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2. 8,258,207 
Blends of carbon blacks and products containing the same
Gaudet of Cabot Corporation, Massachusetts, blended different carbon blacks using milling, such as a high-energy mill with or without milling media before compounding with a resin mixture.  (RDC 9/19/2012)

1. 8,192,712 
Carbon manufacturing method
Miyashita of Honda, Japan, produced carbon using reduced thermal energy.  Crystalline cellulose and acidic electrolyzed water are introduced into a reaction vessel.  The mixture is heated until it reaches a predetermined temperature ( C. to C.) while being stirred. When the mixture reached the predetermined temperature, this temperature is maintained, and the mixture is kept heated while being stirred for a predetermined period of time (30 minutes). Thereby, carbon is produced in the reaction vessel. At 250 C the yield of carbon black was up to 50%. (RDC 6/19/2012)


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