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3, 8,344,036 
Method of processing silicone wastes 

Eyster, Bratina, and Roberts of Heritage Environmental Services, LLC, Indiana, developed a method to recover cyclic structures or monomers from polymeric materials based on a container with a heated side wall  and an agitator.  A thin coat of material being processed is deposited on the heated side wall. A polymer material is fed into the vessel and heated to a sufficient temperature to cause depolymerization of the polymer material into cyclic structures or monomers. The cyclic structures or monomers are removed from the vessel and collected. The method does not require the use of a solvent.  (RDC 1/9/2013)

2. 8,188,155 
Rubber de-vulcanisation
Dees and Hough  olf Rubber-Regen LLP, Great Britain, de-vulcanized rubber with a supercritical fluid, such as carbon dioxide.  The supercritical fluid causes swelling of the vulcanized rubber material followed by a rapid reduction of the supercritical fluid pressure.  The cross links become fully extended and under strain to hold the internal pressures caused by the solvent swelling affect of the supercritical gas.  When equilibrium swell has been achieved, the pressure within the processing vessel is rapidly dropped to a predetermined level causing a degassing and expansion of the supercritical fluid that has been absorbed within the vulcanized rubber The resulting three dimensional separation of the rubber molecules will put a further rapid strain on the cross links, causing them to break and de-vulcanization. (RDC 6/7/2012)

1. 8,188,154 
Decomposition reaction apparatus, system for producing raw material for recycled resin composition, method for producing raw material for recycled resin composition, raw material for recycled resin composition, and formed article
Goto et al of Sumitomo Bakelite Company, Japan, developed a reactor for the decomposition of a thermosetting resin including an introduction section for introducing a resin and a solvent containing a resin monomer, a decomposition reaction section for heating and pressuring the resin mixture and a discharge section.  All steps are carried out continuously. (RDC 6/7/2012)


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