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2. “The calender is a series of hard pressure rollers used to form or smooth a sheet of material. In a principal application, the calender is located at the end of a papermaking process (on-line). Those that are used separate from the process (off-line) are also called supercalenders. The purpose of a calender is to make the paper smooth and glossy for printing and writing.” (Wikipedia, Calendering, 8/7/2012)

1. “In many instances, it may be desirable to stretch the sheet material to provide improved properties such as softness, elasticity, drape, and the like. According to Sabee, U.S. Pat. Nos. 4,153,664 and 4,223,063, the softness and drapeability of nonwoven fabrics can be improved by drawing or stretching the fabric. More particularly, according to these patents the nonwoven fabrics are processed by differentially drawing or stretching the web by passing the fabric through a pair of intermeshing grooved rolls to form a pattern of drawn and undrawn areas.” [Witner and Abed US Patent 8,231,377 (7/31/2012)]


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