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3. 8,272,124 
Anchoring carbon nanotube columns
Fang, Harburn and Yaglioglu of FormFactor, Inc., anchored carbon nanotube columns to a substrate by first depositing the carbon nanotubes onto a surface.  Then depositing an etchable filler aroung the carbon nanotubes.  The filler material and columns can be planarized by removing first portions of the filler material and first portions of the columns. A second portion of the filler material can be etched away to expose second (tip) portions of the columns, leaving third (base) portions of the columns anchored in the filler material. California, (RDC 9/25/2012)

2. 8,178,006 
Fiber aggregate and fabricating method of the same
Shimazu, Suzuki and Oshima  of Denso Corporation, Japan, developed a conductive material consisting of a fiber aggregate of fine carbon fibers and fine boron nitride fibers.  Desirably the boron nitride fibers form an outer layer portion of the fiber aggregate and the fine carbon fibers form a core portion of the fiber aggregate. Desirably the fine carbon fibers and the fine boron nitride fibers are twisted with each other.  Desirably the fine carbon fibers are carbon nanotubes and the fine boron nitride fibers are boron nitride nanotubes. Desirably the fiber aggregate further contains boron-containing fine carbon fibers.  The fine boron nitride fibers are formed by substituting carbon atoms of fine carbon fibers by boron atoms and nitrogen atoms.  The fiber aggregate is fabricated by mixing a fiber aggregate that contains fine carbon fibers with boron and heating the fiber aggregate mixed with the boron in a nitrogen atmosphere to transform some of the fine carbon fibers into fine boron nitride fibers.  (RDC 5/24/2012)

1. 8,080,199
Interaction of microwaves with carbon nanotubes to facilitate modification

Tour et al of Rice University, Texas, crosslinked
carbon nanotubes to each other using microwave radiation.  (RDC 1/10/2012)


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