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“Chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) is a variant on Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). CVD implies deposition onto a surface, whereas CVI implies deposition within a body.  Chemical vapor infiltration is widely used as a means of fabricating Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) such as alumina/alumina (alumina fiber reinforced alumina), in which a chemical vapor consisting of AlCl3-H2-CO2 is deposited onto porous alumina fibers or preforms, or SiC/SiC (silicon carbide fiber reinforced silicon carbide).  The CVI-process was designed and first experimented by Professor Roger Naslain from the University of Bordeaux 1 on carbon fiber reinforced SiC composites for aerospace applications.” (Wikipedia, Chemical Vapor Infilration, 7/26/2012)


Patents with Abstracts

1. 8,216,641 
Method of fabricating carbon fiber reinforced composite material parts

Bouchard and Lherm Messier Bugatti, France, developed a method of fabricating a composite material part having carbon fiber reinforcement densified by a matrix, including making a coherent fiber preform of carbon fibers presenting holes formed from at least a first face of the preform, and densifying the preform by depositing therein a material constituting a matrix by means of a chemical vapor infiltration type process.  The holes are formed by causing a plurality of non-rotary elongate tools to penetrate simultaneously, the tools being substantially mutually parallel and presenting on their surfaces roughnesses or portions in relief suitable for breaking and/or transferring fibers they encounter, the tools being caused to penetrate simultaneously by moving a support carrying the tools, and the tools being selected to have a cross-section that makes it possible to obtain in the carbon fiber preform holes that present a cross-section with a mean dimension lying in the range 50 .mu.m to 500 .mu.m.  (RDC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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