branches.  During the blowing or stretch-blowing, the blown material from the base of the blown preform can flow over the upper portion of the branch, thereby enabling the spreading and downward flowing movement of the amorphous material from the base of the blown preform. (RDC 9/27/2012)


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