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2. 8,256,633 
Multipurpose plastic bottle made in one piece
Rogers and Rogers, Spain, developed a multipurpose plastic bottle in one reusable piece which can be converted to objects which may be kept by the user.  It consists of an upper belt and a lower belt formed by pairs of circular rings connected round the whole profile of the bottle with the connection of both pairs of rings defined by a cutting guide for separating the bottle in an upper section, a mid section and a lower section. The multipurpose plastic bottle which is the object of the invention belongs to the technical sector of plastics, specifically to the plastic industry relating to manufacture of bottles designed to hold liquids for mass distribution and consumption. The products to be bottled are soft drinks, sodas, drinking water, cooking oils and domestic cleaning products. (RDC 9/7/2012)

1. 8,211,520
Synthetic resin bottle having a gradation pattern, and process for injection molding the preform for use in such a bottle
Abe et al of Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd., Japan, changed the thickness of the colored resin layer of the preform gradually in the upward or downward direction, by utilizing a tendency of gradual decrease in the thickness of the colored resin layer caused by the flow of the main resin inside the preform mold when the main resin and the colored resin are injected into the mold.  The objects of this invention is to provide a biaxially drawn, blow molded bottle having new decorativeness created in which sophisticated color gradations associated with color density are created in the body of this bottle.  The means of accomplishing this object involves adjusting the injection pattern including the time of starting and ending the supply of the main resin and the colored resin, and pressure or velocity profiles, reducing the thickness of the colored resin layer in the multi-layered molten resin fluid gradually at an upstream or downstream point of the flow, injection-molding the preform in which a color-gradated portion associated with the thickness of the colored resin layer has been formed, and biaxially drawing and blow molding this preform into a bottle having a color-gradated portion associated with the color density or color shade created on the body of the bottle. (RDC 7/9/2012)


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