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1. “Another building approach involves the use of pre-fabricated building panels which are manufactured off-site and then assembled together on-site. One such building panel is discussed in U.S. Pat. No. 6,796,093 as having a plurality of I-beam-shaped metal struts spaced about 18 inches apart with insulating foam blocks disposed between the metal struts. The metal struts have cut-outs along the length of the I-beam to reduce the total metal area and associated thermal conductivity. FIG. 1 shows exemplary prior art I-beam metal strut 12 between foam blocks 14. While the structural panel has good load-bearing characteristics, the I-beam metal strut 12 is continuous across foam block 14, at least through portions of the metal struts and, consequently, is thermally conductive through the continuous metal areas. Since I-beams 12 go completely through foam blocks 14, heat and cold will conduct from one side to the other side of the wall structure. In the summer, I-beam 12 conducts heat from the exterior to the interior of the building. In the winter, I-beam 12 conducts cold from the exterior to the interior of the building. In any case, the I-beam construction decreases the thermal insulation property of the building panels.” [Beavers, Jr. and  Solper, US Patent 8,136,248 (3/20/2012)]


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