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3. 8,282,374 
Evacuation system for plastics extrusion
Krycki and El-Haddawi of Future Design Inc., Canada, developed an evacuation system for plastic extrusion dies, in particular a contaminant evacuation system for removal of air borne contaminants generated at the die orifice of a plastics extrusion apparatus.  The system includes an annular evacuation chamber and a suction source connected to the evacuation chamber for generating a vacuum in the evacuation chamber.  The evacuation chamber has a radially inwardly directed annular air intake opening for placement about the die orifice, and a baffle structure in the evacuation chamber for equalizing suction pressure along the air intake opening and reduce or avoid localized pressure differences around the extruded product, which would lead to deformation of the product.  (RDC 10/10/2012)

which would lead to deformation of the product.  (RDC 10/10/2012)

2. 8,188,190 
Method of improving the bubble stability of a blown film of a thermoplastic resin
Vignola of NOVA Chemicals, Pennsylvania, modified the rheology of a thermoplastic resin by blending interpolymer resin particles with the thermoplastic resin. The interpolymer resin contains a styrenic polymer intercalated within a polyolefin, such that the thermoplastic resin is present as a continuous phase and the interpolymer resin is present as a dispersed phase. (RDC 6/7/2012)

1. 8,133,558 
Polylactic acid blown film and method of manufacturing same
Tweed, Stephens and Riegert of Plastics Suppliers, Ohio, produced PLA blown film by drying the pellets, melting the pellets at 375 to 425 F, and blowing and stretching  the film at 375 to 480 F without additional plasticizers. These PLA films are environmentally degradable and useful for packaging and labeling.  (RDC 5/2/2012)


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