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1. 8,282,756 
Method of making a fiber preform for manufacturing parts of a composite material of the carbon/carbon type incorporating ceramic particles, and products obtained thereby
Baud and Giraud of Messier-Bugatti, France, impregnated one or more two-dimensional fiber fabrics of carbon or carbon precursor fibers by a solution or a suspension capable of allowing a dispersion of discrete ceramic particles to remain in the fiber fabric, and a fiber preform is made by superposing plies formed of two-dimensional fabric made of carbon or carbon precursor fibers, the plies being bonded to one another, and at least some of the plies being at least partially formed of a previously-impregnated two-dimensional fabric. The field of application is particularly that of friction parts made of C/C composite material with incorporated ceramic particles. (RDC 10/11/2012)


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