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3. 8,257,635 
Method for manufacturing a catheter having a separated tip configuration 
Sansoucy of Tyco Healthcare Group LP, Massachusetts,  produced a separated tip catheter by: positioning first and second cores in a cavity of a mold, the cavity having a substantially elongated shape and including a first end portion and a second end portion, wherein the first and second cores are oriented substantially parallel to each other; placing a sheet of material having a higher melting temperature than a molding material across the first end portion of the cavity; and injecting the molding material into the cavity of the mold. (RDC 9/10/2012)

2. 8,257,340 
Multi-lumen heat transfer catheter systems
Saab of Advanced Polymers, Inc., New Hampshire, developed geat transfer catheters where fluids are connected between the distal portions of two adjacent, thin-walled, high strength fluid lumens to define a closed loop fluid circulation system capable of controlled delivery of thermal energy to or withdrawal of thermal energy from remote internal body locations. (RDC 9/8/2012)

1. 8,257,298 
Multitube catheter 

Hamboly, Eygpt, developed a multitube catheter. The assembly includes two or more tubes fused together to form one catheter tube shaft.  Each tube has at least one lumen extending longitudinally through the catheter from its distal end to its proximal end.  The tubes are fused together by use of heat and pressure. A  distal end of the united catheter tube can be split to form a split tip, stepped tip, or a tapered tip. The proximal segment (non-fused portion) forms catheter extension legs. (RDC 9/7/2012)


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