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2. 8,303,744 
Method of making multilayer product having honeycomb core
Bradford of the Bradford Company, Michigan, produced a multilayered product with an interior honeycomb layer or core. The interior layer is formed by passing a generally flat web of material between rollers to create a corrugated web. The corrugated web is cut and folded to create the honeycomb core. Outer protective skins are applied to exterior surfaces of the interior layer to create a multilayered material which is then cut to size. (RDC 12/6/2012)

1. 8,231,377 
Apparatus and method for stretching an extensible sheet material
Wittner and Abed of Fiberweb Corovin GmbH, Germany, developed a roll assembly including a pair of cylindrical rolls that are positioned in an opposing cooperating relation for receiving a sheet material therebetween.  Projections on at least one of the rolls extending radially outward from a surface thereof and corresponding recesses is provided on the other roll.  The projections and corresponding recesses are positioned and arranged on the rolls for contacting and engaging a sheet passing between the pair of rolls. The projections each include an outermost surface portion that is positioned for contacting a discrete portion of the sheet and for entering a corresponding recess on the opposite roll. When rolls rotate about their axes, the projections engage the discrete portion of the sheet material which results in the discrete portion entering the recesses with the projections so as to stretch the sheet in multiple directions. (RDC 8/6/2012)


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