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Chemical sensors comprising fluorescent conjugated polymers as sensitive materials, and their use in the detection or assaying of nitro compounds
Hairault et al of the Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, France, developed chemical sensors based on fluorescent conjugated polymers as sensitive materials and to their use in detecting or assaying nitro compounds, in particular nitroaromatic compounds.  Fields of application: detection of explosives, monitoring and observation of atmospheric pollution and of the quality of relatively confined surroundings, watching over industrial sites.  (RDC 5/24/2012)

Polymer-carbon nanotube composite for use as a sensor
Dai and Chen, University of Dayton, Ohio, developed a polymer-carbon nanotube composite film  as a sensor for detecting chemical vapors.  The composite film is formed by coating perpendicularly-aligned carbon nanotubes with a polymer selected from poly(vinyl acetate), poly(isoprene), or blends thereof.  The sensor may be formed by attaching at least two electrodes to the polymer-carbon nanotube composite film. The sensor may be used in any applications where the sensor is capable of detecting a change in conductivity in the composite.  (RDC 5/1/2012)


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